Best Mattress for Stomach (Belly) Sleepers – Our 8 Picks In 2022 With Reviews

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If you are a stomach sleeper, you may have realized by now that your sleeping position can place additional strain on your spine and on your neck, causing you some aches and pains such as neck pain or back pain. 

But you have most likely also come to the conclusion that it is nearly impossible for you to fall asleep in any position other than on your stomach. Luckily, finding the best mattress for stomach sleepers can help to alleviate many of the problems associated with sleeping in this position. These mattresses will be on the firmer side to offer your midsection enough support to prevent it from sinking down too deeply and causing a misalignment of the spine. Such a mattress will also enable you to have a better night’s sleep. 

This is where this guide comes in. We have done the research for you, supplying you with our top eight choices in 2022 for the best mattress for stomach sleepers. We have put together a comparison table for you to highlight the features of each mattress and also provide you with in depth reviews on each mattress. Lastly, we have put together a mattress buying guide for stomach sleepers to give you more tips on buying the right mattress. Let’s dive in!

What Is the Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers?

Here are the best mattresses for stomach sleepers in 2022:

  1. Amerisleep AS2 – Editor’s Pick
  2. NectarRunner Up
  3. Leesa Hybrid – Best Hybrid Mattress
  4. AvocadoBest Eco-Friendly Mattress
  5. SaatvaBest Innerspring Mattress
  6. Purple Hybrid – Best Value Mattress
  7. Bear MattressBest Memory Foam Mattress
  8. Layla HybridBest Dual-Comfort Mattress
  9. Dreamcloud – Best Budget Mattress
Editor's Pick

Amerisleep AS2

Runner Up

Nectar - Editor's Pick

Best Hybrid Mattress

Leesa Hybrid

Best Eco-Friendly Mattress


Best Innerspring Mattress


Best Value

Purple Hybrid

Best Memory Foam Mattress

Bear Mattress

Best Dual-Comfort Mattress

Layla Hybrid

Best Budget Mattress


Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers – Reviewed

1. Amerisleep AS2 - Editor's Pick

Amerisleep AS2 - Editor's Pick

Our Rating


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The Amerisleep AS2 is a medium-firm mattress made with a conforming plant-based memory foam called Bio-Pur®. This material is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and more responsive than standard memory foam. The combination of firm support and conforming foam is perfect for stomach sleepers. 

While the Bio-Pur® comfort layer prevents excess sinking and spinal misalignment, it also alleviates pressure points near the hips and shoulders. This layer ensures the spine doesn’t curve unnaturally when stomach sleeping or lead to pressure and tension in the back or neck muscles. 

The transition layer of the AS2 is Affinity foam with special HIVE® technology. The hexagonal cutouts that make up HIVE® technology creates five zones of separate support. Under the torso area the mattress feels “firmer” to minimize sinkage, as it does in the head and feet areas.

The base of the AS2 features Amerisleep’s Bio-Core® support foam. This stable material helps prevent premature sagging and indentions, so stomach sleepers don’t experience dangerous over sinking and morning aches and pains.

To protect your investment, Amerisleep includes a 100-night sleep trial that allows you to test out the best at home for up to 3 months. Their 20-year warranty also covers structure changes, such as sagging greater than an inch. 

2. Nectar - Runner Up

Nectar - Runner Up

Our Rating


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Nectar, which was founded in 2016, wins the day with its flagship model, the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress. The combination of its affordable price point and high quality, supportive construction make it an excellent choice, not only for stomach sleepers but also in fact for almost all sleepers. As such it earns our editor’s pick for the best bed for stomach sleepers. 

The Nectar mattress is built from four foam layers, which work together to offer optimal pressure relief, motion isolation, cooling and support. The fact that other mattresses of comparable quality and construction are at higher price points makes this an excellent mattress in terms of value. 

The Nectar is of medium firmness, allowing it to provide decent support to the midsection of a stomach sleeper, thus preventing your abdomen from sinking too far into the mattress and causing misalignment in the spine, which can lead to neck and back problems. The Nectar has a thickness of eleven inches. Of its four foam layers, three of those layers are memory foam. 

