Amerisleep Mattress Review and Ratings (2022 Beds Ranked)

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Amerisleep has been creating form contouring memory foam mattresses since 2010. Their specially created mattress covers help to support tissue and muscle recovery so that you always wake up feeling better than when you went to bed. 

This article focuses on Amerisleep mattress reviews. You will learn about their construction, comfort, support, and more! With their system of five different mattresses they are able to cater to anyone and everyone. 

Rating Summary

Rating Summary

Our Rating

Edge support 70%
Customer Serive80%


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Recommend For:

Back Sleepers: Most of these mattresses are recommended for those who choose to sleep on their back or on their stomach. This is due to the way the mattresses are constructed so it is best to adhere to that. 

Those Who Want A Long Lasting Mattress: If you are looking for a long lasting mattress the price may be higher as it is here but in the long run you are saving money. These are great mattresses for those people who know a larger investment now will help them out in the long run. 

Environmentally Friendly People: Since this company uses bio-pur and other materials that are environmentally friendly it is a great option for those who want sustainable options for their mattress.

Not Recommend For:

Side Sleepers: Since there is only one of these mattresses that is recommended for side sleepers it is not the ideal company for those types of people. 

Those Who Want Spring Mattresses: If you are someone who prefers a spring mattress then these are not the mattresses for you. That is simply because they are not spring mattresses, they are more on the side of memory foam mattresses. 

Bargain Shoppers: These mattresses are good for those who want a long lasting mattress but that means the price upfront is higher than other mattress brands. If you are a bargain shopper simply looking to pay the best price right now then these will not be the mattresses for you. 

About The Brand

amerisleep mattress review

Amerisleep was a brand founded in 2010 whose main aim was to give people great and long lasting American made mattresses. For the last 10 years, they have over exceeded this goal in many ways. Their line of memory foam mattresses is eco-friendly, light weight, and they are greatly affordable! 

Their memory foam was specially created so that it is like nothing you have ever slept on before, it is far superior! This superior memory foam has satisfied hundreds of thousands of customers over the past 10 years and continues to do so now! 

Construction Overview

amerisleep mattress review

There are multiple different mattresses that Amerisleep produces but each one has their own amazing qualities and benefits. They are all slightly different in firmness and features but there are none worse than the others. They truly create a mattress for everyone! 

All of these mattresses being made in the USA with eco-friendly and reusable materials is just an added plus to an already amazing product. 


The AS3 is their most popular mattress with over six thousand five star reviews! Made to adjust to most body weights and types this mattress could possibly work for everyone. This mattress is not too farm and not too soft, it is described as the perfect medium. 

This mattress is very breathable and cooling which makes sure you never overheat in your sleep. This could make the AS3 the ideal mattress for those who run a little hotter at night and need to be able to cool off to relax. 

With this specialty memory foam material, the shape of the mattress will bounce back in seconds if you move or get off of it. This makes it adhere to anyone’s body all night, relieving pain from areas of the body and creating the optimal comfort. 

As a mattress that is resistant to mite, mildew, and mold it will be super long lasting and perfect for any home. Without a bed frame the height of this mattress comes out to 12 inches. Therefore, it is workable while also not being too thin. 


The AS5 mattress from the Amerisleep brand is considered their most advanced mattress. This means that it has some added benefits that the others do not. Let’s talk about what those are. 

The AS5 mattress is the softest of the five that come from the brand. If you are not one for firm mattresses then this one is worth a look. The pressure relieving memory foam makes sure that your aches and pains are as comfortable as possible all night.

A specialty piece to this mattress is the Active Flex that changes to support your body no matter how you move at night. This will help to align your spine no matter what size you may be. With the thickness of this mattress being 14-inches there will always be enough support. 

With the plant based bio-core this mattress is always eco-friendly while still being very durable. And with a 20-year warranty there will be no reason to regret making the move to the AS5. 


The AS2 is stated to be the best mattress for those who sleep on the backs. As a medium firm mattress that stands at 12 inches without a bed frame this mattress seems to have the perfect mix of comfort and firmness. 

