Best Mattress for Hip Pain

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✅ This article has been medically reviewed by: Dr. Amita Fotedar, Ph.D., Dr. Kate Sołdaj, M.D. and Dr. Bartłomiej Orybkiewicz, M.D.

Find the features you need for a good night’s rest!

The quality of your sleep has a huge impact on your overall health and wellness. You just aren’t at your best if you didn’t get a good night’s sleep.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re getting the most out of your rest and to make sure your mattress is comfortable and supportive in all the ways you need. If you have hip pain, you need to find the best mattress for hip pain.

Hip pain is one of the most common causes of a poor night’s sleep. Once you have hip pain it can feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle since so many mattresses don’t relieve pressure on your hips while you sleep. 

Pain while you sleep can make it harder for you to get the high-quality rest you need. Not getting enough rest makes it harder to deal with hip pain and can even make the pain worse. It turns into a nasty cycle that robs you of sleep and much of your body’s natural resilience and ability to recover. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to stay stuck in the cycle of hip pain and poor sleep. The best mattresses for hip pain will help you break the cycle and get back to normal life. 

Our in-depth reviews of some of the best options will help you find the right set of features and benefits for your unique sleep needs. We’ve also provided a buying guide at the end of this article to go over some of the most important features of a hip-friendly mattress. If you’re wondering how to relieve hip pain, getting a mattress that helps resolve the problem instead of adding to it is a fantastic way to start. 

The Best Mattresses for Hip Pain:

  1. Nolah OriginalBest Overall
  2. Layla Memory Foam Mattress Best Dual Firmness
  3. Loom & Leaf MattressBest High-End
  4. Brooklyn Bedding AuroraBest Customization
  5. Bear ProBest for Athletes
  6. Helix LuxeBest for Heavier People
  7. Casper HybridBest for Combination Sleepers
Best Overall

Nolah Original

Best Dual Firmness

Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Best High-End

Loom & Leaf Mattress

Best Customization

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

Best For Athletes

The Bear Pro

Best For Heavier People

Helix Luxe

Best for Combination Sleepers

Casper Hybrid

The Best Mattresses for Hip Pain, Reviewed

1. Nolah Original – Best Overall

Nolah Original – Best Overall

Our Rating


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The first thing you need to know about Nolah is that they are an online-only bed in a box company. They don’t sell their mattresses through other retailers, and they don’t have any brick and mortar stores either. 

That doesn’t mean that their quality is any lower than the mattresses you can get in a brick and mortar store though. In fact, since they aren’t competing directly with the tricky marketing terms used by other mattress companies, it’s generally easier to understand the features and benefits described by the company. 

Nolah uses Airfoam, their own proprietary type of memory foam. 

The Airfoam comprises their comfort layer, which is pillowy and soft like normal memory foam, without the high levels of heat retention that can be uncomfortable overnight. 

The Original mattress is a medium-firm mattress, right in the middle of the firmness scale. Its comfort layer provides a lot of cushion to relieve those high-pressure spots along your hips and shoulders. Medium-firm is a good choice for a lot of body types and weights. 

If you’re over 230 lbs, though, you may want to consider a slightly firmer mattress since this mattress may start to feel saggy and uncomfortable with regular use. 

The Original is only 10 inches thick, fairly narrow for a medium firmness mattress. That said, they do offer another mattress, the Signature, that’s a little thicker and flappable. The Signature might be a better option than the Original if you’re looking for long-lasting durability. 

Nolah has worked specifically to make sure that their polyfoam mattress has enough responsiveness to make movement easier, while still offering the advanced contouring of a good memory foam mattress. The original is more responsive than most but still isolates movement well for couples. 

Like most high-end mattresses, you get a 120-day mattress break-in period. When you purchase a Nolah you also sign up for a mandatory 30-day break-in period. That means that you need to wait at least 30 days to decide that you want a different mattress if this one isn’t quite working. 

That mandatory period helps make sure that your problems are with the mattress itself, not just the foam needing to adjust to your sleep position. 

The Bottom Line

The Nolah original is a three-layer all-polyfoam mattress that is designed to give you the comfort and the conforming feeling of soft memory foam, with the support and density you need for good spine alignment. 

Available only as a medium-firm mattress it’s a good option for a wide variety of different body types and weights and helps maintain proper spinal alignment and low hip pressure overnight. It’s less suitable for heavier individuals and may be a little too soft for stomach sleepers. 

Overall a solid and adaptable mattress, Nolah’s other offerings help fill some of the performance gaps in this design. 

