The 12 Best Mattresses for Sex – 2022 Reviews

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While most mattress reviews are going to focus on the benefits each one gives you so that you can achieve a full night’s rest, it’s time we talk about that other thing we do in our beds.

Now, you may be thinking, “if I can sleep in it, can’t I have sex in it?” Well, the short answer is “no”, friend. You see, many of the same qualities that allow a mattress to be super beneficial for our sleep are the very same qualities that could be detrimental to our sex life.

So, where’s the balance? That’s what we are here to answer. Luckily, there are mattresses on the market with that perfect balance between firm and cuddly, that have plenty of motion isolation but also a little bit of bounce.

We’ll help you discover the best bed for sex. We share our top selection of what mattresses are best for sex and give you some pointers to help you find the one that works for you.

The Best Mattresses For Sex In 2022:

Editor's Choice

Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid

Best Hybrid

Zoma Hybrid

Best Value

Vaya Mattress

Best Euro Top

Awara Sleep

Best Innerspring

Saatva Classic

Best Cooling

Nectar Lush

Best for Pressure Relief

Purple Mattress

Best For Back Sleepers

Layla Mattress

Best Motion Isolation

The Casper Hybrid

Best Mattress For Combination Sleepers

Bear Hybrid

Best All-Foam Mattress

Leesa Original Mattress

Best Latex

Lucid Latex Mattress

Product Reviews

1. Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid - Runner Up

Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid - Runner Up

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If you and your partner tend to get hot at night, a hybrid offers a lot of airflow to keep both of you cool. The Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid is also buoyant and responds to your movements quickly so you and your partner can switch sleep positions easily. 

The Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid has four layers to help you sleep comfortably. The top of the mattress contains 2 inches of Bio-Pur® for breathable cushioning.

Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid

What makes the Amerisleep AS2 stand apart from other mattresses is its durable and cool foam layers. The upper layerand what you and your partner will feel the most—is made from a long-lasting foam called Bio-Pur®. Compared to traditional memory foam, Bio-Pur® is bouncy and breathable so you won’t overheat while you’re sleeping.

The Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid also offers zoned support with its 1-inch Affinity transition layer with HIVE® technology. Zoned support is built to evenly distribute your body weight and relieve pressure throughout your body. 

Traditional innerspring mattresses can have noisy springs—which can be disruptive at night—but hybrid mattresses have pocketed coils instead. The Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid’s pocketed coils are not only more durable than traditional coils but are also quieter. 

With a medium-firm feel, the Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid offers excellent bounce along with being cushiony and supportive for sleep. Medium-firm beds work best for couples who back sleep, stomach sleep, or who are on the heavier side. You may also find back pain relief while using the Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid


2. Zoma Hybrid - Best Hybrid

Zoma Hybrid - Best Hybrid

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After a long day at work, the Zoma Hybrid can help you both sleep deeper, relieve pain, and enhance muscle recovery. The springiness of the Zoma Hybrid also helps you sleep on top of your mattress rather than feeling stuck inside of it. 

Hybrid mattresses generally get more airflow compared to memory foam mattresses thanks to the pocketed coils. There’s space between the mattress’s coils where air can circulate, helping you stay cool while sleeping. Zoma Hybrid

The Zoma Hybrid doesn’t cut corners. It also contains gel memory foam with zoned support and a ventilated, moisture-wicking mattress cover so you and your partner don’t get overly hot at night. The bed has solid edge support, so you won’t have to worry about the edges sagging. 

This medium-firm mattress is great for larger couples and suitable for different sleeping positions. It also has little to no motion transfer so you and your partner won’t disturb each other when you’re sleeping.


3. Vaya Mattress - Best Value

Vaya Mattress - Best Value

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If you’re on a budget but want a luxurious bed, consider the Vaya Mattress. Foam mattresses are excellent for couples since they’re so quiet and have minimal motion transfer. So, if you and your partner have different sleep schedules and don’t want to disrupt each other, foam mattresses might work best for you. 

