6 Best Silk Sheets You Can Buy In 2020 – Complete Guide & Top Picks

Best Silk sheets

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What’s better than a lustrous royal bed? Nothing, as far as we know! While polyester and cotton have their own appeal, there’s something that spikes interest in silk. Maybe it’s the gloss that lights up the room. Maybe it’s the softness that leaves your body floating. Or maybe it’s the cooler temperature that leaves you sleeping in the clouds.

Whichever it is that draws you to silk, your judgment isn’t always perfect. This is why we’re here to clear any confusion. Take a look at our buying guide to see what type of silk is better and check out our top 6 best silk bed sheets and pillowcases. But most importantly, you’ll learn about the benefits of using silk.

So let’s get started!

Our Top Picks

1. Editor’s Choice – THXSILK Silk Sheet Set 4 Pieces

The THX SILK Sheet is for those who want a heavier silk thread. It’s the perfect blend of pure silk with heavy momme thread. To be more specific, it has a 19 momme thread weight, which translates to a thicker cloth and more durability. Silk on its own is a great temperature regulator. With this silk sheet, you can sleep with ease, knowing you won’t sweat all night.

To add to that, it’s an antimicrobial sheet that keeps you safe from allergies and asthma. This isn’t to say that you should use it if you are allergic to silk. It simply means that you won’t be prone to other allergies, such as those caused by cotton or dust. The THX SILK sheet is 100% free from harmful chemicals and heavy metals. OEKO-Tex certification ensures its standard.

It’s the perfect design; you can use them on 16 inches wide area. It’s a great gift idea since its 100% pure and natural. THX SILK uses organic silk fibers with no additives or secret ingredients.


  • No additives or harmful chemicals.
  • Made of natural silk fiber. 100% organic.
  • Lasts longer due to heavy silk thread.
  • Regulates temperature pretty well.
  • Prevents allergies from dust, cotton, or other fibers.


  • You cannot use it in the dryer or washing machine.

2. Runner Up – Orose 100% Charmeuse Mulberry Silk Sheet Set

Mulberry silk has always upheld a standard in the market. It’s the highest quality of silk that’s made from silkworm cocoons fed on mulberry. This 4 piece bed sheet set from Orose uses one hundred percent pure mulberry silk. It’s a 19 momme weight sheet with a thread count of 400. And it comes with all the benefits you need for a peaceful sleep.

This set consists of two pillowcases, one flat sheet, and one fitted sheet. It’s machine washable but cannot be used in the dryer. The fabric has a natural cooling effect. It wicks away the temperature from the middle. This queen-sized set fits a standard bed of 80 inches long. It makes the perfect gift for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

The Orose Charmeuse Mulberry Silk Set is recommended for sleepers who feel hot at night. It’s a great way to reduce the temperature. These sheets are perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin and develops a rash easily. It’s not for use by those with a silk allergy. However, it does reduce allergies caused by additives and pollutants. It contains zero cotton and polyester.


  • A great gift idea for all occasions.
  • Regulates temperature throughout the mattress evenly.
  • It does not irritate the skin or cause rashes.
  • Heavyweight threading maintains durability.
  • Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.


  • White color is easy to see through.

3. Softest Sheet – LilySilk 3 Piece Queen 100 Silk Fitted Sheets Set Light Plum

This is a 3 piece silk sheet set from LilySilk. It includes a fitted sheet along with two complementary pillowcases. LilySilk is a lesser-known brand, but it’s heavily underrated. For one thing, they have the best colors. This set has a tinge of light plum, which isn’t straining to the eye.

Apart from the appearance, there’s a lot more going on. For instance, the sheet is made of 100% raw mulberry silk. Mulberry silk is the finest type of silk, made by feeding 2500 silkworms on mulberry leaves. As always, it regulates temperature and is best for people with sensitive skin.

Normally, rough fabric like cotton or polyester can irritate the skin and cause rashes. This would especially be the case if you have eczema or any other condition. Silk fibers’ smooth texture will gently caress your skin without causing irritations.

