Avenco Original Mattress Review (2022 Edition)

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Hybrid mattresses are arguably the best sleep technology on the market today. Hybrids combine the best elements of both coil and foam mattresses to create a bed that’s adaptable, cooling, and pressure-relieving. 

However, the problem with hybrids is they’re expensive. Over the course of their lives, hybrids are actually the most expensive mattress type on average. That means many shoppers might think they cannot afford a hybrid mattress. The good news is there are now quite a few high-quality value hybrids available. The Avenco Original Hybrid is one of them. 

The Avenco Original mattress is a well-constructed quality hybrid that almost everyone can afford. If you’re afraid that the cooling and cushioning comfort of a hybrid mattress is out of your financial reach, you should check out this offering.

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Avenco Original Certifications and Construction

The Avenco Original is a hybrid, so it features a pocketed coil support core topped with comfort foams. The Avenco Original starts off with a ventilated stretch modal fabric cover. This cover helps keep air flowing around your body to ensure you’re cool and dry all night long. 

Directly below the cover, you’ll find a highly conductive gel memory foam comfort layer. Gel memory foam helps conduct heat away from your body. Since this is a hybrid, the heat gets pulled downward towards the breathable pocketed coils, where it’s dispersed out of the mattress. 

Between the coils and the comfort layer sits a transition layer made of higher-density foam. This layer has a dual purpose. It helps protect you from the high pressure that comes from the coil layer below, and it also increases support and responsiveness in the comfort layer. 

The bottom layer of the Avenco consists of hundreds of individually wrapped coils. These coils can all move independently of one another, making the Avenco Hybrid a much more adaptable mattress than your average innerspring mattress. Pocketed coils also have the added advantage of being more responsive and breathable than a firm foam base layer. 

All the foams in the Avenco Original are certified under the CertiPUR-US standard. CertiPUR-US foam is low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and contains no dangerous toxins like formaldehyde or heavy metals. That means you can rest assured that the place you rest your head is safe and healthy. 

Avenco Original Feel

The Avenco Original has the wonderful adaptable and cool feel that you’d expect from a hybrid mattress. It’s adaptable, supportive, and responsive, thanks to its layers of contouring memory foam and breathable pocketed coils. 


Every layer of this mattress is designed for coolness. The Avenco Original features gel memory foam and a breathable cover and support core. That means it’s a perfect choice of cooling mattress for hot sleepers because each layer of the mattress works together with the other layers to conduct heat away from you and keep cool air moving around your body. 

Firmness Level

The Avenco Original is on the firmer end of the mattress firmness scale, between 6 and 7. That makes it a medium-firm mattress. This firmness level has tons of advantages for lots of people. It’s perfect for back sleepers because it offers a balance of contouring and spinal support. 

Combo sleepers may also appreciate the Avenco Original’s firmness level because the Avenco is so adaptable. It compresses under the right spots of your body regardless of which position you adopt. That gives you the freedom to choose how you sleep on any given night. 

This firmness level is also a good choice for those with back pain. Medium-firm mattresses offer ideal spine alignment without sacrificing cushioning. That can help back sleepers who suffer any type of back pain. The Avenco Hybrid can even offer relief to some stomach sleepers who deal with lower back pain. 


The Avenco Original is a highly responsive mattress because of its pocketed coil support core. Pocketed coils help the slow-to-respond foams in the comfort layer bounce back as soon as you change position. Pocketed coils also have much more motion transfer control than open coils. So you get responsiveness and motion isolation at the same time.

Avenco Original Pricing

The price of the Avenco Original is one of its most standout features. The Original’s pricing runs from $299 to $617. That’s well under the average price for a hybrid mattress. While an average queen size hybrid costs $1,700, the 10-inch queen Avenco Original costs just $489. Don’t be fooled by the extreme affordability. Avenco hasn’t skimped on quality.