The Vaya Mattress has two foam layers and a breathable cover designed to be responsive and cool. A bouncy bed makes it easier to switch sleeping positions, while its breathability ensures you won’t wake up sweaty and uncomfortable. Vaya Mattress

With a medium feel, the Vaya Mattress is suitable for lots of sleeping positions. So if you and your partner have different needs to sleep comfortably, the Vaya Mattress is a good compromise as it provides great cushioning and support for most adults. 

The Vaya Mattress is great because although it’s so affordable, it still comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. It’s also CertiPUR-US® certified and made in America, so you can sleep peacefully knowing you’re shopping safely and ethically.


4. Awara Sleep - Best Euro Top

Awara Sleep - Best Euro Top

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Awara is among the best eco-friendly mattresses in the market today.  Made by Resident Home, Awara consists of durable Dunlop latex and zoned pocketed coils that deliver excellent support and extra bounce. What’s even better, its medium-firm construction appeals to a variety of sleepers, including back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers. Awara Sleep mattress

It offers users pressure relief via its plush Euro-top that hugs that body for instant comfort. Furthermore, the Dunlop latex foam contours to different curves of the body to allow heavier parts to sink deeper while providing the rest of the excellent body support.

Awara comes with an excellent ability to regulate body temperature and keep you cool throughout the night. Couples will enjoy their sex experience on this mattress because it’s silent and responsive to bouncing and pressure.

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5. Saatva Classic - Best Innerspring

Saatva Classic - Best Innerspring

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If you want the best innerspring mattress without paying a fortune, this one is definitely worth considering. While this is an innerspring mattress and not a memory foam based mattress like we often review on this site, you do not need to worry about installing this mattress in your home. Although it is not a bed-in-a-box mattress, Saatva mattresses come with free professional installation in your home – so you don’t need to waste your energy dragging a mattress into the bedroom. Instead, you can conserve your energy for what you have planned for the bedroom later…

The two layers of innerspring mattress ensure that you are in a comfortable position during sleep or sex, no matter what. If you move around during sleep or sex, the innerspring system helps to reduce motion transfer and adds to the support. The super sturdy edge support also helps ensure there’s no position that will collapse the edge of the mattress, and that your mattress lasts a long time. Better yet- no feeling like you’re falling off the bed after getting some well-deserved rest after your romp. Saatva Classic mattress

Saatva even takes differences in preference into account by offering three firmness options – all with the same dual-coil system. We love a company that makes adjustments to its products to ensure that everyone has a great night’s sleep. 

The only potential drawback to a Saatva mattress is the potential noise. This is generally a problem with innerspring mattresses – and a reason why some people may rather opt for the best memory foam mattresses. This offers a unique foam comfort effect. While one of the coil layers is individually wrapped, anything with coils can cause more noise than a memory foam mattress. If your partner tosses and turns and noise keeps you from getting a great night’s sleep, you may have negative health consequences. Keep reading so that you can evaluate all of your options.

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6. Nectar Lush - Best Cooling

Nectar Lush - Best Cooling

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Nectar’s standard mattress is one of the most popular memory foam mattresses not only for its cheaper price point but also for its full-year 365-day trial period and lifetime warranty. It is the best memory foam mattress for a greater sexual experience. With the Nectar Lush mattress – you are getting the same customer satisfaction guarantees that made the standard so popular. It is also considered a great sex beds mattress. So, what’s different about the Lush version?

Well, the Nectar Lush is made of 12 individual foam and cooling layers that ensure not only a soft comfortable mattress, but also one that is cooling. If you tend to get a bit hot and heavy when fooling around – this mattress will ensure you aren’t sweating all night while you are trying to sleep. The aqua cool layer actually focuses on ensuring that heat isn’t trapped in the lumbar region – where heat is traditionally trapped in a mattress. It also offers strong edge support – the mattress tends to offer a larger surface on the top. Nectar Lush mattress

Better yet, the extra supportive layers give this mattress a firmness that the original version lacks, so you won’t feel like you are sinking into the bed when you are making love. This also means that those on the heavier side will have better luck with this version than they did with the original. The variety of firmness options also give you more customization when you decide to choose a mattress for better sex.