The LilySilk is a fitted sheet that uses elastic bands to anchor to the mattress. The seams are all strong and durable. It’s rated as 6A grade mulberry. For reference, only 5% of the world’s silk can be graded as pure 6A.


  • Made from the finest type of silk.
  • Woven from the highest grade rare silk.
  • Feels soft to the touch. Reduces rashes and irritation.
  • Fits the standard mattress flawlessly.
  • Cool, an unsaturated plum color that works with any backdrop.


  • It does not come with a flat sheet.

4. Hair Repairing – ZIMASILK 4 Pieces 100% Mulberry Silk Bed Sheet Set

Yet another Mulberry silk sheet, this set from ZIMASILK is a must-have in 2020. It’s a 19 momme bed sheet set that includes both a fitted and a flat sheet. This sheet is especially recommended for its breathability.

Silk has always been the best fabric for temperature regulation. Combine that with a fabric that allows ventilation, and you get the coolest night ever.

ZIMASILK also has hair recovery properties. After all, your skin is not the only thing prone to rough surfaces. Your hair can also become knotted or matted at a cellular level. A silk sheet as soft as ZIMASILK’s will maintain good hair health. This, in turn, may have anti-aging properties, but testing is in process. It’s available in multiple colors, including light plum and black.

Both the sheets and pillowcases are machine washable. You cannot use them in the dryer, as the heat will degenerate the silk. Moreover, you cannot wash them in the machine more than a few times. After that, it is best to hand-wash or look at a silk washing guide.


  • Feels soft and delicate to touch. No rashes or irritations.
  • Maintains good hair health. Zero follicle damage at a cellular level.
  • Heavy threading increases lifespan.
  • Feels cool and breathable. It does not leave you sweaty.
  • You can wash it in a machine.


  • You cannot use it in the dryer or the machine for too long.

5. Best Alternative – Mellani Bed Sheet Set – Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bedding

Let’s face it: if you have a skin condition and a silk allergy, then you’re basically stranded. No fabric is as soft as silk. But for those of you who can’t use silk, there are alternatives. Melani’s brushed microfiber set can be used in place of silk. It’s made of pure 100% polyester and is slightly less soft than a silk sheet.

Being polyester, the cloth may cause some rashes or irritation. But since it’s made from microfiber, the effect is heavily reduced. Like the others, this is a 4 piece set, including pillowcases and two sheets.

What’s better about this is that you can wash them multiple times in a machine. It’s resistant from fading and color bleeding, a running issue with a silk cloth. So if you have no immediate need for silk, then this alternative will work too.

It’s twice as durable as silk. However, the texture is slightly rougher and matted. And it doesn’t give off the natural gloss that silk has. It is recommended to opt for this alternative if you’re allergic to silk. Or if you want something as good as silk that’s stain and fade resistant.


  • More durable than silk. Lasts longer in the machine.
  • Zero color bleeding, fading, and fiber degeneration.
  • Durable polyester that doesn’t tear or rip.
  • Available in a multitude of colors.
  • A lifetime Mellani bed sheet guarantee.


  • Not as soft as silk. Slightly more matted.
  • It does not give off as much gloss and shine like silk.

6. Highest Durability – Mulberry Park Silks – Queen Silk Sheet Set

If you’re still not sure which product to buy, then Mulberry Park Silks might have the answer for you. This is a pure Mulberry Charmeuse silk sheet that includes two pillowcases and two sheets. One sheet is a fitted bottom sheet while the other is a flat sheet to be used on the top.

This silk sheet from Mulberry Park Silks is especially recommended for its durability. It’s a 22 momme sheet with a 900 thread count. This means it’s heavier and lasts longer. The fabric is anti-tear and stain-resistant. Naturally, silk resists the accumulation of dust and pollen, so it’s hypoallergenic. This, combined with extreme softness, makes it the best for people with skin problems.

To add to all that, the Mulberry Park Silks sheet is Oeko-Tex certified! It means that no harsh chemicals were in use to process this silk. It’s a completely organic product that is obtained from the silkworm. No artificial additives were in use, save those for weaving the silk. But just like every other silk bed sheet, you cannot tumble dry these sheets. You can wash them in the machine, but only a few times.


