8 Best Mattress For Kids (Youth) in 2021 (Twin, Twin XL & Full Size)

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Sleep is important for your child. They need to get enough sleep to ensure no problems occur with the development of their brain and body. With the best mattress for kids in 2021, you can make sure your child is able to sleep well with no disturbances. 

There are numerous reasons why sleep is important for all children. Some studies have even suggested that sleep deficiency might be contributing to the obesity problem among the global youth population. 

A large number of mattresses are available that can provide adequate comfort and support for children. This can make things more difficult when choosing a specific mattress. We take a look at the best mattress for children. We also share a buying guide to help you find the best mattress for your kid. 

What Is The Best Mattress For Kids?

  1. Best Mattress for Kids – Nest BKB (Big Kid’s Bed)
  2. Best Mattress for Accidents – Saatva Youth
  3. Best Natural Mattress JoyBed LX
  4. Best Soft Mattress – Nectar
  5. Best Low-Budget Mattress – Casper Essential
  6. Best Elevated Mattress – Brooklyn Bowery
  7. Best Luxury Mattress – Tuft & Needle
  8. Best Value – Zinus Green Tea
Best Mattress for Kids

Nest Big Kid's Bed

Best Mattress for Accidents

Saatva Youth

Best Natural Mattress

JoyBed LX

Best Soft Mattress


Best Low Budget Mattress

Casper Essential

Best Elevated Mattress

Brooklyn Aurora

Best Luxury Mattress

Tuft & Needle

Best Value

Zinus Green Tea

Best Mattress For Kids In 2021 – Reviewed

Numerous options exist when it comes to looking to buy the best mattress for children. This can make the entire process confusing. 

Whether you are looking to buy the best twin mattress for kids or rather a full-size mattress for an older child, the options are truly endless. The problem is that not all of these mattresses are able to give your child the support and comfort they need to feel well-rested in the morning. There are many factors that you need to look at, ensuring your kid gets the sleep they need to develop into a strong young adult. 

After reviewing top-rated options, we present a list of the best mattresses that parents can get for their children below. Each mattress has its own unique features, so be sure to take a closer look at every option. This will help you identify the mattress that will be ideal for your child. 

1. Best Mattress for Kids - Nest Big Kid's Bed (BKB)

Best Mattress for Kids - Nest Big Kid's Bed (BKB)

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When it comes to the best mattress available for children, our top recommendation would have to be the Big Kid’s Bed (BKB) from Nest Bedding. Nest chooses materials that are affordable, comfortable, durable, and safe to create this mattress meant for growing kids.

You can choose a BKB in twin, twin XL, and full sizes. A twin mattress is excellent as a child’s first bed but if you want to make sure you’re choosing a bed they can grow into, the twin XL or full mattress might be the better option. Nest also lets parents add on a latex pillow and a bi-fold mattress foundation. 

The construction of the BKB keeps it simple with two foam layers, a fire protection barrier, and a mattress cover. Thermic Phase Change fabric wraps around the mattress, promoting a cooling surface for a child to ensure they do not wake up in a sweat.

Instead of potentially harmful chemical fire barriers, the BKB relies on hydrogenated silica to keep the mattress from going up in flames.

The comfort layer is 2 inches of Energex™ Temperature Responsive Foam, a material that further promotes cool, undisturbed sleep. The base layer is 5 inches of Edge Support Base Foam, providing children with a bed they won’t just roll out of in the night.

Nest offers a 100-night trial with the BKB, giving your child time to make sure it feels comfortable and supportive. The bed also includes the security of a lifetime warranty, making sure the BKB lives up to Nest’s promised comfort for the many years your child will use it.

2. Best Mattress for Accidents - Saatva Youth

Best Mattress for Accidents - Saatva Youth

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The next best mattress for kids on the market is the Saatva Youth. This mattress was specifically designed with the younger ones in mind. It is not the most affordable option on the market, but if you want to prioritize high-quality sleep for your child, then the Saatva Youth is definitely a good option to consider. 