The only drawback that we would like to draw attention to with this mattress is that there are no pocketed coils or other materials that give it the bit of bounce that can make sex on beds fun. If you would like a bit more bounce to your bed, you may want to keep reading this list to take a look at your other options.

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7. Purple Mattress - Best for Pressure Relief

Purple Mattress - Best for Pressure Relief

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The Purple mattress is the most innovative bed-in-a-box mattress on the market. While it isn’t for everyone, Purple gives you a floating feeling, instead of feeling cradled the way that traditional memory foam types feel. This may also be the best memory foam option for sex that you are going to find in its price range. The special foam is a rights reserved method from the brand and was made to offer better edge support and comfort than traditional memory foam mattresses. If you look for the great mattress with unique feature, then the Purple Mattress is an option you should consider.

What is awesome about the Purple mattress is that the hyper-elastic gel polymer layer, patented by Purple, provides high-grade pressure points in the areas you need it most; hips, shoulders, and joints. This means that you will get a great night’s sleep and improve your health at the same time. This is what makes it an ideal mattress for a better experience during sex. 

This gel polymer is formatted in a web-like grid, meaning that there is a lot of airflows, as well as the polymer itself being very cooling. This is great if you run hot, or if you plan on some activity that could get your mattress a little heated. Purple Mattress

Do you know what else is great for your health? Sex. A mattress that is great for sex can make the entire experience better. And you won’t have to worry about sinking into the mattress with the Purple. As the Purple mattress isn’t composed entirely of memory foam, it doesn’t collapse under the weight of the average couple.

One drawback to be aware of: if you and your partner are on the heavier side, this mattress may not make you feel the most supported. It might be best to go with a Hybrid mattress with pocketed coils if this is the case for you. 

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8. Layla Mattress - Best For Back Sleepers

Layla Mattress - Best For Back Sleepers

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What makes Layla Mattress stand out from other memory foam mattresses in the market is the fact that it’s flippable and double-sided.  They’re very few classes of mattress that will allow you to try two firmness levels.

Layla does a good job of providing edge support and isolating movement. You won’t feel your partner waking up at night to go to the bathroom since the bed has little to no motion through the bed. Layla Mattress

If you want to enjoy sex, consider using the firmer side of the Mattress.  The firmer side contains less memory foam on its comfort layer, and it’s more responsive. 

Also, the firmer side is super supportive and can work perfectly for back sleepers who desire firm support at the lumbar region and hips.

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9. Casper Hybrid - Best Motion Isolation

Casper Hybrid - Best Motion Isolation

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Casper is among the leading mattress brands when it comes to bed-in-a-box companies because of its approachable pricing and high-end materials. While the Casper or the Essential mattresses may sink too much to be comfortable during sex, Casper now offers Hybrid options for those that need a bit of bounce and extra firmness.

What we love about the Casper Hybrid Mattress is that it still offers the zoned support system it is known for, as well as the pressure relief foam layer that gives every person a great night’s sleep – no matter how they change positions. The additional pocketed coils in the Hybrid version give you just the amount of bounce you need to have a bit of fun in the sack. These springs also add additional firmness than the all-foam Casper simply does not have. Additionally, the Hybrid mattress version comes with additional edge support, so there won’t be any rolling off the side of the bed while romping around. The mattress that not offer an extra bounce like the best latex mattresses, but does offer the foam comfort people rely on for a responsive feeling. Casper Hybrid mattress

While sex is very important for any healthy relationship, it is also very important to ensure that both halves of a couple are getting adequate sleep. If you and your partner have different sleep positions, or one or both of you are combo-sleepers, this could be a challenge. You don’t have to worry about the Casper Hybrid mattress, as it is great for most sleeping positions. 

Bonus: one of the issues with a traditional Casper mattress is that sleepers over 250 pounds may not feel enough support. That’s not the case with the Casper Hybrid version.

