Best Mattress For Side Sleepers (2021) – Review And Buyer’s Guide

best mattress for side sleepers

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Most people sleep on their sides. One survey revealed that this remains the most common sleeping position among people in general. In this survey, about 74% of the participants reported sleeping on their sides. Choosing the wrong mattress can make you feel uncomfortable and experience pain if you are a side sleeper. When looking to buy the best mattress for side sleepers, things can get complicated. 

In this post, we will guide you on what factors you should look at to find the best side sleeper mattress. We take a look at a few important things to consider. We will also share a list of the top options that are available at the moment. This will help you choose a mattress that fits your budget and your sleeping position. 

What Is The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers?

It is obvious that side sleeping is a preferred position. The problem, however, is that many people find it hard to get a mattress that really supports this sleeping position. There are simply too many mattresses that you can choose from today. Mattress technologies are advancing quickly. No longer are you limited to only foam or innerspring mattress? Companies are starting to make their own materials in order to give you better comfort and support. 

With so many options to consider, you may not be sure where to start when looking to buy the best mattress for side sleepers. 

There are a few things you can look at to make the process easier. As a side sleeper, you need to ensure the mattress you buy can give your entire body adequate support. At the same time, the best bed for side sleepers should not be too firm. This can cause problems with your spinal alignment. In turn, it may cause you to wake up with pain in the morning. 

When you shop for a mattress to support your side sleeping position, you need to consider factors such as:

  • Mattress type
  • Mattress size
  • Firmness
  • Materials used
  • Pressure relief

These are only a few of the things that can help you make a more appropriate decision when choosing a mattress to buy. 

It is important to understand that you should not only look at factors related to a specific mattress. There are a couple of personal factors that need to be taken into consideration too. Many side sleepers tend to turn toward their stomach or back throughout the night, for example. If this is the case, then some of the best mattresses for side sleepers might not be an ideal option for you. 

When you consider both personal factors and elements related directly to the mattress you want to buy, then you will be able to find a mattress that is more suitable to your particular situation. You will also need to consider whether you sleep alone. 

If you sleep with a partner, their needs should be taken into account too. Your partner might not be a side sleeper, but this does not mean you will not be able to find a mattress that can facilitate both of your sleeping positions. 

Here Is The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers In 2021

  1. Editor’s Pick: Zoma Mattress
  2. Runner Up: Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid
  3. Most Affordable Mattress: Vaya Mattress
  4. Best Memory Foam Mattress: Layla Memory Foam Mattress
  5. Best Dual-Comfort Mattress: Nolah Signature 12
  6. Best Cooling Mattress: Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
  7. Best Mattress For Back Pain: Helix Midnight Luxe
  8. Best For Side Sleepers With Shoulder Pain: Tuft & Needle Mint
  9. Best Mattress For Athletes: Bear Hybrid
  10. Best Hybrid Mattress For Side Sleepers: Purple Hybrid
Editor's Pick

Zoma Mattress

Runner Up

Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid

Most Affordable Mattress

Vaya Mattress

Best Memory Foam Mattress

Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Best Dual-Comfort Mattress

Nolah Signature 12

Best Cooling Mattress

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Best Mattress For Back Pain

Helix Midnight Luxe

Best For Side Sleepers With Shoulder Pain

Tuft & Needle Mint

Best Mattress For Athletes

Bear Hybrid

Best Hybrid Mattress For Side Sleepers

Purple Hybrid

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers – Reviewed

There really is no lack of mattress options on the market for side sleepers. The problem is, no single mattress is truly the best for all side sleepers. Even though you and a friend may both prefer sleeping on your sides, there may be additional needs you have when buying a mattress. If you frequently experience back pain, for example, you will need to focus on pressure relief technology too. 

With this in mind, we looked at some of the top-rated mattresses that are appropriate for side sleepers. We filtered through them by considering several factors that are crucial for people who prefer to sleep on their side. 

Below, you will discover our selection of the eight best options that you can buy when you need a great mattress for side sleepers. 

1. Editor's Pick: Zoma Mattress

Editor's Pick: Zoma Mattress


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Side sleepers need a soft to medium mattress to prevent pressure points near the hips and shoulders. For average weight sleepers, a medium mattress is often the most comfortable option because it prevents sinking and spinal misalignment. For this reason, our favorite mattress for side sleepers is the Zoma Mattress.

