8 Best Daybed With Pop Up Trundle 2022: Ultimate Buying Guide

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Pretty much everyone has a bed, but how many people do you know that own a daybed?

Daybeds are an increasingly popular option for people who want something that can double as a seating area and bed for lounging. Daybeds are a great way to save on space as they function as a sofa and can also be used as a separate bed for guests. Even better is a daybed with pop up trundle, which allows for even more storage space.

Most people have probably not heard of daybeds so you might not know much about them. That’s why we are here! We put together this ultimate product list of the best daybed with pop up trundle available now.

We also put together a handy guide explaining everything you need to know about pop up trundle bed. Ok, intro spiel over—let’s get to the good stuff.

In this article, we’re going to review the following Daybed With Pop Up Trundle:

  1. Zinus Suzanne Daybed Trundle Set – Editor’s Choice
  2. DHP Daybed With Trundle – Runner-Up
  3. WE Furniture Twin Roll-Out Trundle Daybed – Best Solo Trundle Bed Frame
  4. Novogratz Metal Bed With Trundle – Best Lounging Daybed
  5. Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s Bed And Trundle – Best Daybed With Trundle For Kids
  6. Zinus Eden Twin Daybed And Trundle Set – Best Minimalist Daybed
  7. Atlantic Furniture Concord Platform Bed With Twin Trundle – Best Wooden Daybed
  8. Kings Brand Twin High Riser Bed Frame With Pop Up Trundle – Best Flexibility

Best Daybed With Pop Up Trundle Bed Buying Guide

What is a Daybed?

A daybed is essentially a bed that is designed for lounging, reclining, and seating in a common room. Most daybeds consist of a simple rectangular metal or wooden frame with cross beams that support the mattress.

Daybeds are normally smaller than a regular bed and have a slightly different design. Daybeds normally have 2 sides and a back with an open front, similar to the design of a couch. Unlike regular beds, daybeds are built with extra space underneath for storage.

Many daybeds also have a trundle—a retractable storage shelf that fits underneath the bed frame. A trundle is a great way to maximize the storage space of your daybed and gives a convenient place to store blankets, extra pillows, clothing, and even an extra mattress.

Although most trundle beds are panel beds, more manufacturers are making daybed trundle combos. A daybed trundle combo is an even better way to fill space and create more storage. Whereas a normal daybed already doubles as an extra bed, a trundle underneath can fit an extra mattress for even more space for guests.

Daybeds are great if you have a lot of company or if your children have a lot of sleepovers with friends. Daybeds with trundles are a smart way to fill a space with comfy and functional furniture. The convenience and multi-purpose nature of daybeds make them a popular option for teens, students, and those who aspire to minimalist living.

What to Look for in a Daybed


The material determines the overall quality of the daybed and depends on your sleeping preferences. Most daybed frames are made out of either metal or wood though you can find daybeds made out of wicker, upholstery, or composite materials.

Metal frame daybeds tend to be the most sturdy and best suited for sleeping. They also are more durable than wooden frames, though they are usually heavier and harder to assemble/transport. Metal frames are better if you want to use the daybed primarily for sleeping.

Wooden daybeds, in contrast, are good for sitting and lounging. Wood also tend to match other furniture schemes as well. A wood frame daybed is a better choice if you are going to put it in a common room for seating purposes.


Your daybed should also complement the rest of your furniture scheme and style. If you have a more classical modern aesthetic, then an ornate metal frame daybed would fit best. Alternatively, if you have a more modern chic style then a modest no-frills wooden mission daybed might complement the room best.

An important element of style is color. Daybeds come in all kinds of colors from blues and pinks to ornate finished brass and silver.


Daybeds normally are a twin size frame and come with their own twin-size mattresses (39” x 75”). As these are stock mattresses, they can be on the lower-quality side. If you expect your daybed to get heavy use, then it may make sense to invest in a better quality mattress if you find the stock selection lacking.

Daybeds are not as sturdy as a regular bed frame so they are best suited for lighter mattresses like innerspring mattresses or thinner memory foam mattresses. Very thick latex and memory foam mattresses are generally not a good fit for daybeds.

Support: Link Spring or Slats

Daybed mattresses generally have one of two supports: link springs or slats. The link-spring is the most common support and consists of a grid-structure with internal springs that work as a substitute for a box spring. Link spring supports are very sturdy and offer a great seating area, but they can be a bit rigid and inflexible for sleeping purposes.

