Bear Mattress Reviews (2022 Edition)

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A lot of the mattress brands on the market today try to be as unique as possible. The ever-increasing competition in this market makes it difficult for one particular brand to stand out. Things seem to be a little different for the Bear brand of mattresses. 

Instead of creating just another mattress, the team behind Bear decided to do something different. Bear Mattress features a design that has been crafted with the athlete in mind – the active person, whether playing sports for fun or as a professional. The Bear Mattress has been crafted to help athletes experience better sleep and recover faster while also ensuring adequate comfort at the same time. It aims to address the health problems associated with improper sleeping posture like muscles aches and pains.

Bear mattress reviews suggest that the average person is now also turning to this company to help them sleep better. With sleep deprivation causing such a large number of adverse health effects, everyone is looking for a way to have a higher-quality sleep. We look at just how good the Bear Mattress really is, explore its construction, and see whether it is a worthy investment. 

Rating Summary

Rating Summary

Our Rating

Edge support 70%
Customer Service70%


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Recommended For:

  • People who like versatility: The company behind the popular Bear mattress has quite a large selection of options that you can choose from. Whether you want something firm or a mattress that is perfectly in-between soft and firm,  the company’s range of foam mattresses has something that will surely help you sleep better at night. The versatility in bear mattress firmness options makes this good for a much larger audience
  • Athletes: One of the most unique features about the Bear mattress is the fact that it was engineered for athletes. This makes the mattress very unique in terms of its layers and overall design. The firmness scale of the mattress helps to alleviate fatigue, improve spinal alignment, and may help with a faster recovery among active people. 
  • People who switch sleeping positions: With Bear, sleep is no problem regardless of how you sleep. If you find that you constantly switch between different positions, then the Bear mattress might also be good for you. The original Bear mattress was designed to accommodate any type of sleeping position. Thus, whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or side, you will be able to experience superior comfort. With the mattresses’ foam construction that offers the right balance of softness and firmness, it’s good for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers.
  • People shopping on a smaller budget: The original Bear Mattress comes at a lower cost than a lot of the competitor options on the market. Other mattresses from the company do have a higher price tag, but the company is still able to offer a high-quality sleeping experience to people who are shopping with a lower budget in mind. 
  • People who are looking for high quality mattresses: All Bear Mattresses are constructed adhering to the industry standards. All materials used are CertiPUR-US Certified. The mattresses are also made in the USA.

Not Recommended For:

  • Heavy People: The original Bear Mattress may not be appropriate for heavy people (obese individuals). If you have high body weight, then the original Bear beds may be too thin for you. The memory foam feel does offer responsiveness, but it lacks an appropriate firmness level and an innercoil design to offer your body the support it needs. And although durable, the bed bases are not designed to withstand heavier weights. Because of this, you might have to spend more money on the Hybrid model from Bear to get a comfortable sleeping experience.
  • People who prefer a thick mattress: The quality and comfort of a mattress are often said not to rely on its thickness, but some people still prefer a thicker mattress. The original Bear Mattress is only 10 inches thick. For many people, this may be inappropriate. Opting for a thicker version of the Bear Mattress will cost you more money. The product still comes with a  comfort layer that adds to the plush feeling at the top. Another option that you have is to use either a mattress topper or a mattress protector to achieve your desired mattress thickness.

About The Brand

Bear Mattress Reviews

The Bear brand is built on the foundation of a family-owned business. The idea behind the company was to build a brand that is based on honesty and value while also taking the experience of the experts behind the business into consideration. 

The brand was founded more than two decades ago. Bear focuses on providing first-class customer service, while also ensuring the mattresses that are offered to customers are some of the highest quality options available on the market. That’s why all of their mattress models were designed and developed with the industry standards in mind. 