According to many reviews from individuals and companies alike this seems to be the best mattress for back pain. With HIVE technology within the mattress it easily provides support and adapts to where you may need it most. 

On this bed, there is a great foam base that keeps the rest of the mattress structured. This makes sure that sagging never happens meaning you will have a better bed for longer! 


The AS1 is the firmest mattress that Amerisleep creates. For that reason, it only measures up to 10 inches in height and is suggested for those who like to sleep on their stomach or back. This smaller height makes it easily fit into any bed frame so there is a lot of versatility there. 

With layers that promote great sleep and structure this bed will last for years to come and will help with any back pain you may have. The extreme support that you will feel while lying on this bed will help you to sleep much healthier than on other mattresses.

Once again made with Bio-pur means that there is no reason to worry about heat production. This will keep the mattress feeling lightweight although it is firm and will also help circulate air so that you do not overheat. 


The AS4 is the only bed that is recommended highly for those who sleep on their side. With the standard height of 12 inches it is just like many others on this list. 

With a cloud like comfort it will be easy on your hips and legs while resting on your side. This is due to there being an extra layer of the pressure relieving foam that makes this brand so wonderful. 

This is another mattress that comes with HIVE technology built in so that there is always a lightweight and adjustable feel. It is not too firm except when you need it, it adapts to your body very well. 

Rating Breakdown

Mattresses can be tricky to understand simply because there are so many that have so many different features. Breaking down these features can make them far easier to understand. Here there will be eight different features that will be discussed so you can make a highly informed decision when looking at Amerisleep mattress reviews. 

Above we talked about each individual mattress and how their firmness varies. Amerisleep mattresses have a range from ultra-soft to very firm so there is pretty much something for everyone and their preferences. 

The AS1, seemingly the first mattress that Amerisleep produced, is the firmest one. Therefore, it is suggested for stomach and back sleepers as it will help to align the spine while they sleep. This is the firmest mattress due to the extra layers of foam support within it that keep the structure. 

The AS5 is the softest of the five mattresses made by the Amerisleep brand. It has soft foam that still keeps its structure so that it adapts to your body as you move at night. This foam has a cloud like feel so that you sink into sleep. 

The other three mattresses range in the middle of the firm spectrum. It really depends on what other features you may want in your mattress. Amerisleep bed reviews often highlight this aspect of versatility in their products. 

Pressure point relief is a star benefit of the AS3, their most popular mattress. Through the Bio-pur insoles within the mattress it is able to be firm in the places you need it and soft in the places you don’t. 

All of these mattresses have specialty memory foam that adapts to your body movements throughout the night. Simply by having some medium firm mattresses that are suggested for stomach and back sleepers Amerisleep is placing themselves in the knowledgeable category of producers. 

These mattresses have enough support to align your spine and get rid of your back problems after sleeping on the mattress night after night. The one designated to those who sleep on their sides has an extra level of foam so that your hips never hurt after sleeping on your side all night.

With two of the five mattresses offering HIVE technology they are a step ahead of others in their industry. The support that HIVE technology gives helps the mattresses to feel lightweight and adaptable while still offering the support that most people need. 

Through the layers in the Amerisleep mattresses there is a non-sagging level of support that forms into a would like to feel for those sleeping on it. Once again, each mattress has a different level of support to cater to different types of people. Simply looking at the amount of support they offer and the amount you need could give you your perfect mattress. 

One thing that many people worry about when purchasing a mattress is the edge support. Will the edges sag or get broken in fast? If so then you may have to keep buying new mattresses and that is something that no one wants to do. 

Through the BioFlex that is installed in the base of the mattress there is always a good structure. This transfers up through the other layers so that there is never any sagging. These are mattresses designed to be eco-friendly and economically friendly. 

With the foams ability to reform within seconds there is no need to worry about the mattress not going back to the same shape. Even with those of larger size these mattresses can adapt greatly! 

Each of the mattresses from the Amerisleep brand have something called Bio-pur in them. Bio-pur is a plant based and reusable material that helps to keep air flow going. 

Since Bio-pur contains an open cell design it lets air come through all areas to wick away warm air. It is very breathable which will keep you cool and comfortable all night long. 

If you are looking for a self-cooling mattress then all of these are great options available to you! 

