Best Soft & Plush Mattresses of 2022

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The firmness of your mattress has several parts to play in how you sleep. At the same time, everyone also has their own particular preferences. Some people enjoy a firm mattress, often with that innerspring feeling. This adds a level of support to the mattress that they enjoy. Another would prefer to sleep on the soft mattress instead. 

A soft mattress gives you a cushioning effect when you lay down at the bed. Sure, there are a few that might be simply too soft. Do your research well, and you can find a soft mattress that hugs your body instead of causing it to sink into your bed. 

The Best Soft Mattresses In 2022:

Best Overall

Amerisleep AS5


Vaya Mattress

Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Zoma Mattress

Best Soft Mattress in a box

Layla Sleep

Best Luxury Plush Mattress

Nest Alexander

Best Soft Memory Foam Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Spartan

Best Value Soft Mattress


Best Soft Mattress For Side Sleepers

Bear Hybrid

Best Medium Soft Mattress

Leesa Hybrid

1. Amerisleep AS5 - Best Overall

Amerisleep AS5 - Best Overall

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Amerisleep is one of the most well-known mattress brands. Not only do they use eco-friendly material for making mattresses, but they also ensure that they have something for everyone. No matter what your preferred sleep position or body type is, you will be sure to find a comfortable and supportive mattress with Amerisleep.

The Amerisleep AS5 is their softest mattress and is perfect for side sleepers and lightweight individuals (those 130 pounds or less). While the shoulders and hips are cradled and protected from pressure points, the electricity of this foam prevents over-sinking and spinal misalignment. 

Motion transfer is one of the most critical aspects of this mattress. If you sleep with your partner, friend, or sibling, who tends to toss and turn while they sleep, then Amerisleep AS5 is the best choice for you. It absorbs the movements of any other person who is sleeping on the same mattress, allowing you to sleep undisturbed. 

Amerisleep also uses a unique plant-based memory foam called Bio-Pur®. This foam is made with natural oils, rather than synthetic, making it more breathable and less likely to trap heat and moisture. Bio-Pur® is also non-toxic, eco-friendly, and more responsive than traditional memory foam. 

Like all of Amerisleep’s mattresses, the AS5 comes with a 100-night sleep trial so you can test out the bed for yourself. They also provide a generous 20-year warranty that covers sagging and indentations greater than .75 inches.

2. Vaya Mattress - Runner-Up

Vaya Mattress - Runner-Up

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For an affordable, all-foam bed, we recommend the Vaya Mattress. A queen size Vaya is available for just under $600, this includes free shipping and returns. 

The Vaya Mattress has a conforming comfort layer and a soft-ventilated cover that helps warm air quickly escape the mattress. This cover is also removable and washable to help you keep your bed clean and in good repair. 

The plush feel of this bed is perfect for side sleepers and combination sleepers. However, it also has enough bounce to prevent over-sinking and spinal misalignment. With the joints cushioned and the spine neutral, the muscles in the back can relax and heal.

The base of the Vaya Mattress features a sturdy support foam to prevent sagging and indentations. This base allows you to pair the Vaya Mattress with most modern bed frames, including adjustable bases, slatted frames, and platform beds.

The Vaya Mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

3. Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Zoma Mattress

Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress -  Zoma Mattress

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The Zoma Mattress has recently become a popular bed for professional athletes and active individuals. The layers of foam create the perfect balance of cushioning and support to help ease muscle tension and pain. 

The gel memory foam top layer is ideal for hot sleepers because this infusion helps pull heat and moisture away from the surface of the bed. The top layer of the Zoma also features their Triangulex™ technology, a unique zoned support system that is firmer along the back to prevent alignment issues. This foam layer is also soft near the joints to prevent pressure points. 

The latex-like transition layer is made with their Reactiv™ foam. This material provides further protection against spinal misalignment and reduces morning aches and pains. 

The Support+ foam in the base of the mattress is resistant to sags and indents. This flexible material allows the Zoma to pair with an adjustable base. It can also be used with a platform bed or slatted mattress foundation or frame. 

The Zoma Mattress is also available in a hybrid model. Instead of a foam base, the hybrid has a base of pocketed spring coils. Both models come with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. 

4. Layla Sleep - Softest Mattress in a Box

Layla Sleep - Softest Mattress in a Box

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For a great sleeping experience on the best soft mattress, we highly recommend you take a look at the Layla Mattress. This is the softest mattress that you can get at a reasonable low price. This is the original mattress from the Layla brand and provides both support and softness in one product. 