  • No involvement with harmful chemicals.
  • More resistant and durable. It does not tear apart or rip.
  • Prevents allergies and rashes. Sheets and pillowcases are hypoallergenic.
  • 100% pure and natural. Uses organic mulberry silk.
  • Machine washable. You can dry-clean it as well.


  • You cannot tumble dry it.

Why Choose Silk?

How Its Made – Silk

Silk is chosen mainly for beauty and aesthetic. However, some people with skin disorders use silk to reduce rashes and irritation. In the past, silk has always symbolized royalty and luxury. And even today, this costly material signifies abundance and richness.

One downside to using silk is that it can’t be dried in the tumbler or be left out in the heat for too long. And since it’s so glossy, any stains are pretty much visible. And that’s just if you put the high cost aside.


  • The glossy texture revamps your bedroom’s look.
  • Soft to touch which helps prevents rashes and itching due to sensitive skin.
  • Best for people with skin conditions such as eczema and hypersensitivity.
  • Silk naturally regulates temperature and keeps the body cool.
  • Highly breathable fabric. It allows air to pass through and prevents sweating.
  • Naturally prevents pollen and dust build-up. Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.
  • Keeps hair soft and silky. It does not cause cellular damage to the follicle.
  • A great choice for gifts and decorations. Nothing beats the royal look of silk.


  • It loses color very easily.
  • Expensive as compared to cotton and other fabrics.
  • It cannot be used in the dryer.
  • Leaving out in the sun will also degenerate fibers.
  • Return policies are very strict and very hard to claim.
  • Stain very easily. Washing is frequently required.

Silk Sheets – Different Types:

There are over fifty different types of silk fabrics. In textile jargon, the terms weft and warp” are commonly in use. This merely refers to how the silk is woven. Of the two threads used for weaving, one is the weft and the other is the warp. It would be tedious to explain what they are. But if you already know then it will be easier for you to choose the right type of silk.

Generally, artificial silk and silk blends should be preferred over natural silk. This is mainly due to the low duality of natural silk. But nothing beats the shine and quality of natural silk.

What Is Momme Weight Rating?

Momme is a silk-specific weight rating system. It basically translates to how heavily threaded the silk fabric is. It’s a Japanese weighing system, pronounced as “mo-mie” In simple terms; it’s the weight in pounds of the silk fabric. So a 19 momme silk bed sheet has a weight of 19 pounds.

This type of rating also corresponds to the thread count. Normally, the higher the momme rating and thread count, the higher the quality. But that also means higher prices. A 19 momme rating is standard in the market. Although 22 and 21 momme fabrics are also sometimes chosen! Higher momme means better quality, but sometimes that can be redundant.

Silk Types and Alternatives:

MulberryCharmeuseHabotaiTussahDuppoiniSateen WeaveSynthetic Silk
Made by feeding silkworms on mulberry leaves. This is the finest type of silk available today.
A satin weave semi-lustrous silk fabric. It has a glossy surface on one side and a dull matte surface on the other.
A Japanese-founded weave that is the most basic type of silk. It’s a plain weave and you can use it for summer wear.
Made from the brown fiber woven by the larvae of silk moths and royal moths. This silk is coarser and less lustrous.
A plain weave silk that blends both fine and uneven threads. It’s a rarer type, but you can opt for it if it pleases you.
A type of weave where the front surface is lustrous while the back is course. Sateen, also known as satin, is the most common type of silk.
Made from artificial fibers that are not obtained from the silkworm. They mimic silk and are best if you’re allergic to natural silk.

Pattern, Fit, and Color:

Silk bed sheets come in either plain or a pattern. They look best when they’re plain, as this texture helps bring out their shiny surface. In patterns, they mostly have a paisley design.

Finding the perfect fit shouldn’t be challenging!

You can find all sizes of silk bed sheets over the online market. Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King; online stores have them all.

As for color, there is no limitation on the color either. However, light plum, white, sky blue, and gold are the most common. Silk especially looks appealing when it’s golden. White silk tends to mask the natural shine of the silk. Black silk is best for the visual appeal as it contrasts with the shine.

