Avocado Mattress Reviews: Best/Worst Qualities (2022)

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If you are looking for a green mattress that reflects your commitment to ecological responsibility, you have probably been searching for Avocado mattress reviews. Thankfully, you have come to the right place. We are going to break down what an Avocado mattress is all about, from their commitment to the environment to how this mattress impacts intimacy to how it stacks up to the competition.

If you are in the market to buy a mattress but are keeping sustainability in mind – Avocado is most certainly on your radar. However, even if that isn’t one of your main concerns, you will find that an Avocado mattress has a lot to offer at its price point that makes it a contender to anyone’s mattress buying hunt. 

One of the hardest things to find in a mattress right now is a mattress that is truly firm, responsive, and durable. Currently, the market is overcrowded with super-soft and plush foam-based mattresses that don’t necessarily offer a lot of support where it counts. The Avocado green mattress turns that trend on its head. If that is appealing, you will really enjoy this review of the Avocado green mattress.

The Avocado green mattress isn’t one that gets a lot of hype, but it is certainly one to pay attention to for anyone who is mattress shopping. 

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Rating Summary

Rating Summary

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Edge support 100%
Customer Serive100%


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Recommended For:

  • Someone who wants a bed from a company that is committed to environmental sustainability. 
  • Hot sleepers who want a bed that won’t trap heat in the middle like traditional innerspring mattresses and memory foam mattresses do.
  • Those who would like a bit of bounce to their bed because they are combo-sleepers or want to improve their intimacy with their partner.
  • Heavier sleepers who are having a hard time with other mattress brands not being supportive enough and crushing under their weight. 

Not Recommended For:

  • Someone who is working with a super-strict budget and can’t afford to spring for more-expensive eco-friendly materials.
  • Someone who doesn’t see the value in buying eco-conscious goods and won’t feel like they are getting a lot of value.
  • Easily disturbed sleepers who may not want a responsive mattress or one that has innersprings that occasionally make a little bit of noise.

About the Brand

Avocado Mattress Reviews

Avocado set out in 2016 to create a mattress that was truly eco-friendly and kept honest and sustainable practices at top of mind. Unfortunately, when they did their original research, they found that many mattress companies were participating in greenwashing and weren’t actually using organic non-toxic materials.

Avocado has the mantra “natural, safe, and responsible.” They are committed to honest marketing and advertising, and they are currently in pending status to become a B-corp. A B corporation is a mix between a traditional company and a non-profit, where profit and the mission of the company are equally important, instead of one or the other. 

Not only does Avocado use organic materials in their made-in-America mattresses, but they also practice sustainability throughout their entire supply chain, ensuring each mattress leaves as little of a carbon footprint as possible. 

Now that you know more about Avocado as a brand, let’s dive right into how their mattress performs.

Construction Overview

Avocado Mattress Reviews


The luxurious needle-tufted cover is handmade out of 100% GOTS organic certified wool. It feels soft and does not have the off-gassing smell due to its lack of flame retardants and all-natural wool. It is not removable or machine-washable, so it will need to be spot-treated.


For those who like a firm mattress, the Avocado green mattress is comfortable. However, if you like a softer feel, you will need to add the European pillow-top option, which makes this mattress pretty pricey. This mattress doesn’t have that squishy memory foam feeling that some shoppers associate with comfort.


There isn’t a lot of contouring capability here. The optional European pillow-top will help with this a bit, but don’t expect a memory-foam experience with this mattress. While there isn’t zero contour, there isn’t a lot of contouring capability with the materials the Avocado green mattress is made of. 


This bed is very supportive and firm. It has individually wrapped coils as well as quite a bit of bounce to it, unlike foam-based competitors on the market.

Materials, Height, and Base

The materials set the bar for eco-conscious and luxurious. Everything in this mattress is organic, non-toxic, and sustainable. You can’t ask for much more than that!

This mattress has a low-profile of only 11”, making it much thinner than some of the other mattresses on the market these days, particularly the hybrid models. 

The Base is made of individually pocketed coils and a layer of natural Dunlop latex that makes this bed very supportive and firm.

Ratings Breakdown - Avocado Mattress Reviews


This bed is very supportive, which makes it a great option for heavier sleepers who like a firm mattress and are sick and tired of sinking into most of the foam-based mattresses on the market. 

For the person who needs a lot of support and bounce, the Avocado green mattress is an amazing option. It will keep your spine in line easily with its firmness. This mattress is very high on the firmness rating.

The latex comfort layer on an Avocado mattress provides a decent layer of comfort over the coils in this mattress. However, for some heavier sleepers who like a soft and comfy feel, they may find that this layer is not enough for them. In that case, it would be better to spring for the European-style pillowtop that is an optional addition.

Additionally, for those who like to sleep on their side, they may find that there is not enough comfort layer to relieve pressure on the joints and that this mattress is a bit too firm for them. 

Pressure Relief

If you are someone who needs the pressure relief of memory-foam, even if the foam is supported by springs underneath, you may need to look elsewhere. The Avocado green mattress does not have the memory foam contour layer that we are accustomed to when ordering from online mattress suppliers. 

