Top 8 Best Bamboo Sheets In 2022: Ultimate Guide & Our Top Picks

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It may not be remiss to label 2022 as the “year of the bamboo.” More and more people are waking up to the amazing properties of bamboo and its sheer utility as a material.

Bamboo is, among other things, a natural antiseptic, anti odorant, has amazing tensile strength, is soft to the touch, hypoallergenic, and sustainable to manufacture.

Bamboo has been used as a multipurpose material since at least ancient China. The Chinese used bamboo wood as a building material and to make clothing, paper, decorative textiles, and more. Recent developments in the cultivation and manufacture of bamboo and a recognition of its health and ecological benefits have caused an explosion of demand for bamboo-based goods in the West.

One area where bamboo has seen a lot of recent popularity is in bedding products. Bamboo based fabrics are an extremely popular choice for sleep products due to their versatility, durability, breathability, and comfort. Bamboo makes a great natural fiber alternative to common bedding fibers that can be harsh or allergenic, such as cotton or wool.

We have elsewhere covered bamboo mattresses and bamboo pillows, so today we are going to complete the bedding trinity and talk about bamboo sheets. We have scoured the web and put together this comprehensive list of the top 8 best bamboo sheets to boost your sleeping experience to new heights.

In this article, we’re going to review the following Bamboo sheets:

  1. Nest Bedding Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets – Editor’s Choice
  2. Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheet Set – Runner-Up
  3. Zen Bamboo Luxury 1500 Series Bamboo Bed Sheets – Best Wrinkle Resistant Sheets
  4. Royal Hotel King Viscose Bamboo Sheet Set – Best Hotel Style Bamboo Sheets
  5. Pure Bamboo 4 Pc. Bamboo Sheet Set – Best Pure Bamboo Sheets
  6. Hotel Sheets Direct 100% Bamboo Bed Sheet Set – Best Budget Sheet Set
  7. Malouf 100% Bamboo Sheet Set – Best Luxury Sheet Set
  8. LuxClub 6 Pc. Bamboo Sheet Set – Best Bamboo Set Package
  9. Brielle 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheets – Highest Thread Count Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo Sheets Buying Guide and FAQ

Top 8 Best Bamboo Sheets In 2022: Ultimate Guide & Our Top Picks 1

Why Bamboo?

Let’s cut to the main issue: What’s so special about bamboo?

We can guess what you are thinking: “bamboo? That hardwood? How could you make comfy sheets out of that?” Strictly speaking, bamboo sheets are not made out of the wood of the bamboo plant but out of the fibers extracted from the bamboo plant.

Most modern clothing labeled “bamboo” is actually made out of rayon fibers—fibers made by dissolving and extruding bamboo cellulose.

Bamboo fibers are interesting as they have the soft texture and absorbent qualities of cotton and wool but also have the durability and of a much stronger material. Bamboo fibers are highly absorbent but unlike cotton, they absorb water much more efficiently and so do not become waterlogged as easily. The key is in the shape of the bamboo fiber. Bamboo fabric pulls water into the center of each fiber instead of absorbing it evenly.

Bamboo also has a much higher tensile strength than many other natural fibers. According to some studies, a generic 70/30 bamboo-synthetic fiber has a tensile strength up to 330MPa, as compared to the average tensile strength of cotton fibers at 287 MPa. This high tensile strength makes it a very durable textile.

Bamboo is also very breathable and transfers heat effectively. This property makes it useful in textiles and bedding that need to keep the user cool and dry. Further, bamboo itself is an antimicrobial agent that prevents the build-up of bacteria, fungus, and other odor-causing sources.

Lastly, bamboo is easy to cultivate and much more resource-efficient than other kinds of natural fibers. Bamboo plants are among some of the fastest-growing grasses in the world and require relatively little water, fertilizer, and land to produce. Since bamboo is a grass, it regenerates via its roots and so does not need to be replanted.