The mattress features a comfort system of two parts which of consists of two distinct memory foam layers. One inch of quilted memory foam along with a three inch layer of gel memory foam of medium density make up the mattress’s’ top two layers. Thus, these top two layers conform to the body, relieving  pressure and causing the mattress to have the feel of traditional memory foam. The gel infused into the memory foam aids in cooling and prevents the mattress from trapping too much body heat, giving the sleeper a cooler night sleep at an excellent price point. 

Beneath the top two layers you have an Adaptive Hi Core memory foam layer of 1.75 inches in depth which serves as a layer of transition. This memory foam is heavier providing the sleeper with greater degree of support and causing the bed to have a bit of bounce. Rounding out the four layers is 2.2 PCF poly foam in a depth of 5.25 inches. This layer serves as the support core for the mattress and provides it with durability due to its high density. This bottom layer adds stability and reinforces the three layers above it. The Tencel mattress cover is breathable, thus allowing a greater degree of air circulation. It can also be cleaned with some detergent if necessary. 

The high quality memory foam construction of this mattress combined with its similarly high quality, high density foam support core offers stomach sleepers and, in fact, most sleepers a top notch night of sleep for the price, with decent, medium foam support, body contouring and a slight amount of bounce. The construction ensures stability and durability which allows you to get a great deal of bang for your buck. The high quality features, excellent support for stomach sleepers,  and superior construction and durability of this mattress make it the clear pick for our editor’s choice. 

The Nectar mattress is an especially ideal fit for those who are easily awakened by their sleeping partner changing positions, customers who are on a budget but still want a high performing mattress, stomach and back sleepers from all weight classes and those who weight more than 130 pounds. 

3. Leesa Hybrid - Best Hybrid Mattress

Leesa Hybrid -  Best Hybrid Mattress

Our Rating


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When it comes to hybrid mattresses we have found that the best hybrid mattress for belly sleepers is the Leesa Hybrid mattress. Why would a stomach sleeper be interested in a hybrid mattress? The two distinct support systems of a hybrid mattress can provide an optimal combination of conforming to the body and bounce. The Leesa Hybrid, in this case, offers the best of both worlds as well as medium-firm support to prevent a sleeper’s midsection from sinking into the bed. 

The Leesa Hybrid is constructed from five-layer, three of which make up the comfort system and two of which form the support core. The top layer of the mattress’s comfort system consists of polyform with a depth of 1.5 inches and a density of 3 PCF (pounds per cubic foot). The polyform has the duel function of conforming as well as offering a degree of bounce. Beneath that is a memory foam layer of 1.5 inches in depth which has a 4 PCF density. The second layer serves to offer motion isolation a pressure relief, adding to the conforming aspect of the mattress. The final layer of the three-layer comfort system is polyfoam of a density of 2 PFC which is 1 inch thick and which prevents the sleeper from sinking excessively into the mattress. 

The first layer which comprises the support core consists of innerspring coils that are pocketed. This coil layer is 6 inches deep and the coils themselves are 14.5 gauge, with greater reinforcement along with the parameter of the mattress. Each individual spring has no direct connection with the other springs due to the pocketed coils, which are formed through cloth wrappings that have been sewn together. The last layer of the mattress and the bottom layer of the support system consists of 1.8 PCF polyform of 1 inch in depth this bottom layer enhances the overall stability and durability of the mattress and offers a degree of shock absorption to the coil layer directly above it. 

The cover of the mattress consists of a blend of cotton which is smooth to the touch and which assists in wicking away moisture to provide a degree of temperature control. The medium-firm feel of the Leesa Hybrid offers it enough bounce and firmness while still providing it with the ability to contour to the pressure points of the sleeper’s body. 

If you are looking for a mattress that combined conforming and bounce with a medium-firm feel, the Leesa Hybrid may be for you. The price point of the Leesa Hybrid is somewhere in the middle when it comes to hybrid mattresses, which means it may not be the least expensive but it is also not the priciest mattress out there. Our editors consider the Leesa Hybrid to offer quite a decent value for the price. 

4. Avocado - Best Eco-Friendly Mattress

Avocado - Best Eco-Friendly Mattress

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For stomach sleepers who are seeking to be more environmentally conscious, the Avocado mattress pulls out all the stops. Avocado, which was founded in the year 2016, manufactures its mattresses using organic and sustainability sourced materials, thus ensuring their eco friendliness. The Avocado Green mattress is the mattress for which Avocado is most famous. So if you want a hybrid mattress that is also environmentally friendly, look no further than the Avocado mattress. 

