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Sleep Standards aims to inspire better sleep by providing sleep studies, actionable sleep tips, and mattress reviews. Sleep Standards is created by a team of qualified sleep experts and a team of medical experts whose goal is to make you sleep like a baby.

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Best Mattresses

Our qualified team of experts selected the best types of mattresses for different people and t to suit various needs. We evaluate mattresses in the key-performing areas so that you can find the right mattress for yourself. 

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Best Memory Foam Mattresses

Best Memory Foam Mattresses

Wondering which memory foam mattress to choose? Check our comparison.

10 Best Hybrid Mattresses

10 Best Hybrid Mattresses

Looking for a hybrid mattress? We have reviewed 10 best hybrid mattresses for you.

Best Mattress in a box

Best Mattress In A Box

Want to know the best mattresses in a box? Here is our selection.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

Like sleeping on a side? Here are our picks for side sleepers.

Buying Guides

In addition to providing you with necessary insider’s tips and buying tips, we also create stand alone in-depth buying guides that will teach how what to look for in a mattress, how to evaluate mattress, and how to avoid common buying mistakes. 

Buying Guide - Sleep Standards
How To Choose A Mattress

How To Choose A Mattress

Choosing the right mattress can actually be simple with our buying guide.

Mattress reviews

How Thick Should A Mattress Be?

Not sure what mattress thickness will be the best for you? Here is all you need to know.

How much a mattress weigh

How Much Does A Mattress Weigh?

Wondering how much does a mattress weigh or should weigh? Here is our guide.


King Vs California King Mattress

Not sure which one to choose? Check our comparison of King vs California King mattress.

Purple mattress review

Purple Mattress Review

Like the Purple mattress? Here is our detailed review of this mattress.

amerisleep mattress review

Amerisleep Mattress Reviews

Interested in the Amerisleep mattress? Here is our review of this mattress.

Layla Mattress Review

Layla Mattress Reviews

Want to learn about the Layla mattress? Check our detailed review.

SweetNight Mattress Review

Sweetnight Mattress Review

Thinking about buying the Sweetnight mattress? See what we have for you.

Our Reviews

Each of the reviews we publish here at Sleep Standards is created by two authors and – additionally – reviewed by a medical expert so that you can stay safe and calm. 

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Sleep tips & research

Since our team is made of sleep experts and medical experts, we also publish articles where we share sleep tips and sleep research results so that you can sleep sound and well. 

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Sleep Accessories

Even though our main focus is on reviewing mattresses and sleep research, we also review and evaluate the most useful sleep accessories so that you don’t need to waste your precious time looking for accessories, such as pillows, sheets, blankets, etc. Our experts have you covered. 

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Sleep Specialist

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Professor of Psychology

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Medical Content Writer

Who we are

Here at Sleep Standards, we always have high standards. We strongly believe in the message “Better Sleep, Better Life”. And having over 150,000 visitors each month as of May 2022, you bet we strive harder to do better every day.

To ensure our users get the best sleeping advice they deserve, we worked with professionals in this industry to give our readers practical, impartial advice, and updated research findings to always improve their sleeping endeavors.

Our Medical Experts

In addition to our team of sleep experts and enthusiasts, we also work with medical experts who make sure that our guides and advice is in line with the official health recommendations provided by, among others, WHO.

The below three medical experts help us create content and co-author some of the pieces. What’s more, we also cooperate with other doctors who medically review our articles. The information about the medical experts who reviewed specific articles is provided on each article and review. 


Dr. Robert H. Reiner

PhD in Psychology


Dr. Nathan Hageman

PhD in Neuroscience


Dr. Jagdish Khubchandani

PhD in Clinical Medicine