Classic Brands Mattress Review

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Are you looking to buy a new mattress but don’t want to break your wallet in half then Classic Brands might have got things sorted out for you. They have their new gel memory foam mattress that not only is comfortable but is budget-friendly as well; or is it?

So the question here is, does being budget-friendly mean that it will lack quality? In this Classic Brands mattress review you’ll find out all you need to know before buying this mattress.

Let’s uncover the Classic Brands Mattress!

Construction Overview

The Classic Brands Gel Memory Foam mattress has an all-foam construction. It combines different layers of polyurethane as well as memory foam. The total height of this mattress is 10-inch.


Classic Brands has developed the cover of this mattress by using a knit cover with a 4-way stretch. This cover has a blend of Polyester (54%), Rayon (36%) and Spandex (10%). The use of these materials coupled with the thin design of this cover boosts the airflow and also improves the overall elasticity. It contributes to creating that softer feel too.

In terms of aesthetics, this cover is pretty simple. There is a white top combined with a solid grey on all sides, keeps things at their basics but modern at the same time.


Classic Brands Mattress Review 1

Upper Layer

The upper layer has gel memory foam in it and the thickness of this layer is 2-inch. Classic Brands Co. has designed this layer to provide you with comfort right at the top level. This is also the layer that contours according to the curves of your body. This layer is responsible for evenly dispersing your body heat all across the mattress and ensures a cooler sleeping surface for you.

Intermediate Layer

This layer involves polyurethane foam and is 2-inch thick. The intermediate layer is developed to create a transition between the top layer and the base. Apart from that it also provides support to the sleeper and has a significant role to play in the prevention of sinkage.

Lower Layer

The lower or the base layer of this mattress is 6.5-inch thick and features polyurethane foam. This layer is the foundation of your mattress and it ensures that this mattress is able to maintain its shape for a long period of time. It provides an overall compression and support to the mattress.

The Classic Brands Mattress Review

Features at a Glance

Below we list down some of the important features of this mattress.

  • Overall height: 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 76 pounds
  • Length: 80-inch
  • Width: 60-inch
  • Smell: Low to moderate
  • 2-inch contouring memory foam layer
  • 2-inch poly foam layer
  • 6.5-inch High-Density Base Foam
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 100 Night Trial
  • 6 standard sizes available
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic
  • Designed and made in USA
  • Easy to setup
  • Suitable for side stomach sleepers


Classic Brands Mattress Review 2

This cool gel memory foam mattress from Classic Brands comes with a firmness level of medium-firm and with a rating that says 6.5 to 7.5 on the firmness scale out of 10.

On this scale, 10 are most firms and 1 is most soft. So this mattress provides a firmness level that is slightly tilted towards hard. Nevertheless, the feel is going to depend a lot on your own body weight as well.

Our sleep trials and tests show that if you are lightweight and weigh less than 130 lbs then the mattress should give you a feel that is 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

If you weigh more than 150 lbs then you will find this mattress a bit firmer. You will sink through the upper layer and come in contact with the transition layer which is firmer than the upper layer.

Mattress Firmness Guide

Support & Comfort

The support entirely relies on the weight of the person as well as the sleeping position. However, the softness of the top layer and the transition layer develops a scenario where it is not thick enough to create enough adequate support for heavy sleepers.

During my sleep test, I was a lot more comfortable sleeping on my stomach on this mattress. The relative sinkage and firmness were very effective when I chose this sleep position.

The mattress also provided me a good level of pressure relief too. But sleeping on the back was not as comfortable as we expected. For heavy sleepers, this mattress might not provide enough compression to ensure proper spinal alignment. I think the people who have an average body type will feel better sleep on their backs using this mattress.

In terms of side sleeping position, this mattress does the jobs. However, I do sometimes felt like I was sinking through the top layer and my body was in more contact with the transition layer which is quite firm. It will give you a feel where you are sinking into a supportive wall. And it created pressure points as well.

Body size (weight)SupportEdge Support
Small (>150lbs)GoodExcellent
Average (151lbs to 225lbs)GoodGood
Large (226lbs to 300lbs)FairPoor
Very Large (<301lbs)PoorPoor

Contouring and Sinkage

If you like your sleep surface to contour you when you lie on it then this mattress is going to be the right choice. The good thing about this contouring is that it won’t create that deep hug feel around your body. It means that you will be able to get the floating feel. The transition layer of this mattress is significantly firm so you won’t have to deal with that enveloping sinkage.

When I lay down on this mattress, I felt the same floating feeling for only a few seconds. But after that, the mattress accepted my body shape and allowed me to sink in. Therefore, the initial feeling is floating and then the slight sinking and contouring feel comes in.

To make sure what the extent of sinkage that this mattress has to offer is, I ran a series of tests. These tests are to highlight the amount of sinkage, for different positions, conditions, and pressures.

