7 Best Mattress For Heavy People: Top Rated Picks In 2020

Best Mattress for Heavy People

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While it may not be the first thing you would think about when purchasing a new mattress – bodyweight greatly affects what type of mattress is going to be best for you. In the past, when innerspring coils reigned supreme, this was not as much of a factor. Now that we are in the age where bed-in-a-box reigns supreme, those who are on the heavier side have to be careful.

If you want to know what the best mattress for heavy people is so you can make the best decision for yourself, we have five great choices for you. Keep reading and you will find a buying guide to allow you to keep shopping so you can find the best mattress for a heavy person. 

What Is The Best Mattress For Heavy People?

Here Are The Best Mattresses For Heavy People In 2020:

Helix Plus
Best Cooling

Helix Plus

Saatva HD
Most Luxurious

Saatva HD

Titan by Brooklyn Bedding
Editor’s Pick

Titan by Brooklyn Bedding

Purple Hybrid Premier
Best For Side Sleepers

Purple Hybrid Premier

Leesa Hybrid
Best For Combination Sleepers

Leesa Hybrid

WinkBeds Plus
Best For Back Sleepers

WinkBeds Plus

Big Fig
Best For Stomach Sleepers

Big Fig

The Best Mattresses For Heavy People - Reviewed

1. Helix Plus - Best Cooling

Helix Plus - Best Cooling

Our Rating


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The Helix Plus is specifically designed to be the best mattress for overweight people in Helix’s lineup. It is great for different body types, making it an ideal option for all mattress shoppers. This mattress is great at supporting people between 250-300 pounds, providing a better sleeping experience for heavier individuals, including those who have shoulder pain and hip problems. But, just because it is designed for heavier people doesn’t mean that those customers don’t get options.

Like Helix’s other mattresses, this mattress comes in three options, sturdy, medium-firm, and supportive. Each mattress is made from a variety of different foam layers and a pocketed coil system. The pressure relief from the foam and the support from the coils combine to make it a great fit for combo sleepers, who will like the ease of use of this mattress when they are adjusting positions. The cooling mattress will contribute to better spine alignment. It also does not cause heat retention. 

Like other options on this list, this mattress does sleep cool is well, which is often an important factor for heavier individuals. While no cooling panel is added at the top, there are cooling layers that help with temperature regulation. Helix achieves this with the Helix Plus mattress by using open-cell foam as well as gel-infused foam. There is also a breathable cover and coils to promote airflow. This combination allows airflow to go through layers that actually cool the air down. When the air comes back through the breathable cover at a cooler temperature than when it when in, it cools your body down throughout the night. Box springs are not needed to use this mattress as it fits into an existing bed frame in your bedroom. It is compatible with different mattress foundation systems. 

This mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty, so you can be sure to try it out and decide if it is a good fit for you. To learn more about the Helix Plus and read our full review, click here.

2. Saatva HD - Most Luxurious

Saatva HD - Most Luxurious

Our Rating


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The Saatva HD is Saatva’s mattress offering that is specifically designed to be the best mattress for heavy people out of their lineup. This mattress is very tall, so special sheets will need to be ordered for it. However, there is a lot of cool features packed into all of that height. It provides a perfect combination of innersprings and a memory foam mattress design

This mattress includes high-grade steel coils that are individually pocketed so that they are very quiet. It includes a layer of comfort foam to give you just the amount of contouring that you need to feel comfortable. It also has Talalay latex, memory foam, and support foam as some of its many different layers. The latex materials add a bouncy effect. This is not a full latex mattress, but rather a hybrid design with different materials. These materials are not only going to be very supportive for heavier individuals, but they are also going to be highly durable, ensuring this mattress is going to be a good investment.

All different sleeping positions will feel comfortable on this mattress due to the zoned support system. The plush pillow top gives side sleepers the bit of giving they need on pressure points such as the shoulders and hips, and the support foam ensures stomach and side sleepers aren’t sinking into the mattress and feeling stuck. These are great features for heavier sleepers, as those who have been carrying a lot of extra weight for many years are likely to have pain in their joints that can be relieved with a mattress that for contouring around key pressure points.

This mattress looks and feels very high-end. It has a quilted mattress top to give it that classic look. However, don’t be fooled; this mattress is highly innovative and ensures a good night’s sleep due to its many different strategic layers. If you like the feel of a high-end hotel mattress, the Saatva HD is certainly going to be a good choice for you. It has excellent breathability and does not require box springs. The mattress is likely going to be compatible with your existing bed frame. The hybrid memory foam mattress also helps to regulate your body temperature during sleep. 

