Top 10 Best Luxury Mattresses in 2022 – Complete Guide & Reviews

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Searching for new bedding can be difficult, especially with so many options for premium mattresses on the market. This buyer’s guide will ensure that you pick the best luxury mattress available- without any worrying on your part!

Your current mattress may be negatively affecting your sleep quality. You will have no problem tossing your old, uncomfortable mattress when you see what we have to offer! In no time at all, you could be having the best sleep you have experienced in years.

Want to know what our top picks for luxury mattresses are? Keep reading to see our picks for high-end mattresses! 

Which is The Best Luxury Mattress?

Quick Overview

A top of the line mattress should be comfortable and allow you to sleep soundly. We have all had awful mattresses in the past that make it hard to fall- and stay- asleep. If you have trouble sleeping through the whole night or keep waking up with dark circles under your eyes, the problem might not be you, but your mattress.

When picking the high-end mattresses to review, we wanted to be sure that they improve your quality of sleep. A comfortable bed is made to improve the user’s sleep quality- any luxury mattress should be able to do this, to some extent.

The best mattresses will keep you comfortable and cool at night, and might even offer some motion isolation so that couples can sleep comfortably. No matter your specific needs, this guide will be able to help you! We have reviewed each mattress and what goes into a quality mattress extensively, so that you can feel comfortable picking your next one.

These are the best luxury mattresses in 2022 and what aspect made each of them stand out from the rest.

Here are the Best Luxury Mattresses in 2022:

The reasons behind each of these choices can be found below, however, we want you to read about all of the products and their features first. This way, it will make a lot more sense about why we placed the mattresses where we did.

Runner Up

Leesa Legend

Best for Firmness

The Casper

Editor’s Pick

Purple Mattress

Best Organic Option

Loom and Leaf Memory Foam

Best for Comfort

Saatva Classic

Best for Back Pain

Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid

Best for Hot Sleepers

Cocoon Chill

Best for Edge Support


Best for Improving Sleep

Birch Mattress

Best for Side Sleepers

Nest Bedding The Alexander Signature Select Mattress

The Best Luxury Mattress for Improving Sleep - Review

1. Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress

Our Rating


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The best luxury mattress for improving the quality of your sleep would have to be the Purple Mattress. It has so many positive features working in its favor, that you will be getting great sleep right away- even on the first night that you use it. 

The mattress’s unique design is perfect for couples, has amazing cooling capabilities, and on top of all of that- is extremely affordable for a premium mattress. If you sleep on one, you will notice the great support and feel comfortable the entire night, allowing you to wake up well-rested and feeling refreshed.

This mattress is also more affordable than many others, making it a low-cost, but high-value deal. It utilizes a unique grid shape to keep up airflow and conform to your body’s unique shape.

This mattress provides all the great aspects of a luxury mattress and combines them into one, making this mattress the Editor’s Pick for this guide.

Read our full Purple Mattress Review here.

2. Leesa Legend

Leesa Legend

Our Rating


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The Leesa Legend mattress is another great option. The company donates beds to those who need them, meaning that you can be happy knowing you helped another person if you go with this mattress.

It is also a great alternative for a hybrid bed, if you want to try going with foam but are not sure if you will like it. The mattress is also firm and soft, making it a great choice for couples who want to sleep comfortably beside each other at night.

This high-end mattress will improve your sleep quality over your old, lumpy mattress for sure.

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3. Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic

Our Rating


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The Saatva Classic is designed to provide a comfortable sleep for the user. Part of this stems from the fact that the brand offers many customizable options, meaning that you can tailor the firmness or softness to your specific needs.

It also includes a 100% organic mattress cover that is meant to protect the user from any chemicals that are sometimes found in mattresses. This little bonus can help you sleep easier at night since you know you are not getting anything toxic on your skin while you rest.

Many users also reported that they loved the versatility of this mattress. Flipping it over offered more, or less, support depending on their preferences. This makes it a great mattress for if you are not sure about whether you need a firm or soft mattress.

If you are still wondering about what kind of firmness level you prefer, you can find quick answers to that in the FAQ section.

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4. Birch Mattress

Birch Mattress

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The Birch mattress by Helix Sleep is great at improving the quality of a user’s sleep. It is not as great as the number one pick, but it comes very close. Many users reported feeling more satisfied after waking up on a Birch mattress.

Many buyers love the mattress, however, it is on the more expensive side. This mattress is made from high quality, organic materials, and provides a comfortable, yet supported, sleep. 

More expensive mattresses tend to be of a much higher quality than most, however, this mattress just seemed to be out of the range of many people’s budgets. This is why this mattress did not get the number one spot.

5. Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid

Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid

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Out of all the mattresses listed in this guide, the Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid stands above the rest with its back pain relief abilities. If you think your old mattress has been causing you pain, then this would be an excellent replacement.

It also comes with different options for your preferred firmness and includes cooling technology for those who get hot while they sleep.

This mattress would also be excellent for anyone who suffers from arthritis or fibromyalgia. If you pick the softer variant of this mattress, it will cradle your bones and allow you to receive a much more peaceful sleep.

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6. Cocoon Chill

Cocoon Chill

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The Cocoon Chill mattress lives up to its namesake- it offers a great amount of cooling benefits for those hot sleepers out there. This high-end mattress will help keep you from waking up sweaty and provide a comfortable sleep.

It also includes some different options for firmness levels, so you can take your pick. Plus, the Cocoon Chill is pretty versatile and known to support many different types of sleeping positions well.

If you are a hot sleeper, this is probably the best choice for you. Temperatures can easily impact your sleep, with being warm making it the hardest to stay asleep. If you want to feel well-rested and wake up not sweaty, this is a great option for luxury a mattress.

7. DreamCloud


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The DreamCloud has great edge support, which is great for those who find themselves waking up at the end of their bed every morning. It is made from sturdy memory foam that provides a lot of support to those who need it.

The DreamCloud mattress also includes memory foam with gel that can help keep you cool during the night. This is good news, because many memory foam mattresses tend to trap a sleeper’s body heat. The cooling system can help negate that effect and allow you to sleep soundly throughout the night.

Many users have said that it is comfortable and does not dip down on the sides, even if they often lay against the edge of their bed. This makes it a good choice for if you happen to toss and turn or sprawl out at night.

8. Casper Mattress

Casper Mattress

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The Casper mattress is known for having a ton of support and molding to your body. If you feel that you need a sturdy bed that will conform to you well, this mattress has got your back- literally, since it also provides great back support.

Since this mattress is so durable, it is great for couples. If you frequently wake your partner at night, the support this mattress offers can help keep the bed from moving around too much.

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9. Loom and Leaf Memory Foam

Loom and Leaf Memory Foam

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This high-end mattress is eco friendly and made from 100% organic foam and cotton material. The mattress also comes with cooling technology and the company will come directly to your home to install it.

It provides good support and is more affordable than some other premium foam mattresses. (Although, keep in mind that 100% organic options can be a little pricer.)

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10. Nest Bedding The Alexander Signature Select Mattress

Nest Bedding The Alexander Signature Select Mattress

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Side sleepers tend to need support in different places than those who fall asleep on their backs. The Nest Bedding’s Alexander Signature Select Mattress can provide that support for side sleepers comfortably. 

It also includes great support along the edges of the mattress and is affordable, for a hybrid style bed. If you are a side sleeper who wakes up frequently with achy joints or muscle pain, this could be a great choice for you.

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What is a Luxury Mattress?

Before we start, you should know exactly what kind of mattresses are considered to be a luxury.

The best luxury mattresses often are made from different types of foam. They might include memory foam, or foam that is infused with another material. It could be infused with aloe-vera or bamboo charcoal, with the intent to improve your sleep and benefits you receive while using the mattress.

These mattresses are typically more expensive than traditional mattresses but are of a much higher quality than what you might find at a department store. They focus on softness, comfort, and present themselves as being fancier than other mattresses. They might also include more options and come with a lot of different features.

Know that you know how we are going to define a luxury mattress, we can go over in greater detail what characteristics make up one.

Are there Firmness Options?

Every person tends to prefer a different firmness or softness level for their bed. For it to be counted as one of the best luxury mattresses available, the mattress should be able to be tailored to you.

For example, depending on your preferred sleeping position, different firmness levels will be more comfortable for you. Side sleepers tend to enjoy softer foam mattresses that conform to their shape more. On the other hand, back sleepers want a slightly more firm mattress than that to support their spine, while stomach sleepers want the firmest beds.

If you have a specific medical condition, you will also want to choose a mattress that fits your needs. Being aware of the best type of firmness for you helps you pick bedding that will allow you to get higher quality sleep.

Brands that offer customizable firmness or softness options are much more likely to be considered a luxury. This is because they are willing to work with you to find a mattress that will give you the most comfort possible- and it is unique to you.

Does it Relieve Back Pain?

Your old mattress could have been causing you back pain for years! You can tell if you wake up every morning feeling stiff or agitated. Older mattresses lose their shape, as well as their shape. When this happens, they hold your spine out of alignment throughout the entire night or push on your pressure points.

