Awara Mattress Review (2022) | Awara vs Avocado, Nest Bedding

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Are you looking for an eco-friendly mattress? You’ve probably noticed there are so many natural mattresses on the market, which makes it hard to find the right match. Well, fret no more!

Here we’re going to talk about a new mattress brand that has been recently launched in the market- Awara sleep mattress.

Yes! We understand there are many Awara mattress reviews online already, but if you’re here, it means you didn’t find what you were looking for or you’re searching for more detailed information.

In this review, you’ll find all the information you need to know about the Awara mattress and why it’s creating such a huge buzz in the market.

In brief, Awara natural sleep mattress promises to be the ideal mattress for all types of sleepers:  back, stomach, and even combo sleepers.  It also presents you with all the perks you would expect from a hybrid latex mattress.

So, let’s see what Awara sleep mattress is all about.

Rating Summary

Rating Summary

Our Rating

Edge support 70%
Customer Serive100%


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Recommended For:

Back and stomach sleepers: Sleeping on your back results in increased pressure in the lumbar area. A medium-firm mattress offers the best support to which will keep your spine in proper alignment and relieve pressure from the lumbar area. Awara’s offers back sleepers the perfect mix of moderate contouring and responsive.

Combo sleepers:  Some sleepers shift from one position to another throughout the night.  Even though combo sleepers can have a primary sleep position, they need a mattress that will feel comfortable at each position.  Awara’s is a great option because its medium-firm setting applies to different sleeping styles.

Hot sleepers:  Latex usually sleeps cooler than other types of foams. Awara innerspring coil layers provide extra airflow, while the Euro top cover wicks away moisture.  The Dunlop layer is also breathable.

Heavier sleepers:  Awara medium-firm construction can offer heavy sleepers exceptional support. The latex and coils can support heavier weights.  So if you’re a heavy sleeper, the Awara mattress is suitable for you.

Couples:  Awara is a perfect mattress choice for couples because of its excellent temperature regulation, sufficient motion isolation, ease of movement, and superior edge support.  These are the factors most couples look for in a quality mattress.

Not Recommended For:

Those on a tight budget: Awara is a premium brand with a higher price tag because it’s constructed from sustainable and naturally sourced materials.  However, remember that it comes with a 365–trial period and lifetime warranty that shields you from risk.

Side sleeper: While Awara strikes a perfect balance between comfort and support, it’s still a medium-firm mattress. This means lightweight and side sleepers might struggle with it. They might not experience enough contour to reduce their pressure points.

About Awara Mattress

awara mattress review

The Awara mattress is the newest brand in the market with a hybrid mattress.  The Awara sleep mattress is made by the manufacturing partner for Resident Home, the brand that owns Nectar and Dream Cloud mattresses.

Awara 13-inch mattress comprises natural, durable Dunlop latex foam in the comfort layer, which is sourced from rubber trees in Asia.  The latex is Rainforest Alliance certified, which justifies the brand claim of planting and managing trees in Africa. 

Also, its GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified, meaning the latex is organic.  Awara natural sleep mattresses contain no latex in their base support layer.

Awara mattress plush Euro-top cover is made from a unique blend of organic cotton and New Zealand wool. This hybrid mattress offers thicker pocketed coil-support, which provides superior edge support and helps in temperature regulation.

Its medium-firm setting applies to a variety of different sleepers, including back sleepers, stomach sleepers, combo sleepers, hot sleepers, and heavy sleepers.  Awara comes at a high price tag, but its-high quality natural materials and durability justifies the price tag.

Let’s have a look at what makes Awara stand out from other mattresses on the market today.

Construction overview

awara mattress review

You can’t judge a book by its cover. So let’s look at the inside of Awara’s natural sleep mattress to determine what it comprises.


Awara comes with a non-removable, plush Euro-top cover constructed with natural cotton and wool from New Zealand. The cotton is moisture-wicking and allows airflow, which regulates the temperature of the sleep surface. The wool enhances the breathability of the mattress and acts as a natural fire retardant.


Support is provided by a thick 4-inch layer of organic GLOS-certified Dunlop Latex. Latex offers sleepers the contouring comfort that they require from an excellent comfort layer. Dunlop latex construction makes it firmer and denser, granting Awara mattress superior durability, bounciness, and an exclusive feel.


The Dunlop latex is naturally elastic, meaning it recovers its shape instantly when pressure is removed, providing a natural pressure distribution. The Awara Mattress ensures extreme flexibility and receptiveness to the countering shape of your body while sleeping, resulting in reduced turning and tossing. The mattress provides you with proper back alignment and support with individual 5-zoned pocketed coils.


Awara mattress comprises 9–inch support foundation featuring individual- enfolded coils, delivering a firm base of support to the mattress. These types of coils are pocketed, meaning they’re wrapped in cloth. This allows the coils to move autonomously and minimizes motion transfer across the surface, hence providing perfect contouring than traditional springs.