The Avocado mattress has a thickness of 11 inches and is of a medium firm to firm feel. The comfort layer of the Avocado is constructed from 2 inches of GOLS certified Dunlop latex. This comfort layer is made from sustainability sourced materials and offers temperature control by allowing the circulation of air and keeping the sleeper from sinking too much into the mattress. The transition layer is constructed from Adaptive Hi core memory foam with a density of 3.5 PCF. This layer is 1 inch in depth. This layer provides durability and stability while offering the sleeper support and  a degree contouring. The support core consist of GOLS certified Dunlop latex of 1 inch in depth as well as a layer of picketed coils. These coils have three different gauges: 14, 16 and 17. The three different gauges provide varying degrees of strength and flexibility around the mattress with the stronger steel coils lining the parameter of the mattress this coil layer is 8 inches in depth. The zoning of the pocketed coils is done specifically with support for your neck, spine, as well as other crucial areas in mind. 

The cover of the Avocado Green mattress is made from organic cotton as well as organic wool that has been GOTS certified. Avocado also sells another mattress which is identical to the Avocado Green in construction but which does not feature wool in its cove, making it vegan. Fittingly this mattress is called the Avocado Vegan. 

The Avocado is ideal for sleepers who desire to be environmentally conscious and want a mattress made from sustainable materials. It is also a good choice for a sleeper who is struggling with back or neck pain. The Avocado can also offer comfort for those who tend to be hot sleepers or for combination sleepers weighing over 130 pounds. 

5. Saatva - Best Innerspring Mattress

Saatva - Best Innerspring Mattress

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When it comes to a luxury hybrid stomach sleepers’ mattress (but at a price that is more budget minded than luxurious), you can look to a model from Saatva. The flagship Saatva Mattress has three firmness options to choose from: Firm, Luxury Firm, and Plush Soft. We have found the Saatva Firm to be the best mattress for stomach and side sleepers, with the Saatva Luxury Firm not far behind. (For certain weight classes, the Luxury Firm may be better than the Firm). 

The construction of the Saatva Firm is as follows: a .625 inch layer of poly foam serves as the top layer of the comfort system. This is assisted by a .375 inch lumbar pad made of memory foam, which provides improved alignment of the spine by supporting the lumbar region of the sleeper. Thus, this is perhaps the best mattress for stomach sleepers with lower back pain. Then the mattress features 4 inches of 14.5 gauge pocketed coils which are encased in foam. This layer provides for the circulation of air while also adjusting to the body of the sleeper, balancing contouring and responsiveness. 

The support core for each of these Saatva mattresses consists of either 4 inch or 7 inch 13 gauge hourglass coils (depending on the thickness of the mattress), a .5 inch loft pad and a .875 inch fiber pad, as well as an encasing of foam around the perimeter. This enhances the stability, support, and durability of the mattress. 

For those who weigh less than 130 pounds, either the Saatva Luxury Firm or the Plush Soft would be a good fit. For those who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds, (especially for back and stomach sleepers) the Firm is the best option (with the Luxury Firm coming in at a close second). And for those who weigh more than 230 pounds, the Firm is by far the best option, offering the greatest degree of support and stability. 

When compared with other luxury hybrid mattresses of a similar build and quality, the Saatva is friendlier on one’s budget. And neither the height of the mattress nor the firmness of it makes a difference in terms of the price of the mattress. 

6. Purple Hybrid - Best Value

Purple Hybrid - Best Value

Our Rating


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The Purple Hybrid Mattress, so named for its proprietary Purple Grid comfort layer, is famous for being able to collapse and to spring back in response to a change in pressure. Purple offers three models of mattresses, the Purple, the Purple Hybrid, and the Purple Hybrid Premier. The Purple Hybrid is the one that makes our list of best mattresses for stomach sleepers. 

The Purple Hybrid mattress features a comfort layer made from two inches of the Purple Grid hyper-elastic polymer. This comfort layer is constructed with a grid pattern that allows the layer to contour to the body of the sleeper without trapping too much heat. Beneath that is a transition layer consisting of 2 PCF polyfoam of 1 inch in depth which serves as a barrier between the pocketed coils and the sleeper. The pocketed coils layer, 7.5 inches in depth, allows for air circulation which providing the bed extra edge support and bounce. Beneath that pocketed coil support layer is a thin layer of transition foam, which serves as a base and supports the pocketed coil layer. 