The Bear brand has a large focus on developing mattresses that are ideal for athletes. The experts that are behind the mattress designs offered by the company understand the fatigue and muscle soreness that athletes often have to endeavor. The hybrid and foam mattresses are designed with the right materials and structure to provide a comfortable sleep, along with specific pressure point relief features.  With this,  the shoulder, neck, or back pain that you feel in the morning can be minimized or alleviated. 

All of this contributes to better sleep for the athlete, as well as the average person. The mattresses help to reduce fatigue, improve recovery, address sleep-related health problems, and enhance sleep in general. 

Bear Mattress amazon stores are available, as well as a dedicated online shop. This makes it easier to shop for mattresses. The bear mattress return policy is also quite generous, giving you maximum value for your investment. We review Bear Mattress to see how the mattress performs.

Overview Of All Bear Mattresses

The Bear brand has three different mattresses on the market, each with its own unique set of features. While we focus on the original Bear Mattress in this review, you should take note of the other models too. These include:


Bear Mattress Classic

Bear Pro

Bear Hybrid

Construction Overview

Bear Mattress

In a Bear mattress review, the construction of the furniture is definitely one of the first things to look at. It helps you understand how well a bed is produced, and how it will enhance your sleep, an overview of its construction becomes essential. This also gives you an opportunity to determine if the product will help with back pain and other issues you are facing. The Bear mattress features quite a unique construction, which focuses on helping to alleviate the common problems that come with a mattress that is unable to deliver adequate support. 

The original Bear Mattress features a four-layer construction that measures 10 inches in height. You get this thickness regardless of the Bear sizes you choose. The four layers include:

  • A breathable cover that is called the Celliant Cover. Bear uses a special technology that helps to add a cooling effect to the cover, while also contributing to the overall comfort the mattress is able to The Celliant Technology is not just for temperature regulation of the memory foam beds. It’s also designed to boost oxygen levels and facilitate better blood circulation. The higher oxygen levels promote faster recovery and better athletic performance.
  • A layer of memory foam is added beneath the Celliant Cover. A Cooling Graphite-Gel Memory Foam is used.  The memory foam top layer is essential for comfort but is also able to reduce body heat from the mattress. Graphite Gel Infused memory foam is the simplest cooling technology used to solve the heat retention problems associated with memory foam mattresses. The gel memory foam promotes temperature control and ensures you are able to sleep cooler at night..In a Bear mattress review, side sleepers often rate this material excellent for supporting their body.
  • A layer of transition foam is added below the memory foam layer. Memory Foam mattresses deliver that conforming yet supportive feel which is perfect for back sleepers, stomach sleeper, side sleeper, and even combo sleepers. This layer helps to provide pressure relief. The pressure relief is crucial for a better night’s sleep. It helps to improve your spinal alignment. This layer is responsible and also adds more balanced support to the mattress.
  • A final high-density foam layer is included as the foundation of the mattress. This is a durable layer that is able to last for a long time. In addition to acting as the foundation of the mattress, the high-density foam also adds better firmness and gives you more support at the top surface. 

A comfort layer at the top of the foam mattresses provide a comfortable feel. The memory foam feel at the top ensures the mattress conforms to your body’s shape.

Apart from considering the layers that are included in the Bear Mattress, let’s also look at certain specifications that should always be taken into consideration. Many people find that these mattresses are great when coupled with a Bear Mattress foundation.


The Bear Pro comes with a Celliant Cover that has been designed with special technology to help keep you cooler at night. The material is breathable, ensuring heat will not get trapped in the bed. This allows you to maintain a body temperature that’s conducive to sleep. 

The cover was also made with materials that ensure a soft touch, giving you great comfort when you lay down.


The Bear Mattress has a good comfortable rating, as it combines a unique Celliant cover with a special type of memory foam. The transition layer features a second layer of foam also helps to make the mattress responsive. This further adds to its comfort.


Contouring is crucial in a mattress and this is what memory foam beds are known for. The transition layer of foam added to the Bear Mattress contributes to the product’s ability to effectively contour to your body. This also helps you sleep more comfortably at night. We found that most people who left a Bear mattress review are very satisfied with this attribute of the product.