Due to the specialty foam that these beds are constructed with there is no need to worry about waking up the other person on the bed. This foam adapts to your body when you move about at night making motion minimum. 

If you are sharing the bed with another person then the foam on their side will be adapted to their body and will not be moving. Therefore, it will not move around when you move around on your side and vice versa. 

This creates a great option for those who like to toss and turn all night. This could provide great sleep for you and your partner!

CertiPUR-US materials are used in the production of the Nolah Mattress, including its multiple foam layers. These foam materials do not cause a significant amount of off-gassing. There might, however, still be an unpleasant smell for the first few days.


The most affordable Amerisleep mattress is the AS1. This is partially because it has less features than the other four but it is still a great value! This mattress type often starts at $900 for a twin size but right now a twin size is available for $630! That is a great amount of savings. 

As you go up in size the price for the AS1 also goes up. A queen is around $1300 normally, but $999 right now! The sizes go all the way up to a California king that is normally $1600 but for a limited time it is now $1120. 

Funny enough the price goes up by which model you have; AS1 is the most affordable but AS5 is the most expensive. AS2 mattresses start at $1399 for a twin, but are only $949 right now. Their California King is also the largest available and it is generally $1800 to purchase. Right now, it is only $1499! 

The AS3 starts at $1149 for a twin, which is only $1149 right now. However, with this being their most popular mattress this is an amazing deal for anyone mattress shopping! The sizes of this mattress range from twin, to twin XL, to full, to queen, to king, to California king. This is a full range of mattress sizes with their most expensive normally being $1899. 

The AS4 is the most different from the others due to it being the only one suggested for those who normally sleep on their sides. For the twin version of this it is only $1349 right now and is normally $1449. As for the California king size of this unique mattress it is $1899 right now and $2099 normally. 

Lastly is the AS5, the most expensive mattress from Amerisleep. These prices come into play because it is their most advanced mattress that they sell. It has many benefits, that were listed above, so it is well worth the price. Twin sizes start at $1649 right now and normally $1849. As for the California king the normal price stretches to $2500 but is $300 off right now. 

The first piece of great news in this category is that there is free, no-contact shipping right now! Other stores that sell mattresses online often charge a lot for shipping because they have to. Moving a large mattress is not easy and not cheap. However, Amerisleep is dedicated to their customers and therefore made sure free shipping was included with your purchase. 

If you are not sure if this is the mattress you want there is always the ability to do a 100-night sleep trial! This means that the mattress will be delivered to you at no cost and you can try it out for 100 nights. If you choose to not keep it then they will pick it up and refund you as the trial is risk free. 

If you love your mattress during the first 100 nights but then start to find issues with it Amerisleep is great with fast returns and refunds. These returns and refunds are free to you if you are unhappy in any way. Therefore, there is no reason not to try out your favorite Amerisleep mattress. 

There is also a 20-year warranty available for all of their mattresses. This means that Amerisleep will be with you for 20 years if you have any issues arise with your mattress. This can give a huge sense of comfort to anyone spending thousands of dollars on their new mattress. This is why Amerisleep mattress reviews are so great! 

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How Does Amerisleep Compare to Other Mattress Brands?

Amerisleep shows a great knowledge of the mattress industry and the pieces used to create these mattresses. By adding in so many benefits that help out their consumers you can clearly see they work for their customers. 

Other mattress brands do not feel the need to list all their benefits and pieces they used in construction of the mattress. Amerisleep likes to highlight all of the thoughtful work that they put into their mattresses. This is highlighted through them talking and teaching about Bio-pur and HIVE technology. 

This commitment to using the best products to create their mattresses shows that they know what they are doing. With their mattresses going from the simplest at AS1 and the most advanced at AS5 you can also see they are continually learning. 

Unlike other mattress brands who create multiple mattresses until one takes off and then they only spend their time on that mattress, Amerisleep mattresses offer versatility. By offering multiple different types of mattresses and continually improving them Amerisleep is already far above the competitors. 

Caring about customers and their customer’s well-being is a number one point that Amerisleep likes to get across. Their free no-contact shipping in the midst of a pandemic shows that they want their customers as happy and healthy as possible. 