The Zoma Mattress has a gel-infused memory foam comfort layer that wicks away heat and moisture for a cooler night’s sleep. This material is also zoned to support the lumbar region and encourage a natural spinal position. With the joints cushioned and the spine neutral, sleepers wake with less pain and stiffness. 

The transition layer of the Zoma is made with a latex-like foam to provide further protection against sinking. This supportive layer is perfect for side sleepers because it provide lift without any added pressure on the joints. 

The base of the Zoma Mattress features their Support+ foam, a durable material resistant to sagging and indentations. This layer ensures the Zoma keeps you comfortable and supported for many years. 

The Zoma Mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a generous 10-year warranty

2. Runner Up: Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid

Runner Up: Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid


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Lightweight side sleepers (those 130 pounds or less) often prefer a softer mattress to reduce pressure points. For those sleepers, we recommend the Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid. This mattress is ultra-soft without sacrificing support.

The comfort foam in the top of the AS5 Hybrid is plant-based and more breathable and responsive than standard memory foam. This material hugs the body and cradles the joints without causing sleepers to feel hot and sweaty. 

Since soft mattresses can cause excess sinking, Amerisleep includes a layer of their response foam, Active Flex. This layer gently lifts the hips and shoulders to keep the spine neutral and muscles in the back relaxed. 

The base of the AS5 Hybrid features hundreds of pocketed spring coils. Each one is individually wrapped for increased airflow and pressure relief. This base also have minimal motion transfer and noise. 

Each Amerisleep mattress comes with a 20-year warranty covering sagging greater than .75 inches. They also include a 100-night sleep trial so you have plenty of time to test out the bed and make sure it’s right for you.

3. Most Affordable Mattress: Vaya Mattress

Most Affordable Mattress: Vaya Mattress


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The Vaya Mattress is an budget-friendly, all-foam mattress with a medium feel, ideal for side sleepers. If you are looking for a conforming yet supportive mattress that won’t hurt your budget, the Vaya is a great option.

The foam comfort layer is soft and immediately contours to the joints for pressure relief. However, the natural buoyancy of this material promotes spinal alignment by preventing excess sinkage.  This material is also durable and certified by CertiPUR-US®, guaranteeing it is free of harmful chemicals and additives. 

The Base of the Vaya is made with their stable support foam, which is resistant to sagging and indentations. Vaya includes a 100-night sleep trial that allows you to test out the mattress at home. Their 10-year warranty covers structural and manufacturing defects that could change the support of the mattress. 

4. Best Memory Foam Mattress: Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Best Memory Foam Mattress: Layla Memory Foam Mattress


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Our top selection for side sleepers is the Layla Memory Foam Mattress. This is one of the more unique mattress options that you will find on the market today. Sure, there are a few mattress options that can be flipped, but Layla has developed a mattress that gives you two different firmness options in a single mattress. 

Sleep on the one side for a firmer sleeping experience. When you flip the mattress over, you are given a plush and softer feel. This gives you an opportunity to experiment with different firmness options to find what works for you. You can also turn the mattress to a firmer level if you start to experience some pain. If you need a softer sleep, flip the mattress. 

Another thing that makes Layla stand out is the fact that the company uses copper in their mattresses. The Layla Memory Foam Mattress uses copper-infused gel memory foam. This is both a breathable and cooling material, while also featuring antimicrobial properties. With this in mind, there is no need to worry about bacteria and other microorganisms growing inside your bed. 

The mattress features multiple layers of foam that help to provide a responsive system to sleep on. High-density foam is used in the middle of the mattress, which adds to the overall durability offered by the Layla Memory Foam Mattress. 

Buying this mattress gives you access to a lifetime warranty period. For as long as you own the mattress, Layla will cover certain defects that you identify. There is a 120-night guarantee that comes with the mattress too. This allows you to ask for a refund if you feel unhappy with the mattress during the first 120 nights of sleeping on it. 