The pillowtop addition will help a bit with this, and you can also purchase a memory foam mattress topper. However, at that point, you may just want to look elsewhere. 


The Avocado green mattress has a cover that is made of 100% GOTS organic certified wool. Not only does this cover feel luxurious, but it is also hand made. This cover includes needle-tufting done by hand in Avocado’s California-based factory. The needle-tufting is a time-honored tradition that makes the mattress much more durable without the need for liquid adhesives to keep all of the layers together. 

The wool serves an additional purpose of ensuring that Avocado does not need to use toxic flame-retardants on its mattress, as wool is not highly flammable. We love a material that serves a double purpose!

If you get the cover of this mattress dirty, you will need to spot-treat it as it is non-removable. However, there are some great wool washes on Amazon, so you are sure to find one that will get that spot right out without harming the luxurious cover. This mattress will be one of the most durable ones that you can find.


The majority of the height of this mattress contains the individually-pocketed coils that we mentioned earlier. These coils provide the bounce of this mattress as well as make it ultra-supportive. 

What’s interesting about the coils on an Avocado mattress is that they are broken into five different strategic zones on the mattress, meaning not all coils are created equal. These zones are to help support the different parts of your body in different ways, creating optimal spinal alignment.

Edge Support

The coils in this bed make it a great candidate for excellent edge support, and the Avocado green mattress certainly does not disappoint. 

When you roll to the edge of the bed at night, you won’t find the edge of this mattress collapsing beneath your weight. Furthermore, you will find that you can sit on the edge of this mattress and you won’t feel a lot of give.

This is very good for the mattress’s durability, as well. With foam-based mattresses with poor edge support, the constant compression and bending can begin to affect the mattress permanently and it stops bouncing back from the compromised edge. You won’t have these issues with an Avocado green mattress. 


The top layer of an Avocado mattress, including the optional European pillow-top, is made of GOLS organic certified latex, which gives in a great cooling property. Latex is very self-cooling, so this bed doesn’t trap heat at the surface like most pillow-top mattresses tend to do.

If you are looking for a luxurious mattress that has amazing cooling properties, the latex top layer under the cover of the Avocado green mattress might be just the solution you were looking for.

Additionally, don’t worry about the wool being too hot. Woold actually is a poor conductor of heat and does not absorb heat from your body. Interestingly enough, wool is one of those materials that can both keep you warm and cool, meaning it will perform well as the cover on the mattress all year long. 

Motion Isolation

While this mattress is very bouncy and isn’t going to perform nearly as well as a foam mattress that has zero motion transfer, the Avocado green mattress isn’t as bad at motion isolation as you may fear. 

For those who are light sleepers, you will be pleased to hear that the latex layer, while bouncy, absorbs energy on-the-spot and does not distribute it throughout the entire mattress. This means when your partner gets in and out of bed in the middle of the night, your side of the bed isn’t going to feel like a ship tossing through the sea during a hurricane in the Bermuda triangle. We love that!

Smell and Off-gassing

One of the best parts about buying a mattress that is made of organic, natural, certified materials is that you don’t get that “hydro-fu-fu” smell that comes from mattresses made from toxic flame retardants and wrapped in excess packaging and plastic for long periods of time.

While the smell that comes with some mattresses is generally not harmful if you are very sensitive to smell you will be happy to know that your Avocado green mattress won’t have that problem. In fact, the organic natural wool cover gives it a comforting, earthy smell. It reminded one of our tester’s of the smell of the shop that sold hand-woven wool blankets on the hillsides of Ireland. 


This mattress is quiet enough that it won’t bother the average sleeper, but the existence of coils in the mattress does mean there is the potential for a slight creaking sound on occasion. If you are someone who requires an absolutely silent mattress, you may want to look elsewhere. However, the noise is muffled and minimal enough that the majority of people won’t even notice it over the sound of their ceiling fan.


Intimacy is one of the areas where the Avocado green mattress really excels. Not only will buying a mattress that is so good for the environment put some pep in your step and some wag in your tail, but the bounce created by the latex and innerspring coils means that you can pull off all kinds of new moves with your partner.

One of the biggest problems with foam-based mattresses is that the sinking feeling that allows for great contour also means that most sex positions become almost impossible. With zero bounce and complete motion isolation, it can become almost impossible to get enough leverage to have healthy and fun intercourse.

Intimacy is so important in our romantic relationships, and too many mattresses put a literal damper on what should be fun and exciting times. You won’t have that problem with the Avocado green mattress. If you are a young, sexually active, and eco-conscious newlywed couple, you should definitely be adding an Avocado green mattress to your registry. 

Value & Price

Avocado green mattresses are not cheap, but they certainly are more affordable than many of the luxurious mattress brands found in mattress stores. Their prices run pretty congruently to other high-quality direct-from-manufacturer mattresses that we review on this site.

The value of the Avocado green mattress is very much intertwined with the eco-savings you get from buying one. Mattresses are one of the least eco-friendly purchases you can make, by and large, and this is a great way to do your part to a healthier planet and a more sustainable future. 