To learn more about the Saatva HD and read our full review, click here.

3. Titan by Brooklyn Bedding - Editor’s Pick

Titan by Brooklyn Bedding - Editor’s Pick

Our Rating


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The Titan from Brooklyn Bedding is one of their hybrid models. If you need the best mattress for obese people, this should definitely be one of your top contenders. This mattress is very firm and supportive, making it one of the best choices for heavier people on the market. The mattress thickness makes it an appropriate option for people with a heavyweight, but without creating a hard surface underneath your body. This bed is also great when you have a sleep partner. 

This mattress has conforming layers on the top, so it is still supporting pressure points throughout the body despite being so firm. It is also one of the more cooling mattresses, due to a design that gives great airflow throughout the coils and also includes a very breathable cover. There is also a layer of cooling gel memory foam. Heavier individuals tend to sleep hotter than smaller individuals, so the cooling capabilities of this mattress are definitely a big plus. 

Despite being on the firm side and having a coil layer, this mattress is very good at motion isolation, which is what earned it the Editor’s pick. This is a hard balance to get right – but if you sleep with a partner and one of you is easily disturbed, there won’t be a lot of excess motion when one of you gets in and out of bed. This mattress is also responsive enough for sex, making it a great choice for couples.

The innerspring offers better motion isolation, even when you have heavier bodyweight. The mattress has excellent breathability, which contributes to its cooling properties and temperature regulation. 

This mattress is well-enforced throughout, and the edge support is highly durable. This makes it great both for heavier individuals as well as sexually active couples.

This bed comes with a 120-night sleep trial as well as a 10-year warranty, so you can feel confident that it is going to be a safe choice. 

To learn more about the Titan by Brooklyn Bedding and read our full review, click here.

4. Purple Hybrid Premier - Best For Side Sleepers

Purple Hybrid Premier - Best For Side Sleepers

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If you are looking for the best mattress for obese people who sleep on their side, the Purple Hybrid Premier is a great option for you. Purple has become one of the top-rated mattress brands in recent years. The Purple Hybrid Premier features Purple’s patented hyper-elastic gel polymer that is designed to be both pressure-relieving as well as supportive. This is the Purple Mattress for a heavy person that you should consider if you like the brand. 

The gel grid gives way on key pressure points for side sleepers, such as the hips and shoulders, while being very supportive elsewhere. The hybrid includes innerspring coils, giving it that extra dose of firmness that heavier sleepers need in a mattress. Because of the combination of easy pressure-relief and firm support, any sleeping position will feel comfortable on this mattress, as well.

The hyper-elastic gel polymer that is Purple’s proprietary innovation is also notable in that it is highly durable. Heavier people put more stress on a mattress over time, so having a mattress that is made out of more durable materials is very important for its longevity. At the same time, a cushioning layer at the top can help to provide a soft feeling without necessarily affecting the mattress firmness. This mattress won’t sag in the middle after a year or two of use the way many other mattresses will. 

Purple mattresses are also one of the most cooling mattresses on the market, and the premier hybrid is no different. The advanced cooling technology ensures less heat distribution inside your bed. You will find that the grid-like structure of the hyper-elastic polymer is very good at promoting airflow in order to keep you nice and cool at night.

This mattress contains 4” of that gel-grid and as well as individually pocketed coils. While you won’t find as much contouring on the top of this mattress as you may find with some other options, it is a great choice for pressure relief as well as cooling. 

The Purple Hybrid Premier comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year limited warranty, making it a safe choice for any customer.

To learn more about Purple mattress and read our full review, click here

5. Leesa Hybrid - Best For Combination Sleepers

 Leesa Hybrid - Best For Combination Sleepers

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Leesa has become one of the more recognized mattress brands. They offer various options when it comes to mattress thickness and mattress firmness. While the Leesa Hybrid wasn’t designed to be the best mattress for fat people, it was designed to have a good balance between both support and pressure relief, making it a great choice for combination sleepers as well as for heavier individuals.