Slat systems are more like regular bed frames. They consist of a series of wooden slats laid across the two side beams to support the mattress in the center. Slat frames offer an overall experience comparable to sleeping on a regular bed but might be a bit too cushiony for sitting and lounging.


Many daybeds also come with trundles. Trundles come in two main types: drawer trundles and pop-up trundles. Drawer trundles, as the name implies, fit under the daybed like a drawer which can be used as a storage space or to hold another mattress.

Pop up trundle bed fit under the bed when not in use then can be brought out and extended. Pop up trundles are popular as the let you effectively transform your twin size daybed into a king-size whenever you want. Most pop up trundles are made of metal as they need to be folded up to be stored. There are a handful of wooden pop up trundle beds out there but the majority of these do not fold as well as metal pop up trundles.

Pop up trundles are also useful because they can be bought separately and added to pretty much any daybed with the appropriate amount of space underneath. Drawer trundles are usually made for a specific frame and won’t fit into other ones.


As the are made specifically for twin-sized mattresses, most daybeds are designed to be fitted with standard twin size sheets. You want to make sure the sheets fit your daybed properly or else they will impede any lounging or sitting. Also, long sheets can obscure the trundle and make it harder to access.

As far as pillows go, you may want to consider grabbing a few extra ones for sitting and relaxing. You can store these extra pillows in the trundle when not in use.


Last but not least is the quality of the product. You should always go for the best quality that fits your budget, even if you might have to assemble the materials yourself. Product quality tends to be dependent on material type. For example, among metal frames, iron seems to be the strongest and most durable. With wood day beds, hardwoods like oak and timber are great materials while woods like pine tend to be weak and unreliable. Keep in mind that the higher the quality, the more you should expect to pay.

So, What are the Top 8 Best Daybed With Pop Up Trundle?

1. Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed Trundle Set – Editor’s Choice

8 Best Daybed With Pop Up Trundle 2022: Ultimate Buying Guide 1

Up first is this twin daybed/trundle combo from Zinus. The Suzanne Twin Daybed Trundle set is made out of a wood and metal hybrid frame with slat support. It has a very minimalist design with no frills, so it works well with a more stripped-down modern design with clean edges and lines.

The frame fits two 6” thick twin mattresses, one on the top and another on the trundle underneath. Unfortunately, this set does not come with any mattresses, so you will have to buy your own.

Zinus suzanne twin daybed with pop up trundle

Speaking of the trundle, the trundle on the Zinus is a roll-out bed that can be pushed and pulled similar to a drawer trundle. The generous undercarriage leaves plenty of space for the trundle, or you can remove it entirely to use underneath for storage space. When stored, the daybed/trundle combo takes up very little space and the efficient rectangular design means you can fit it in most spaces.

The Zinus comes disassembled so you’ll have to put it together yourself. Luckily, assembly is easy and takes 20 minutes, tops. While you can get away with a thicker mattress on top, you can’t really go any thicker than 6” for the trundle or else it won’t fit properly under the frame. This metal and wood frame is very sturdy and can handle sleepers of any weight. Even better, the manufacturer offers a generous 5-year warranty that covers any damage.


  • Roll out trundle is easy to move
  • Smart, rectangular design is space-conscious
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reasonably priced


  • Modest, but some can interpret that as bland
  • A bit sharp and angular, watch your ankles and knees

2. DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed With Trundle – Runner-Up

8 Best Daybed With Pop Up Trundle 2022: Ultimate Buying Guide 2

Up next is this Manila metal frame daybed with rundle from DHP. Crafted out of sturdy iron, the elegant victorian inspired frame gives any room that spark of style it might need.

It’s a perfect option for kids’ sleepovers or anyone who needs extra sleeping space for guests. The DHP daybed has metal slat supports that offer great support and keep airflow so the mattress breathes. 

Manila metal daybed with trundle

The trundle of this set is set on wheels so you roll it back and forth like a drawer trundle. Each of the 4 wheels is made from easy-glide casters, 2 of which have a locking mechanism so you can set it out and keep it stationary. This daybed is designed to fit two 6” twin mattresses but can handle up to at least 8” on the top and bottom. Both mattresses are sold separately though.

The metal frame gives the frame an incredibly high weight capacity at 400 lbs, 225 lbs for the trundle bed. So even though it works great for kids, it can handle sleepers of any size or weight. Despite this strength, it is still relatively light at just under 70 pounds. A few notes: the metal slats tend to not support thick memory foam mattresses well and it can be a bit difficult to assemble on your own.


