Couple Dream Job 2020: Meet our Couples

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Officially, We Found The Winning Couples!

Two months after the launch of our “Couple Dream Job” campaign, Sleep Standards team was thrilled with an exciting number of 12,000 applications across the United States and we are delighted to finally announce the five chosen couples of the 2020 Couple Dream Job.

As part of Privacy Policy, our winning couples have options to remain anonymous. That being said, all the personal information below has been modified according to their request. All winners will be contacted directly within the next few days and be notified with instructions on how to redeem their prizes.

Meet Our Amazing Couples

L, a freelance model, met her fiancé D, a swimming instructor, back when the two were on their high school’s swim team. They started dating 8 years ago, in their senior year, and have been inseparable ever since. The couple describes themselves as incredibly athletic and always looking for an adventure. Apart from swimming, they share a love for many other sports such as basketball, football, and rock climbing.

High school teacher, K, and computer scientist, J, are a power couple to be reckoned with. The two met at a mutual friend’s birthday 4 years ago, and the rest is history. Bonding over their love for science, K and J now live together in a beautiful San Francisco home with their two dogs. 

The newlywed couple, B and J, are seriously impressive. B, an electrical engineer, and J, a radiologist, met at B’s sister’s wedding! It wasn’t love at first sight for them though. In fact, they got off on the wrong foot. By chance, they met again at another wedding just a few months later where they decided to right some wrongs and well the rest is history! This goofy and outgoing couple are going strong after 7 years together.

Entrepreneur A and his French girlfriend C are our next winners! This fun-loving couple met when A was on a business trip to Paris and it was love at first sight. A runs his own restaurant, which is going strong after 10 years in the industry. C is currently working as a head chef in a New York restaurant. Their love for food drew them to each other two years ago, but the couple likes to do much more than cook and eat. In their free time, A and C like to travel as much as they can.

Talk about a match made in heaven! Graphic designer M and photographer H met on M’s first day at a new job. They began dating a few months after meeting until M popped the big question a year ago. While the couple excitedly prepares for their big day, they haven’t taken any time off of work (where they’re still co-workers)! These two are truly the perfect team, continually helping each other out every step of the way. 

Congratulations to all lovely couples! We also want to say thank you a million to all participants for taking time to apply for the 2020 Couple Dream Job! We hope you continue to support us in our future events. Stay tuned, our next winners may be you!

About The Experiment

The experiment will last a total of 8 weeks, so the 5 chosen couples will have to test out 8 different mattresses. If you’re chosen, we’ll send you a mattress every week. Each time we send you a new mattress, we’ll swap out the old one. These aren’t any random mattresses though; they’ve been rated as the top 8 mattresses for sex currently on the market. 

Every week, the 5 chosen couples will test out each mattress – particularly, how well it fares when it comes to sexual activities. They’ll be required to write extremely honest reviews for each of the products they test out. In addition to that, you’ll also have to rate each mattress on a scale from 1-10 on the following criteria:

  • Bounciness
  • Noise
  • Firmness
  • Edge Support
  • Comfort
  • Cooling
  • Overall Score

Team Sleep Standards.

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