The wrapped coils target a specific part of the body by compressing at different amounts to promote a neutral sleeping position that disperses weight evenly over the sleep surface.


All material used to design all these vital layers of Awara mattress happens to be eco-friendly. The organic cotton used is certified by GOTS. The latex is manufactured from organically grown rubber trees, with minimal use of chemicals.  The pocket coils are steel, meaning they do not off-gas and can be potentially recycled later.  Even though the entire mattress is not organic, it features eco-friendlier materials than most.


The Awara mattress clocks a height of 13 inches, giving it a profile that it’s tall, but can also work with most standard fitted sheets. The added height combined with its study edge makes it easier for individuals to get in and out of the bed. The 4 inches of latex layer means their plenty of material to prevent heavy sleepers from sinking in.


Awara’s doesn’t include a base. You can keep it on the floor, but if you don’t like your mattress being on the floor, you can get a supportive platform bed. Awara mattress works great on an adjustable base, but you won’t manage to sit up since it’s very thick.  It will just bend for normal your normal adjustable needs.

Rating Breakdown

Now that we know our way around the inside of the Awara sleep mattress. Let’s look at how Awara measure up to other factors considered important when purchasing the best mattress.


Awara is only available in one firmness option: medium- firm. This works amazingly for average or heavier sleepers.

The flexible pocket coils at the bottom part of bed allow for pressure relief on joints and back, but after a slight movement, it quickly reshapes itself and holds its constitution perfectly.

Lighter sleepers might find the mattress firmer since they may not press into the top 4-inch Dunlop latex layer. Individuals, who like sleeping on their stomach or back, will most likely love the support at the hips and spine the mattress provides.  Awara’s sturdy design allows it to offer a classic supportive feel that seniors might need.

Pressure Relief

Enough pressure relief melts away morning pains and aches, helping you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Awara’s handle pressure relief via the plush Euro-top that wraps the body for instant cradling comfort. On the other hand, the Dunlop latex foam contour to the body’s curves, allowing heavier parts to sink deeper while keeping the rest of the body sufficiently supported.


Generally, natural products don’t last long compared to latex and synthetic products. Awara’s mattress features a Latex layer, which is a proven long-lasting material and pocket steel coils that have a long durability reputation. And even when you wash the covers, you won’t experience any damage or shrinkage.  This product feels very durable and should be great for at least 8 years.


The Dunlop latex layer is thick and resilient enough to keep the spine aligned, but the genuine support comes from the coils, which deliver quality stability that simultaneously exhibits bounce. Since the coils are each wrapped with fabric, they can compress independently to provide heat-to-toes support in the right areas. As a result, the user receives spine support as well as relief for the shoulders and hips.

Edge Support

Edge support is great when you enjoy sitting on the side of the bed, or if you tend to sleep along the edge.  Awara mattress construction produces a supportive edge that’s sturdy.  Lack of support at the perimeter of a mattress can cause it to sag along the edges after a while.

But with the support core created from durable pocketed coils and a comfort layer of dense Dunlop latex, the Awara was constructed to support sleepers who enjoy using the edge of the mattress while sleeping. 

Because Dunlop latex is denser and firmer, it tends to compress less when you near the edge.  The pocketed coil system provides extra support around the perimeter, using thicker-gauge coils to support the weight.

Furthermore, Awara’s support core and comfort system are thicker than the standard layers found in nearly all hybrid mattresses.  This means Awara mattress reviews will provide you with excellent edge support.


Just like most hybrid mattresses with a latex-based comfort layer, the Awara possesses an excellent ability to regulate body temperature and to keep sleepers cool during the night.

The excellent cooling ability is because of its comfort layer, which uses natural latex, which is highly breathable than synthetic blend latex. Additionally, Dunlop latex is well aerated, which means reduced heat retention because of increased airflow. The plush Euro-top cover has moisture-wicking properties and provides additional breathability.

Sweating caused by overheating can be uncomfortable and disruptive to your sleep pattern. Your mattress plays an important role in keeping you cool throughout the night. However, some mattresses tend to absorb and retain body heat, making you feel hotter during the night.

But Awara’s aerating layer of pocket coils and moderately countering latex layers will produce a temperature neutral sleep surface with great airflow to help you sleep cool throughout the night.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation describes how well a mattress can prevent motion transfer from one part of the mattress surface to another.  This is especially crucial for partners sharing the same mattress.

A mattress with the ability to isolate motion will also prevent partners from disturbing each other throughout the night as they shift sleeping positions or get up to use the toilet.

When it comes to isolating movements from one side of the bed to the other, latex mattresses and mattresses with coils or springs rarely perform as well as foam beds.  However, the Awara natural sleep mattress latex construction isolates motion pretty well.

Smell and Off-Gassing

Testers found that Awara releases minimal off-gassing after being unpacked for the first time.  Off-gassing is the release of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from newly unpacked mattresses.