Moreover, textiles made from bamboo are biodegradable and can be composted at the end of their life. In other words, aside from its utility and comfort, bamboo is a good choice for those who want to be more eco-conscious consumers.

What to Look for In Bamboo Sheets

Fabric blend

The best kind of bamboo sheets are made from 100% genuine bamboo fiber, but these tend to be a bit more expensive and require more care to maintain. Many bamboo sheets out there use a blend of natural bamboo and synthetic fibers. These tend to be slightly more durable than 100% bamboo fiber sheets but lack the amazing softness and plush of 100% bamboo.

It is common to see bamboo sheets labeled as viscose rayon fibers, meaning they are made by a certain extraction process that involves dissolving the cellulose ligands. Tencel bamboo fibers are similar to rayon fibers but produced in a slightly more environmentally friendly manner. This, however, means that Tencel bamboo sheets are often a bit more expensive than viscose rayon sheets.

Thread count

Most bamboo sheets have a thread count between 250-350. This is actually lower than the thread count of an average cotton sheet, but bamboo has a softer texture than cotton fibers. In other words, a 200-count bamboo sheet might have the same softness/texture as a 400-count cotton sheet.

In general, the higher the thread count, the softer the fabric, but also the more expensive. Higher thread counts also tend to equate to thicker sheets, so if you want lighter sheets that breathe more easily, you may want to go with a lower thread count. After a certain point, a higher thread count might make the sheets less soft.


The weave of a sheet refers to the exact pattern the bamboo fibers are woven into. The weave of a sheet can determine, among other things, the softness of the sheet, how durable it is, how well it breathes, and how well it will handle machine washing. The two major weaves seen in bamboo sheets are twill and sateen weaves.

Twill weaves are a lot like the weave pattern on jeans; with a tight short diagonal rib line that is made by crisscrossing layers of fibers. Twill weave tends to be the most sturdy but also the least soft. Twill also has a tendency to slightly shrink if placed in the wash. Twill sheets should always be washed in cold water on a light setting.

A sateen weave is a technique commonly used for silk textiles that uses a one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over weave pattern. Sateen weaves are used to make highly luxurious cloth with high thread counts. A sateen is perceived as softer than twill weave as the thread pattern exposes a larger surface and is what gives sateen weave fabrics their characteristic sheen. Sateen is a bit more delicate than its twill counterpart and so requires more routine care.


Obviously, your sheets need to be the right size to fit your mattress. However, bamboo, like all fabrics, is prone to shrinking over time. It is recommended to buy sheets that are slightly larger than the size you need. That way when they shrink they cling tightly to your bed and won’t lose shape.

How to Wash Your Bamboo Sheets

White sheets and pillow

In general, bamboo sheets should be hand washed to make them last as long as possible. Many washers and dryers are tough on bamboo and hand washing is the best way to increase their longevity.

First, fill a sink or other container with lukewarm to cold water and pour in a small amount of a natural laundry detergent. Gently knead the sheet to work the detergent through the fibers and allow it to sit for about 2-3 minutes.

Next, fold and press the sheet to get as much excess detergent and water out of the sheet as possible. Try to avoid putting in any fabric softeners, as these don’t really do much for bamboo. We also recommend not using bleach as harsh chemicals can damage the fibers.

After wringing out your sheets, try to line dry them to preserve the strength and elasticity of the fibers. If you wash your sheets in the morning, then they should be fully dry and unwrinkled by the time you go to bed.

If need be, you can machine wash your bamboo sheets, but they may not ultimately last as long if you do this. If you are going to machine wash your sheets, then make sure it is always on cold water at the gentlest setting. Make sure you wash your bamboo sheets alone as zippers, buttons, and other fixtures can catch, causing snags and tears.

You should always try to avoid putting your bamboo sheets in the dryer, but if you must, put it on tumble dry on the lowest heat setting. Luckily, bamboo fabric dries pretty quickly so you should not have to have it in the dryer for more than 20-25 minutes.