The medium-firm feel of the mattress provides enough support for stomach sleepers to keep their spines from becoming misaligned. The cover of the mattress consists of 29% Viscose, 67% Polyester, 4% Lycra, which gives the cover some stretch to be able to move and bend with the comfort layer of the mattress as well as breathability to enhance air circulation. 

If you suffer from any pressure points, generally sleep hot, or weigh fewer than 230 pounds, the Purple Hybrid is an ideal fit for you. The price of the Purple Hybrid is a bit higher than average but certainly not out of place for a luxury hybrid mattress. 

7. Bear Mattress - Best Memory Foam Mattress

Bear Mattress - Best Memory Foam Mattress

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The Bear Mattress is made entirely of foam and is designed with athletes and those with more active lifestyles in mind. Its Celliant sleep technology is designed to speed up the physical recovery time of athletes and to improve the quality of sleep. 

The mattress, which is 10 inches in depth, has as its top layer a 2 inch layer of memory foam infused with graphite gel (which promotes cooling). Next comes a poly foam layer (also 2 inches thick) which serves as a transition layer to the 6 inches of high density poly foam that comprise the support layer and which supply the mattress with its stability and support. This mattress has a medium firm feel, although it may be the least firm of all the mattresses on this list. So if the other mattresses are just a touch too firm for you, this one may be the way to go for you. 

The cover of the mattress is made out of a Celliant fabric, which has been designed to absorb the heat of the body and to convert that heat into infrared energy. This infrared energy then gets transferred back into the body of the sleeper and is supposed to improve the blood oxygen levels as well as the circulation of the sleeper, thereby decreasing the times for physical recovery. The Celliant fabric, working together with the graphite gel infused memory foam layer, also helps to keep the mattress as cool as possible. 

Because the comfort layer is not too thick, it offers a fairly firm feel that provides contouring without that sinking feeling. This mattress offers great value when its price and quality level are compared with other mattresses made entirely of foam. Because the Celliant Fabric Technology can give a better night’s sleep to those who possess more physically demanding jobs or who are more physically active, this mattress is ideal for athletes and for those with jobs which are physically demanding. It also provides you with enough contouring to relieve pressure points but not so much that you feel like you are sinking into the mattress. 

8. Layla Hybrid - Best Dual-Comfort Mattress

Layla Hybrid - Best Dual-Comfort Mattress

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The Layla Hybrid is a successor to the Layla Mattress, which garnered fame as a flippable memory foam mattress. The Layla Hybrid takes the same concept and applies that to a mattress with a hybrid construction. 

One of the best things about the Layla Hybrid is the choice between two different firmness levels, which makes this an ideal mattress for all body types and sleeping positions. Each side of the mattress has a different level of firmness. You can choose the soft side or the medium firm to firm side. This makes the mattress a perfect choice for those who may have changing sleeping needs. The firm side of the mattress provides greater regulation of temperature and greater ease of movement, while the soft side of the mattress provides exceptional pressure relief as well as motion isolation. For stomach sleepers, we recommend the firm side of the mattress. But if you are currently a stomach sleeper but intend to break that habit and switch to another position eventually, the Layla Hybrid may be perfect for you, as you can flip the mattress if you break your stomach sleeping habit and need a softer feel with more pressure relief and motion isolation. 

The comfort system on the soft side of the mattress consists of 2.5 inches of memory foam infused with copper as well as 2 inches of poly foam. The purpose of the copper infused memory foam is to conduct heat away from the sleeper, allowing for a cooler sleep than traditional memory foam usually provides. Then, a Tri Zone Airflow poly foam layer of two inches circulates air with its deep channels and possesses SMT (surface modification technology) to offer greater support. 

The comfort system of the firm side of the mattress is also made of memory foam infused with copper and a Tri Zone Airflow poly foam layer. The memory foam layer is one inch thick, and the poly foam layer is 1.5 inches thick. 

In the center of the mattress, there is the support core, which consists of a six inch layer of pocketed coils. The coils add enough bounce to the Layla Hybrid and also promote air circulation throughout it, which helps with the temperature regulation. Proper edge support allows the sleeper to get out of bed more easily. Also, the removable cover provides for easier cleaning of the Layla Hybrid than that of other hybrid mattresses. 