  • While lying on the back, this mattress showed a sinkage of 1.5-inch. This was when my entire body weight was evenly distributed across the mattress.
  • The sinkage was 2.25-inch when I was lying on my side.
  • The sinkage was 2.5-inch when I conservatively sat on the edge.
  • While sitting aggressively, the sinkage was 3.5-inch.
  • The sinkage was 4.25-inch when I got up and stood on one point with my entire body weight on the mattress.

You need to keep this in mind that the sinkage is going to be a lot different when there is a person of different weight conducts all these tests. I only weigh 140 pounds so these results are aligned with this bodyweight measurement.

Motion Transfer

Classic Brands Mattress Review 3

As this is memory foam, the Classic Brands mattress has a very slow response time. It doesn’t offer much motion transfer and bounce either. In the beginning, the response time is slower than a coil hybrid or a latex bed.

In these features, memory foam generally lags behind but it is better than most conventional memory foams as well. This mattress will take approximately three to four and a half seconds to rebound when you apply pressure on it. The transition layer of polyurethane in the middle assists in providing push back and it also prevents any extra sinkage.

This mattress again performs better than most conventional memory foam beds that I have tested before. But it won’t be something that latex or coil has to offer. So if you are looking for a mattress that can assist you in your amorous activities then you need to look for another mattress for sure because this is not an adequate mattress for that particular aspect.

The motion transferability of this mattress was on the low side as well. I used my accelerometer in addition to running my personal tests as well. I placed this device on the mattress and dropped a 12-pound medicine ball from 24-inch, 18-inch, and 6-inch heights and there wasn’t any significant amount of this capability in this mattress.

Cooling Abilities

During my sleep test, I never felt any hot spots or warmth anywhere on the mattress. Memory foam does tend to hold heat but the cooling gel of this mattress does a fabulous job in my opinion. The floating or firmer feel can always prevent sinkage and it can reduce any build-up of heat.

If you are a hot sleeper or weigh heavy then the sleep surface might feel a bit warmer. Therefore, you need to be 100% sure that you will have to deal with a warmer environment for sleeping when using this mattress.


As Classic Brands is only selling its mattresses online, this means that they won’t have to deal with any costs associated with running a brick and mortar store. This reduces the overall costs for the company and the benefit gets transferred to the end-users in terms of fairly priced products. This is one of the strong points of this mattress and it certainly does a fine job in this department.

Delivery/Shipping and Warranty

The mattress will be delivered to you in a compressed box. Shipping will be free of cost and it will take one to five days, which is good. Classics Brands offer a warranty of ten years on the mattress, which is good as well. But, you will only get a 100-night sleep trial which is by far lower than what the industry standard is today. Many companies are offering 365-night sleep trials.


This mattress is also certified by CertiPUR-US. This means that there are no harmful chemicals used during the construction process of this mattress. It is entirely safe for your home. It is free of any hazardous chemicals and is a safe place to be for your children and pets.

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Product Review Summary

Edge support4/5
OVERALL      4.0/5

The Classic Brands Mattress offers medium to firm firmness level and has a full memory foam construction.

The primary objective of this mattress is to provide customers with a budget-friendly option and Classic Brands has certainly done a fine job in that department. But this is not your perfect mattress either.

It will provide you with a feel of that conventional memory foam. The cool gel that the brand has used in this mattress is not the top performer but gets the job done pretty fine. The mattress will contour around our body and there won’t be much in terms of motion transferability and responsiveness.

This might not be the top choice for you to consider but if you don’t want to break your bank in half while going for those luxurious models, the Classic Brands mattress will do a fine job for you.

Who should buy the Classic Brands Mattress?

Classic Brands Mattress Review 4

There are various aspects associated with the point that who should buy a particular type of mattress. You own sleep preferences, the positions you take during sleep, your bodyweight, your mattress type; all these points are crucial.

To make the right choice you have to try out the mattress yourself. This is where those sleep trials come in to play their roles. You can conveniently test a particular mattress and see whether it suits you are not. Now each mattress has a target market that it caters. This mattress from Classic Brands focuses on budget-friendliness.

You need to buy this mattress if you:

  • Are a stomach sleeper
  • Prefer a firmness level of medium to slight firm
  • Are looking for an all memory foam mattress
  • Prefer that floating feel
  • Are looking for a budget-friendly option
  • Prefer a mattress that works with a variety of adjustable bases
  • Are looking for a mattress free of any harmful chemicals

Final Thoughts

All in all, this mattress from Classic Brands offers good medium-firm support to its sleepers.

If you are a lightweight individual then this mattress will turn out to be a good option for you.

Despite the use of memory foam, I felt very cool while laying on it. The cool gel in the top layer has a significant role to play here. But if you are a side sleeper then this mattress is not the right option for you.

One thing it does pretty well and that is to provide you with a low budget option. Classic Brands usually sell online, therefore; as they don’t have to deal with any costs, the benefit trickles down to the customers and they can enjoy a fairly low priced yet quality mattress.

If budget is your primary objective then go for this mattress.

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