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Cocoon is an all-foam mattress squeezed in a box that unfurls when you unbox it. Sealy has been delivering Cocoon mattress for about four years now and has become a popular choice.

Maybe you are wondering why the name brand Sealy is familiar to you. Well, that’s because Sealy has been in the mattress business since 1881!

If you’ve had a Sealy bed while growing up, you probably have a high set of expectations from the Cocoon mattress! Can you imagine what Sealy can do with a hundred and thirty-nine years of compiled user feedback?

In this Cocoon mattress review, we will take a deeper look at Sealy’s all-foam masterpiece. I know you have been considering getting one, but you haven’t decided yet. Read on and find out if the cocoon mattress is the mattress you have been dreaming of!

Rating Summary

Rating Summary

Our Rating

Edge support 95%
Customer Service95%


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Recommended For:

  • Sleepers who prefer firm mattresses and excellent motion isolation.
  • People who sleep hot.

The breathable and almost moist and wet to touch cover is an excellent heat dispersing material that does not trap heat.

  • Stomach sleepers.

Firm mattresses are popular among stomach sleepers because it allows free movement without sinking too much on the foam.

Not Recommended For:

  • Slim people who like their mattress soft.

People who prefer their mattress soft may not benefit from Cocoon Chill if their weight is on the lighter side of the scale. They might deem the Cocoon not soft enough because they might not feel their bodies sink in the comfort layer.

  • Cool sleepers.

Since Cocoon Chill is excellent at dissipating heat, cool sleepers may find sleeping at night to be a bit chilly. Cool sleepers may benefit from the trapped body heat on the mattress while sleeping.

About the Brand – Cocoon

Cocoon Mattress Review

Cocoon, by Sealy, took two years of research and development with over 100 prototypes before the launching of the final product. With more than a century of experience up their sleeves, they took the time to ensure that the final product would provide great value and comfort for every end-user. The resulting product is a mattress that does not only conform to standard but exceeds expectations.

By using high-quality materials, Sealy was able to create the Cocoon mattress. To make sure that Cocoon is durable, the company subjected it to rigorous state-of-the-art stress testing. With 100,000 cycles of rollator surface fatigue test and 100,000 cycles of mattress durability impact test, Sealy is confident to give a 10-year warranty that their product is free of defect and can last up to more than ten years under normal use. 

Overview Of All Cocoon Mattresses

Previous cocoon mattress reviews used to focus on 2 Cocoon variants. You can either have Cocoon Classic or Cocoon Chill. However, recently, they have discontinued the Cocoon Classic Variant. Now, you can only find Cocoon Chill in the market.


Cocoon Chill

Construction Overview

Cocoon Mattress Review

Cocoon is one of the first bed-in-a-box that offers a cover that is actually cool to touch. It comes with a stretch-knit cover with their trademark Phase Change Material which doesn’t just absorb but also dissipate heat. 

Breathable is not enough to describe the cover’s feel because it kind of almost feels moist and wet to touch. The patterned white cover is soft and plush, which adds to the overall feel, comfort, and coolness.

This is particularly a good material that would be appreciated by hot sleepers. The material is unlikely to buildup heat and helps you cool down while lying on your bed. 

The responsive comfort foam layer allows you to sink comfortably on the bed. The medium-soft variant adds more comfort, especially for slim and skinny people. If you are quite slim, you might not feel your mattress sink if it’s too firm. The medium-soft model allows slim people to feel the softness of the mattress better. 

On the other hand, the extra firm is a perfect choice for people with a heavier build. It’s firm enough so that you won’t sink too much. And in the long run, a firm mattress will have a slower progression of wear.

Combining the comfort layer and transition layer in Cocoon’s medium-soft variant allows the mattress to conform to your shape. It’s soft enough to allow your body to sink while the transition catches more of your weight before hitting the firm foundation layer.

The perfect fit memory foam contour layer allows your bony prominence to sink on the bed comfortably. For heavier people, this may feel like the bed is hugging you as you may sink further with your weight.

The support layer is made from dense foam that makes up the majority of the bed. The medium-soft version has 6-inches of support layer while the extra firm has 8-inches. The extra firm version has a thicker foundation layer that gives a more robust, solid, and durable feel. 

The medium-soft version only has 6-inches of foundation layer for support. Although it’s 20% less than the extra firm variant’s foundation layer, it still offers substantial support with more comfort coming from the transition layer.

The top layer, the comfort layer, is made from a 2-inch Perfect Fit Memory Foam that follows the contour of your body. It’s a soft memory foam that sinks for comfort and reverts to its original height when relieved. Sealy added a 2-inch transition layer for more feedback for the medium-soft variant and allows you to sink further without over compressing the comfort layer.

Both mattresses have a 10-inch total height. The medium-soft has three layers in a 2-2-6 configuration. It has 2-inches of comfort layer, 2-inches of the transition layer, and 6 inches of the foundation layer.

The extra firm version doesn’t have a transition layer and has an 8-inch foundation layer, making it firmer and more robust.

Cocoon Mattress

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Ratings Breakdown - Cocoon Mattress Review

Choosing a mattress boils down to the value it can give relative to the money we spend. Of course, we want the best bang for our buck, right? After a thorough cocoon chill mattress review and compilation of user feedbacks, here’s what we found out.

Cocoon Chill has two variants with different levels of firmness. The first one, advertised as medium-soft, maybe a bit firmer than what you would expect from its name. Upon testing, we found out that a person with an average weight would sink just enough to enjoy the dense texture of the contour layer. 