The Saatva Youth mattress is available in three sizes. This includes a twin size, twin XL, and a full-size mattress. You can choose to buy the mattress with or without foundation. Two options for foundations are available. This includes a 4.75-inch high foundation. A higher option, measuring 8.75 inches in height, is also available. 

The mattress features a dual-sided design. One side is made for children between the age of three and eight years old. Once your child reaches eight years of age, simply flip the mattress over. Organic cotton is used as a cover for the mattress, which also helps to reduce your child’s exposure to harmful toxins. 

The mattress comes with free white glove delivery. This means the company will deliver the mattress and set it up for you. They will also remove the current mattress from your child’s bed. The purchase of the mattress is accompanied by a 15-year warranty. 

There is a 120-night home trial that is also offered by the manufacturer of the Saatva Youth mattress. This allows your child to sleep on the mattress for a few months before deciding if they are able to experience an improvement in their sleep quality. 

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3. Best Natural Mattress - JoyBed LX

Best Natural Mattress - JoyBed LX

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Many parents express concerns about the materials inside the mattresses their children use. For peace of mind, some parents choose to invest in mattresses constructed with natural materials. Our top recommendation for a natural mattress for children is the JoyBed LX. It balances natural materials with an inexpensive price tag.

The JoyBed LX comes in all the standard sizes, though we would recommend a twin, twin XL, or even a full mattress for kids. JoyBed characterizes the mattress’s feel as medium-firm. Its surface provides the support children need for pain-free sleep.

The JoyBed LX draws upon the traditional innerspring mattress design for its construction. However, instead of standard spring coils, the LX has a layer of pocketed coils for responsive, motion-isolating support.

These coils are topped with cotton and wool for heat-wicking cushion, along with potato plant fibers to meet flammability standards. The mattress’s cover is GOTS certified organic cotton, a breathable material that encourages airflow.

JoyBed offers a 120-night sleep trial with the LX, letting your child test out the bed and make sure it is right for them. It’s also backed by a 10-year warranty, protecting your investment from potential defects.

4. Best Soft Mattress - Nectar

Best Soft Mattress - Nectar

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Nectar is a company that manufactures an exceptionally comfortable mattress – one that will also be perfect for your kids. If you are looking to buy the best twin mattress for kids, then this is a worthy option to consider. The Nectar mattress also comes with a very affordable price tag when compared to alternative options that are available at the moment. 

The Nectar Mattress is available in various sizes. For kids, you can buy a twin, twin XL, or even a full-size mattress. The mattress is very soft, creating a comfortable experience when lying down in bed. Nectar has also won several awards for being a comfortable and supportive option.

This is an all-foam mattress. The Nectar Mattress combines several layers of different foams in order to create a pleasant experience for your kids. At the top, there is a quilted memory foam mattress cover. The cover adds to the soft experience that is provided to your child while they sleep. 

The Nectar Mattress comes with free shipping and returns. You are also given a 365-night trial offer. This is one of the longest trial offers among online mattress brands. It allows you to return the mattress for a refund if your child’s sleep quality has not improved. A forever warranty further protects the investment you make when you buy the mattress. 

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5. Best Low-Budget Mattress - Casper Essential

Best Low-Budget Mattress - Casper Essential

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The Casper Essential is another good option if you find yourself on a limited budget. This is one of the more affordable options that you are going to find when shopping for a mattress that will be ideal for your child. The mattress does not come in the standard sizes that you might be used to, such as twin and twin XL. Instead, it features a Single and Small Double size instead. These are similar to the twin sizes that you might be looking for.

The mattress features a two-layer design. While it may seem limited, the material used does provide adequate comfort. The mattress offers a soft feel. It also adds adequate support with the base layer of foam. This layer ensures your child is able to sleep on their back and side without any problems. 