With such an easy return and refund policy there is no reason to second guess the quality of the Amerisleep mattress since they obviously believe it stands up to its competitors. If you get the mattress and believe that it doesn’t stand up to competitors then Amerisleep will be happy to work with you and fix this issue. 

Last but not least Amerisleep is made in America by American people, which only makes sense due to their brand name. Amerisleep mattresses are made by America for America and many people seem to really love this about them. Giving jobs to those who need it rather than get the cheaper prices is an honorable thing for a company to do. 

If this article hasn’t convinced you yet to check out the Amerisleep mattresses then just visit their website and I am sure their words will. With great customer service, you will never have to wonder when your questions will get answered or when your mattress will ship out. 

Amerisleep vs Saatva

Saatva mattress is another rising star mattress company. However, they only create innerspring mattresses whereas Amerisleep only creates memory foam. This is more of a preference thing but generally memory foam, especially this specialty memory foam lasts far longer. This also helps Amerisleep have better motion isolation than Saatva.

Saatva also only happens to have three different options for firmness whereas Amerisleep has 5 total. Amerisleep has no contact free delivery but Saatva has contact delivery that is not free. Overall it seems that Amerisleep has more benefits and durability. 

Amerisleep vs Nectar

Nectar mattress has far more affordable prices than Amerisleep but that does not mean it is overall better. Amerisleep materials and manufacturing is far superior to nectar and that is just based on branding. 

Sadly, Nectar also only has one type of mattress. This means that it appeals to way less people and there is no way to get a semi customized mattress for your individual needs. 

Amerisleep Vs Casper

The big difference between Casper mattresses and Amerisleep is the materials. Casper has an inch and a half of latex over the memory foam whereas Amerisleep does not. This means that there is a much different feel when sleeping on it. 

Casper, just like Nectar, only has one kind of mattress as well which means it is unable to appeal to many people wanting to buy mattresses. For a cheap price, it might seem like a good idea but it doesn’t have all the benefits that Amerisleep does and it is not as durable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Although there has been a lot discussed in this article there are always more questions that some people may have. Below are four of the most common ones so that you don’t have to search for them yourselves. 

Amerisleep mattresses are praised for their durability. This is in part to the materials they use when constructing the mattresses. These materials help to keep a structure in the mattress no matter how many times you sleep on it. Many other mattresses tend to start sagging after being slept on for two long, the Amerisleep mattress promises not to do this. 

If it somehow happens to start sagging then there is always the 20-year warranty to fall back on. This is basically a guarantee from the company that your mattress will last a good 20 years if it is taken care of correctly. Otherwise they would be losing tons of money by offering a 20 year warranty. 

Generally, memory foam mattresses last for about 10 years but with the construction that Amerisleep offers makes it last much, much longer. 

Although you are free to do whatever you like Amerisleep suggests not using a box spring. Those are generally for innerspring mattresses to create more long lasting support. Memory foam mattresses are better with slatted bed frames. 

Amerisleep actually sells their own mattress foundation that is more durable than other slat mattress foundations. This one does not have any space that will wear out faster than others so it is always constant support. 

The answer to this is both yes and no. You are not able to flip it upside down since the bottom of the mattress is designed for support whereas the top is designed for sleep. The mattress is different on both sides. 

But you can rotate it! Meaning you can turn it so where your partner’s feet were before is where your head will be and vice versa. This helps to even out any wear and tear on the mattress which keeps it better longer. 

No, not at all! A great benefit that all of the Amerisleep mattresses have is the Bio-pur within them. This is a plant based material that is eco-friendly and reusable. This means that it is healthy for you and your home. 

Amerisleep is a company that is trying to damage the environment as little as possible and since they are so customer based they would never create something with the ability to cause their customers harm. Go read about Bio-pur and you will see how great it is for the environment and you! 

That brings this review of Amerisleep mattresses to an end. However, if you want to learn even more about these amazing mattresses then go check out Amerisleep bed reviews and see what you think. Researching is key to getting the perfect mattress for you. With Amerisleep there are enough mattress variations where you won’t have to go to another site. 

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