2. Layla Memory Foam Mattress – Best Dual Firmness

Layla Memory Foam Mattress – Best Dual Firmness

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One of the biggest challenges that can come with having hip pain is needing very different mattress qualities from day to day. You might need a firmer mattress one night, and something much softer a week later depending on how your hips and back are doing. 

Common causes of hip pain, like arthritis and old injuries, can often feel different from day to day. One solution could be having two beds, but that can pose a serious space challenge, especially for couples. 

Layla has a reasonable solution for most sleepers. Their Memory Foam mattress is dual-sided, with one side of the mattress being firm while the other side of the mattress is very soft. 

Since the mattress is fully flappable, not only do you get the advantage of essentially having two mattresses in one, but this design is also significantly more durable than most memory foam mattresses. You might not be able to get the most out of the durability if you need one side of the mattress more often than the other, but you should still get a slightly longer lifespan. 

The biggest problem with the dual-sided design is that the firm side is very firm, while the soft side is very soft. There aren’t any options to customize the firmness of either side, so you’re stuck with the basic model. 

That means that if you’re someone who usually likes medium-firm or medium-soft mattresses, the Layla mattress probably isn’t for you. 

Both sides of this mattress have thermogel layers that help to distribute heat and keep you cooler overnight. The thermogel won’t disperse too much heat though, so there is no risk of waking up cold like there is with some inflatable mattresses. 

Most importantly for us, the comfort layer on both sides of the mattress contours to your body well to help reduce pressure, particularly around your hips and your lumbar spine. That makes it a lot easier to get a good night’s rest and to get some relief from chronic hip pain. 

The Bottom Line

Layla’s dual firmness mattress is easily one of the best mattresses for hip pain while sleeping since it gives you more comfort options without taking up any more space in your home. With a price that’s competitive with single-sided mattresses of the same type, it’s hard not to think that you’re getting good value on your investment. 

However, since there isn’t a version of this mattress that comes in a medium firmness, it might not be a great fit for all sleepers. However, between the two firmness sides, you’ll be able to sleep in almost any sleep position comfortably and without aggravating additional hip pain. 

We’ve also put together a focused review of just Layla’s mattresses if you want to learn more. 

3. Loom & Leaf Mattress – Best High-End

Loom & Leaf Mattress – Best High-End

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High-end mattresses don’t always deliver what their price tags promise. Fortunately, Loom & Leaf, like its predecessor Saatvia, isn’t one of those mattresses. You might be paying a little more upfront, but Loom and Leaf mattresses payout in durability in the end. 

The other advantage of Loom & Leaf is that they are a company that likes to stand by their principles and reflect those principles in the design of their products. For starters, all of their mattresses, including this one, are made from ethically sourced and environmentally friendly materials. 

Loom & Leaf is the first fully memory foam mattress produced by this company. But unlike other online mattress companies, Loom& Leaf won’t arrive at your home in a box and doesn’t require inflation time. Instead, the mattress will arrive fully inflated. You’ll also always get a professional delivery and installation (setting it on your bed frame) every time. 

That saves you a lot of time (and means you get more of a test on the mattress) since you don’t need to spend any time inflating and off-gassing the mattress. It’s ready to go from day one. 

The foam inside of the mattress is manufactured in the United States and has high-quality standard for performance and density. The outer cover is made from 100% organic cotton. The cotton is more breathable than many different mattress covers and helps keep the mattress cool and dry over even the warmest nights. 

The cover is assisted in keeping you a little cooler thanks to a cooling gel layer just below the comfort layer distributing even more heat. 

The Loom & Leaf is a little on the firm side for a memory foam mattress, which makes it a good option for side sleepers who like a little more resistance and don’t want to sink so far into the bed. It distributes your weight well on your back but may be a little too firm for the comfort of stomach sleepers. 

Despite that added firmness, the Loom & Leaf still conforms to your curves well and reduces the main pressure points that can add to hip pain. 

Look & Leaf is another brand we’ve reviewed before. Our more detailed review is great if you want a little more information. 

The Bottom Line

This mattress is one of the best options out there not only for people with lower back and hip pain but also for people who are looking for environmentally friendly products that support their values. 

However, it’s not for everyone. As a high-end mattress, it does cost a good bit more upfront than many memory foam mattresses. It’s also not a great fit for people who prefer a softer mattress since the Loom & Leaf is on the firm side. 

It is, overall, a very breathable, comfortable, and pain-relieving mattress when it’s a good fit. We also want to note that you can get a lot of similar benefits, with a bit more reactivity, in the original Saatva mattress. 

4. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora – Best Customization

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora – Best Customization

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Brooklyn Bedding is a good option if you’re looking for a mattress company that handles all of manufacturing and production here in the United States. They have a strict quality control process that helps ensure every single one of their mattresses meets their high-quality standards. 

More importantly, Brooklyn Bedding understands that there are as many different kinds of sleeper as there are people and has designed a customizable mattress meant to meet the needs of as many different sleeper types as possible. 

The Aurora features the cooling later that Brooklyn Bedding is known for and is one of the more effective heat distributing mattresses on this list. It also has a comfort coil system that provides a little more structure and support than many typical memory foam mattresses, without creating new pressure points. In our more focused review of this brand it earned a perfect score for cooling and quality materials. 

In fact, the layers between you and the comfort coils, and Brooklyn Bedding’s coil design, both combine to create a much more effective support system. The softer foam layers between you and the coils help to contour to your shape, reducing pressure, but you’ll never sink too far into the bed for comfort. 

It’s also nice that they understand the need for slightly different levels of resistance in different parts of the bed, a little less support at the shoulders, and a little more at the hips, for instance, to create better spinal alignment in all sleep positions. 

Combination comfort is important if you have hip pain at night lying on your hip pain while sleep pinched nerve in hip side. That’s because hip pain can often be a result of sleeping in a position that your mattress isn’t designed for, but it’s a challenge for combination sleepers to stay in the same position. 

Best of all, the firmness of your mattress is customizable in all sizes, giving you a lot more control over your comfort. Brooklyn Bedding offers the full range of firmness in the Aurora line of mattresses. 

With the additions of minimal off-gassing before the mattress is ready to use and motion isolation that makes it much more comfortable for couples, and this mattress is a good option for most users. 

The Bottom Line

Brooklyn Bedding is a highly quality controlled mattress company that knows that customizability is one of the biggest factors when it comes to mattress comfort. They don’t want anyone to miss out on their mattress designs, so they give you a wide range of different firmness levels to choose from. 

The Aurora is a more supportive and more reactive bed than many of our offerings, but it’s still easily one of the best mattresses for hip pain thanks to its highly contouring comfort layer and strategically places support. 

5. Bear Pro – Best for Athletes

Bear Pro – Best for Athletes

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One thing that is rarely considered by mattress companies are the differences between people who lie relatively sedentary lives and people who put a lot of effort and time into building endurance and athletic skill.

Specifically, relatively few mattress companies have considered what is more likely to make an athlete comfortable overnight as opposed to everyone else. 

That’s unfortunate this athleticism can easily lead to all kinds of joint pain just from the normal wear and tear of exercise. When that pain begins to interfere with sleep it becomes harder to train, harder to keep up with your exercise routines, and just generally harder to continue with day to day life. Athletes are also more likely to develop lower back and hip pain on one side than the general population, and it’s important to have a mattress that can deal with both. Hip pain

Bear Pro, fortunately, has come out with a mattress that addresses some of the different pressure points and different needs for more athletic customers. 

Their mattresses are designed with all foam layers, like a typical memory foam mattress. However, instead of only a handful of different layers to form the foundation, disperse heat, and provide a comforting cushion, Bear Pro has increased the number of layers for a more nuanced support system. 

As another benefit of those additional layers and how they change weight distribution, these mattresses are comfortable for all sleep positions, and for most weights up to about 230 lbs. 

Bear also offers a lot of customizability with this design. You can select your exact firmness preference, with a lot more variability than we typically see with mattresses. 

The Bear Pro is also an excellent choice if you’re looking for a mattress that’s great for alleviating hip pain but that won’t break the bank. It’s more affordable price point, compared to a lot of its main competitors, makes this mattress a particularly appealing option for most consumers. If you want to learn more about the unique construction behind Bear, we’ve written a focused review of Bear mattresses as well. 

The Bottom Line

It’s hard to find faults with this line thanks to the Bear Pro’s high degree of customization options, multilayered support, and a wide range of comfortable positions. 

However, the biggest complaint we’d anticipate with this mattress is that it does sag a little for customers over 230 lbs. and has slightly less edge support than some alternatives. This mattress is also a little on the thin side, no matter it’s softness rating, and may not work as well for consumers who really like a thick mattress. 

That said, the fact that this mattress is designed with athletes in mind, but still manages to be an exceedingly comfortable bed for non-athletes is nothing to sneeze at. 

6. Helix Luxe – Best for Heavier People

Helix Luxe – Best for Heavier People

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One of the most common problems with memory foam mattresses is that they can struggle to hold up to heavier consumers. Memory foam often develops a noticeable impression in the foam after reasonable use from someone above its weight limit, and the problem gets worse with time. 