5. Best Dual-Comfort Mattress: Nolah Signature 12

Best Dual-Comfort Mattress: Nolah Signature 12


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Nolah is a brand that is quickly making a name for itself – and also one of the few brands that are able to offer a lifetime warranty on the purchase of its mattresses. This brand was also able to produce a mattress that comes with dual firmness levels in a single product. You can easily flip the mattress over to experience a different firmness. One of the sides is soft, with the other side providing a firmer experience. Both sides of the mattress are great for side sleepers. 

The mattress features extra length compared to other models from the Nolah brand. The mattress measures a total of 12 inches in height. AirFoam is used to provide a plush experience on the softer side of the mattress. The product also features integrated pressure relief. This helps to provide you with better alignment in your spine, particularly at your hips and shoulders. 

The Nolah Signature 12 is made with CertiPUR-US certified materials. It means the materials have gone through several tests and were proven to provide a safer experience for both adults and children. The materials used in the mattress are also breathable. This helps to add more cooling features to the mattress. Since temperature plays a role in sleep, a cooler night’s sleep during the summer months can definitely help you feel more refreshed when you get up. 

High resilience foam can be found at the center of the mattress. This material was developed to make the mattress more durable. It means the product will last for a longer time than some alternative options. This is why the company is able to offer a full lifetime warranty on the purchase of the mattress. You also get a 120-night trial to test the mattress for yourself. 

6. Best Cooling Mattress: Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Best Cooling Mattress: Nectar Memory Foam Mattress


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You want the best value for your money when buying a mattress – and that is exactly what the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress aims to offer you. This is an all-foam mattress. The manufacturer uses a unique combination of five foam layers to bring you a premium sleeping experience, without being as expensive as some of the competitor brands. 

There are a few things that make the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress stand out. Even though it comes with a relatively low price, the mattress is still able to offer an 11-inch thickness. This means it is capable of providing support for some of the larger individuals too. The mattress has also received several rewards in the past. 

At the top of the mattress, there is a quilted memory foam mattress cover. This cover helps to add a plush feeling to the surface of the mattress – without affecting the support that the lower layers provide. Gel memory foam is used below the mattress cover to add a cooling and responsive effect to the mattress. This helps to provide you with more comfort while also reducing heat build-up in your bed.

High-density foam is used at the base layer of the mattress, providing more durability and stability. The mattress comes with a forever warranty – which is valid for as long as you own the mattress. There is a 365-night guarantee too, which is just another way that this brand gives you more value for your money. 

7. Best Mattress For Back Pain: Helix Midnight Luxe

Best Mattress For Back Pain: Helix Midnight Luxe


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If you suffer from back pain, then you should realize just how important spinal alignment and pressure point relief is in a mattress. These are two factors that the Helix Midnight Luxe is able to address perfectly. This mattress was initially designed for side sleepers. Many recognized publications have also named it the best mattress for side sleepers in the past. In addition to providing superior support for side sleepers, the mattress is also known to be very cooling. 

The Helix Midnight Luxe mattress comes in two options. This includes the standard model, as well as a Luxe model. If you are heavier, you should consider opting for the Luxe model, as it includes additional support layers. 

The mattress offers a medium feel and has cushioning that provides pressure relief at pressure points related to a side sleeping position. The Soft Touch Design at the top of the mattress also makes it more comfortable to get into bed. Edge support is offered by a layer of wrapped coils. 

There is a 10-year warranty period offered with the purchase of the Helix Midnight Luxe mattress. You also get a total of 100 days to test the mattress out, thanks to the sleep trial that Helix offers with their mattress. 

8. Best For Side Sleepers With Shoulder Pain: Tuft & Needle Mint

Best For Side Sleepers With Shoulder Pain: Tuft & Needle Mint


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Next on our list is the Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress, an option designed to give you superior comfort. The mattress might primarily focus on comfort, but it is also capable of providing you with adequate support and pressure relief. This helps to relieve pressure applied to your shoulder as you sleep – with this in mind, the Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress is a great option for people with shoulder pain problems. 

The mattress has a relatively affordable price tag compared to some of the other options that are available. It also features a unique black design. The company uses its original T&N Adaptive Foam in the mattress. In fact, there are two layers of this foam used in the Mint Mattress, which is why many people report this to be an exceptionally comfortable mattress. 

The mattress comes with a 100-night guarantee period, as well as an additional 10-year warranty. 

