Top 5 Best Folding Mattress in 2020: Buying Guide & Reviews

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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Folding Mattress in 2020 is, then we recommend the Milliard Tri-FoldMemory Foam Mattress as the best one.

One of the indicators of a healthy lifestyle is to see if you can manage to get enough sleep daily. If you’re an outdoors freak or a workaholic then we can help you in getting good sleep.  Do you have a habit of falling asleep in the wrong place at the wrong time? With a foldable mattress, you don’t just lay on a sofa or floor and go to sleep.

Check out the best folding mattresses on our list to fall asleep on a comfortable surface.

In this article, we’re going to review the following best foldable mattress:

  1. Milliard Tri-FoldMemory Foam Mattress – Editor’s Choice
  2. Cozzzi TriFold Foam Mattress – Best Value
  3. Zinus Memory Foam – Runner-up Pick
  4. Best Price Mattress Small Trifold Mattress – Best Size Range
  5. Cushy Form Tri-Fold Folding Mattress – Best For Travel

What Should I look for when choosing the best folding mattress?

Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing the best folding mattress:

Physical Health & MaterialPortability And FoldsMattress WeightBudgetThickness
If you have a medical condition that makes it difficult to sleep, then you need to carefully examine the material used in the construction. Most of the foldable mattresses are made of poly-foam and you should avoid them if you have a medical condition. You need to consider a folding mattress made with memory foam as an alternative.
Ordinary mattresses do not have the best shape for transport! They are large and heavy making them a hassle to carry or move. Fortunately, the latest advancements in design have brought a two-fold and even three-fold mattress. That makes them highly portable mattresses. The more folds on a mattress the more compact it will become. A mattress with multiple folds can afford to be large as it is still easy to store away when needed.
Here is another feature that can cause issues in transport. How much does your mattress weigh? More importantly, does a mattress need to weigh a lot to be comfortable? A heavy mattress is difficult to transport in or out of a room in case of cleaning. These mattresses are also difficult to clean.
Here is something people forget when crafting their wish list. Remember, the best folding mattress will be able to make you forget the bill if you go over budget. As long as you keep in mind your specific needs you can always find a perfect foldable mattress within a limited budget.
When buying your folding mattress you need to consider how thick your mattress is. You can easily find folding mattresses with a thickness range between 3 to 8 inches. A mattress doesn’t have to necessarily thick or heavy to be comfortable.

Read our complete guide on How to Choose a Mattress?

Can You Use it as an Exercise Mat?

Here is another very important question you should ask yourself when buying a folding mattress: what else can it do? True, folding mattresses are meant for sleeping but what if we told you some mattresses double as exercise mats? If you love the idea of an extra bed and a comfortable exercise mat then you should look for this feature.

Our Top Picks

1. Milliard Tri-FoldMemory Foam Mattress – Editor’s Choice

Best Folding Mattress

With Milliard mattress, you can expect 6 inches of luxury wrapped in a convenient package. Most of us can remember a moment of thinking to ourselves while entertaining some unexpected visitors where are they going to sleep?

And then there are those of us that are just starting in life and don’t have as much space as we’d like. This mattress is the perfect solution for both situations as it is a tri-folding mattress! This means you can enjoy the luxury of a full-sized mattress without worrying about space.

You can unfold this mattress and spread it out for sleeping. As soon as you’re done you can utilize the convenient folding design and put the mattress away.

This folding mattress from Milliard comprises of two different layers. The top layer is about 1.5 inches thick and consists of 3 lbs. of powerful memory foam. As you know, memory foam is designed to regulate temperature and maintain airflow. It also shapes around your body to give you maximum comfort.

The second part of this mattress is the 4.5 inches of the base that supports the memory foam. The thick base supports the memory foam to give you both comfort and stability.

Lastly, this mattress is encased in a luxurious, removable jacquard cover with an anti-slip bottom. You can remove this cover for a quick wash and depend on the mattress staying still.


  • Comes with a removable, jacquard cover
  • The cover has a non-slip bottom
  • The memory foam adjusts to your shape
  • The base provides needed support
  • Easily folded up for convenient storage


  • The three parts need to be connected more firmly to restrict movement

2. Cozzzi TriFold Foam Mattress – Best Value

Best Folding Mattress

When it comes to creating a comfortable home space Cozzzi has your needs covered. This mattress comes in an ideal covering that blends into the surrounding. You can use this Trifold mattress for a number for uses without worrying about wasting space.

You can lay this trifold mattress across your living area for a quick exercise session. This mattress would be just as suitable as a play or practice mat for your children. As we said, this trifold mattress comes in an attractive black cover that just blends in.

If you forget to pick it up when guests arrive you don’t have to worry about it sticking out. Just straighten it out and it will serve as a comfortable and stylish mat. You can even liven it up by adding some colorful cushions.

One of the best features of this Trifold mattress is that it is easy to move and store. This mattress consists of lightweight memory foam and a light base. The complete mattress supports your frame while providing a comfortable place to sleep. On top of which this mattress is light to carry around in the case, you need to move it.