How to Store Bamboo Sheets

If you can avoid it, try to store your bamboo sheets in fabric bags and don’t leave them exposed. Avoid storing them in plastic containers as this traps moisture and can produce a funky smell. We also do not recommend storing your sheets in a basement or attic, as those rooms are prone to producing musty smells.

Bamboo Sheet FAQ

Are bamboo sheets good for people with allergies?Are bamboo sheets more expensive than other sheets? Will my bamboo sheets shrink?Are bamboo sheets better for the winter or summer?How long can I expect my bamboo sheets to last?Are bamboo sheets eco-friendly?
Yes, bamboo is hypoallergenic and is not known to induce an allergic reaction, or at least, bamboo allergies are not nearly as common as cotton, polyester, or wool allergies. Moreover, bamboo prevents the build-up of bacteria and fungi which can also induce allergic reactions.
Like all sheets, bamboo sheets vary in price and quality. Pound for pound, bamboo is probably slightly more expensive than cotton sheets. However, this cost is offset by two major factors though: bamboo is more durable than cotton so, if properly maintained, you won’t have to buy sheets as frequently. Second, Most bamboo sheets have a lower thread count than cotton sheets, which can translate into bamboo sheets being cheaper than comparable cotton sheets.
Yes, bamboo sheets can shrink over time, especially if they are washed in hot water or on higher dryer settings. That is one reason why you may want to buy slightly larger sheets than you actually need; that way if they shrink a bit they are still usable. Hand washing in cold water and line drying your bamboo sheets are the best ways to keep them from shrinking.
Both! Bamboo is an excellent insulator, meaning that it keeps heat out during hot months and keeps the heat in during the cold months. Bamboo also wicks moisture away so it keeps you comfy and dry.
Their longevity depends on how well they are maintained. If you give them a thorough washing every other week, then bamboo sheets should last you about 15-18 months Bamboo pillowcases, on the other hand, should probably be replaced every 6 months or so due to the oils from your hair, skin, and any facial products like makeup.
Yes, bamboo sheets are highly eco-friendly. Bamboo is natural, so it is 100% biodegradable and old sheets can be composted at the end of their life cycle. Moreover, bamboo itself is fast growing and requires relatively little land, water, and resource-usage to grow, which makes it an excellent candidate for sustainable production.

So, What Are the Best Bamboo Sheets of 2021?

1. Nest Bedding Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets – Editor’s Choice


Our top recommendation for bamboo sheets would have to be the luxurious sets offered by Nest Bedding.
Nest Bedding offers three bamboo bedding sets. The first is a complete sheet set with a top sheet, bottom sheet, and pillowcases. The second is just pillowcases, and the third is a duvet cover plus a pillow sham or two. You can choose a white color or a slate grey color, both of which go well with most bedroom styles.
These 300-count sheets are perfect for hot sleepers or people with sensitive skin. The bamboo rayon possesses a feel softer and lighter than cotton, with more efficient moisture-wicking capabilities to boot. Plus, the bamboo naturally repels nasty microbes.
Caring for these bamboo sheets is simple. Just toss them into your washer with cold water and a mild detergent with no bleach. Then let them tumble-dry on low-heat. You may also iron them if you want a particularly crisp look.
Nest Bedding allows returns and exchanges within the first 30 days.
  • Choice of sheets and pillowcases, just pillowscases, or duvets and shams
  • Two neutral color options, white and slate
  • Sheets are machine-washable and can be tumble-dried
  • Silky, soft, and lightweight


  • Limited return window
  • Neutral colors offered may not be to every shopper’s taste


2. Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheet Set – Runner-Up

Top 8 Best Bamboo Sheets In 2022: Ultimate Guide & Our Top Picks 2

Next on our list is this collection of luxury bamboo bedding sheets from Cosy House Collection. This bedding set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases, each made out of a 60%/40% bamboo-microfiber blend that leverages the comfort of bamboo with the durability of synthetic fabrics. The sheets are large enough to fit a 16” mattress and come in 7 sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king. They also come in 14 different color options, including white, black, blue, turquoise, purple, and crimson.