9. Best Mattress For Athletes: Bear Hybrid

Best Mattress For Athletes: Bear Hybrid


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What makes the Bear Hybrid a unique entry on our list is the fact that it was developed specifically for athletes – but it can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to sleep more comfortably at night. The mattress features luxury design with exceptional comfort. 

The company behind the Bear Hybrid mattress uses the latest cooling technology to provide a reduction in temperature at night. In turn, you get a cooler night’s sleep and no more pools of sweat in the bed. The mattress uses both foam and coils to provide you with superior support and comfort at the same time. 

There is a 20-year warranty that comes with the Bear Hybrid Mattress. Additionally, you are given 100 nights to try the mattress out as part of the trial offer. 

10. Best Hybrid Mattress For Side Sleepers: Purple Hybrid

Best Hybrid Mattress For Side Sleepers: Purple Hybrid


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The last option on our list is ideal for anyone who wants to experience the full benefits of a hybrid mattress. This particular mattress is a relatively new option from the Purple brand and is based on the original Purple mattress design.

The mattress uses the original Purple Grid system, a special type of memory foam that is more supportive and more responsive. The bed can contour to the shape of your body more effectively, while also supporting your entire body at the same time. 

The idea behind this mattress is to give you a zero-gravity sleeping experience. It is also a durable mattress that comes with both a 100-night trial and a 10-year limited warranty. 

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers Buying Guide

We shared the eight top mattresses that you can buy if you are a side sleeper in the previous section. You now have an idea of which mattresses are able to give you the support and comfort you need to sleep better on your side. Even though this is a narrowed list, there are factors that you may still be unsure of. You do, after all, still have to choose between these. 

In this buying guide, we aim to provide you with some useful tips and details to help you understand what exactly you should look at when buying this type of mattress. Whether you are looking for the best hybrid mattress for side sleepers, or rather prefer something else, our buying guide will shed some light on common concerns and questions that people tend to have. 

Challenges As A Side Sleeper

Even though sleeping on your side is a great position to help you feel more comfortable at night, there are many issues that side sleepers tend to experience. You need to recognize the reason for these problems – and then understand what it takes to prevent these issues from continuing to interfere with your ability to sleep well at night. 

Some common problems that people tend to experience when they sleep on their side include:

  • Hip and shoulder pain
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain

These pain symptoms are often caused by improper spinal alignment. Your spine needs to be aligned when you lay down on your side. When there is a misalignment somewhere in your spine, it causes pressure in the region. This is a common problem that people experience when they buy a mattress that is not right for their body weight and sleeping position. 

Which Type Of Mattress Is Best For Side Sleepers?

There are a lot of different mattress types on the market. The wide selection of various mattress types further complicates the process of choosing a mattress that is great for you. Each type of mattress comes with its own pros and cons. Different mattress types can be used by side sleepers – this is why you should consider more than just your preference to sleep on your side. 

Some mattresses do offer better support for side sleepers than others. At the same time, most mattress companies tend to offer their mattresses in different firmness levels today. With this in mind, it has become possible to choose almost any kind of mattress and still have a great night’s sleep on your side. 

Some of the most preferred mattress types for side sleepers generally include:

Memory Foam

Memory foam has become one of the most popular materials used in modern-day mattresses. This is a material that was initially designed by NASA. Since its initial development, mattress companies have taken the concept of the material and created new ways to use it in order to make mattresses more comfortable. 

The material is known to be quite responsive. It has a soft feeling in general, but can be purchased in a firm option too. When firm, there will usually be a layer of a higher density foam beneath the memory foam. 

Memory foam is also preferred for its ability to conform to your body. When you lay down on this mattress, it will take the shape of your body. The thickness and type of memory foam determine how much you will sink into the mattress. 

A high-quality memory foam mattress will cause you to sink into the mattress, but without making you feel like you are drowning into your own bed. Some of these mattresses will also offer pressure relief. 

These features help to ensure the mattress sinks only at certain locations – and that sinking in some regions is restricted. The result is a better alignment of your spine. In turn, you will be able to experience less back and hip pain. Your body will also not feel stiff in the morning. 


Many people prefer a more traditional feel to their mattress. If this is your case, then you most likely prefer to sleep on an innerspring mattress. This is one of the oldest mattress models in existence – and it still forms a basis for the design of many mattresses we see on the market today. 