There was a study conducted on 30 women and 29 men that concluded that new bedding systems increased the subjects’ sleep quality and reduced their back pain. With their back pain gone throughout the study, the subjects also reported that they felt less daily stress.

If you have back pain, it could very well be caused by your old mattress. A quality luxury mattress should be able to relieve pain- and not cause it in the future.

Does it Offer Motion Isolation?

Motion isolation tends to be more important for couples who have to wake up at different times. It helps remove too much “bounce” when one person gets out of the bed, so that their partner can stay asleep.

Motion isolation can also be important for a single person. You would probably be uncomfortable if the bed jostled around whenever you were just trying to get comfortable.

Any of the best luxury mattresses would provide at least some motion isolation, so that you can sleep comfortably and not be awoken by the bed shaking too much.

Does it Offer a Cooling System?

Cooling technology in mattresses usually involves gel in the foam or open airways for air to move through the bed. This is especially important for those who are often hot and uncomfortably sweaty at night.

These types of mattresses often help decrease the amount of bacteria that build up in your mattress as well. There are fewer places for them to hide in the fabric and there is less sweat to attract it. 

Luxury mattresses will typically offer some kind of cooling system, although some are more advanced than others. For example, the Cocoon Chill mattress mentioned in this guide is designed around its cooling technology, making it the prominent feature there.

Is it Made from Quality Materials?

Of course, you will want your new mattress to be durable- something expensive like this should last you a very long time. Quality materials are a sign that a mattress is worth its price and is a luxury.

Luxury mattresses also tend to lean towards using natural materials in their fabrics. This might include wool, silk, rayon, or cotton products. Some of these brands also are more eco friendly than others and may offer organic options in their mattresses.

The higher the quality of the bed, the pricier it tends to be. However, this is something that you use every single night and the quality can affect your sleep or give you back pain. Mattresses are worth spending some extra money on, so be sure you get one that is suited to your needs.

How do Mattresses Affect Sleep Quality?

Many different things can affect the quality of your sleep. However, the structure of your mattress and how it feels is a major part of it. An older mattress can become deformed over time, leaving you with your body held awkwardly all night- or even keeping your spine out of alignment.

Temperature will also affect the quality of your sleep. Humans have a much harder time falling and staying asleep when they feel too warm. A mattress that has cooling systems in place can then help you sleep better, as it regulates your body temperature.

Some types of mattress materials, including foam, can trap heat from your body in the bed. This makes sleeping during the summer a lot harder for some individuals. If this sounds like you, a luxury mattress with cooling capabilities would be a good option for you. 

In short, you want your bedroom to be on the cooler side when you are sleeping. A bed with some cooling technology can help out a lot if you are a hot sleeper and often wake up sweaty. It will remove some of the problems that you experience at night.

Keep in mind, the quality of our sleep affects our day to day lives. When you are sleeping better, you are doing better at work or school and probably feel a lot less stressed out. You should consider your new mattress an investment in yourself and your health- thinking like this will help you purchase a quality mattress.

How Much Does a Luxury Mattress Cost?

The best luxury mattresses tend to be more expensive. This is what you can expect to pay for the different materials available. 

Inner Springs Mattress

Mattresses with inner springs are what we think of when we hear “traditional mattress”- they are the oldest kind out there. They include coils with a few inches of foam on top. The springs are usually more supportive and best suited for heavier people.

Many of this type also offer cooling, as they have stronger airflows through them. They are the cheapest type of mattress, as well. You can expect to pay about $900 for a queen-sized mattress. Luxury models can get a little pricier.

Foam Mattress

Foam luxury mattresses often are made from memory foam that sits on top of other layers of material. A 100% foam mattress is the best choice for if you need a bed to closely merge into the shape of your body. This trait is best for those who need their spine aligned, however, they also tend to get hotter during the night. 

A premium foam mattress is likely to cost between $1,400 and $2,000. This is more expensive than the innerspring type, although foam is usually considered to be more of a luxury. People also tend to find it much more comfortable. 

Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress makes use of both of the above types- springs and memory foam. They feel balanced and firm for sleepers, but also have the ability to conform to your body. This is a good choice for if you want something not too soft, but also not too firm to sleep on.

This type of mattress also has a wider price range than the other ones. Usually, the more memory foam stacked on the top layer, the more the model will cost. This could be anywhere between $1,700 and $2,400.

This option is usually considered to be one of the more luxurious mattress types. If you are looking for the most expensive mattress, you might be able to find it by searching for a hybrid.

In short, the mattress you pick will have a price based on the materials that it has included in its design. Normally, the more expensive the mattress, the more high quality the materials- and therefore, the more comfortable it will be for you.