The price point on the Layla Hybrid is middle of the road for a hybrid model (or perhaps even a bit lower than average). The construction and durability of the mattress make it an option that offers excellent value. Also, the fact that the mattress can be flipped makes it our pick for the best mattress for stomach and side sleepers. 

9. Dreamcloud - Best Budget Mattress

Dreamcloud - Best Budget Mattress

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If you are looking for luxury hybrid performance at a more reasonable, affordable price, another excellent option is the DreamCloud Mattress. This mattress is made with high quality materials and a luxury construction but is offered at a less than luxurious (that is, more budget friendly) price. 

The mattress consists of a pillow top which is built into it and which serves as a cushion for the top of the mattress. This pillow top layer utilizes a cover made from a cashmere blend to make the topper feel softer while promoting air circulation. The mattress’s first layer is memory foam which has been quilted into this cover. Then the next layer consists of memory foam infused with gel that can provide pressure relief while keeping the mattress cool. 

The transition layer of this mattress offers a greater degree of contouring with conventional foam while at the same time keeping the individual from sinking too far into the mattress and contacting the coil support core. The support core consists of individually wrapped coils, each of which is able to move independently in order to prevent the transfer of motion between the springs. The coil layer possesses great air circulation to allow the heat to dissipate. This coil layer is then supported by a layer of conventional foam beneath it, which is the base layer. 

This mattress, which has a medium firm feel, offers both pressure relief through contouring as well as bounce due to its hybrid construction. It is more on the responsive side and may not provide enough contouring for those who prefer a pure memory foam feel. The medium firmness provides enough support for the midsection of stomach sleepers, and the price point is exceedingly reasonable for a mattress of this quality. 

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers Buying Guide

Firmness Level

Perhaps the most important factor for a stomach sleeper to consider is the level of firmness, oftentimes called the “feel.” A stomach sleeper should look for a mattress that is medium firm or firm to prevent his or her body from sinking too much into the bed and causing the spine to become misaligned. A misaligned spine can cause any number of back and neck problems, so proper support for the midsection is paramount. 

Contouring and Pressure Relief

While firmness is important, the mattress should also have enough give to contour to the body in order to provide pressure relief at those pressure points. If a mattress lacks adequate pressure relief, the sleeper may start to experience aches and pains related to pressure points. Memory foam usually provides the greatest level of contouring and pressure relief. But memory foam also generates a sinking feeling (which should be limited if you are a stomach sleeper) so be sure that the memory foam is accompanied by a proper support core that will prevent too much sinking and misalignment of the spine. 

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is important if you are easily awakened at night by the movements of your sleep partner. In general, coils tend to provide less motion isolation, while foam provides more motion isolation. However, the more motion isolation a mattress offers, the less bouncy and responsive it will generally be. 

Bounce and Responsiveness

Many sleepers prefer a bed with at least a little bit of bounce and responsiveness. Without responsiveness and bounce, lying on a mattress can feel a bit like sinking into quicksand. Also, sexual activity on a mattress with more bounce and responsiveness is preferable for many sleepers. It is also easier for a sleep to get out of bed with a responsive mattress.  


Value can generally be determined through a comparison of the price of the mattress with its quality, durability, materials, and quality of sleep offered. There are some mattresses which perform like luxury models and are constructed from high quality materials but are priced like budget ones. There are other mattresses (not on this list) which perform like budget mattresses but are priced at luxury price points. Stick to the former and avoid the latter. All of the mattresses on this list will offer decent value for the money. 

Sleep Trial and Warranty

Another important factor to consider when buying a mattress is the length of the sleep trial as well as the warranty. Your body needs time to determine if the mattress is right for you or not. Look for a sleep trial of several months (at least—some will have a sleep trial of a year) and a warranty period of 10 years or more. 


Stomach sleepers have a somewhat difficult task: finding a mattress that provides enough support to the midsection to keep the spine from becoming misaligned while also providing enough contouring to offer pressure relief. We hope this guide has eliminated the stress of your ordeal of finding the best mattress for stomach sleepers so that you can finally get that good night’s sleep (without resultant aches and pains) you have been dreaming of while sleeping in the only position that makes you feel comfortable. Happy sleeping!

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