An innerspring mattress will usually contain coiled springs on the inside. This is the main part of the mattress. At the top, a thin layer of foam is usually added. This ensures your body does not experience pressure from the springs on the inside.

Innerspring mattresses will usually be firmer than memory foam options. This is due to the use of these springs. 

Some of the more modern options use pocketed coils. These mattresses include hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of smaller coils. Each coil is wrapped in padding, most often a specific type of foam. 

The combination of foam and coils in a single layer helps to add both comfort and support. These mattresses are known to offer superior comfort and spinal alignment – mainly because the mattress is able to conform to your body without causing a significant amount of sinking. 


Hybrid mattresses have only recently become a popular alternative to the more traditional innerspring systems. A hybrid mattress combines the two most common mattresses into a single piece of furniture. This includes an innerspring system and a foam design. 

At the base of a hybrid mattress, there will usually be an innerspring sleep system. A lot of the hybrid mattresses will use pocketed coils as its innerspring system. These coils help to provide support and confirming features to the mattress. 

Above the springs, there will be foam layers. There will be a thicker layer of foam compared to a standard innerspring mattress. The foam adds additional comfort and responsiveness to the mattress. 

A variety of hybrid mattress models are available. The majority of these mattresses will use memory foam as a top layer for the product. There are also a couple of options available that uses latex instead. 

There is a difference between these two materials, so you should know which one you prefer. Both latex and memory foam can provide adequate support for side sleepers – but some people have a specific preference when it comes to the surface they sleep on. 


Latex has also become a preferred type of material used in the construction of mattresses. These mattresses are generally more expensive than memory foam options, but latex material is known to be very supportive. A natural or organic latex mattress will come at an even higher price tag. A lot of people do find that the investment is worth it. 

Latex is considered a bouncy material. It is not as responsive as a memory foam mattress. It rather focuses on providing your body with support, compared to the conforming and sinking capabilities of a memory foam mattress. 

Not everyone who sleeps on their sides does prefer a latex mattress. Some people find that pressure relief does not help with their pain. 


There is another option that some people have considered – and that is an airbed. An airbed is generally a bed that is filled with air. These are commonly used for camping purposes. Recent technological advancements have allowed companies to produce more durable airbeds that can be used in your home too. 

An airbed comes with the benefit of adjusting the firmness to a level that you feel comfortable with. If the mattress is too firm, simply allow some air out. If you find that the mattress is too soft, simply inflate it a little more. 

Some air mattresses are constantly attached to a pump. The pump will then regulate the pressure and air on the inside, ensuring your mattress always maintains the firmness that you feel most comfortable with. 

There are a few problems that you should take note of when it comes to an airbed. While many of the recent models use more durable materials, there are still concerns about air leakage and the mattress not being able to hold as much air with continued use. This means the mattress may lose its firmness and overall comfort sooner than other types of mattresses that are available. 

Which Mattress Firmness Is Best For Side Sleepers?

Once you find a great mattress, you still need to determine what firmness level you want to choose. There is a variety of firmness options available. The firmness of a mattress will usually be rated between 1 and 10. One is an extremely soft mattress, while ten is one that is extremely firm. 

You do not want to buy a one or a 10, regardless of how you sleep. When a mattress is too soft, you will surely sink deeply into the product when you lay down. This means your spine will not be aligned. You will also feel the hardness of your foundation underneath the mattress. If there is an innerspring system, the springs may stick into your body. 

On the other hand, a mattress that is too hard can also be bad for your body. It will feel like you are sleeping on the floor. This type of mattress will likely lead to pain in the morning. You may also not feel well-rested when you get up. Your spine will not be aligned properly as some pressure relief is needed at points like your hips and shoulders. 

The best mattress for side sleepers depends on many factors – and there are many personal factors you need to account for when deciding what the most ideal firmness option will be for yourself. 

One of the most important things to consider is your weight. If you are a heavy person, affected by obesity, then a soft mattress is definitely not something you want to buy. Your body will push into the mattress. This means your spine will be out of alignment. A heavy person on a soft mattress equals back, shoulder, and hip pain. 