Memory foam mattresses can also be prone to sagging along the sides after a while, another problem for customers over 230 lbs. 

The Helix Luxe line of mattresses helps make it possible for heavier consumers to enjoy the benefits of a memory foam mattress without having to get a hybrid design to make the foam work. 

That’s great for people with hip pain because hybrid mattresses often don’t do as good a job of eliminating pressure points and helping your hips and low back relax for a great night’s sleep. That can be especially important for heavier people because the extra weight can make it more likely for you to develop hip pain at night lying on side. 

The Luxe isn’t so much a single mattress from Helix as it is an upgrade that increases the weight capacity of their other mattress designs. That means that while you won’t have as much customization ability on any single mattress as you get with some other companies, you will have access to several different designs and firmness levels that can all handle higher weights. 

Of course you don’t want to buy a mattress simply because it’s designed for higher weight tolerance. Our detailed review looks at the pros and cons of Helix mattresses so you can make an informed choice. 

Most of the mattresses in Helix’s Luxe lineup are also a good option for combination sleepers. That means that tossing and turning in your sleep won’t mean waking up with soreness from a bad sleep position since these mattresses can handle a wider range of sleep positions than many. 

One of the other things you should probably note about Helix mattresses is that they tend to be a more neutral foam design than a true memory foam. That can mean that they feel just a little different than traditional memory foam, though they do generally offer many of the same benefits. 

The Bottom Line

The Helix Luxe line is really specifically designed for customers who might not have a good experience with other mattresses due to higher weight. If you aren’t above the weight limits for your preferred mattress style you might be better off with a different design. 

That said, these mattresses are a huge boon to heavier customers who are looking for a mattress than can eliminate pressure points and relieve painful hips and joints. The wide selection of style choice gives you more customization options and makes it possible to get a mattress that fits your sleep needs much more closely. 

7. Casper Hybrid – Best for Combination Sleepers

Casper Hybrid – Best for Combination Sleepers

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Casper might be one of the better-known online options, but that doesn’t inherently make them one of the best. Instead, it’s their high standards for materials quality, great customer support, and other adaptive mattress features that make them one of the best mattresses for hip pain. 

Specifically, these mattresses are designed to provide even and effective support for combination sleepers who find themselves in several different sleep positions through the night. 

Casper’s Hybrid mattress also offers good cooling features, helping to keep hot sleepers more comfortable through the night. 

The Hybrid mattress is also a good option for couples since its advanced motion isolation helps keep you both more comfortable, even if one or both of you are restless sleepers. Even if you sleep soundly, consider the advantages if you have different schedules, or if you have kids you need to get up and tend through the night. 

Their hybrid mattress features a plush top that really gives you a lot of cushion to help distribute pressure and relieve any possible pain points. 

The several layers of foam at the top of the mattress act a lot like a full memory foam mattress, but with better heat control and breathability than many. The design also limits how much compression can reduce the breathability of the mattress. 

The polyester cover on Casper is also nicely breathable, and softer than most polyester fabrics, perfect for a great night’s sleep. 

In our detailed review, one of Casper’s best scores is for their quality customer service. The guarantee that this company will stand behind their product is one of it’s most important features. 

The Bottom Line

Casper’s hybrid mattress design is a solid medium firmness mattress with good softness and reactivity. The foam top of the mattress helps cushion and reduce the pressure on your low back and hips, reducing pain and helping you get a good night’s sleep. Relieving that pressure is great for reducing lower back and hip pain. 

It’s responsive enough to your position to help combination sleepers stay comfortable all night long, without increasing pressure on any of the common pain points that could reduce your sleep quality or even wake you up. 

The base layer of springs also adds to the durability of the hybrid, making it a good mattress option for longer, and helping increase the value of the mattress.

Best Mattress for Hip Pain Buying Guide

Getting a good night’s sleep is critically important for all aspects of your physical and mental health. Sleep is your body’s opportunity to reset and recover, it’s when a lot of healing happens, and it’s when your short-term memory gets processed into long term memory and core experience. 

We all know that you’re supposed to get about eight hours of sleep in a night to get the most from your rest, but the amount of sleep isn’t the only thing that affects your sleep. You also need to be concerned with the quality of your sleep. Whether you’re suffering from a pinched nerve in your hip, or just unidentified lower back and hip pain on side you need relief to get your best possible sleep. 

If you aren’t sleeping well, you’ll need more sleep. Unfortunately, with the fast pace of modern life, it’s hard to get in those extra hours, whether it’s hip pain at night, a bad mattress, or both keeping you awake.

