Top 5 Best Mattress For Sciatica in 2022: Our Top picks & Buyer’s Guide

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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Mattress for Sciatica in 2022 is, then we recommend the Linenspa Hybrid Mattress as the best one.

Sciatica is a kind of pain that serves to be the cause behind your lower back pain. As the name goes, this pain starts from your sciatic nerve and can influence your legs, buttocks, and hips. Some people feel more intense pain on one side of the body while others may feel the same intensity in pain on either side.

Now, you can’t treat it in one day through medication or some other treatment. But one thing that can certainly improve the condition is your mattress. A good quality mattress for sciatica can assist you in recovering from this condition for good, but it will take some time.

To find the right kind of mattress for treating sciatica we have developed a buying guide and reviewed the top 5 best mattresses for sciatica.

  1. Linenspa Hybrid Mattress – Editor’s Choice
  2. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress – Generous Trial Period
  3. Casper Foam Mattress – Best Zoned Support
  4. Zinus Green-Tea Memory Mattress – Best For Pressure Relief
  5. Tuft & Needle Mattress – Best Value For Money

The Best Mattresses For Sciatica In 2022

1.  Linenspa Hybrid Mattress – Editor’s Choice

Top 5 Best Mattress For Sciatica in 2022: Our Top picks & Buyer's Guide 1

Linenspa hybrid mattress is a great mattress for sciatica. It is a combination of innerspring, memory foam, and comfort foam. The innerspring provides you the traditional-support. Meanwhile, memory and comfort foam give you plush comfort with a medium feel. It helps to remove pressure from your body and cradles it.

The contouring memory foam delivers a top-notch comfort to you that are hard to find or believe. It is also accessible in an 8-inch medium-firm profile, a 10-inch medium profile, and a 12-inch plush profile.

These all models are featuring with encased coils individually and gel infusion. It means that you can enjoy comfortable sleeping while feeling pressure relief and further comfort.  

Last but not least, Linenspa hybrid mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty.


  • A combination of innerspring and memory foam offers good comfort
  • Helps to remove pressure points
  • 10-year limited warranty


  • Not a bedbug resistant mattress

2.  Nectar Memory Foam Mattress – Generous Trial Period

Nectar memory foam mattress

The Nectar makes its way in our list of the best mattress for sciatica due to the use of gel memory foam. This gel cradles your body and delivers enhanced support. The Tencel cooling cover helps to circulate the air and wicks away the heat. The bedbug resistant feature makes it unique from other mattresses.

Moreover, gel memory foam has quilted in the mattress that perfectly contours your body as well as give you loft. Nectar mattress has a great firmness level, breathability, and comforts. It suits all kinds of sleepers including back, side and stomach positions.

The best thing about gel memory foam is that it distributes the sleeper’s weight evenly. The manufacturer uses high core adaptive memory foam, which provides support to your body and vital bounce and rebound. This makes Nectar one of the best mattress for sex.

The base layer of the mattress delivers a stable, contouring, breathable, and supportive foundation. This mattress works great with all types of beds such as divan bases, floor or platform, traditional frame, box springs, and adjustable bases. 

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  • Gel memory foam relieves pressure points and Tencel cover helps you sleep cool
  • Comes with two pillows
  • 180-night home trial
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No significant downside

3.  Casper Foam Mattress – Best Zoned Support

Casper Foam Mattress

The development team and high-quality researches have manufactured the Casper foam mattress to ease sciatica pain. This 12-inch queen-sized mattress equipped with premium 04 layers foam. The top cover has open-cell foam that makes the mattress breathable by circulates the air in a better flow. For that reason, you can stay comfortable and cool.

The most suitable feature of the Casper mattress is pressure relieving. It releases pressure from your key areas as well as absorbs sleeper’s weight evenly to provide quality sleep.

The best thing about Casper mattress is that it provides the perfect balance of firm and soft. The zoned support offers additional support to your hips and shoulders.

Apart from that, the mattress is designed for every type of body that offers the best spinal alignment. It is available in 06 sizes such as twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and 02 thickness levels like 12-inch, 10-inch.

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  • Gives zoned support and proper alignment
  • Premium foam comes with 4 layers
  • No significant downside
  • 100-night trial


  • Not featuring with motion isolation

4.  Zinus Green-Tea Memory Mattress – Best for pressure relief

Top 5 Best Mattress For Sciatica in 2022: Our Top picks & Buyer's Guide 2

The Zinus manufactured the mattress by using the natural extraction of Green Tea foam that delivers comfort. The pressure relieves features provide you the best support by releases the pressure point from your key areas.

It has certified by CertiPUR US that delivers durable, well-performed, supportive, and comfortable mattresses.

This 12-inch mattress equipped with 3-inch memory foam, 2-inch comfort foam, high-density airflow 3.5-inch base-support foam, and airflow 3.5-inch high-density foam. It provides great spinal alignment while sleeping. You can get an enhanced sleeping experience as well.

You can say that it is a trustworthy and organic mattress because Zinus infuses natural green-tea extracts for maintaining the freshness of mattress and make it antioxidant. This is because; it does not produce any kind of odor and gives you superior night’s sleep.


  • Supportive and pain-free sleep
  • Memory foam 12-inch mattress
  • Used Natural green-tea extracts
  • Durable & reliable foam
  • Certified by CertiPUR-US


  • Not equipped with the hypoallergenic feature
  • Not suitable for hot sleepers

5.  Tuft & Needle Mattress – Best Value for money

Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle constructed the mattress by using T&N freshly poured Adaptive foam. This is the high-grade foam, which is the best foam as compared to the above products that use memory and latex foams.