Finding the Right Kind Of Silk Sheets:

Finding the perfect silk sheet for personal use or gifting is excruciatingly tough. So for your convenience, we’ve prepared a very simple guide. It will help you choose the right type of silk.

We’ve highlighted all of the important features that you should look out for. Also, you’ll finally learn whether artificial silk is better than natural silk or not.

Temperature Considerations:

Every silk sheet claims to regulate temperature. But in reality, every silk sheet has its own temperature. Some are cooler than others, while some can cause you to sweat just as much.

If you’re using artificial silk or a silk blend, then you’re compromising on this feature. 100% organic silk has temperature regulation properties that are unbeatable. Go for a fabric that feels cool and doesn’t make you sweat all night.

Blended Silk vs. Pure Silk:

Silk can be categorized as pure or blended. Blended silk normally has polyester or nylon. Both of these materials are soft and you can also use them as alternatives to silk. Some silk fabrics are also woven with microfibers to add to the softness.

Pure silk can further be of two types: organic and artificial. Artificial silk will generally use more chemicals. But it will also be more durable and machine-friendly. Organic silk will have lesser chemicals involved.

Organic Silk:

Organic silk is much better than artificial silk in multiple ways. Firstly, organic silk uses lesser chemicals. Yes, companies will use preservatives and toners. But that’s just the basic processing. The final product won’t have any unnecessary rubbish that could potentially harm your lungs.

Unlike mattresses, organic fabric has little to no off-gassing. So it won’t affect the environment or indoor air quality. In fact, organic silk will actually be much more biodegradable. However, you can’t wash organic silk for long either.

Oeko-Tex Certification:

Silk, whether artificial or organic, becomes friendlier when certified by Oeko-Tex. This is a standard certification that most textiles nowadays use. Any product that is at any processing stage can be certified by Oeko-Tex. An Oeko-Tex certification means that the fabric is completely free from heavy metals and additives.

The fabric does not use harmful flame retardants, and it’s 100% biodegradable. Moreover, the VOC emission is also minimal or non-existent.

What Else You Must Consider:

Apart from the features, service quality is a major factor. You need to make sure your silk sheets have a decent warranty and return policy. Also, you need to see which pieces are included with the set. And whether or not the company ships in gift wrap!

Below is a guide to help you decide what kind of policies silk sheets come with.

What Pieces Are Included In The Set?

Most silk sheets come as a 4 piece set. They include a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. The fitted sheet is like a mattress skirt and has elasticity in them. The elastic goes over the mattress and gives a perfect fitted finish.

You can use a flat sheet of silk, like every other bed sheet. It’s free of elasticity and can double as a cover. Some don’t include one of the two sheets. A 4 piece silk sheet set is the best choice for a gift. They make the perfect gifts for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and weddings.

Return Policy and Shipping Terms:

Since silk loses its finish/crispness after every wash, return policies can be pretty strict. Some manufacturers may allow returns if you have washed them once or twice. Other issues such as itching, rashes and the like all come under the return policy.

Shipping is no big deal. You can receive shipping in a clear cubic bag that contains all the pieces of Silk sheets wrapped up neatly. Since natural silk won’t off-gas, a break-in period won’t be necessary.


Bed sheets made of silk generally have little to no warranty. As with returns, pieces that have been washed will not be accepted for refunds. Some companies provide a lifetime warranty on silk products. But those are pretty rare.

Silk blends and artificial silk has a longer lifespan. So these alternatives generally have a warranty extending 2 years or so. But if you stick to organic silk, then good luck, finding a decent warranty policy!

Final Thoughts

To summarize, silk is a great choice for bed sheets and pillowcases. It’s lightweight, cool, and prevents skin rashes. However, washing silk can be the worst part.

Of the 6 products we reviewed, the THXSILK Silk Sheet Set 4 Pieces is the best. It has an Oeko-Tex certification and is made of pure silk. Also, it lasts longer in the machine as compared to the other products. If you have no immediate need for silk, then try out an alternative or a blend. These will have longer lifespans and can feel just as smooth and glossy as organic silk.

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