Top 5 Best Bamboo Mattress 2022: Buyer’s Guide & Top Picks

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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Bamboo Mattress in 2022 is, then we recommend the LUCID Queen Hybrid Mattress as the best one.

Can’t sleep all night? Shifting sides? While many people may actually have insomnia, a lot of the times there is only one culprit: your mattress. So, what do you do? Get a new mattress? What if that one gives way too? There’s a simple solution to your old mattress: a brand-new bamboo mattress. The best bamboo mattress wicks moisture and absorbs sweat. And they keep your body cool and dry.

Want to know more? Read on to find out more about bamboo mattresses. And take a look at our top 5 picks for the best bamboo mattress.

In this article, we’re going to review the following bamboo mattress:

  1. LUCID Queen Hybrid Mattress Editor’s Choice
  2. Signature Sleep Hybrid Coil Mattress – Best Comfort
  3. Brentwood Home Cypress Memory Foam Mattress – Best for Cool Sleepers
  4. Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress – Best for Pressure Relief
  5. LUCID Plush Gel Memory Foam & Latex Mattress – Best for Hypoallergenic

What is a Bamboo Mattress?

A bamboo mattress is a memory foam mattress with a bamboo-infused covering. The term bamboo mattress is slightly misleading. It is the cover and not the mattress that is reinforced with bamboo.

Bamboo coverings are suitable for absorbing moisture and keeping your body cool. They have a breathable fabric that regulates airflow. It allows the mattress to wick moisture away from the center, leaving you dry and sweat-free. These mattresses are also known for their splendid pressure relief. They take away weight from the pressure points, ensuring stress-free joints.

Different Types of Bamboo Mattresses:

Bamboo Charcoal Mattress:

These memory foam mattresses have a top cover infused with bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal is best known for its pleasant odor and moisture-wicking properties. Sometimes, the charcoal can be infused into the foam layers as well.

Bamboo mattresses with charcoal are the best for sleeping in the heat. These mattresses wick away moisture and keep your body dry. No more sweaty knees or hot covers. Since these mattresses are made of organic substances, they off-gas very badly. They also have a lowered durability and need to replace frequently.

Bamboo Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

The bamboo gel in memory foam mattresses can be either infused or as a standalone layer. The gel keeps the mattress cool and stops it from retaining heat. In this way, your nights are cooler and drier.

The gel from bamboo is no different than memory foam. It is manufactured from a blend of plastics and multiple other chemicals. These mattresses are the best for absorbing heat and keeping your body cool. Yet, they also tend to off-gas. Gel bamboo makes the best bamboo mattress for extra cooling.

Benefits When Using Bamboo Memory Foam:

Suitable For People With Allergies & Sensitive SkinAbsorbent And BreathableAll-Natural MaterialErgonomic Spine SupportAnti-Dust-Mite And Anti-Bacterial
A bamboo mattress is suitable for people who have allergies. It responds to sensitive skin quite well and feels soft and smooth. It’s especially healthy for those with eczema or a rash. The fabric feels very smooth and delicate to the touch. This, combined with a Tencel cover, will give your skin the perfect texture. Antimicrobial sprays also help alleviate the symptoms of your allergy.
These mattresses absorb moisture and ventilate the body very well. Gel bamboo mattresses are especially good at moisture wicking. They remove sweat from your body and keep you cool and dry all through the night. Bamboo mattresses are the best for hotter climates and humid areas.
Unlike other memory foam mattresses, bamboo foam is all-natural. So you don’t get any synthetic products touching your skin and causing irritations. There will be some other inorganic products in the memory foam. But for the most part, bamboo mattresses are completely natural and organic.
Bamboo mattresses provide adequate spine support. They usually have a polyurethane base layer that lifts your body and relieves pressure. These are the best for removing weight from your shoulders and hips. Pressure relief is one of the main features of a bamboo mattress.
Many bamboo mattresses are treated with an antimicrobial spray. This means that the mattress will not invite dust mites and bed bugs. And it will keep bacteria and fungi away. This effect can wear off deepening on the quality of the spray.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the best Bamboo Mattress:

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Firmness and Support:

The firmness of mattresses will decide how comfortable they feel. Mattresses which are on the soft side are generally better at pressure relief and cooling. These are suitable for people of average weight or lower. Yet, soft mattresses sag under heavyweight and have lesser motion isolation. Find out more about soft mattresses here.