Heavier people should prefer a firmer mattress. This will give you enough support to ensure your body does not sink into the mattress. The mattress should also not be too firm. It is generally preferred to opt for something between six and eight on the firmness scale if you are a heavy individual.

People with a slimmer body and a lower body weight can consider a softer mattress. It is generally advised not to opt for a mattress with a firmness rating that is lower than four. This may cause problems with your sleep quality. Even if you have low body weight, there are times when you may need to avoid a soft mattress. 

The best mattress for side sleepers with back pain, for example, will never be a soft one. If you have back pain, make sure you buy a medium-firm or luxury-firm mattress. This will give you a plush experience while still being supportive enough to help reduce back pain problems. 

Why Are Return Policies For Online Mattresses Important?

Online mattresses are the preferred option today. Most people tend to prefer buying their mattresses online, as it helps to cut costs compared to buying from a third-party retailer. You also get an opportunity to buy the mattress directly from the manufacturer. This makes support and claiming your warranty easier. 

Some people overlook the importance of return policy for a mattress. This is an investment you will be making. Some mattresses can go into the thousands when looking at their price tags. For this reason, you need to ensure you get the most value for the money you invest in this piece of furniture. 

There are two things that you should consider when buying a mattress, particularly in terms of getting better insurance for your investment:

  • Sleep Trial: Start by looking for a sleep trial that comes with the mattress you are interested in buying. The sleep trial gives you an opportunity to try the mattress out before you decide to keep it. Once the mattress arrives at your doorstep, you are given a certain period of time to test it out. If you are not happy with your experience or find that it does not properly support your side sleeping position, then the company will usually offer a refund. Take note that some companies charge a fee for the return. The sleep trials usually range from 100 to 120 days. There are a few exceptions, where the brand offers a 365-day trial. 
  • Warranty: Do not only consider a sleep trial – the warranty that comes with a mattress is crucial too. This gives you peace of mind that manufacturing defects detected during a certain period of time will be fixed by the manufacturer. Most companies tend to offer warranties that fall between a period of 10 years and 25 years. In rare cases, you may also find a few brands that are able to offer you a lifetime warranty. Always read the fine print related to the warranty. This will help you understand exactly what is covered by the warranty. 

Is Memory Foam Good For Side Sleepers?

The design of a mattress you sleep on affects how well you sleep. The materials used determine the overall design, support, and feel that the mattress will be able to offer you. With memory foam being an exceptionally popular material used in mattresses, you might wonder if this type of mattress may be a good option for you. 

A high-quality memory foam mattress is actually a great option to choose if you prefer to sleep on your side. The best memory foam mattress for side sleepers will be able to offer superior comfort and support for this particular sleeping position. 

Memory foam is a responsive material. When you lay down on a memory foam mattress, the material will contour to the shape of your body. Companies will usually add specific pressure points to the memory foam mattress. These pressure points are usually located at your hips and shoulders. 

This helps to align your spine when you sleep and maybe a great way to relieve back pain, shoulder pain, and hip pain. 

At the same time, take note that memory foam may not be a good option if you are a heavy person. Being obese means your body will put more pressure on the mattress. When only memory foam is used, you may feel like you are drowning in the mattress. If you are obese and want to enjoy the benefits of memory foam, then consider opting for a hybrid mattress. 

How Much Should You Pay For A Mattress?

It is always hard to determine how much to pay for a mattress. Prices for mattresses differ a lot. You can opt for a cheap mattress and pay only $100 or $200, but the experience will not be the same compared to investing more money. You do not, however, need to pay thousands of dollars on a mattress to get a good night’s sleep. 

Consider your needs and take a look at what your budget allows. Set out a specific amount of money that will go to your mattress. Then, filter the mattresses that are available for side sleepers based on the budget that you have. 

This way, you can ensure you only see mattresses that you can afford, making the process of filtering through them and choosing one much easier. 


If you sleep on your side, you are like most of the population. Almost three out of every four individuals state that they sleep on their side. This sleeping position is quite versatile, but there are some mattress options that can cause back pain, shoulder pain, and discomfort. We looked at a few important things you should take note of when you decide to buy the best mattress for side sleepers. We also shared a selection of the top mattress options available to help make the process of deciding which mattress to buy easier. 

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