The Layla mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial. During this period, you can sleep on the mattress and see how it feels. If you do not like it, simply let Layla know. The manufacturer will arrange a return of your mattress and provide you a refund on the purchase. 

The Layla mattress features a cooling cover. The cover offers Thermo-Gel cooling technology. This helps you sleep cooler at night – an important factor when looking at any type of mattress. A zipper is included in the cover, ensuring you can easily keep it clean at all times. It works along with the memory foam to provide cooling functionality. 

The soft side of the mattress is great for side sleeping. This side offers a plush feel without the need for an additional mattress topper. Even though soft, you still get excellent motion isolation and even pressure points built into the mattress design. 

Back and stomach sleepers may enjoy turning the mattress around for a medium-soft to firm experience. 

The purchase of the Layla mattress comes with a lifetime warranty. This is a unique feature provided for a mattress. If your mattress sags further than a specified level, you can return it for repairs or a refund, as per the warranty terms and conditions.  

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5. Nest Alexander - Best Luxury Plush Mattress

Nest Alexander - Best Luxury Plush Mattress

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The Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid mattress is something that has gained attention in media publications and became quite a hit in recent years. It is a great new mattress for everyone, including side sleepers and stomach sleepers. 

This is a signature mattress from the Nest Bedding brand. The manufacturer is one of the most trusted mattress brands in the US. This is the company’s latest hybrid mattress. This means the mattress combines the best benefits from a traditional foam-based system, along with an inner-coil setup. The result is a mattress that is not only soft to the touch but also supportive thanks to the deeper layers on the inside. Some people consider this the softest memory foam mattress when looking for something more luxurious. 

You get a comfort guarantee with the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid mattress. For the first 100 nights, you are free to decide whether or not to keep the mattress. If you do not feel happy with the sleep experience on the mattress, simply ask the manufacturer for a refund. 

The entire mattress is manufactured in Arizona, making this a locally-produced mattress. The company also uses an eco-friendly process to manufacture the mattress. The materials use in the mattress have gone through appropriate tests to prove that they are environmentally-friendly too. The soft mattresses also give you superior support while still feeling ultra-soft at the top. A mattress topper is built into the product, contributing to better value for your money when looking at soft mattresses to buy.

The top layer of the mattress is a gel-infused memory foam layer. Gel-infused materials are known for superior cooling functionality. There is also a thermic phase change fabric that helps you sleep cooler at night. This means there is no need to buy additional mattress toppers if you choose the Nest Alexander. This mattress ensures you do not sleep hot. Your sleep temperature will remain lower throughout the night. It also provides a comfort system that supports heavier sleepers.

On the inside of the mattress, there is a 16-gauge Quantum Edge Zone Pocketed Support Coils system. This provides exceptional support for stomach sleepers, while also offering pressure relief at the same time. This system consists of coils that have been individually wrapped. The coils add support to the mattress without affecting its firmness too much. This means you still get a mattress that is exceptionally soft, yet it also helps to align your spine and make you sleep better at night. The base layer of the mattress adds extra support, which contributes to the pressure relief offered by the product. The sleep trial gives you better peace of mind when investing in a soft memory foam mattress.

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6. Brooklyn Bedding Spartan- Best Soft Memory Foam Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Spartan- Best Soft Memory Foam Mattress

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The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid is yet another excellent option if you are looking for best soft mattresses. The mattress is highly recommended among side sleepers. It is also one of the best soft mattresses for back and stomach sleepers, particularly due to its unique design. Pricing is relatively affordable on this one, especially if you compare it to other options that can offer you a softer night’s sleep. The bed also comes with a unique multi-layer system that focuses on giving you a better sleep. It is a great option when buying soft mattresses, but you want the support that a firm mattress will usually offer you. The mattress offers integrated pressure points. This gives you access to advanced pressure relief functions. 

This top mattress option for anyone who likes a soft memory foam experience comes with a 120-night trial. This trial is an excellent opportunity for you to test just how soft the mattress is. The manufacturer gives you four months to sleep on the mattress and determine if it is right for you. The product is also shipped to your local US address for free. If you are no happy, a free return will also be arranged. 