However, many medium build people find it a bit too firm because their weight won’t allow them to sink further into the bed. For stomach sleepers, though, this may be a good point. Obviously, the same group of people finds the extra-firm version too firm for their liking.

People with larger builds found the extra firm Cocoon Chill to have just the right amount of feedback.

Since Cocoon Chill is made from a memory foam top layer, it easily conforms to the body’s contour. Combined with a denser medium-soft transition layer, it effectively reduces pressure. We discovered that the medium-soft Cocoon Chill version allows you to sink just enough. This is especially useful for side sleepers. 

Nest Bedding specifically makes their mattresses to be one of the most durable on the market by infusing their gel memory foam with titanium. The Hybrid mattress is no different in this regard. You will find that this lasts you for many years with proper care and rotation. This is one of the major benefits mentioned in Alexander mattress reviews.

However, it is worth noting that the cover on this mattress is not removable. So, it is suggested to get professional mattress cleanings once a year or so and to make sure to spot treat your mattress when you accidentally get a stain. 

A mattress protector can be added for more support. The addition of a mattress protector also reduces damage from spills in the bed. When looking at customer reviews, all size options, from the twin to the California King, provide the same level of craftsmanship and durability.

Cocoon Chill medium soft mattress has 6-inches of dense memory foam foundation layer mated with 4-inches inches of comfort and transition layer. The extra firm variant has an 8-inches foundation layer topped with 2-inches of the comfort layer. Both mattresses have a total of 10-inches in height.

The overall height and the ratio of the foundation layer material gives it a good weight compared to other similar products. The extra firm version can be a bit stiff, and not many people may like how it feels. For stomach sleepers, however, this may be a good point.

Like most all-foam mattresses, Cocoon Chill suffers the same weakness. The edges wedges as you roll towards it. But with an 8-inch foundation layer, the edges feel solid and sturdy. The extra firm Cocoon Chill mattress has excellent edge support compared to similar products.

One of Cocoon Chill mattresses’ most notable feature is, as its name suggests, it’s cool to touch temperature. Surprisingly, as advertised, it’s cool to touch and almost feel moist and wet! Sealy went beyond breathable and got that almost wet cool feel to touch.

It’s an excellent feature that many hot sleepers would find awesome. 

As we observed, both the medium-soft and extra firm models have excellent motion isolation. We filled a flat bottom glass half-full of water and placed it over the bed. We tried rolling over the bed, just beside the glass, to see how much the glass would rock.

Like many other bed-in-a-box, Cocoon Chill passed this test. If you are sleeping with a partner, you probably wouldn’t mind them getting up in the middle of the night. 

It’s typical for foam mattresses to smell of chemicals. Like many of Cocoon Chill’s competitors, it has a faint hint of chemical smell that we found negligible. Putting on bed covers almost eliminates the smell. We cannot say for sure that the smell would eventually go away, but based on experience, the chemical smell goes away as you use it.

Because of the all-foam construction, we find the rustling sound while shifting very minimal. Again, when you put on bedsheets, it becomes almost non-existent. 

It may be a bit inappropriate to test for this, but we tried crawling and rocking the mattress to give you an overview. We cannot tell for sure how you like to be intimate with your partner, but overall, the bed is sturdy and stable enough for intimate physical activity.

If you have been reading a lot of Cocoon by Sealy reviews, you will notice that the price point is one highlight to take note of. For under $1,000, you could get a decent-sized mattress that won’t trap your body heat!

The largest bed they have, king and Cal king, is just a bit over a thousand dollars at its regular price. However, when you time your purchase with seasonal promotions and coupons, you can still pretty much get it under $1,000.

Sealy offers excellent customer service and aftermarket support. They offer a hassle-free purchase and delivers the mattress right at your doorstep with no additional fee. A 10-year limited warranty backs every Cocoon Chill mattress and covers free repair or replacement depending on Sealy’s assessment. 

If for any reason you are not happy with your Cocoon mattress, you can simply return it for a refund within the 100-night trial period.

How does Cocoon Chill compare to other Mattress Brands?

To know if the Cocoon Mattress is the best option for you, you should check out other mattress reviews and see how it would fare with other brands. We’ve shared a sneak peek of it below: 

Cocoon vs Leesa

We cannot say that Cocoon is better than Leesa mattresses. Both companies offer long warranty periods. Leesa offers more options, layers, hybrids, and other configurations than Sealy’s flagship product, the Cocoon Chill.

However, when it comes to the price point, Cocoon trumps Lisa. On top of all, Cocoon has the coolest cover among the bed-in-a-box category that we have, so far, tested.

Cocoon vs Casper

Like Leesa, Casper offers a ton of options and hybrids in different sizes. They manufacture foam mattresses with varying zones of firmness and embedded gel support. They also have hybrid models with spring foundations. However, these options are about double the price of Cocoon Chill.

Again, price wise, Cocoon trumps Casper even at the entry-level.

Cocoon vs Tuft and Needle

Tuft and Needle has a competitive price range on its entry-level that outmatches Cocoon. They also have a wide range of selection to choose from. Both Sealy and Tuft and Needle offer the same length of warranty, trial period, and financing options. 

The main difference between the two is its firmness. Tuft and Needle entry-level mattresses are on the softer side compared to Cocoon. 


Q: Is Cocoon Chill mattress good?

A: Based on this Cocoon mattress review and Sealy’s over 130 years of experience in making mattresses, it’s safe to assume that Cocoon Chill mattress is excellent. However, if you want your bed soft, this mattress may not be for you as it is rated with medium firmness. 

Q: Where can I get Cocoon Chill mattress?

A: You can use their store locator at their website or you can order it online.

Cocoon Mattress

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