The regenerated cellulose fibers make these sheets excellent at transferring heat, making it naturally breathable and hypoallergenic. The sateen knit makes the sheets very soft and better at keeping you cool and dry during the night. Each stitch is made with some elasticity so the sheets will stay on your bed during the night and won’t twist and bunch due to body movements.

Like any bamboo sheets worth their salt, the Cosy House Collection are 100% hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. The manufacturer recommends cold water washing and low heat drying to maintain the integrity of the threads. Best of all, they are remarkably affordable for an entire set of bamboo sheets, at just over $40. If that price doesn’t get you, the manufacturer also offers a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, so you can return the sheets for 100% money-back, no questions asked.


  • Bamboo/microfiber blend is very soft and supple
  • Lots of color and size options
  • Sateen knit releases heat and feel softer to the touch
  • Great customer service and lifetime satisfaction guarantee


  • The inclusion of microfiber makes them more prone to shrinking in the wash
  • Sheets can get wrinkly

3. Zen Bamboo Luxury 1500 Series Bamboo Bed Sheets – Best Wrinkle Resistant

Top 8 Best Bamboo Sheets In 2022: Ultimate Guide & Our Top Picks 3

Up next are the Zen Bamboo Luxury 1500 Series of bamboo bed sheets. These sheets are made from a 40%/60% bamboo microfiber blend made right here in the USA. These sheets are everything you need for a quality night’s sleep and offer the softness you would expect out an 800-count cotton sheet. These stylish sheets come in 5 standard mattress sizes and over 10 different colors, including black, white, red, mauve, green, and olive. The set includes a fitted bottom sheet, flat top sheet, and two pillowcases.

The first thing to notice is that these are not 100% bamboo sheets. As such, they lack the plush and silky smoothness of pure bamboo fabric but incorporate the strength and durability of microfiber fabrics. Some people may prefer a more pure bamboo blend, but that would be more expensive. The sheets are hypoallergenic, stain-resistant, and machine washable. They can even handle a good ironing, something you probably shouldn’t do with 100% bamboo sheets. The bottom fitted sheet is reinforced with elastic bands near the corners so they hold tight to your mattress and do not bunch up during the night.

The bamboo-microfiber blend does a decent job of keeping you warm but might be a bit too warm during the hotter months. Some may find them a bit thinner than expected and some users report the fitted sheet losing its elasticity after a few months of use.


  • Very affordable
  • 60%/40% microfiber-bamboo blend is soft and tough
  • Very light and breathable


  • Not 100% bamboo
  • Microfiber has a bad tendency to shrink in the wash
  • Corners of the fitted sheet can lose their elasticity over time

4. Royal Hotel King Viscose Bamboo Sheet Set – Best Hotel Style Bamboo Sheets

Top 8 Best Bamboo Sheets In 2022: Ultimate Guide & Our Top Picks 4

Coming in at third is this set of viscose bamboo bed sheets from Royal Hotel King. These sheets are made from a 100% viscose-rayon bamboo fiber and tailored to provide the experience of the lush bed sheets at the most luxurious hotels. Available in 11 different sizes and a whopping 14 different colors, this set comes with a fitted mattress sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases, everything you need to get started.

The 100% bamboo fiber makes these sheets extremely soft, smooth, and plush to the touch. Since they are 100% real bamboo, they will require a bit more maintenance than synthetic fiber blends. The deep-pocketed fitted sheet can fit an 18” king-sized mattress and the tight elastic bands won’t stretch and lose shape. Some users report that the stitching on the sheets they received was uneven, indicating that quality control on the product may be hit or miss. They also can get rather wrinkled when stored, mostly because the sheets are very slick and don’t stay folded. This does not affect their softness, however.

Even though the sheets are labeled “machine washable,” they can be damaged by putting them through the wash. With 100% bamboo sheets, handwashing is almost always the recommended method. If maintained properly thought, these sheets can easily last your upwards of two years. They are especially useful in places with a hot climate as they breathe so effectively.