Although not harmful, the smell of the gas can overwhelm some people. The levels of VOCs depend on different mattress manufacturing techniques. Mattresses made from synthetic materials tend to produce high levels of VOCs, which usually cause the smell.

However, the Awara utilizes naturally sourced materials including organic cotton, wool, and Dunlop latex. This means its VOCs level is at a minimum level.  But during unpacking expect to feel a slight rubbery smell which will dissipate in a few hours or within a day, depending on how ventilated your room is.


With this mattress, you don’t have to worry about noise.  The innerspring coils don’t produce any noise since they’re wrapped with clothing.  Even when you fall into your bed after a long day you won’t hear any annoying sounds.


Awara shows an amazing result at responsiveness to bounciness and pressure, making it perfect for sexual activities. It’s constructed with two components widely preferred for coitus –  Latex and innerspring coils. 

The excellent quality and durable nature of these components mean that couples can maintain an active sex life, with no need to worry that the mattress will sag from the excess stress.   It’s therefore a perfect choice for partners seeking a conducive mattress perfect for their lively sex life. 

Value & Price

When compared to some latex and hybrid mattresses in the market, the Awara natural sleep mattress is well-priced.  The Awara mattress is constructed with natural Dunlop latex and high-quality durable pocketed coils.  Also, it comes with a 365-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty.  When combined, these features make this mattress an excellent value for the price.

Customer Service

When you buy the Awara mattress, it will get shipped to you for free within 24 hours. It will come packed in a mini-fridge sized bag.   You can purchase the mattress from the Awara official website and Amazon. However, when purchase from Amazon, customer support and returns come from Amazon instead of Awara.

Apart from the free shipping, you also receive a risk-free trial period of 365 nights (1 year). If you don’t like the mattress, you can return it before the window closes.  Once you return the mattress, you’ll receive a full refund.  What’s even better, you receive a forever warranty. 

For an additional $149 you can receive White Glove delivery service. But this cost is non-refundable if you choose to return the mattress.

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How does Awara mattress compare to other brands?

Awara Vs Avocado

 The Avocado Green is a purely eco-friendly, organic latex hybrid mattress that aims to do everything right.  Just like Awara, Avocado mattresses combine natural Dunlop latex and pocketed coils, but Avocado goes a notch higher.

They’re not only certified organic for using some organic materials but for going through a strict process to have their materials, factory and products GOTs certified.  Also, they’re GreenGuard Gold certified, which is one of the most stringent volatile emission certifications to obtain.

While both mattresses are perfect for couples, hot sleepers, and stomach sleepers, Awara scores higher on pressure relief.  Awara comfortable medium-plush feel brings relief to its sleepers.   Awara also offers its users a lifetime warranty while Avocado offers a 25-year warranty.

If you’re searching for a budget-friendly mattress, opt for Avocado. But if you prefer a mattress that will be shipped to you instantly and its lifetime protected, you might be more interested in Awara.

Awara Vs Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding is arguably one of the most popular online and brick and mortar retailers. They sell a variety of mattresses, including high-end hybrid mattresses, organic and natural latex mattresses, and hybrid mattresses.  

Nest bedding latex comes with six layers of construction, unlike Awara, which comes with only two layers of construction,

While Awara uses innerspring coils to prevent turning and tossing and minimize motion and to deliver the ultimate sleep environment, Nest bedding latex uses a natural latex that delivers superior sleep and comfort naturally.

Furthermore, nest bedding latex offer sleepers more firm options including Medium (5.5), Firm (7-7.5), and soft (2.5 -3), not like Awara that only comes in only one firm: medium-firm (6).  So if you’re a light sleeper or side sleeper, nest bedding latex is a great option for you. 

However, Awara’s GOLS–certified organic Dunlop latex provides perfect contour and support for the sleeper’s natural body curves than nest bedding latex.  It also offers the perfect amount of bounce since its latex bounces back into shape, instantly providing comfort, stability, and support.  

Most folks find Awara mattress reviews more supporting while they sleep, unlike Nest bedding mattress. Both have free delivery costs, but its only Awara that ships within 24 hours of purchase.  


You can purchase Awara Mattress via Awara’s official website or Amazon.

You can’t decide if you like a mattress within 10 minutes. That’s why Awara provides you with a 365–night’s trial period. This means you can sleep soundly on your Awara mattress for a full year and see if it supports your weight evenly.  If you don’t like it, you can return it within 365 days and you’ll receive your full refund.

The Awara sleep mattress is great for folks who prefer a firmer sleep surface, couples who value motion isolation without comprising on the bounce, and individuals who carry lots of weights. It’s also great for people who sleep on their stomach and back.

Awara mattresses ships to all the US states, including Alaska and Hawaii for free.  The company also provides white glove services is available at a fee.

Awara mattress is made from three materials.  The cover futures a unique combination of organic cotton and wool that’s soft to touch.  The second layer is a 4 inch Dunlop latex that provides comfort. The last layer is a support layer of 9 inches of pocketed coils.

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