A firmer mattress builds to last. They have excellent motion isolation and pressure relief. They are the best for overweight people and those with back pain. The firmness keeps you back in shape rather than having it sink in.


Mattresses can have up to 6 layers. The layers can divide into the cover, foam, and support layers. Cover layers are normally made of a Tencel blend. And in the case of bamboo mattresses, they also have bamboo infused.

The foam layers can be as dense as 4 layers or as rare as 1 layer. The more the layers, the firmer the mattress feels. This is usually where the mattress contours to your body, isolates motion and relieves pressure. The support layer is typically singular and made of a relatively tougher foam.


The only certification that should be sufficient should be from CertiPUR-US. Mattresses certified with CertiPUR-US are safe for commercial use. They contain no harmful flame retardants, dyes, heavy metals, and ozone depletes.

Apart from that, CertiPUR-US mattresses have 0.5 ppm VOC emissions. This means there is little to no off-gassing.

Materials Used for Construction:

There isn’t much of a variety when it comes to materials. Memory foam mattresses are made from viscoelastic polyurethane foam. Any material other than this is questionable and should avoid. Memory foam in the support layer isn’t needed, so don’t waste money on that. The cover should either be Tencel or cotton and should feel soft to the touch.


Mattress durability cannot be estimated before buying it. However, you can elongate the lifespan by a simple change inhabits. Rembert to wash the cover and use an aerosol bug repellent. Also, remember that every mattress has a weight limit.

In general, it is a good idea to get a 10 to 20-year warranty. Most mattresses don’t go bad in a year or so. So, a 1-year warranty is just a fraud and nothing else.

Motion Transfer:

Motion isolation refers to the restriction of motion to just one spot. Good motion isolation means you won’t feel the movements of your partner on your side of the bed. This is the best property for couples who shift sides a lot. Motion isolation mostly comes from the memory foam layer. And every good memory foam has it.

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Our Top 5 Picks

1. LUCID Queen Hybrid Mattress – Editor’s Choice

Best bamboo mattress

This mattress from LUCID uses a memory foam woven with the finest bamboo charcoal. It has 2 layers of high-quality foam and one layer of soft rebounding springs. At the base, the springs maintain buoyancy and keep the mattress feeling plush. At the top, the memory foam with the bamboo charcoal keeps the bed feeling firm. In this way, you get a hybrid mattress with double the features and thrice the bedding.

LUCID’s Queen-sized Hybrid Mattress is especially known for its odor removal. New mattresses can produce a lot of off-gassing. The LUCID, however, is CertiPUR-US certified. Which means there is less than 0.5 ppm off-gassing. And the mattress does not contain azo-colorants, heavy metals, or other toxic substances. 

LUCID Queen Hybrid Mattress

For a queen-sized hybrid mattress, the LUCID provides both buoyancy and back support.

The LUCID recommends for those who want a medium-soft mattress. It is the best bamboo mattress for comfort and durability.


  • Very little off-gassing.
  • Buoyant and fluid.
  • Keeps the back supported.
  • Soft natural cover.
  • Keeps the body cool and sweat-free.


  • Emits fiberglass particles when the cover is removed.

2. Signature Sleep 13 Inch Hybrid Coil Mattress – Best Comfort for comfort

Best bamboo mattress

The Signature Sleep is a spectacular combo of bamboo rayon and memory foam. This hybrid mattress features 4 layers of memory foam sandwiched between coils and the cover. The coils are highly sustainable and keep your body afloat. They feel soft and fluid when combined with the foams.

But what sets the Signature Sleep aside from the other is the three-layer cover.

 The topmost layer is made of highly resistant and breathable fabric.

. Signature Sleep 13 Inch Hybrid Coil Mattress

 The middle layer is a comfortable pillow-top that cushions your body. The third layer is a flame retardant that keeps your mattress safe from fires. But don’t worry. Signature Sleep is CertiPUR-US certified. So, it does not use any harmful flame retardants.

This mattress is the best choice for anyone who wants their body to be cradled. It’s more on the medium-plush side and is both breathable and durable. Signature Sleep is best for a comfortable sleep.