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10. Bear Hybrid - Best Mattress For Combination Sleepers

Bear Hybrid - Best Mattress For Combination Sleepers

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If you desire a mattress with a perfect balance of comfort and support, Bear Hybrid is the safe option.  It combines the pressure relief of premium foam and support of steel coils to deliver an amazing sleeping experience throughout the night. Bear Hybrid mattress

This mattress is designed with couples in mind. It’s constructed with responsive foams that allow easy movement. Also, it doesn’t make so much noise.  To prevent overheating during sex, its top layer features a breathable foam as well as a cooling gel that draws heat from the body.

Bear Hybrid is comfortable and supportive, meaning it’s great for different sleeping positions and body weight. When you shift at night, your partner won’t feel the motion since the memory foam on its comfort layer dampens the motion before it can be felt through the entire structure.

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11. Leesa Original Mattress - Best All Foam Mattress

Leesa Original Mattress - Best All Foam Mattress

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If you and your partner love the feel of the memory foam mattress for sex you are trying out, but are immensely frustrated when you try to have sex in it, the Leesa mattress is a great compromise. It is truly great for sex. It offers a good bounce and will not feel like an old mattress for quite some time. It is also an ideal option if you do not like the responsiveness of memory foam. This is the best mattress if you desire something bouncy with no issues related to noise. While this mattress is composed entirely of different foam layers, similar to other bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Leesa original mattress is specifically crafted of poly-foam that has more bounce and firmness to it than traditional memory foam. It has a medium firm feel and it offers superior edge support. Leesa Original Mattress

The mattress is best for sex in a house where noise may be a big issue. Sexual activity should be no problem due to a lack of a coils system in innerspring mattresses. At the same time, the company offers firmness options that are great for most people. There are a few different firmness options too.

If you try out the Leesa mattress during the 100-day risk-free trial period and realize that you still need a bit more bounce, you don’t need to worry. Try it out with your sexual activity – if you do not consider this one of the best mattresses for sex, then you can request a refund. Leesa also has a hybrid option available. 

One of our favorite things about Leesa is that they are firmly committed to ensuring everyone gets a better night’s sleep. They are registered as a B-corp, and every mattress purchase helps fund their goal of ensuring everyone in this country has a comfortable place to sleep. What can be more romantic than going to bed and being reminded that you made an ethically sound purchase with your partner? Not much.

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12. Lucid Latex Mattress - Best Latex

Lucid Latex Mattress - Best Latex

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If you are looking for a safe, durable, and affordable mattress, that will be beneficial to your sexual activity, a Lucid mattress might be the perfect option for you. If you are a young couple just getting started on building your life together, or even a bachelor or bachelorette with active sexual life, this is a great choice. 

Not only do you get the firmness, stability, and bounce you need with a latex mattress, but you also get a mattress made of high quality materials that won’t harbor bacteria the way that some other materials might. The medium firm feel offers excellent support, as well as a plush feeling at the same time. Latex is also ultra-cooling, so if you still live in a dorm room with no AC, this type of mattress is going to keep you cool at night while you cuddle with your partner. Lucid Latex Mattress

What we really love about this mattress is that it is so affordable. At the same time, it offers great comfort and support. A mattress for sex often comes with a hefty price tag. This is a best-bet for people who are really looking to watch their budget but still want to improve their sleep and sex lives. 

If you aren’t sold on the Latex but are looking for a more affordable mattress, this company has many more varieties than most. Be sure to check out their options to see if there is one that is a better fit for you. 

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What Should You Look For When Buying A Mattress Optimized For Intimacy?


The bouncier the mattress, the better the sex. If you want a great sex bed, opt for something bouncy. This can be difficult when so many best mattresses for sex are geared towards motion isolation in order to achieve a more peaceful slumber. The best method here is to find a mattress with a bit of both to ensure you get the best of both worlds. The best latex mattress is a good option to consider. Latex mattresses are known for their bounce. There are other mattress types with a bouncy feeling too.

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Your kids, roommates, or neighbors don’t always need to hear you knocking boots while having sex in beds. While most innerspring mattresses are going to squeak, you can find many that have individually-wrapped coils that ensure that you aren’t going to have that issue. If you find a mattress that you like that doesn’t have any coils, you won’t need to worry about noise at all. Mattresses for sex should be able to help you be active on top without making a noise. Some mattress types do make a sound – for example, one with innerspring may start to make a noise after a few years.