The Leesa hybrid mattress has many layers of high-grade foam to provide the right amount of pressure relief and contour for those who are combination sleepers or for individuals who like a comfier-feeling mattress. Many mattresses on this list may be too firm for someone who likes to sleep in a fluffy cloud, so the Leesa Hybrid could be a great middle-of-the-road choice for them. This provides innerspring for better supportiveness. It also helps to improve the support for a larger weight range in the mattress

The support of the Leesa Hybrid mattress comes from a pocketed coil system that keeps noise to a minimum, so you don’t have to worry if you or your partner are easily disturbed at night.

Speaking of partners, the Leesa Hybrid mattress has a fair amount of bounce to it, so you don’t have to worry about you and your partner sinking into the mattress and being unable to pull off your favorite sex move. The Leesa hybrid is one of our top choices for sexually intimate couples of sexually active individuals precisely because it has quite a bit of bounce to it. The mattress also offers cooling properties and improved air circulation. This helps with the regulation of your body temperature. 

To learn more about the Titan by Brooklyn Bedding and read our full review, click here

6. WinkBeds Plus - Best For Back Sleepers

WinkBeds Plus - Best For Back Sleepers

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WinkBeds offers four different innerspring mattress options, but the Plus is their option designed specifically for heavier customers. It ensures there is no spinal misalignment and helps with pain relief in heavy individuals. The mattress has high weight limits and provides superior stability, even when a heavy person lies on top. 

This mattress features taller individually wrapped coils than the average innerspring mattress, allowing for better support throughout the mattress for heavier customers, which will be especially helpful for those that sleep on their back.

This mattress features a latex layer, as well. Latex is highly durable, which makes this mattress a better choice for heavier sleepers than the average innerspring mattress.

The top of the mattress features high-density foam for a plush feel on the top of the mattress. This foam is anti-sagging, so this is a very durable option for those that are worried about mattress sagging. 

Check out our full Winkbeds review here!

7. Big Fig- Best For Stomach Sleepers

Big Fig- Best For Stomach Sleepers

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Big Fig stands for “bigger figure,” so you know that this mattress is a safe bet for those on the heavier side. For those who are over 300 pounds, this could be your best bet to finding a supportive and durable mattress.

This mattress has kept heavier customers in mind throughout its entire design, including a cooling thermogel meant to cool customers who sleep hot throughout the night.

This mattress is very supportive and is a great option for those who sleep on their stomach for this reason. It can also be a great option for someone with chronic back pain if the WinkBed plus doesn’t work for them. The surfaces of the mattress provide superior comfort. The mattress durability is one of the best on the market. 

The foundation of this bed is 5x stronger than the average mattress base, so this bed will last you a long time if you are on the heavier side. While this mattress is expensive, it is an option that is sure to last you a long time. 

The Best Mattresses For Heavy People Buying Guide

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, bodyweight is going to have a significant effect on how you experience different mattresses that are currently on the market. If you are an individual who weighs more than 230 pounds, you are going to need to be particularly careful when choosing a mattress for yourself. If both yourself and your partner are overweight, this issue is going to be compounded even further.

Thankfully, there are quite a few different key differentiators that you can look for when mattress shopping that will help you make sure that it is one that can support your weight. If none of our five top picks spoke to you, here are the different things you need to look for as you scour the internet finding the perfect mattress for you.

And remember, weight is just a number. The important thing here is ensuring that you can get a good night’s sleep. Research shows that having a comfortable bed and getting great sleep is one of the healthiest things you can do, so that should be the goal here first and foremost. 

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The Thickness Of Your Mattress

The average mattress will likely have a thickness within a range of six inches to fourteen inches. However, some mattresses can be even thicker than 14 inches. The thickness can vary by manufacturer as well as by mattress type. Hybrid mattresses, for instance, need to have room to house the innerspring pocketed coil systems in addition to different layers of memory foam, so they tend to be more on the thick side. 

When you are a heavier individual, you are going to put more pressure on your mattresses, causing it to sink and bend more. For that reason, a thicker bed is going to be a better option for you. While you will need to take the other factors we go over into account, as well, you really can’t have too thick of a mattress.

When you think about the varying thickness of things and how easy they are to bend depending upon that thickness, that is what is happening with your mattress. Even if it is made out of the same materials, a thicker mattress is going to be much more durable and less likely to bend.

When a mattress bends in the same spot over and over again, it is going to cause permanent damage and sagging. To help stop this, you should rotate your mattress end to end on occasion, it is a little like rotating your tires. If you do this, it will help your mattress increase its lifespan.

