Alaskan King Bed Buyer’s Guide | Alaskan King Bed vs. Texas & Wyoming

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When it comes to mattress sizes, the biggest size that most people know is the California King size. Unfortunately, this big mattress size may not be big enough for couples looking for a bigger sleeping surface or co-sleeping families wanting a more comfortable and spacious bed. 

The good news is, there are oversized mattresses that are not mainstream but are proven useful when it comes to accommodating a large number of sleepers. These are Alaskan King Bed, Texas King Bed, and Wyoming King Bed. 

When you hear about these mattress sizes, you may ask yourself if we will talk about the mattress or the biggest states in the US? Well, that’s exactly why these mattresses are called as such. They are named after the three biggest states in the country because of how big they are. 

While all of these are oversized mattresses, they do come with certain differences. To determine how the Alaskan king mattress fare with the other oversized beds, keep reading this review!

Overview of Alaskan King Bed

As mentioned, Alaskan King Bed got its name from North America’s biggest state because of its immense size. This bed size originated in the US, but its name stuck, so it has the same name internationally.  

To make the long story short, the Alaskan King Mattress is not just a giant bed—it’s the biggest bed in the world! While this may not be the widest bed size in the market—it’s undoubtedly the longest! 

Alaskan King Bed Vs. Texas King Bed Vs. Wyoming King Bed

The Alaskan King Bed is commonly seen in the rich and famous bedrooms because let’s face it—not everyone has the square footage to spare for a giant bed! But recently, more and more people are choosing to purchase this bed size. 

If you are one of these people, you may have been confused about which bed size you should choose—Alaskan, Texas, or Wyoming? Allow us to bring light to your dilemma. Here are some of the critical information you should know about these sizes:

Alaskan King Bed


Considered to be the biggest bed in the world, this king bed measures 9’ x 9’ (108” x 108”). This is two full XL mattress combined but with an additional 28 inches added at the bottom part for the length. This is the reason why it’s considered to be the tallest bed in the world. 

With its dimension, the mattress size can sleep more than four adults comfortably. It can even accommodate up to five adult sleepers as long as they are willing to share. It’s also a great mattress size for a family of co-sleepers with two kids. 

Similar to the Wyoming King, this also has a similar square shape. However, it’s 24 inches wider than Wyoming King and 10 inches taller or longer than the Texas King. 

If you find this still small or not wide enough, the next best option you have is a double size king bed, which is 144 inches wide and 80 inches long. 

Price Range

Most Alaskan king beds are sold at a price range of $2500 to $5000.


  • Because of the extra inches at the bottom part of the bed, this bed size is suitable for tall people—7 feet and above.
  • This is also suitable for a big family.
  • It still offers enough space, even for several sleepers.
  • The bed size is suitable for couples who have different sleeping schedules.
  • It’s also a good option for restless sleepers.
  • The size is also suitable for people who sleep with multiple pets. 


  • The Alaskan King Mattress is hard to find as they are not readily available in mattress stores.
  • Being the largest bed in the market, you can also expect this to be expensive.
  • It’s also difficult to find suitable sheets, comforters, and bed frames for this size. 
  • Because of its large size, it won’t fit on most doorways.
  • This is also hard to move and transport

Texas King Bed


Regarded as the second-largest mattress, the Texas King Bed measures about 80” x 90”. Based on these dimensions, it is narrower than Wyoming by 4 inches. Despite this, it’s still 4 inches wider than the standard king size and 8 inches wider than the California King. 

While it’s not the longest bed, its length is still quite impressive. It’s 14 inches longer than the California King and 18 inches longer than the king size. Because of this, it’s still an excellent choice for people who are about 6.5 feet tall. 

This is the only bed among the three with a rectangular shape, so it’s best suited for narrow bedrooms. 

Price Range

You can find Texas King Beds being sold at around $2000 to $3500. 


  • It’s the next best option for tall sleepers who don’t have the budget for an Alaskan. 
  • This size offers an expansive sleeping area minus the hefty price tag of an Alaskan.
  • This is perfect for narrow bedrooms. 


  • It’s the narrowest size of all oversized mattresses.
  • This may not be suitable for sleepers who wish to co-sleep with kids or pets. 

Wyoming King Bed


Known to be the smallest of the three oversized mattresses, the Wyoming King Bed has a dimension of 84” x 84’. Just like the Alaskan, this is also a square-shaped mattress. Thus, it provides each sleeper with 4 -inches more space on their sides compared to the usual king size bed. It’s also 12 inches wider than the California King Size. With regards to length, it’s as long as a California King bed. 

This bed size provides ample space for co-sleepers to toss and turn around. However, it’s not wide enough to accommodate two adults and one child or a pet. 

Price Range

This is the most affordable of them all. The price range for Wyoming King Beds is around $1500 to $3000.


  • This is spacious for two sleepers.
  • It’s great for tall sleepers too


  • This won’t still fit in a standard-sized bedroom.
  • It’s also expensive. 


What’s the recommended room space for an Alaskan King bed?

Since the bed, itself, is already enormous, you can expect that the room should be massive as well. As per bedroom design recommendation, there should be at least 2 inches of walking space on all sides of the bed. Considering this, you need a room with a dimension of 13’ x 13’ or even bigger. 

Aside from the room size, you also have to ensure that there’s enough space in your doorway to accommodate this bed’s size.

How many people fit in an Alaskan King Bed?

As mentioned, the Alaskan bed can hold up to 4 (comfortably) to 5 adults, 2 adults plus 2 kids and a pet, or 2 adults with multiple pets. 

Is an Alaskan King Bed right for me?

With its room requirement and expensive price, this bed is not for everyone. That’s why it’s recommended that you think about it really hard before investing in this mattress size. 

To help you come up with the right decision, we’ve enumerated some of the types of sleepers that this mattress size is suitable for. Here they are:

  • Taller or larger sleepers
  • Sleepers who find the traditional King bed to be too short
  • Sleepers who find the California King Bed to be too narrow
  • Couples sleeping with more than one child
  • Couples who co-sleep with their pets
  • Couples with different sleep schedules
  • Couples who want to minimize sleep interruptions
  • Guest rooms designed to accommodate a group of guests
  • People who have enough space in their home to accommodate this big bed
  • People who have the money to afford its high price

Where can I buy an Alaskan King Bed?

To be honest, finding an Alaskan King bed is not a piece of cake. You won’t find this in your neighborhood mattress store because not a lot of people buy it. When looking for this unconventional bed size, your best bet is online mattress retailers. Another option is to have your bed custom made. 


With their massive sleeping spaces, the Alaskan King Bed, Wyoming King Bed, and Texas King Bed scream nothing but luxury. There’s no denying the fact that these bed sizes will give you the personal space and comfort that you’re looking for. 

Which one you’ll choose will depend on a lot of factors—your height, sleeping preferences, bedroom size, budget, and of course, transportation and logistics. Getting an Alaskan bed is a serious decision as it will cost you a lot. That’s why you need to think hard about whether or not you should invest in one.

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