  • Soft and plush. Great for a cozy night.
  • Absorbs sweat and keeps your body cool.
  • Pillow top for added comfort.
  • No harmful flame retardants.
  • Extra support for the back.


  • Coils give way too soon. Durability is questionable.

3. Brentwood Home Cypress Memory Foam Mattress – Best for Cool sleep

Best bamboo mattress

This foam mattress from Brentwood is the best for a cool night. It’s a queen-sized mattress made of bamboo infused memory foam. It includes a removable cover with a New Zealand Wool layer underneath it. Both these layers help provide a pillow-top experience that extracts moisture and keeps you dry.

Brentwood’s Home Cypress uses a 3.5-inch memory foam that infused with a cooling gel. The foam layer is completely safe to use and is CertiPUR-US certified. Brentwood Home Cypress Memory Foam Mattress So, it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and doesn’t off-gas. Apart from that, there’s a ventilated air-cooling zone. It keeps you cool through the night and aerates your body. Below that is a 7.5-inch base foam to provide support and resilience.

The Brentwood is recommended for people living in hotter areas. It wicks away the moisture and cools down your body. It’s a great mattress for the added support. The mattress feels more on the medium-firm side.


  • Highly ventilated and cool.
  • Keeps your body dry and sweat-free.
  • Perfect for back support.
  • Soft-cushioning cover.
  • Isolates motion and relieves pain.


  • Not suitable for overweight sleepers.

4. Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress – Best for Pressure Relief

Best bamboo mattress

Best Price is made from body-contouring memory foam. It uses infused bamboo charcoal to keep the top secure and breathable. This mattress has 2 inches of memory foam that relive pressure and isolate motion.

Next to that is another 2 inches of softer, plushier foam. The base is 4 inches of high-density foam that keeps your body supported. Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress This mattress is best for pressure relief. It provides sufficient cushioning on the pressure points of the body. So, you don’t feel any weight or pressure on your shoulders or hip. This gives a softer sleeping experience and relieves pain.

The mattress feels just like floating in the air. It’s more on the soft side. So, it’s not recommended for heavier weight people as it tends to sag. The base will definitely hold up, but the top layers can give way under pressure.


  • Removes pressure from your body.
  • Relieves pain and aching.
  • Soft and plush mattress.
  • The firm base for support.
  • High ventilated and cool.


  • Removing the cover spreads fiberglass everywhere.

5. LUCID Plush Gel Memory Foam and Latex Mattress – Best for Hypoallergenic

LUCID Plush Gel Memory Foam And Latex Mattress

This mattress from LUCID isn’t all that different from the previous one. Except this mattress has a combination of latex and memory foam. It’s the perfect choice for hypoallergenic people due to the use of latex. Latex is naturally resilient against dust mites and allergens.

What also differentiates this LUCID mattress from the previous entry in our list is the 5 layers. LUCID Plush Gel Memory Foam And Latex Mattress

The LUCID mattress is infused with a processed type of bamboo charcoal. The bamboo lets it both strength and breathability. This mattress also has a support layer made of latex. Latex is the strongest material used in making foams.

It uses an open-cell layer of memory foam and a very cool and ventilated cover. The fabric used in a Tencel blend, so you get both plushness and ventilation.

We recommend this mattress if you want a plushier experience. It doesn’t provide much firmness, so it may not be good for joint pain. Also, overweight people can sag the mattress faster.


  • Soft and squishy.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • The base is supportive and strong.
  • Tencel cover ventilates the body.
  • 5 layers of comfort and support.
  • Contours to your body shape.


  • Not suitable for overweight people. Sags under high pressure.


Bamboo mattresses are a great way to reduce the stress on your body. They help combat insomnia and give you a quiet peaceful night. Investing in a bamboo mattress might just be the smartest decision you will make this year.

Of our 5 top picks, we found that the LUCID Queen Hybrid Mattress is the best bamboo mattress. This is because it’s a hybrid mattress with both memory foam and steel coils. We recommend it for its comfort and durability.

But we urge you to try out the others too. All of them had their own benefits and drawbacks. So, make the smart decision and buy your bamboo mattress today!

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