Apart from the softness, the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid is available in two other firmness levels as well. This is great for stomach sleepers who are concerned about their spinal alignment. Soft mattresses sometimes cause you to sink into the top layer, which can lead to a misalignment – especially if you have a heavy bodyweight. Firm mattresses can be selected if the softer mattresses from the brand are not supportive enough for you.  This includes a medium-firm and a firm option. If you find the soft option has too much of a plush feeling, then the medium-firm option might be worth looking at.

When you buy one of these soft mattresses, you do get a ten-year warranty with the product. It should be noted that this is a little shorter time compared to some of the other mattresses on the market. Still, the three firmness levels, along with the use of memory foam for a responsive soft feel, give you flexibility and value for your money.

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7. Saatva - Best Value Soft Mattress

Saatva - Best Value Soft Mattress

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The Saatva Mattress is the original mattress from the Saatva brand. This is a hybrid model that uses memory foam and other materials to provide support and pressure relief, while still offering a soft surface for any sleeping position. Back sleepers and side sleepers report better sleep with this mattress. Even though the company has expanded into other ranges of mattresses, this remains a preferred option among people who want a soft surface to sleep on at night. It is also the best plush mattress for people who still want the support of springs. 

The Saatva Mattress comes with a multi-layer system that perfectly combines an innerspring system in the deeper layers of the mattress, with layers of supportive memory foam at the top. This is the best mattress if you want something that comes with your mattress toppers already included. It also features pressure points to help align your spine. 

You are given a 120-day trial offer when you decide to invest in the Saatva Mattress. This provides adequate time to thoroughly test the mattress and see if this product is right for you. Saatva also offers free white glove delivery with the purchase of this mattress. This means the company will not only deliver the mattress to your physical location but also help you get your new bed setup. 

The plus soft model provides a deep and hugging sensation when you lay down on your bed. It also features an extra pillow top that contains added padding. Combined, this gives you a softer feeling when you sleep – perfect for anyone looking to get their hands on the best soft mattress. 

Alternative options are also available. This includes a luxury firm model, as well as a firmer model. These may be good if you have a lower back problem and constantly find yourself suffering from back pain. It is also a better option when looking for softer mattresses when you have a heavier body weight.  The softer option, however, still provide a comfortable experience for side sleepers.  

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8. Bear Hybrid - Best Soft Mattress For Side Sleepers

Bear Hybrid - Best Soft Mattress For Side Sleepers

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The Bear Hybrid was primarily designed to provide a greater way of supporting athletes who had a long day on the track. The mattress features a very specific range of layers that was engineered to assist with the recovery process that athletes often have to undergo after a hard day on the track or in the ring.

The mattress is designed with specific pressure points to offer a more significant level of pain relief and spinal support. You also do not have to worry if the mattress is too soft, as the use of pressure points and pocketed coils add better support. 

The Bear Hybrid has since become popular among the general population too – and provides an exceptionally soft surface without leading to a body sinkage feeling. It uses memory foam that provides pressure points and great support for side sleepers.

Back sleepers may also find that the mattress is comfortable. The mattress consists of six layers in total. It combines individually-wrapped coils with several layers. This is what makes the product not only soft but also supportive. It is also the softest bed in a box that makes shipping much easier.

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8. Leesa Hybrid - Best Medium Soft Mattress

Leesa Hybrid - Best Medium Soft Mattress

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Another great option to consider is the Leesa Hybrid Mattress, especially if you are a side sleeper that prefers a memory foam feel. This softer mattress is often mentioned in mattress reviews. It ranks much lower on the firmness scale. This is another hybrid system that combines individually-wrapped coils with a high-quality range of comfort layers.

The result is a bed that is as soft as you might like it, but you will not sink into the mattress. Instead, the support layers will ensure you can enjoy the softness of the mattress while your spine remains in perfect alignment. The use of memory foam gives side sleepers adequate responsiveness. This memory foam mattress is also great at reducing motion transfer. Alternative options are available if you need something that is higher on a firmness scale. There are other firmness options available.

The Leesa Hybrid Mattress is made to order and will be shipped to your local address for free. It comes with a 10-year warranty period, as well as a useful risk-free trial offer. All materials used in the mattress have been CertiPUR-US certified. This means only safe materials are used in the production of the Leesa Hybrid Mattress. 