  • The elegant Victorian style looks great
  • Very high weight capacity
  • Wheels on trundle lock for stability
  • Study and does not squeak as many metal frames do


  • A bit difficult to put together alone
  • Trundle bed has sharp edges, watch your feet and ankles.
  • Slats are not great for memory foam mattresses

3. WE Furniture Twin Roll-Out Trundle Daybed – Best Solo Trundle Frame

8 Best Daybed With Pop Up Trundle 2022: Ultimate Buying Guide 3

We said earlier that daybeds with trundles are great for kids and sleepovers. The WE twin roll-out daybed trundle frame is designed specifically for your kid’s bedroom and will fit under any bed frame that has at least a 6” clearance underneath.

The trundle frame includes 6 wheels, 4 with glide casters for easy rolling and storage.

Keep in mind that this product is the trundle set only; it does not come with a separate top bed frame. The versatility of the WE is that it can work with your child’s already existing bed; no extra frame needed. You don’t even have to keep it as a trundle under a bed; you could just store it in a closet and bring it out when you have guests. The trundle frame can handle a mattress up to 8” thick and does not need a box spring.WE Furniture Twin rollout trundle daybed

A few drawbacks. The trundle bed is made of metal and has some pretty sharp edges, so watch your feet and ankles (seriously, this is a problem with a lot of trundles).

It may be a bit difficult to assemble by yourself as the frame needs to be held while the bolts are screwed in. Other than these issues though, the WE trundle bed set is very affordable and is a great addition for growing families or unexpected guests.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Extremely useful and versatile
  • Work with any frame with at least 6” of clearance
  • 6 wheels with 4 locking casters make it easy to move and set up


  • Middle wheel causes a lot of stubbed toes
  • Difficult to assemble by yourself
  • Quality control seems to be hit or miss

4. Novogratz Bright Pop Metal Bed with Trundle – Best Lounging Daybed

8 Best Daybed With Pop Up Trundle 2022: Ultimate Buying Guide 4

Coming in at fourth is this colorful option from Novogratz. This bright blue metal daybed frame is made from iron and buttressed with heavy-duty steel slats for mattress support.

It can be used with or without a box spring, though is designed for use without. The trundle bed includes heavy-duty steel casters that have built-in locking mechanisms for stability. This stylish classic inspired daybed frame comes in black, turquoise, or white.

Novogratz is known for its trendy functional furniture and the Bright Pop metal bed is no exception. The fashionable design looks like a couch, is very space-conscious, and works well in the main sitting area, child’s bedroom, or guest bedroom.

Novogratz daybed with popup trundle

It has a very generous undercarriage and so the trundle can fit a mattress us to 8” thick. The slats on the top frame and trundle frame are reinforced with a central steel wire which adds extra support in the middle, the area of mattresses that tends to sag the most. The reinforced frame and slats are extremely sturdy yet it is fairly light for an all-metal frame at only 60 lbs.


  • Stylish and colorful design that is like a couch
  • Generous amount of undercarriage space
  • Slats are reinforced with central truss; prevents sagging in the middle
  • Caster brakes on trundle wheels.


  • Watch out for the wheels on the trundle carriage
  • Limited color options

5. Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s Bed and Trundle – Best Daybed with Trundle For Kids

8 Best Daybed With Pop Up Trundle 2022: Ultimate Buying Guide 5

When I was a little kid, my friends and I would pretend that our bunk bed was a big ship and we were sailing around the ocean. The Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captains Trundle Bed set is a callback to those days of sleepovers as a kid, where your room became a place for imaginative adventures.

The Captain’s bed is made from a solid wood frame and includes not only a drawer-style trundle but three fully functional shelves built into the bottom. Now your kid’s bed can function as a bed for them, one for their guest, and a dresser for clothes and shoes.

Broyhill daybed with popup trundle

The Marco Island Captain’s Bed is a bit on the pricier side, but the sheer quality of the build makes it worth it. The solid wood construction is sturdy and rated for up to 200 lbs, large enough for any of your young children or their friends. The three included storage drawers are spacious enough for clothing or toys and save a lot of space.

Unfortunately, Marco Island only comes in three color options: white, black, and espresso (brown) and it is pretty hefty at just over 200 lbs. It certainly is not the easiest thing to move around, but with how much storage it saves you won’t have to.