When it comes to foam beds, support is another important factor you should be looking at. The mattress adds a high-density foam as its foundation, which provides support for the upper layers of foam. The memory foam and transition layer also offer extra support for your entire body and can help to ensure your spine is aligned properly, regardless of your sleeping position. In a mattress review Bear mattresses are often rated as excellent in the department of support.

Safe Materials

The Bear Mattress is an environmentally-friendly piece of furniture. All materials used in the Bear memory foam mattress are safer for the environment and are also free of harmful chemicals that could be bad for you or someone else who might be sleeping on the mattress. The gel infused memory foam is made from materials that won’t expose you or your family to toxins.


The Bear Mattress has a height of 10 inches. This is somewhat thin, which makes it an inappropriate option for obese individuals. There are alternative mattresses from the Bear brand that features a thicker construction. 


The base of the Bear Mattress consists of high-density foam. This is the thickest layer of foam in the mattress. It helps to add support to the mattress while also taking care of durability. The high-density foam is durable to ensure the mattress will last for a longer period of time.

The base also increases support for upper layers, making it ideal for stomach sleepers, while also enhancing the edge support offered by the mattress.

Ratings Breakdown - Bear Mattress Reviews


The Bear Mattress firmness rating lies more toward the side of the firm than it does toward soft. The mattress is not exceptionally soft but still not firm enough to make it feel like you are sleeping on a hard surface. This feeling is achieved through a unique combination of memory foam and the Bear Hybrid design. The firmness has been chosen to help provide better support for your body. The firmness of your mattress does, after all, affect how you sleep

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is another focal point of the Bear Mattress – especially since the mattress was initially designed to provide support for athletes. The memory foam mattress was developed to prioritize pressure relief. It features multiple pressure points to help you sleep better. The transition layer is able to contour to your body, while the supportive structure in the mattress adds pressure point relief at just the right spots. Memory foam at the top ensures the pressure relief does not cause a hard surface beneath your body – instead, the Bear Pro mattress takes the shape of your body to create a more customized experience.


When looking at a Bear mattress review, durability is a key factor mentioned by many existing customers. The base of the Bear Mattress primarily contributes to the overall durability of the mattress. High-density foam is used as the base layer of the mattress. This ensures the mattress will last for longer. The upper layers consist of a high-quality Celliant cover, as well as other foam types. These may not be as durable as the high-density foam, but should still last a good decade. 


The mattress does focus on providing adequate support – remember that it is made for athletes in particular. Support is added through the special memory foam used as the first foam layer in the mattress. The transition layer features a responsive system, also contributing to the support offered. Furthermore, the base of the mattress adds that final touch of support you need. The support of the Bear Hybrid and other models also adds to its ability to offer motion isolation, as well as pressure relief.

Edge Support

Edge support is primarily provided by the base of the mattress, along with the responsive transition layer. The edge support may not be as great as some of the other mattresses available, however. 


This mattress was made to be a great option for hot sleepers. The Celliant cover features breathable construction. The memory foam layer also uses a special gel-based foam, which is known to help distribute heat away from your body. 

Motion Isolation

Motion transfer is a problem with many mattresses today. With this in mind, you want a product that is able to offer motion isolation if you do not sleep alone. The responsiveness of the transition layer that is included in the Bear Mattress helps to reduce motion transfer. This means you should be able to sleep comfortably with a partner on this mattress. Low motion transfer means you can turn around at night without interfering with your partner’s sleep.

Smell and Off-Gassing

The memory foam in this mattress is made from eco-friendly materials and has undergone appropriate tests to ensure it does not give off toxic gasses. The materials should also not cause an unpleasant smell in your room. 


The Bear Mattress features an all-foam design. This means there is no need to worry about a squeaky sound coming from the mattress, as no innerspring or coil systems are used. 