The memory foam in this mattress is dense and conforms to your body shape. The attractive cover is completely removable and machine washable. It is easy to see why Cozzzi is one of the best foldable mattresses out there. The Trifold design also makes it easy to use this mattress in several ways.


  • Comes in an attractive, removable cover
  • The cover is machine washable making it easy to clean
  • The memory foam provides relief to your back
  • Lightweight and easy to move


  • The covers emit a faint plastic odor

3. Zinus Memory Foam – Runner-up

Best Folding Mattress

The Zinus folding memory foam mattress makes it on our list of the best folding mattresses. This is because this mattress meets many of our concerns.

Think of those times when you found the perfect spot to read and thought to rest a while. What if you’re just cozy enough that you want to curl up and sleep…but you don’t want to walk to your bed! Not right now when you just want to rest your eyes for a bit.

This folding mattress could serve as a convenient seat when you’re reading a bed when you’re napping. The folding design means that you can use the different panels to create a backrest and a seat for yourself. This design also ensures that with a little readjustment you can just lie down and stretch your limbs!

At four inches this mattress is not only comfortable but also very light. It comprises of a 1-inch memory foam layer that provides therapeutic sleep. The second layer is 2 inches of Viscolatex responsive foam that adjusts to your weight and frame. Lastly, this mattress comes with a 1-inch high-density support base. The base provides the support you need as you sleep and recover your energy.

The lightweight of this mattress makes it easy to move on your own whenever you want. You can bring out or store it quickly and conveniently. Imagine having a seat so comfortable it could be your bed wherever you want. If you’re looking for a comfortable place to nap during the daytime then consider this folding mattress.


  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Memory foam and Viscolatex responsive foam makes it therapeutic
  • Comes in a soft jacquard cover
  • Worry-free 5-year limited warranty


  • The seams on the cover aren’t very sturdy
  • Once rolled out the mattress retains an uncomfortable scent for a while

4. Best Price Mattress Small Trifold Mattress – Best Size Range

Best Folding Mattress

This small Trifold mattress from Best Price Mattress is without a doubt one of the best folding mattresses out there. You can easily transport this light mattress whenever you need without worrying about storage. This mattress is particularly great for traveling!

To be honest not everyone loves the great outdoors. Sure, the scenery is great and you can almost touch the stars. We understand if you think the idea of carrying around your bed sounds crazy to you. Well, what if you could?

The Best Price Mattress memory foam is small and comes in an innovative Trifold design. You can fit this mattress in the back of your car easily. You can also just as easily unfold it and take it wherever you need it. This mattress is also lightweight and easy to carry because of the small size.

This folding mattress is made up of different layers that come together to provide restful sleep. The top layer is 1.5 inches of lush memory foam followed by 2.5 inches of high-density support foam. These two layers combine to give you a comfortable place to sleep as well as much needed support.


  • CertiPur – US certified for quality
  • It comes in a soft, jacquard cover that has a slip-proof bottom
  • Lightweight design perfect for travel
  • The trifold design makes it perfect for storage


  • The cover can be tricky to clean if you’re used to machine washing
  • It takes a while for the mattress to decompress because of the tight packaging

5. Cushy Form Tri-Fold Folding Mattress – Best For Travel

Best Folding Mattress

One of the reasons this 4” Tri-Fold mattress from Cushy form is one of the best folding mattresses is the size. This mattress might be Tri-Fold but unfolded it is huge in both sides and perfect as your bed away from home! For those people that are on the taller side, this is a perfect choice.

The Cushy Form Tri-Fold mattress is made from a thick foam material and additional padding in the form of the cushion layer on the top. This folding mattress delivers a plush, comfortable place for your body to rest and recover.

Each layer is tested for comfort and safety. This mattress is made from premium materials that are CertiPUR-US approved. Not only is this folding mattress easily put away but it is easy to store. This folding mattress comes with a free storage bag that is also convenient for travel. This storage bag keeps your folding mattress safe and clean for the next time you want to use it.

Each of the three cushions on this folding mattress has been ergonomically adjusting to provide support. The design on this Tri-fold mattress also enhances spine alignment while you sleep. As a bonus, the super cushy cover is removable and machine washable.


  • Provides support to the head and back
  • This mattress comes with a carry/storage case
  • The cover is removable and machine washable
  • The design enhances spine alignment


  • The middle section is not the same size as the other two cushions
  • This mattress was a little on the soft side

Final Thoughts

That was our list of the best folding mattress of 2020 and we hope you found it useful for the next time you’re looking for a mattress. Although each of these mattresses comes with their unique features there is one clear winner. The best foldable mattress on this list is the Milliard Tri-Fold Memory foam mattress.

This folding mattress is large and gives you plenty of room for sleeping or exercising. You can comfortably rest across this mattress or adjust it to use for reading. This folding mattress folds over three times and is convenient to carry. The Milliard Tri-Fold mattress is about 6 inches thick but also lightweight. This mattress combines the latest technology with comfort to give you the perfect folding bed.

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