While you are shopping for mattresses, you should aim to find a mattress that is at least if not more 12 inches thick if you are 230 pounds or heavier. If you are quite a bit heavier than 230, you should look for an even thicker mattress.

The Firmness Of Your Mattress

When you are shopping around for mattresses, you will find that firmness is usually counted on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the firmest mattress and one being the squishiest. If you are a heavier individual over 230 pounds, you are going to want to buy a mattress that is on the firmer side of that spectrum. A firm bed will give you better support. This is because you will likely sink into your mattress quite a bit compared to a smaller individual. Many mattress companies that focus on mattresses for overweight individuals will use coil layers to add support and durability. 

If you like softer, more contouring feels but are over 230 pounds; you should look for mattresses that have a firmness level of 6. Anything below that will likely not be able to support your weight. From there, the more firm, the more supportive your mattress will be. 

If you don’t know what kind of firmness level you need, your sleep position is going to play a key factor in what is going to work for you. 

A mattress that is too soft will not provide adequate pain relief. It might also not provide room for improving airflow, which can cause heat to accumulate inside your bed. The addition of a cooling material can, however, be helpful in such a case. 

Here are a few common sleep positions and what firmness levels are recommended for them:

  • Back Sleepers

When you are sleeping on your back, your weight is actually pretty evenly distributed. Because of this, you can easily get away with a 6 or 7 firmness level mattress as you do not need as much support as some of the other common sleeping positions.

  • Side Sleepers

This position leads to many pressure points, hitting the mattress, and often does not align the spine properly. Because of this, there needs to be some give for pressure points to achieve better spinal alignment. For this reason, you will want a more medium-firm mattress like a 7 in order to allow some give for those pressure points. Besides 7 mattresses mentioned above, Nest bedding mattresses also a great option for heavier sleepers. The best mattress for heavy side sleepers will never be too soft – this makes you sink into the bed. The best mattress for overweight side sleepers will often also provide a hybrid structure.

  • Stomach Sleepers

While many heavier individuals who carry weight in their stomachs won’t enjoy sleeping on their stomachs, there are some that carry more in the buttocks and thighs that find this position to be the most comfortable. However, stomach sleepers are also the most likely to sink deep into their mattress, which can eventually lead to expensive spinal problems. The best mattress for large people who sleep on their stomach is a firm mattress with a rating of 8 or higher for these reasons so that they can get a mattress that provides as much support as possible.

Mattress Type

When you are a heavier sleeper looking for a new mattress, it is also important to be aware of the different types of mattresses you will be running into when you are doing your research. Not all mattress types are going to be great for heavier sleepers, so knowing what type of mattress you want ahead of time can help you quickly and easily narrow your search down to the top contenders.

Innerspring Mattresses

An innerspring mattress is a traditional mattress that you are likely very accustomed to. These are the mattresses people have been using for decades, and don’t necessarily include bells and whistles like individually pocketed coil systems and memory foam tops. 

These mattresses are likely going to have a steel coil support layer that is sandwiched between a base layer and a top layer to keep it all together. However, not every innerspring coil mattress is made equally. The gauge of these steel coils is going to help determine how truly supportive each mattress actually will be. The gauge is going to be expressed in numbers and is a similar concept to the gauge system they use to classify different thicknesses of body piercings.

The thickest gauge coils are actually the lower-gauge coils, so they will have a lower number than the thinnest gauge coils. When you are a heavier individual, you are going to want to look for coils that have a thicker gauge to them as these are going to provide the firmest support. 

Innerspring mattresses have an added benefit of being able to regulate temperature very well. Most heavier sleepers are going to sleep a bit hotter than the average individual, so having a bed with good airflow is going to be very important to maintaining your comfort and getting a good night’s sleep.

Innerspring mattresses have a shorter lifespan than some other different kinds of mattresses and are only going to stay supportive for a heavier individual for about 5-6 years. 

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses are those that are made entirely of foam. These are the mattresses that first made bed-in-a-box models popular as they are easy to compress and to ship in a box. However, as you can imagine, an easily-compressed mattress is not going to be very supportive for a heavier individual, so by and large these mattresses are not recommended for individuals over 230 pounds. In fact, there are many popular options on the market that aren’t great for those even over 180 pounds. When buying an all-foam mattress, it is definitely very important to stay vigilant and ensure you are getting one that can support your weight.