Many people are buying new mattresses in 2022 and they might have the same questions that you do. Here are the top questions being asked about the best luxury mattresses out there.

Are more expensive mattresses worth paying for?

Premium mattresses are made from higher quality materials than other beds. They offer more back pain relief, motion isolation, edge support, and more firmness options. You should be fine with spending money on a mattress, as it will last you a long time and improve your sleeping habits- therefore, your overall health.

You can always work out a budget that you plan to stick to when searching for a high-end mattress. Doing so can help you find exactly what you are looking for and save some money.

How much does a luxury mattress cost?

The price tag on your mattress could vary. “Luxury mattress” is used to describe many different quality brands of mattresses. This means that they could cost between a couple hundred dollars to well over one thousand dollars. 

You should be sure that the mattress you want to buy fits your preferences and is of high quality. This way, you will always get the mattress for a good value.

Where can I find luxury mattresses that are not overpriced?

Your best bet is going to be to order the mattress online. Traditional stores oftentimes will raise the price of the bed by a large amount, to make a profit after paying for necessities.

If you are buying directly from the brand’s website, you can avoid these extra costs. They also are more likely to offer you warranties and other bonuses (such as discounts) for buying from their site. Speaking of websites…

Can I buy mattresses online? 

Yes, many people prefer to buy their mattresses online nowadays. This removes some extra costs and the mattresses are delivered right to your door! The setup process is also usually very simple- all you need to do is open the box and wait for the mattress to fully puff up before you lay on it.

By buying through the brand’s website, you might also notice special sales or extra discounts. Plus, you can save a little bit of money by not having to pay any commissions to the brick and mortar shop.

While you can not try before you buy the mattress, many sites offer a limited testing period. Some go from 90 days to even a full year. This is another great option for you if you are trying to find the perfect firmness level for yourself and it removes a salesman from the process too.

Will my premium mattress need any extra care?

Your new luxury mattress will not need any extra care than your older one. If you want to preserve the quality of the mattress you can rotate it every six months or so to keep the bed from developing an indent from your body.

A good base for your mattress, such as a boxspring, will help your bed keep its shape for much longer. You could also consider using a mattress protector to keep the life expectancy of your mattress up- as many of them keep stains and dust mites away. 

You can also clean your mattress every so often. We have listed a short guide to doing so below.

How should I clean my new mattress? 

Cleaning a mattress is simple, although you will want to be sure that your specific brand does not have its own methods before you start, as you could damage the material. All you need to do is:

  • Strip (and wash) the bedding
  • Vacuum the mattress
  • Use a stain remover for spot cleaning
  • Use baking soda on the mattress
  • Vacuum the baking soda after a time
  • Flip the mattress (after about 6 months)
  • Put your bedding (and mattress protector if you have one) back on

It looks like a lot of steps, but the longest part is simply waiting for your bedding to get done in the dryer. Doing this process every so often will keep the mattress fresh and clean- plus, it will remove any unsightly stains, should a spill or other accident happen.

Vacuuming the mattress might seem silly, but it is sure to remove any dust, dust mites, or other debris from your bed. Letting things like that build up can make sleeping much more uncomfortable for you over time. Plus, it is an easy way to remove the baking soda you used on it while cleaning.

How often should I clean my mattress?

Well, normally you will want to clean your bedding almost every week. They tend to trap oils, sweat, skin, and anything else that gets on mattress. The actual mattress should be cleaned at least twice a year, or once in a season.

Will might want to consider cleaning your bedding and mattress more often if you frequently wake up sweaty. Sweat can build up in your mattress and slowly changes its shape, plus, it makes you more likely to get acne breakouts at night.

This means that you probably want to clean your mattress and bedding more often in the hot summer months than during the winter. Professionals can also clean your mattress, however, many people prefer to do the task themselves to save on the cost.

Do I need a firm or soft mattress?

Luckily, luxury mattresses come with many different options for the support you can expect. There are a few things you can do if you are not sure what you prefer. Firmness is determined on a scale, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the absolute firmest your bed can get.

Here are a few quick pros and cons to help you determine what you need!

Firm Mattress


  • Great for back pain relief
  • Evenly distributes your weight
  • Improves circulation through veins


  • Bad for fibromyalgia or arthritis
  • Puts stress on your bones

Soft Mattress


  •  Cradles the body
  • Molds to you and holds your spine in place
  • Better for smaller individuals


  • Durability is affected
  • Heavier individuals might find they sink more

Hopefully, that list was able to help you determine the type of mattress you need. If you are still unsure, the brand’s website usually will provide more information and maybe some tips to help you choose.

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