  • Trundle bed includes 3 functional drawers
  • Excellent quality wood and craftsmanship
  • Save a lot of storage space with integrated design
  • All materials are non-toxic and kid-friendly


  • Very heavy (200+ lbs)
  • Not a budget option
  • Difficult to assemble

6. Zinus Eden Twin Daybed and Trundle Set – Best Minimalist Daybed

8 Best Daybed With Pop Up Trundle 2022: Ultimate Buying Guide 6

Coming in at sixth is another option from Zinus, the Eden twin daybed and trundle set. This set is similar to the Zinus Suzanne though has a more stripped-down minimalist design that makes good use of negative spaces.

The extra-deep frames can fit up to two 9.5” thick mattresses and the slats are made from reinforced steel and five great support along the center of the mattress.

The 3-side open construction of the Eden gives it the appearance and functionality of a couch. None of the side panels are solid which means you have a bit more wiggle room on space but things can slide off the edge if you are not careful. It is pretty space-conscious, though the sharp angles are left uncovered and may cause dents and scratches if pushed around next to a wall.Zinus Eden Daybed with popup trundle

Even though it’s solid metal and has a very high 400 lbs weight capacity, the Eden Twin is fairly light at just over 70 lbs. Assemble is straightforward and can be done entirely by hand, no extra tools needed.


  • Simple, no-frills design
  • Extra deep frames can handle 2 9.5” thick mattresses
  • Steel support slats are very sturdy and don’t sag


  • Angled corners can dent and scratch walls
  • Wheels have a bad tendency to slip over time

7. Atlantic Furniture Concord Platform Bed with Twin Trundle – Best Wooden Daybed

8 Best Daybed With Pop Up Trundle 2022: Ultimate Buying Guide 7

Our penultimate selection is this charismatic platform bed/trundle combo from Atlantic Furniture. The Concord is made from 100% sustainably sourced wood with a non-toxic finish and includes a unique solid platform mattress base, something uncommon;y seen in day beds.

This makes the Concord much more similar to a regular bed and helps it handle thicker memory foam mattresses.

Both the trundle and the top are designed to fit 8” thick mattresses but you can go as thick as 10” before you run out of space.Atlantic furniture daybed with twin trundle

 The trundle can be pulled out from both sides of the bed so it does not matter if you place it against a wall or in the middle of a room.

The Concord platform bed trundle combo is a bit expensive but the high-quality materials make it worth the extra cash. The bed frame is highly durable and is treated with a 5 step finish process to protect against water damage and scratches.


  • 5-step treated frame resistant to damage
  • 100% sustainable and non-toxic materials
  • Very high-quality construction
  • Trundle bed can be pulled out both directions


  • Not a budget option
  • Heavy
  • No backboard or side guards

8. Kings Brand Twin High Riser Bed Frame with Pop Up Trundle – Best Flexibility

8 Best Daybed With Pop Up Trundle 2022: Ultimate Buying Guide 8

Coming in last but certainly not least is the Kings Brand High Riser bed frame with pop up trundle bed. This combo is a true pop up trundle; you slide the trundle out from under the mattress and extend it to full height.

The top frame is a simple metal structure with slats for support and the trundle rests on a unique military cot style that folds up. With this pop up trundle bed, you can essentially turn your twin bed into a king-sized mattress. You can also use the trundle in the contracted position.


The top frame and trundle beds are designed to fit 8” thick mattresses, but you can fit a mattress up to 10” thick on the bottom trundle. The trundle itself can be pulled out from either side and even from the front and back.


  • Pop up trundle can be raised or lowered
  • Frame and trundle fit extra thick mattresses
  • Minimal and space-conscious


  • Not a budget option
  • Pop trundle can be a bit hard to unfold
  • No side guards/headboard


Final thoughts

So which daybed with trundle is the best? Our top choice has got to be Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed Trundle Set. The Zinus hits that perfect sweet spot between price, quality, functionality, and aesthetics that make it such a desirable product.

A close runner up would have to be the DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed With Trundle on account of its elegant design and sturdy construction.

At the end of the day, the right daybed is a personal choice that depends on your personal sleep habits. Some people might think the idea of a daybed is extraneous and redundant while others might appreciate its multi-functional nature. Either way, this guide to the top 8 best daybeds with pop up trundle should give you something to think about as you search for a new bed.


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