Avenco Original Purchase and Shipping Options

All the Avenco mattresses in the lineup are easy and convenient to purchase. You can find the Original Mattress online at a couple of locations. 

Where to Shop

You can purchase all available sizes and models in the Avenco lineup at avencohome.com. That includes the Avenco Original Hybrid. Amazon also sells Avenco products, but you may not have the same options or pricing as you do on the official website. Amazon sellers also may or may not offer free shipping.  

Delivery Costs

If you purchase the Original on Avenco’s website, you can get free and convenient delivery right to your door. That means you don’t have to worry about paying for shipping or handling costs when you order any mattress in a box from the Avenco lineup.

Avenco Original Guarantees

Avenco demonstrates the quality of their products by offering industry-standard warranty and sleep trial policies. While their warranty and trial period are not industry-leading, they still are a good indicator of Avenco’s confidence that: 

  • Their mattresses will last at least a decade.
  • You will have the support and pressure relief you need to get a good night’s sleep. 

That means you can rest assured that Avenco’s products are built for comfort and durability even though they’re affordable. 

Sleep Trial

Avenco offers a 100-night sleep trial for all their products. This means you can purchase any Avenco mattress and sleep on it for 100 nights. If you don’t like the mattress, you can return it for any reason and get a full refund. 

Keep in mind, the refund policy only applies if the mattress is undamaged. So you’ll want to make sure you use a mattress protector to ensure you don’t get any stains or spots on the mattress that voids the trial period coverage. 


Avenco offers a 10-year warranty on all the mattresses in their lineup, including the Original Hybrid. The warranty covers things like manufacturer defects or premature aging. So if your mattress winds up developing soft spots or sagging too early, you can call the 24-hour customer service hotline for a repair or replacement. 

However, the warranty does not cover damage caused by failure to maintain your mattress or maltreatment of your mattress. That means you’ll want to take care of your mattress throughout its lifetime to maintain warranty coverage. Use a mattress protector. And make sure you’re rotating your Avenco mattress at least twice per year.

Other Mattresses in the Avenco Lineup

The Avenco lineup doesn’t just include the Original. You’ve got four other mattresses to choose from in addition to the Original Hybrid. In addition to the Original, Avenco features two alternative hybrid models. They also have two memory foam mattresses to consider. 

To top off the selection, Avenco also offers “Plus” versions of their Dream and Original hybrid mattresses for even more luxury!

Avenco Dream Hybrid

Avenco Original Mattress Review (2022 Edition) 1The Avenco Dream Hybrid is a great choice for hot sleepers because it takes cooling technology to the next level. The Dream Hybrid features the same gel memory foam comfort layer as the Original. In addition to the gel foam, its ventilated fabric cover promotes extra airflow. However, the real cooling upgrade is in the support core. 

The Dream Hybrid’s edge support system also increases airflow. The Original has ultra-firm foam rails to create firm edges. A problem with foam rails for edge support is that the rails can impede airflow in and out of the support layer. The Dream Hybrid solves this problem by using rows of reinforced coils around the bed’s edges rather than rails. 

Avenco Silence Mattress

Avenco Original Mattress Review (2022 Edition) 2Hot sleepers who don’t want coils in their bed should check out the Silence Mattress. This memory foam mattress has a unique take on cooling technology. Instead of using a solid piece of foam as a support core, as virtually all other memory foam beds do, the Silence uses two ventilated layers of support foam. 

These layers look a little like two upside-down egg cartons stacked on top of each other. This setup allows for maximum airflow—much more than you would get out of most memory foam mattresses. That makes the Silence an amazing option for those who need a combination of superior pressure relief and temperature control. 

Avenco Starry Mattress

Avenco Original Mattress Review (2022 Edition) 3Those who want a mattress that offers ergonomically designed zoned support should consider the Avenco Starry Mattress. The unique wave shape of the support core offers pressure relief where you need it and support where you need it. This keeps your knees and feet lifted while allowing for more compression under your pressure points. 