That’s why we’ve put together this buying guide in addition to finding some of the best mattresses for hip pain. This way, you know what kinds of mattresses are likely to help your hip pain most and know what features to look for. 

Bed Type

The core of your bed, everything under the outer decorative cover, is where the magic happens. There are many different types of beds, based on how they provide support and firmness, and each type is a little different from the others. 

Memory Foam:

We’re going to lump other kinds of foam in with memory foam here, simply because most foam beds have more similarities than differences. You’ll probably have noticed that most of the mattresses we recommended on this list are memory foam or foam mattresses. 

That’s because memory foam is one of the best options for contouring to your body, meeting every curve, and providing even support to the highest point on your body as the lowest. 

When you’re trying to avoid hip pain, that support is especially important. Your hips are one of the lower parts of your body when you’re laying down because it’s where a lot of the weight in your body concentrates. 

It’s also surrounded by comparatively higher locations, your low back, and knees. If those higher areas aren’t supported, you’ll find a lot of pressure on your hips, which can cause pain by itself. If you have a pre-existing condition that also causes pain in your hips, chances are too much pressure will make it worse. 

However, memory foam can sink in and stop being supportive, especially for heavier customers. It can also be warmer than many people prefer, and memory foam that’s too soft can feel a little like being swallowed into your bed. 


Hybrid beds are a good second choice compared to memory foam mattresses. These beds generally have a few layers of memory foam at the top, where the foam can help cushion your body. But they are also a little more durable because they have springs or coils in the base of the bed. 

Hybrids come in a lot of different styles, with different kinds of layers between the bottom of the bed and the top. Like Memory foam, Hybrid beds usually aren’t flappable, but rotating the bed can help prevent uneven wear. 

The biggest advantage of hybrid beds is that they offer a little more support and can handle higher weight in the couples that use them. 


Innerspring mattresses were once the most common type of mattress, but they aren’t necessarily a good type for hip and back pain. They aren’t necessarily bad; it depends a lot on the design of the innerspring and how well you maintain the mattress over time. 

The biggest issue with innerspring mattresses is that they can put a lot of pressure on your highest-pressure points, usually your hips and shoulders. That additional pressure causes pain and aggravation, especially if you already have pain in your hips. 

Innerspring mattresses also have the problem that the comfort layers between you and the springs generally thin over time and become less effective with use. 

If you want to get an innerspring mattress, you’re probably best off going to a store so you can test the mattress a little before you even bring it home. 


The type of mattress you’re sleeping on is only one consideration. You also need to know what firmness you prefer. 

Your preferred firmness is more a matter of individual taste, even with hip pain. As a rule of thumb, the less you weigh the softer your mattress should be. That’s because softer mattresses will do a better job of supporting people who don’t have a lot of weight pushing down on the mattress. 

The heavier you are, the firmer your mattress should be, to a point. You don’t want your mattress to feel like you’re sleeping on a slab of padded rock. However much you weigh, your mattress should always form itself to the shape of your body to take the pressure off your hips and relieve the pain. 

Pressure Points and Support

Support and firmness aren’t necessarily the same thing when it comes to mattresses. For instance, a firm memory foam mattress is likely to be slightly less supportive than a firm hybrid mattress because the hybrid has more materials forcing it to keep its shape. 

Supportive mattresses help keep your spine in good alignment and don’t let your mattress slip into a curve while you sleep. 

Along with good support, you also need a mattress that is designed to avoid putting too much pressure on your hips to help relieve pain. 


How Long Until the New Mattress Smell Goes Away?

One of the most common questions, when you order your mattresses online, is how long it will take for the new mattress smell to fade. That smell is from chemicals that were used in manufacturing, and while they aren’t very harmful, they generally aren’t pleasant to be around. 

A good rule of thumb is that your mattress should be mostly scent-free within 24 hours, and completely scent-free in 72 hours. 

You can also use Febreze and other fabric deodorizers to help the scent fade faster. However, if your mattress arrived rolled in a box it may need up to 72 hours to fully inflate before you use it. 

Can A Mattress Really Help with Chronic Hip Pain?

You’re not alone if you’re skeptical of a mattress helping relieve your hip pain, especially if you’ve had chronic hip pain for a long time. Fortunately, a good mattress really can make a huge difference. That’s because a good mattress will take most of the stress off your joints while you sleep, letting your muscles heal and relax more effectively. 

A good night’s sleep can also help you have higher pain tolerance the next day, making your hip pain less noticeable and cumbersome. 

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