Studies have shown that mattress quality can affect how two people sleep together. This mattress features a high comfort level and a responsive foam system. This means intimacy should not be any problem – plus, the all-foam design means no noise. The memory foam materials used in the Bear Pro also creates a more comfortable surface while being intimate with your partner.

Value & Price

Overall, the Bear Mattress is an excellent option when it comes to looking for a good value product. It features an affordable price tag but still gives you exceptional quality. There is also a sleep trial offered with the bear mattress. This gives even more value for your money. The 100 night sleep trial ensures you can get a refund if the Bear hybrid mattress does not live up to your expectations.

Customer Service

Bear focuses on providing first-class customer service. There are multiple channels that can be used to contact the company, including a phone number and an email address. 

Bear Mattress

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How Does Bear Compare To Other Mattress Brands?

Bear is a popular brand that has been providing high-quality mattresses for the last 25 years. There are, however, a lot of competitor options out there to choose from. Let’s take a look at how the Bear Mattress compares to some of the other top-rated mattress brands. When considering a comparison of Bear Mattress to other brands, looking at customer reviews can also be helpful.

Bear Mattress vs Purple

In Bear mattress reviews, you will often find a comparison to the popular Purple mattress. Both of these offer a bed-in-a-box solution. The Purple mattress does offer a different sleeping experience. The Purple mattress contains a unique hyper-elastic polymer smart comfort grid. 

This is a new type of memory foam that was developed by the engineers behind the Purple mattress. Thus, the Purple mattress may provide better comfort and support. When looking at the pricing of the two mattresses, however, you will find that the Bear is somewhat more affordable. Both mattresses are able to provide a reduced motion transfer. They are also both great for side sleepers and have cooling properties, which reduces body heat during the night.

Bear Mattress vs Casper

Both the Bear Mattress and the Casper Mattress are both all-foam products. The Casper Mattress does feature an extra layer of foam in its construction. Where the Bear Mattress comes with only three layers, the Casper Mattress has a total of four foam layers. 

The Zoned Support layer may also provide better support for combo sleepers. The Casper Mattress is only slightly more expensive than the Bear Mattress. It does prioritize adding pressure points. Its level on the firmness scale may also make it a good option for stomach sleepers.

Bear Mattress vs Leesa

The primary difference between a Leesa and Bear Mattress would be the foam used. These are both foam mattresses. The Bear Mattress uses memory foam as its primary material. Leesa, on the other hand, uses specialty foam to add greater support to its mattress. The problem is, the specialty foam may not be as durable as the memory foam used in the Bear Mattress. Durability is something to look for in foam mattresses. The softer surface may also be more appropriate for side sleepers, compared to combination and stomach sleepers.


There are several questions that you may still have regarding the Bear Mattress. This could be the case even after you read reviews about the Bear bed. We take a look at some commonly asked questions that you may have after reading up on Bear mattress reviews. 

One of the most important features that attract buyers to the Bear Mattress is its versatility in terms of how you sleep. The bed has been crafted for athletes and offers a responsive system. This means the foam layers are able to contour to your body, making this not only an ideal mattress for side sleepers, but for any sleeping position. Many stomach sleepers prefer the mattress too

The original Bear Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. The Bear sleeping warranty offers peace of mind during an entire decade of use. This is the flagship model from the company and the foam mattresses offer exceptional durability. The mattress is constructed with a range of high-quality materials that are not only able to help you sleep comfortably, but also contribute to a durable product. The mattress should be able to last you at least one decade. There are cases where a Bear Mattress may last even longer. 

Understanding where a mattress is made can tell a lot about the quality you should expect. The Bear Mattress is made locally in the United States. All of the materials that are used in the production of the mattress are also sourced from domestic suppliers. This means this is a 100% U.S. mattress. The local production process ensures the best Bear mattress is made under strict quality control procedures. It provides better overall quality in these foam mattresses, as the manufacturer has more control when their flagship model is produced.

Bear Mattress

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