There are a few different exceptions to this rule where a mattress company was able to come up with a foam layer that is going to be supportive enough for heavier individuals. For someone who is on a budget and really wants to try an all-foam mattress out, Nectar has an option that might work for you, due to its high-density support foam. However, even this mattress is likely to be a poor choice for those who are over 300 pounds.

If you are looking for an all-foam mattress, make sure that there is a high-density layer. To determine this, there needs to be a layer of either polyfoam with a PCF of 1.8 to 2.5, or there needs to be a foam layer with a PCF over 6.

Another thing worth mentioning about all foam mattresses is that they tend to sleep hot. The open coil systems we mentioned in our reviews of the best mattresses for heavy sleepers talked about the importance of airflow, and high-density foam is not going to have a lot of airflow. If you are living in a cold climate this may be okay for you, but for those who sleep hot, they will likely want to avoid all-foam mattresses.

Hybrid Mattresses

If you like the idea of foam mattresses for their added comfort but are afraid that they aren’t going to provide enough support for you, you may want to look into a hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses are a blend of all-foam mattresses as well as innerspring coil systems that are great at delivering both comfort and support to heavier individuals. In fact, most of the mattresses we reviewed in this article are hybrid mattresses. A hybrid mattress usually offers superior pressure point relief as well, due to the specific combination of mattress materials used in its construction. 

A hybrid mattress is going to have a base foam or polyfoam layer, a system of pocketed coils as a support core, and a top layer featuring a blend of different memory foams, latex, or something like Purple’s hyper-elastic gel grid. 

These mattresses tend to be on the thick side, which, as we mentioned before, is a good thing for heavier sleepers. The multiple layers are often comprised of materials that promote good airflow, which is also going to help hot sleepers stay nice and cool all night. The blend of these different layers provides stabilized support as well as contouring comfort.

However, there can be a few negatives to a hybrid mattress. These mattresses tend to have shorter lifespans due to the innerspring coils. Additionally, these tend to be some of the most expensive mattresses on the market, so they may not be a great choice for some mattress shoppers who are on a budget.

Latex Mattresses

While we didn’t discuss latex mattresses in this review, these can be a good option for heavier sleepers who are on a strict budget if they find the right one that works for them. These mattresses use latex and high-density foam. Some of them also have a comfort foam layer on top. These mattresses are going to be the most durable, which is why they are a favorite in dormitories. They generally last 8 years, but sometimes even longer. Latex, unlike foam, also sleeps cool, so they are a good option for hot sleepers as well. 

There are many different higher-end models of latex mattresses on the market that are made of organic or natural latex, so these can be a good option for people with allergies. Dunlop latex is a bit thicker than Talalay latex, so if you are worried about firmness, search for a mattress made of Dunlop.

Latex mattresses often don’t have the best edge support, so if you are sleeping with a partner you may want to spring for a hybrid mattress with reinforced edges. Additionally, latex mattresses can get expensive, so it is important to do price comparisons with the other types of mattresses if you are unsure of which one is going to best fit your budget.

Airbed Mattress

An airbed mattress isn’t the inflatable mattress you used to use to go camping. Airbeds are becoming popular among the average sleeper too. They are often mentioned among the budget brands, as the price range of airbeds is often on the lower side. When we are talking about an airbed mattress, we are talking about a mattress that includes air chambers as a support core in addition to layers of memory foam or polyfoam. 

These mattresses are thick and have good edge support. Another bonus is that you can adjust the firmness based on your preferences or based on fluctuating weight. It may take a bit of adjustment to find the firmness level that makes you feel the most supported. Additionally, these aren’t the most durable mattresses, so you may have to buy additional parts to maintain the mattress over time. When opting for an airbed, it is important to look for an option such as a 1000 pound capacity air mattress. This will provide adequate support.

Other Considerations

Now that you have a good grasp on what to look for when shopping for a mattress for an overweight individual, it is important to think about your personal preferences and how that factors into picking the right mattress for you. Avoid getting a narrow twin mattress, as this size of the mattress may be inappropriate for your body weight. The thickness of your mattress counts too. A 6 inches memory foam mattress will offer less support than a full size mattress and box spring set. You can also consider special types of materials offered by some mattress companies. TitanFlex foam is just one example of a material that makes a mattress more supportive, while also focusing on a soft feeling at the surface and better breathability.

Are You A Hot Sleeper?