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Buying Guide

We have taken a look at the top options that you can find when looking for the most comfortable soft mattress. A variety of options were considered, including many mattresses that use memory foam as a comfort layer. Looking at pressure relief and cooling functions is also important. All of the entries we shared were hand-selected. We followed a strict process, looked at soft mattress reviews, and considered our own research too. This helped us show you the top options that you can choose from. We also considered sleeping positions. Stomach sleepers have different needs compared to side sleeping. While an ultra-soft mattress can be good for side sleeping, more support is needed for a different sleeping position.

Every person may have their own reason for wanting to buy a soft mattress in particular. Many side sleepers prefer a soft memory foam mattress, for example. While back sleepers often go with firm mattresses. Regardless of the reason, the biggest question is always what are best mattresses that support multiple sleeping positions.

In this soft mattress buying guide, we share a few tips and helpful information to assist with the decision-making process. We will take a look at a few common things that you may be uncertain of or questions that you may have before you do make an investment in the best soft mattress. 

What to look for in a soft mattress?

One thing you will notice when looking for a mattress on the softer side is relatively full of these products. There is a multitude of brands that produce and promote soft mattresses. Unfortunately, not all soft mattresses are made equal. Some lack the added support that you need. You are looking for a soft mattress, but you do not want to sink into the mattress and have a difficult time getting up, after all. At the same time, you want something that offers pressure relief and edge support for a more peaceful night’s sleep. 

To make sure you get a soft mattress that is right for you, there are a few things you should keep in mind during the shopping process. This ranges from looking at the materials used for the comfort layers of the mattress, to ensure it supports your body and provides adequate pressure relief at certain pressure points. Below, we share a couple of things to look for in a soft mattress:

  • Consider the materials used in the upper comfort layer. Many companies will provide a plush layer at the top. Memory foam is sometimes used as part of the comfort layer. The upper comfort layers need to help you experience the plush feeling that soft mattresses are known for. This can help to make the mattress have a soft feeling – even when the underlying layers are a bit firm. The top layer is often not responsible for providing all the support for multiple sleeping positions, but rather a plush feeling that makes you feel comfortable throughout the night. A lot of sleepers find that they like memory foam more than alternative options, especially when looking at a soft mattress.
  • Consider the multiple layers that soft mattresses are made from. The upper layers should focus on providing a soft surface for you to sleep on. In most cases, this will comprise multiple layers. Some mattresses will also only have foam layers with no additional materials. These materials may provide a soft touch that you desire. The right layers also offer proper edge support for side sleepers and another sleeping position. It may also be what decides whether or not you will wake up with back pain. Motion transfer is another issue that should come to mind here. Softer mattresses sometimes lack adequate isolation for motion transfer.
  • It could be useful to consider a supportive base system too. Memory foam will not be used as the base material. Instead, the high-density foam will usually be included at the base. Some mattresses add an individually-wrapped coil system at the base. If the upper foam layers are soft enough, the coils will not cause the mattress to feel hard. Instead, they will simply add a desirable layer of support to the mattress. 
  • If you want an extra soft feeling, consider a mattress with an extra pillow top. The layer can consist of various foams. Its idea is to make the mattress more comfortable at the top. In turn, this will also lead to improved softness. Lower layers may still offer pressure relief, which can be helpful for reducing back pain
  • You can also look for specialized features. Copper-infused memory foam is sometimes used to provide an antimicrobial surface. Gel memory foam is used to provide superior cooling features. Some firmer mattresses may be flappable – in such a case, the firm side can be flipped over for a softer side. 

While you take these factors into consideration, you do not want a mattress that is too soft. This type of product may lack appropriate pressure relief. Your risk of back pain is higher, as these will usually lack pressure points in the mattress design. Make sure there is some type of support system in the mattress. One study shows that mattress firmness plays a big part in chronic pain. Participants in the study had non-specific lower back pain. The pain among the participants were all rated as chronic. A mattress that is too soft could potentially cause problems with your spine alignment. This could worsen issues like chronic pain. A side sleeper may enjoy a plush feel in a mattress, but if you have a different sleeping position, make sure you think carefully about your decision. Spinal alignment is often a problem with a mattress that is too soft. This may lead to aches and pains.  

How much will the best soft mattress cost?

For certain people, pricing is one of the most concerning factors when it comes to buying a new mattress. Whether looking at the best soft mattress or any other firmness level for that matter, pricing is a sensitive subject that really starts with your own budget and bank account. 

Prices do differ a lot when looking at soft mattresses. This is why it can be hard to go out to buy one of these devices without knowing how much money you can spend in the first place. For a more accurate view, you should start the planning process for the best soft bed even before you start to look for a product to buy. The first thing on your plan should be your budget. 