  • 100% bamboo fiber
  • Excellent breathability, so good for places with hot climates
  • Deep pockets on fitted sheet fit even the thickest mattresses
  • Amazing quality material, craftsmanship, and comfort


  • Quality control seems to be hit-or-miss
  • A bit on the pricier side (~70$)
  • Prone to wrinkling while in storage

5. Pure Bamboo 4 Pc. Bamboo Sheet Set – Best Pure Bamboo Sheets

Top 8 Best Bamboo Sheets In 2022: Ultimate Guide & Our Top Picks 5

Up next are these 100% bamboo fiber bed sheets, and with a name like “Pure Bamboo,” what did you honestly expect? Formed out of a 100% natural viscose rayon bamboo fiber, these sheets are the pinnacle of natural engineering and do not have any synthetic fabrics or fibers added in.

Breathable 100% bamboo construction wicks away moisture and heat very effectively and is good on those with sensitive skin or skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. The lack of any synthetic fibers also helps keep them smelling fresh and clean. This set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases.

These sheets are made with a 300-thread count, slightly higher than a lot of other bamboo sheets out there. This increased thread count makes them extra soft and equivalent to an 800-thread count cotton sheet. The sateen weave exposes more of the fabric layers to the skin and mimics the soft texture of silk. Each sheet is double stitched along the edges to increase durability and the fitted sheet pockets are large enough to fit a 16” mattress.

Since these sheets are 100% bamboo, it is recommended to hand wash these. They are a bit on the pricier side, but if maintained properly, these sheets can last you at least 2 years. All materials used in their construction are certified for flame-protection, emissions, and durability. Best of all, the manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied you can return the sheets for your full buying price.


  • 100% bamboo construction is extremely soft and luxurious
  • The 300-thread count is higher than many other bamboo sheets
  • Fitted sheet pockets are reinforced with a tough elastic
  • The double-stitched design makes them more durable


  • On the pricier side (~$100)
  • Does not handle machine washing very well
  • Can shrink if washed with hot water

6. Hotel Sheets Direct 100% Bamboo Bed Sheet Set – Best Budget Sheet Set

Top 8 Best Bamboo Sheets In 2022: Ultimate Guide & Our Top Picks 6

Coming in at 5th is another 100% bamboo bed sheet set, this one from Hotel Sheets Direct. These sheets are made out of a 100% viscose rayon-bamboo fiber which would not be inaccurate to say emulates what sleeping on a cloud is like.

These soft sheets may just make you wonder how you ever managed with non-bamboo sheets in the past. This set features a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases and comes in 9 different sizes and 13 different color options. The bamboo fibers used are rated 6-grade, the highest out of all grades.

These bamboo sheets will fit any mattress up to 15” thick and are made with an anti-piling titch that prevents thread runs and loose edges. They are 100% hypoallergenic and excellent at transferring heat so you stay cool and dry during the night. All used materials are eco-friendly and certified for content, emissions, and durability.

Again, the sheets are labeled “machine washable” but your best option is to hand wash them to keep the fibers from shrinking and losing their elasticity. The manufacturer offers a 90-day warranty and several reviewers note that customer support is easy to contact and quick to respond to your inquiries.


  • Anti-piling stitch prevents thread runs and tears
  • 100% viscose-rayon bamboo fiber, no synthetic or microfibers added
  • Made from grade-6 bamboo fibers, the highest grade available
  • Very affordable


  • Heavy machine washing can cause shrinking and tears
  • Only a 90-day warranty, not as good as other manufacturers
  • May have a slight chemical package smell when first unwrapped

7. Malouf 100% Bamboo Sheet Set – luxurious Texture

Top 8 Best Bamboo Sheets In 2022: Ultimate Guide & Our Top Picks 7

Sitting solidly at 6th is this set of ultra-luxurious 100% bamboo sheets from Malouf. As far as luxury bamboo sheets go, you can’t get much better than these. Made from a 100% viscose-rayon fiber, the Malouf set features a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases, each made with master-level precision and handiwork.