If you can’t move around during sex because you are sinking into your mattress, you probably aren’t going to have a very good time. For this, you need to look at firmness ratings. You should also take your and your partner’s body weight into account. Many all-foam mattresses cannot heavier individuals high density support, so when you double that weight with two partners it could mean catastrophe for your sex life. Thus, a mattress for sex should offer great maneuverability. This ensures no issues are experienced when you change positions.

Edge Support

In addition to firmness rating, one important factor that you should also look for is strong edge support. It is important to keep things spicy in the bedroom, and varying your positions is a great way to do that. However, you are going to have a lot of trouble pulling off that new sex move if the edge of the bed frame collapses under your weight. It is also important to look at edge support ratings when you are choosing a mattress that will optimize you and your partner’s intimacy.


The sex itself isn’t the only important aspect of sex. Aftercare is so important for couples to feel close and bonded. If you have an uncomfortable mattress, that isn’t going to happen. This is why it is so important to find a mattress with both bounce and comfort. When a mattress doesn’t have pressure points or pressure relief, or any squish at the top, many cuddling positions can be painful on the elbow and shoulder joints. Ensure comfort is a priority when buying a mattress for sex. Box sleep and sex depend on adequate comfort. Look for a high quality mattress with comfort layers at the top. 


Sexually active couples put a lot more strain on their mattresses than those who only get down to business on occasion. If sex is a major part of your life or relationship, you need to make sure you get a mattress that is highly durable. It is also important to spring for one that has a great lifetime or 10-year warranty. While it may be more expensive up-front, it will really save you a lot of money in the future. A great mattress should always be able to provide you with durability – whether that is a hybrid or rather a foam bed option. A foam bed may not be as durable as one with added coils – but some companies have been able to make higher quality foam in the last few years. Even though your goal is to make sex best, you should still look at the durability of the mattress.


If you are getting hot and heavy every night, there is nothing worse than sleeping in a pool of your own sweat – and your partner’s. Not to mention, it isn’t very good for you. It is important to ensure that your new mattress uses high-tech advancements that promote airflow and cooling. That way you won’t have to continue to feel hot all night while you sleep. Some mattresses rely on comfort layer to help provide a plush feeling, while also being cool. Such a mattress provides better breathability. When it comes to creating an environment to that is good for sex, a cooler mattress will definitely help.

In addition to looking at these, consider the price point of a mattress you are interested in too. You also need to ensure the mattress is compatible with your current bed frame. 

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The Best Types of Mattresses for Sex

While we have provided you with a lot of options here, it is important to search through all the different options for mattresses and make a choice that is best for you. While the list above is a great way to get started, we do have recommendations for what the best mattress types are for sex and sleep.

Overall, when looking at any mattress brand, we recommend looking at the hybrid mattress version. Consider both the comfort layers and the lower layers. You want to ensure you buy a perfect hybrid mattress if you want the best of both worlds. While we gave you many different options on this list to ensure everyone regardless of preference or budget had an option that could work for them, hybrid mattresses are the best place to start for most mattress brands.

A hybrid mattress is going to have all of the comforts of memory foam, while also having the firmness and bounce of a coil mattress, which will ensure lots of movement and fun in the bedroom. It is great if you are not yet sure what type of mattress is right for your sex lives. Comfort layers at the top of the hybrid mattress helps relieve pressure from the springs. Given the criteria, we listed above, it’s easy to see why any hybrid mattress, regardless of brand, is going to be a good bet. Still, buying the mattress from a reputable brand will come with its benefits.

If none of the options appealed to you, we recommend finding mattress brands that you trust that may have some features that you need for a good night’s rest that you don’t see listed here and then looking at their hybrid option. While the hybrid beds are always a bit pricier than foam-only versions, we are confident the investment in your sexual health will be worth it. If you move around a lot during sex, then these mattress really make a difference. They also offer better comfort and high density support.

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