The Casper Essential Mattress comes with a risk-free trial offer. This trial lasts for a period of 100 days following the purchase date. A full refund is provided to you when you do not feel happy with the mattress. A 10-year warranty is also offered. This ensures the mattress will be fixed or replaced I it sags too much during the first decade of use. 

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6. Best Elevated Mattress - Brooklyn Bowery

Best Elevated Mattress - Brooklyn Bowery

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If your child does not like a mattress that feels too thin, then the Brooklyn Bowery might be an ideal option for them. This mattress provides an elevated feel, which may help to offer a more supportive structure. The mattress is also relatively affordable, ensuring it fits into tight budgets too. 

Open-cell technology is used in the Brooklyn Bowery. This helps to provide better airflow during sleep. The improved airflow creates a cooler sleeping environment for your child. A patented Energex foam is used to provide contouring features to the mattress as well. This ensures the mattress can easily respond to the shape of your child’s body. 

This is a bed-in-a-box solution, which makes delivery more affordable and convenient. At the bottom of the mattress, a layer of high-density foam helps to make the piece of furniture durable. This ensures the mattress will last for a longer period of time. 

A 10-year warranty is offered with the purchase of the Brooklyn Bowery mattress. You are also offered a 120-night trial. If you are not happy with the mattress, simply arrange for a return before the trial period ends. A full refund will be provided. 

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7. Best Luxury Mattress: Tuft & Needle

Best Luxury Mattress: Tuft & Needle

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If you prefer something more luxurious for your child, then be sure to take a look at the Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress. This mattress focuses on providing a luxury design without the premium price tag. While still more expensive than some of the other options, the manufacturer uses a unique design to offer exceptional comfort and support. 

The Tuft & Needle The Mint mattress uses the brand’s unique Enhanced T&N Adaptive Foam. The foam is able to effectively contour to the shape of your kid’s body. This provides a superior level of pressure relief. The mattress measures 12 inches in height. 

A total of three foam layers are used in the construction of the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress. Graphite is used to make the mattress more breathable, ensuring your child can enjoy a cooler sleep. Gel beads are also used in the second layer of the mattress, which offers a cradling effect. 

The mattress comes with a 100-night trial and a 10-year limited warranty. This helps you get more value for the money you spend. 

8. Best Value - Zinus Green Tea

Best Value - Zinus Green Tea

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Last on our list is probably the most affordable mattress that you are going to find. The Zinus Green Tea Mattress specializes in providing pressure relief, while also keeping people shopping on low budgets in mind. 

The mattress comes in various thickness levels that you can choose from. These options include a six-inch, eight-inch, 10-inch, and a 12-inch thick mattress. Each mattress uses multiple foam layers to provide both comfort and support. The Zinus Green Tea mattress uses memory foam and high-density foam. 

The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty period. The manufacturer has specific terms and conditions that apply to the warranty. You should make sure to read through these before proceeding with your purchase. There is also a 100-night sleep trial that comes with the mattress. This helps you test the mattress before you decide whether or not it is an investment that you wish to keep. 

Best Mattress For Kids Buying Guide

Even when looking at the best options that are available when buying a mattress for your kid, you may still be uncertain regarding the specific options to choose from. You need to consider the right size, mattress type, and several other factors. 

To help make the process of choosing a mattress that will be perfect for your child easier, we share a comprehensive buying guide below. We also take a look at some of the most common questions that people tend to ask when they are interested in buying the best mattress for children. 

What is the best size mattress for kids?

One of the first things you need to consider is the mattress size that will be most ideal for your child. This will ensure your child has enough space to sleep comfortably. 

You will need to take the age and size of your child into account. Looking to buy the best mattress for toddlers is different from buying a mattress that will be used by a teen. 

Babies and toddlers are generally comfortable on a crib mattress. The standard dimensions for a crib mattress are 28 inches by 52 inches. 

As the child grows older, you need to start looking at larger mattress sizes. This generally ranges from a twin-size to a full-size mattress. 