The smooth high thread count fabric is ideal for those with sensitive skin and does a fantastic job wicking away heat and moisture, keeping you cool and dry. The elastic-reinforced pockets are large enough to fit a 22” thick mattress and the set is available in 6 soft pastel-color options.

The sheets are definitely on the pricier side but have incredibly material and construction quality. Each sheet is reinforced with a double stitch on the side for extra durability and the universal fitted sheet will fit any mattress of any dimensions. Since it is 100% bamboo, the fibers can shrink if placed in the wash so hand washing is the recommended cleaning method.


  • Extra soft and luxurious 100% bamboo fiber
  • Above-average thread count
  • 5-star resort quality sheets


  • No machine wash, hand wash is recommended
  • Pricey

8. LuxClub 6 Pc. Bamboo Sheet Set – Best Bamboo set package

Top 8 Best Bamboo Sheets In 2022: Ultimate Guide & Our Top Picks 8

The penultimate selection of our list is the LuxClub 6 piece bamboo bed sheet set. Unlike the other option on our list, this set comes with 6 different pieces, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and 4 pillowcases.

Perfect for those with larger mattresses who like lots of pillows. The sheets and pillowcases are made out of a bamboo/microfiber blend material that is designed to be extra breathable and wick moisture away from the skin.

The LuxClub set comes in 6 different sizes and an astounding 33 color options from baby blue to pure white to deep magenta.

One of the key features of this set is just how affordable it is. The 6-piece set costs just over $30 and is actually cheaper than a lot of 4 piece bamboo sheet sets. Even though it is affordable, it does not skimp on quality. The sheets are very soft and the microfiber/bamboo blend is a natural antimicrobial agent and prevents bacterial and fungal build up. The sheets are very flexible and can fit even the thickest memory foam mattress.

Even better, the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee. If at any point you are not satisfied, you can get all of your money back, even the shipping fee.


  • 6-piece set has 4 pillowcases instead of 2
  • 33 color options
  • Very affordable
  • Very generous return policy


  • Not incredible quality, at least compared to 100% bamboo sheets
  • Some people dislike the microfiber/bamboo blend

9. Brielle 100% Rayon Bamboo Sheets – Highest Thread Count Bamboo Sheets

Top 8 Best Bamboo Sheets In 2022: Ultimate Guide & Our Top Picks 9

Closing out our list is this set of 100% bamboo bed sheets from Brielle. These 300-thread count sheets are made from an imported 100% bamboo fiber and the set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases.

The pockets on the fitted sheet are deep enough to fit a 17’ mattress and have a 4” double-stitched hem that lessens the chance of loose threads. The breathable sheets work extra well with a gel layer at keeping you cool.

Like all bamboo sheets, it is recommended that you hand wash these to keep them in good condition for longer. The addition of polyester fibers makes it a bit more durable than pure bamboo sheets so they can handle the wash better, but are prone to shrinking if placed in the dryer on high heat. The higher than average 300-thread count makes them very soft and equivalent to a 600-thread count cotton sheet.


  • Above-average 300-thread count
  • Duvet covers, shams, and extra pillowcase sets available separately
  • Extra-large


  • Does not handle the dryer well
  • Sleeping in clothing with hard protrusions (i.e buttons) can cause runs and thread piling

Last Thoughts

So which set of bamboo sheets are the best? The top pick of our round-up was the Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheet Set in virtue of its great price/quality ratio, durable bamboo/microfiber construction, excellent price, and great lifetime satisfaction guarantee. A close runner up would be the Malouf 100% bamboo sheets on account of their extraordinary construction and comfort.

Finding the right bed sheets for yourself is more of an art than a science. You can compare thread counts and price ratios all day, but ultimately, the only way you will figure out what works for you is by trying new stuff. Hopefully, this guide has given you a good head start toward finding the best bamboo sheets for your unique situation.

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