If you are cranking the air down every night, you are likely a hot sleeper. A firmer mattress with less contour is going to help you stay nice and cool, as is buying one that has enough airflow as not to retain heat in the center of the mattress.

If you want pressure-relief due to joint pain, so contour is important to you, you will want to make sure you spring for a mattress such as the Saatva HD, which we reviewed above, that uses innovative cooling gel foams that keep you cool even though the top layer contours to your body.

If you are someone who wakes up sweating, then springing for an innerspring or hybrid mattress is going to be the best choice for you. You also want to look for features like gel infusion if you are overweight. This helps to provide better cooling features. A top mattress brand may use special materials, such as TitanFlex foam, to offer both support and cooling functions.

How Long Do You Want Your Mattress To Last?

If you are not wanting to replace your mattress frequently, you are going to want to ensure you get a mattress that is going to last you for a long time. In order to do that, you are going to want to make sure you get a firm mattress that has a high foam density as well as good edge support. Mattresses with poor edge support are going to collapse and sag much more quickly than those with a reinforced edge.

How Much Do You Weigh?

While this article is written for anyone over 230 pounds, there is a lot of variation past that point, and the best mattress for someone who is 250 pounds is going to differ from the best mattress for someone who is 350 pounds. Thankfully, most mattress manufacturers include a weight limit in their details that tell you who that particular mattress is made for. 

Additionally, springing for a bigger mattress can often help in this regard. Bigger mattresses assume two people to sleep in them, so they are often made to support higher weights than, say, a full-sized mattress. While you are mattress shopping, be sure to look at the different weight limitations for the size of mattress that you want. 

Do You Sleep With A Partner?

If you are planning on sleeping with a partner, it is important to take their weight into consideration when you are looking at what type of mattress to buy. Additionally, you are likely going to want to ensure that you get a mattress that has a bit of responsiveness in order to have better intimacy, as intimate couples of any size tend to have a tough time in an all-foam mattress. 

Do You Need Edge Support?

Many people sit on the edge of their mattress every day when they are getting ready to go to work or whatever else they have on their agenda. However, if your mattress does not have reinforced edge support, this can be detrimental to its durability and really shorten the lifespan of your mattress over time. 

If you sit on your mattress a lot or if you sleep with a partner and one of you tends to get pushed towards the edge at night, it is important to make sure that you are looking for a mattress that has reinforced edge support. 


What Is The Best Mattress For A Heavy Person?

The best mattress for a heavy person is going to be one that fits their weight limit, has good airflow to reduce sweating, and has enough support and durability to last a long time without sagging. Any mattress on this list will be a great choice for a heavy person.

Do Mattresses Have A Weight Limit?

Yes, mattress manufacturers include a weight limit with their mattresses so that you are able to determine if a particular make and model is able to support your weight. Be sure to look at the weight limit for the mattress size that you want to buy, as the weight limit does differ by size.

What Is The Best Type Of Mattress For A Heavy Person?

While this can vary based on personal preference, we are of the opinion that the best mattress for a heavy person is going to be a hybrid mattress. This is because heavier people are going to have issues with joint pain and need the pressure relief of memory foam or comfort foam top layers, but they are also going to need the firmness and responsiveness of an innerspring coil system.

Do I Need A Box Spring To Go With My Mattress?

This is going to depend on what mattress you buy. It is important to get the right base for your mattress based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, as using the wrong base is going to void the warranty. These days, most mattresses do not require a box spring, but you will likely need a flat platform base for your mattress if you do not plan to keep it on the floor. Thankfully, the brands we have reviewed today will allow you to purchase the appropriate base for your mattress when you make your order.

Can Extra Weight Cause Sleep Apnea?

According to the research, extra weight is one of the main reasons that people get sleep apnea. The extra weight on your body obstructs your ability to breathe because of the soft excess tissues in your mouth and throat. These issues affect both your oxygen levels and your sleep.

Weight loss is one of the recommended cures for sleep apnea, but weight loss can be hard to do when the bed isn’t even comfortable, which is going to affect your sleep even further. If you have a comfortable bed where you can get a good night’s sleep, this is going to help you have more energy to put towards your weight loss and help cure your sleep apnea.

It is a frustrating cycle of reducing symptoms, to be sure, but a step in the right towards better sleep and thusly, an easier time losing weight, can be the positive step you need to take in your health journey. 

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