Consider how much money you are able to spend on the mattress. If you have a low budget, then you will be more likely to look for affordable soft mattresses that can still give you the quality you need. If you have a higher budget in mind, then the options that are available to you would certainly be increased. 

Don’t expect to pay less than about $500 if you want a high-quality soft mattress. On the higher side of the pricing range, there are a few options that reach well beyond $1,000 too.  

Can only all-foam mattresses offer you a soft sleep?

Some people think that a soft mattress means a product that only consists of foam layers. Foam is, after all, what gives the superior comfort and the plush feeling to most modern-day mattresses. 

This brings us to another question – can softer mattresses with an innerspring system actually help you sleep soft?

The truth is yes; you can have a great night’s sleep on a soft bed when your mattress has an innerspring or inner coil system. The key is to find a mattress that provides an appropriate comfort layer structure to help you sleep softly on top of the surface. 

Many sleepers prefer an innerspring feeling to their mattress. When you prefer an innerspring mattress, then there is no worry about not being able to sleep on a soft mattress. Many hybrid models have been introduced recently. These mattresses combine the best of both. At the top, you have a soft layered system that is made from foam materials. At the bottom, an innerspring system provides you the support that you need. 

This mattress type can still be very soft, but, at the same time, it won’t make you feel like you are sinking into a mattress. A high-density base layer is generally used, along with the pocketed coils. The materials contribute to better spinal alignment. It also moderates better edge support at your shoulders and hips. 

What should the return policy of the mattress say?

When you buy the best soft mattress, there is one particularly important factor that you should not overlook. This would be the return policy of the mattress. The return policy will generally contain two specific factors. The first is a warranty. This warranty period tells you how long the product will be under warranty. 

The warranty period will generally give you a repair or replacement if the mattress sags past a certain level within its warranty period. Additionally, the warranty will also be needed if you find any type of factory faults with the mattress. 

The second is a trial. Only a few mattresses come with a trial offer. This is a very useful feature. The trial offer gives you a specified period of time to sleep on the mattress and test it out. If you feel that you enjoy the mattress, you can simply continue using it. If you are not happy, the company will offer you a refund within the specified period of time. Just be sure to take note of how long the sleep trial is. Some companies only provide a short one-or-two month sleep trial. Others would allow you to sleep on the mattress for as long as one year before the trial period ends. 

How soft should the mattress really be?

You want a soft mattress – that is obvious for reading this post. The question now is – how soft do you want your mattress to be. 

One problem that you may find is that looking for the softest mattress on the market will not give you the superior night’s sleep that you might desire. When the mattress is simply too soft, it means you will sink into the bed. You will also find that your spine is not aligned. Poor spinal alignment means you will likely wake up with back pain the next morning. Your shoulders and hips may also not experience adequate support with a softer mattress

Thus, when looking for a soft mattress, make sure it still has a firmness level that can provide adequate support to your body. A flippable option is a good choice. This allows you to test a soft side. You can then flip it over if the soft side does not offer you enough support. The addition of pocketed coils may also be useful. This helps to relieve pressure.

Can you sleep with a partner on a soft mattress?

Many people ask if they can sleep with their partner on a soft mattress. This really depends on a few factors. Consider factors like pressure relief and the support layer used in the mattress design. The softer mattress generally does not relieve pressure as much as something higher up on the firmness scale. The best mattress may have one soft side and a firmer side. This allows you to experiment with different firmness options. While considering motion transfer, be sure to also consider the comfort system – you also want to ensure you are able to sleep comfortably.

You should rather ask if the specific mattress is appropriate for sleeping with a partner. The softness that comes with a mattress is often contributed to by its upper layers – often in the form of a pillow top setting. 

The layers underneath this soft foam and pillow top need to provide the features needed for the soft mattress. If you are sleeping with a partner, look for features like motion isolation. This feature means when your partner frequently moves around at night, the motion of his movements will not move to your side of the bed. Thus, you will be able to sleep more peacefully when both you and your partner sleep. 

If you are both hot sleepers, then you may need to consider the cooling technology of the mattress. When you are with a partner in the bed, neither want to sleep hot. Thus, hot sleepers may benefit from a signature mattress that uses breathable foam layers. A high density support layer can still be added to the bottom to reduce motion transfer. 

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