If you believe in investing in the environment and the future of our planet with everything that you do, you will be hard-pressed to find another mattress that is eco-friendly and budget-friendly. If you are someone who does not see the value in eco-conscious products, you will likely balk at the price and not personally connect with the perceived value in such a purchase. 

Customer Service

While the Avocado green mattress may not be for everyone, most agree that the brand itself is a pleasure to deal with. They are very committed to honesty in all of their business dealings, including when speaking with customers.

This mattress has a year-long sleep-trial, so you have plenty of time to figure out if you like this mattress or not. Additionally, it has an incredible 25-year warranty, which is simply one of the best we have ever seen in the industry. Avocado makes a really durable mattress and they back this claim with their awesome warranty.

When push comes to shove, even if the Avocado mattress may not be for you, it is certainly one of the friendliest and most honest towards its customers.

One of the other things to take note of is that they offer easy financing options through Affirm, meaning that they don’t self-finance the purchase of mattresses. This means that they aren’t banking on you missing payments and paying those all-expensive late fees. Affirm is a very popular and highly reputable online loan and payment company, and is a third party that isn’t related to Avocado.

In fact, Avocado has stuck with their direct-to-consumer model specifically because they want to pass as many savings on to their end-user as possible. If they sold at big-box stores or to third parties, their mattresses would not be very affordable at all. We love a company who wants to keep their end-users happy, not the middle-men.

Avocado Mattress Review

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How Does Avocado Compare to Other Mattress Brands?

Now that you know all about what an Avocado green mattress brings to the table in terms of comfortability, customer service, and commitment to the environment, lets see how it stacks up against the competitors. If you would like to learn more about other mattresses before you make your purchasing decision, you can read all of our great mattress reviews right on this site. 

Avocado vs Purple

Avocado and Purple are difficult to compare because they are both highly durable and responsive beds. Nevertheless, there are quite a few differences between them if you are looking for a responsive and durable mattress that is the perfect fit for you.

Purple’s hyper-elastic polymer gives it quite a bit of bounce the way that the latex that Avocado uses does. The grid-like structure of the purple mattress gives it an entirely different feel that is a lot different than almost every other mattress on the market.

However, that isn’t always a good thing. You will find that Avocado feels more like a traditional innerspring mattress than a Purple mattress does. If you are the kind of person who’s a bit of a traditionalist, then the Avocado green mattress is a much better choice for you. 

If you would like to learn more about the Purple mattress and it’s patented materials, you can read our review

Avocado vs Casper

If you want a more firm, supportive, and bouncier mattress, then Avocado is a better choice for you than a Casper mattress. However, if you have read the information above and worried that the Avocado mattress isn’t going to be soft or contouring enough for you, then a Casper could very well be worth looking into.

Because of the firmness and innerspring coils, the Avocado mattress is going to be a better choice for heavier customers out there, as many people often complain that the Casper mattress collapses beneath their weight. However, Casper does offer some hybrid versions, as well, which could be a better choice for heavier sleepers.

If you want a softer mattress than what Avocado offers, it could be a good idea to look into what Casper has to offer. If you want to learn more about Casper mattresses, you can read our review right here

Avocado vs Saatva

Saatva is another popular mattress that offers quite a bit of durability, support, and bounce. Saatva is also quite a bit more luxurious than Avocado, with a higher price point to match. 

Unlike Avocado, Saatva does incorporate the use of memory foam in the manufacturing of their mattresses. If you want a firm and bouncy bed but need a bit more of a softer layer at the top, Saatva has different firmness levels that you can choose.

However, if you are looking for a luxurious mattress made of high-quality materials, but need to watch your pocketbook, Avocado is definitely going to be a better option for you. In our option, you get more bang for your buck with an Avocado mattress than a Saatva, although Saatva does offer some features Avocado does not at this time. 

If you want to learn more about what a Saatva mattress has to offer, you can read the review on this site to learn more. 


Most side sleepers are going to find that the Avocado green mattress is not contouring enough and does not provide enough pressure-relief to feel optimal levels of comfort. However, opting to spring for the European pillow-top addition can help with this if you really want to try this mattress out for yourself.

Yes. A firm mattress that aligns the spine is a great option for those who experience chronic back pain. Many foam-based mattresses aren’t going to provide enough support and alignment to ease back pain, but that isn’t an issue with Avocado. 

No, you do not need a boxspring for an Avocado mattress. In fact, unlike many direct-from-manufacturer mattresses available on the internet, a simple slatted frame will work just fine. If you don’t have one, Avocado sells some options for bases right on their website.

Nope, not only does the latex not absorb heat, meaning that the mattress sleeps cool, but wool also does not absorb body heat. Instead of trapping heat inside of it the way most mattresses do, the Avocado mattress is naturally resistant to heat. This is also the reason the mattress doesn’t have to be treated with toxic flame retardants. Science is cool!

No, an Avocado mattress as a specific series of layers from top to bottom and is not a mirror-image of itself from the bottom-up. You cannot flip an Avocado mattress, although you may rotate it head to toe if you want to ensure you aren’t wearing it out in a specific place. 

Avocado Mattress Review

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