The dimensions for these mattresses are as follow:

  • Twin mattress measures 38 inches by 75 inches
  • Twin XL mattress measures 38 inches by 80 inches
  • Full-size mattress measures 54 inches by 75 inches

A young child will be able to sleep on a twin size mattress, but this may not be an ideal option for larger and older children. 

How much does the best mattress for kids cost?

Mattress prices differ significantly. Whether you are looking to buy a mattress for your child or one for the main bedroom – you will notice that the prices differ a lot from one brand to the next. There are also different types of mattresses available. Some are more affordable than others. 

Since the prices are so different for the mattresses that are available, it would be a better idea to start the entire shopping process with a budget in mind. 

Before you start looking at the mattresses that you can buy for your kid, take a closer look at your own budget, decide how much money you will be able to spend on the mattress. 

When you start the shopping process, it becomes much easier when you know what your budget allows. This gives you an opportunity to filter products based on the amount of money you can spend on the best mattress for kids. 

A twin-size mattress costs anything from $100 – the prices can go as high as $1,000. In some cases, it may even be more expensive than $1,000 to buy a twin-sized mattress. When you know you are only able to spend $500 on a mattress, as an example, you will be able to filter out the options that cost more. 

What type of mattress is best for kids?

When buying a mattress for your kids, you should not only ensure you buy the right size product. Additionally, you also need to consider the fact that there are several different types of mattresses on the market. 

Each of the mattress types that are available comes with pros and cons that you will need to take into account. Some mattresses may be more comfortable for certain children. It is important that you take some personal factors of your child into account here too – such as their age, size, and weight. 

The main types of mattresses that you will find on the market include:

  • All-foam mattresses: These are very popular and only consist of foam layers. Memory foam is often used in all-foam mattress design. This helps to provide contouring. There will usually be a high-density foam at the base of the mattress. This particular foam helps to provide support to the surface and also makes the mattress more durable. Children who are very young should not sleep on all-foam mattresses. These mattresses are great for older children, however. 
  • Innerspring mattresses: Another popular category of mattresses would be those that feature an innerspring system. Some options use coils that are individually wrapped. Others will rather use standard springs. The innerspring system provides better durability to the mattress. These are also firmer and sturdier mattresses. They are appropriate for all ages and can accommodate most sleeping positions. 
  • Hybrid mattresses: These are still relatively new to the market, but have grown popular among both young and old. Hybrid mattresses combine the best features of the two main mattress types that are traditionally available. These mattresses use a foam design at the top, which is supported by layers of spring or coil. Hybrid mattresses are also good for most children. The downside is the fact that a hybrid mattress tends to be much more expensive than the other two options. 

What to look for when buying the best mattress for children?

Mattress size and type are two important factors that you should look at when you buy a mattress for your child. The budget is another important factor that we looked at. In addition to these factors, there are a few additional things that you should take into account. This will ensure you are able to provide your child with an opportunity to sleep better and reduce their risk of suffering from complications that have been linked to sleep deficiency. 

The firmness of a mattress you buy should be taken into consideration. Young children – particularly those who have not yet reached an age of 18 months – should be provided a firm mattress. This ensures the child will not sink into the mattress while they sleep. 

Older children have different factors that should be taken into consideration. Sleeping position is one such factor. A foam mattress that is soft may be appropriate for children who sleep on their side. On the other hand, when the child sleeps on their back, the mattress should ideally be firmer. This ensures their spine is aligned while they lay down in their bed. 

Durability is also something that you should look out for. Children are prone to jump on their beds – and this can quickly wear the bed out. Your child may also be more likely to spill snacks and drinks in their bed. When this happens, it should not have a significant impact on the lifespan of the mattress.  


Looking at the best mattress for kids can be tough. There is a wide variety of mattress options available. There are a few factors that need to be taken into account. This includes factors related to the child that will sleep on the mattress. Such factors include the child’s age and weight. Budget is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration. We looked at the top mattress options you can buy for your child. This helps to reduce the risk of your child suffering from sleep deprivation.

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