The Starry Mattress also offers tons of contouring in addition to all this support. It can follow the curve of your body to relieve pressure in your hips and shoulders. This contouring ability also offers excellent spinal alignment by dipping down under wider areas of your body and rising to meet narrower ones. This makes it a great mattress for side sleepers and back sleepers alike. 

Avenco Zone Hybrid

Avenco Original Mattress Review (2022 Edition) 4The Avenco Zone Hybrid is a fantastic choice for those who need optimal pressure relief and adaptability. The Zone offers five different sections of support to provide the right lift and pressure relief to the right areas of the body. 

Additionally, the Zone Hybrid features a layer of cushioning comfort foam between the gel foam and the coils. This foam can help alleviate pressure points and prevent pressure buildup from the coil support layer. This means the Zone is probably the best option for side sleepers who want an Avenco Hybrid.

The Bottom Line about the Avenco Original Mattress

If you want a hybrid but don’t want to pay a hybrid price tag, the Avenco Original is a fantastic choice. It’s one of the best hybrid mattresses in its price range and offers amazing hybrid comfort at an even more amazing price.

The Avenco Original Hybrid features tons of cooling technologies, as well as quality construction. That means you’re getting an affordable mattress that’s still built to last and offers you an excellent night’s sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Side sleepers have two options if they want an optimal Avenco product for their sleep position. If you sleep on your side and want a hybrid, consider the Zone Hybrid. This mattress provides five zones of pressure relief to different body areas. That makes it perfect for those who need lots of contouring and lots of cushioning, like side sleepers. 

The Starry Mattress is another great option for side sleepers. Like the Zone Hybrid, the Starry offers zoned support. Instead of using zoned coils, it uses a sleek, ergonomic wave shape that offers more lift in some areas and more compression in others. This means the Starry offers the right mix of spine-aligning support and cradling pressure relief.

Those who suffer from back pain should consider two mattresses from the Avenco lineup: the Starry Mattress and the Original Hybrid. The ergonomic wave shape of the Starry Mattress is perfect for encouraging optimal spinal alignment. And keeping the spine in a neutral position is vital for relieving back pain. 

For those who want a hybrid, the Original hybrid is the firmest offering in the Avenco lineup. It comes in between medium-firm and fully firm. That means it offers the most lift of any of the hybrids, making it a good option for heavier sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers who suffer from back pain.

The Avenco Original is a wonderful choice for hot sleepers. Its combination of breathable pocketed coils and conductive gel memory foam will wick body heat away from you and disperse it out of the mattress. Other excellent options for hot sleepers in the Avenco lineup include the Silence Mattress and the Dream Hybrid. 

Ultra-hot sleepers should consider the Dream Hybrid over the Original because its edge support system allows for even more airflow. Hot sleepers who want memory foam instead of coils should take a look at the double-ventilated Silence Mattress. This mattress circulates air throughout the support layer much better than the average memory foam bed.

You need to use a mattress cover with every mattress, including Avenco products. Without a mattress cover, your mattress could become filled with dirt, dust mites, and moisture. These things can create a firestorm of allergies and odors. They can also lead to mold and bacterial growth in your mattress. 

Additionally, a mattress protector will help you preserve your sleep trial and warranty. Most mattress warranties specify that stains will void coverage. And virtually no mattress manufacturer anywhere will refund a stained mattress even if it’s within the sleep trial period. Thus, it’s vital to put a protector on your mattress from the first night you sleep on it.

All the mattresses in the Avenco lineup are compatible with all common bed bases except box springs. That means you can put them on mattress foundations and platform beds alike. You can also lay any Avenco mattress on an adjustable base, and it can move with the base into any position you like. 

However, you should avoid laying your Avenco product on box springs. Box springs are too weak to support mattresses as heavy as Avenco’s. They might break under the weight of the mattress or even contribute to premature aging in the mattress itself.

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