The cover of the mattress is plush breathable so you can enjoy cool sleep throughout the night. You can say it is not too hard nor too soft but offers balanced bounce that will not disturb your sleeping partner. A brilliant pressure relief feature releases pressure from your body’s stiff areas and gives you quality sleep.

Whether you are a side or back sleeper and like to sleep on your stomach, the Tuft & Needle mattress gives you ideal support with comfort.

The company gives you 100-night sleep trials and certified by CertiPUR-US.


  • Premium quality adaptive foam
  • Best pressure relief for all positions
  • Certified by Oeko-Tex 100 & CertiPUR-US
  • Ideal for hot sleeper
  • 10-year warranty
  • 100-nights trial


  • Not a best option for side sleeper

Why you need a good mattress for Sciatica pain?

Sciatica pain travels down from your lower back to your buttocks hips and legs. Besides chronic pain, patients with sciatica also have to deal with weakness and numbness in these areas on a daily basis. In case of complications, the loss of bowel and bladder functions has also been reported.

A good mattress for sciatica pain helps to reduce pain and improve overall sleep experience. As per the medical advice, the best mattress materials for the people with sciatica are latex and memory foam. Hybrid mattresses are also a good option because of the comfort layers on the top that tend to contour up to a noticeable extent.

Both these materials have the ability to conform close to the body and provide pressure and pain relief. Moreover, mattresses with motion isolation and the models that don’t make much noise are highly suitable for people with sciatica. It is because people with sciatica have to deal with regular bathroom visits at night.

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Causes and symptoms of sciatica

The most common causes of this condition include the following:

Herniated DiscBone SpurSpinal Stenosis
The intervertebral discs are fibrous and round areas of your spine that contain a substance that is jelly-like. Also called ruptured or slipped discs, herniated discs occur when tears start to develop on the external side of the disc and the rest of the disc bulges. It can cause sciatica if the disc gets in contact with your sciatic nerve.
Also called exostosis, bone spurs are the irregular formations that tend to develop on your existing bones. If these formations occur on your spine then it can cause sciatica.
This condition occurs when your spinal canal narrows down. Due to this a lot of pressure comes on the nearby nerves which also includes the sciatic nerves.

Common factors that contribute to sciatica

Age is one of the primary factors as elder adults are more prone to sciatica. This due to the natural body changes that influence the spine with the passage of time.
Overweight is another issue that can initiate sciatica as it creates excessive stress on your spine
Diabetes puts your entire body through great risks and sciatica is one of them. This condition is more likely to occur among people who are diabetic.
If you are involved in an occupation that requires heavy pulling, lifting or similar type of intense labor, then it can also trigger sciatica. Jobs that involve prolonged sitting can also have a similar effect as it puts a lot of pressure on your spine.

Top factors to consider Choosing the best mattress for sciatica

There are various elements that you need to consider when buying a mattress to treat your sciatic pain. We have listed them down as follows:


Support is the ability of a mattress to maintain an even surface. If your mattress is supportive then it will be able to provide you with a stable surface throughout your sleep. It will allow you to align your spine, shoulders, and neck and alleviates pain and relieves pressure points. With proper alignment and support the pressure will stay off your spine and other body areas.


Top 5 Best Mattress For Sciatica in 2022: Our Top picks & Buyer's Guide 3

Firmness is how soft the mattress feels when you lie on it. If you weigh more than 230 lbs than you will need a firm mattress. If you weigh less than that then a softer mattress will be a good option for you.

For the lightweight users who weigh less than 130 lbs, a softer mattress will be a good choice because this won’t develop any pressure points. For people with sciatica, you need to consider a surface that conforms well and keeps your shoulders, back, and neck aligned.


People with sciatic pains should go for the mattresses that conform well. In such a scenario, mattresses made of latex and memory foam are suitable. These mattresses will allow you to sink into the surface and it will contour according to the curves of your body. It will also directly contribute to relieving pressure and provides support to the spine.


A simple rule of thumb is that the mattresses with more thickness tend to provide better support which is better for the people with sciatic problems. Thicker mattresses also have a better chance to provide you with conformance as compared to the thinner mattresses.


You need to keep in mind that mattresses with specialty tend to be less durable as compared to the regular mattresses. The reason behind that is you won’t be able to deal with your conditions as effectively as when the mattress is new. Because its support has declined significantly over time.

ou need to keep in mind that mattresses with specialty tend to be less durable as compared to the regular mattresses. The reason behind that is you won’t be able to deal with your conditions as effectively as when the mattress is new. Because its support has declined significantly over time.

Motion isolation

Motion isolation is critical for people with sciatic issues as you might share your bed with your significant other. Your partner movement during the night might affect you if the mattress lack of motion isolation.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, Linenspa Hybrid Mattress is the best mattress for sciatica because of its hybrid constructions. The top layer of this 10-inch mattress includes memory foam that conforms well according to your body. Its base features innerspring and provides exceptional support.

The hybrid mattress provides a medium feel and hence, it is good for normal-weight people. You also have the option to buy it in 8-inch and 12-inch thicknesses. You can make your choice according to your body weight and your preferences.

So which one of these mattresses have you used before? Did we miss out on something you would recommend? Leave a response below for your suggestions and comments!

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