Helix Mattress Reviews: Is It Worth It? (2020 Edition)

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Sleep is a critical process that you need for survival and your health. There are many factors that affect how you sleep. Your mattress is an especially important factor. There are many mattresses on the market, but no one-size-fits-all solution. 

Helix is a brand that manufactures a wide range of mattresses, each featuring a unique firmness level and constructions. The company has become popular among all types of sleepers, and their mattresses are not as expensive as some of the other brands. Most Helix mattress reviews have good things to say about the brand.

We take a closer look at how a Helix bed might help you – giving you the information you need to determine if this is the right mattress for you. 

Rating Summary

Rating Summary

Our Rating

Edge support 75%
Customer Serive75%


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Recommended For:

  • Uncertain Shoppers: Many companies only offer a specific number of mattresses with no real guides to help you choose the right one. Helix offers a free Sleep Quiz that asks you a few questions, helping you find the perfect Helix mattress to ensure you can sleep better at night. 
  • Combination Sleepers: Many mattresses only offer support for a single sleeping position. This is different from the Helix brand. The company has a mattress for every type of sleeper. Some of the Helix mattresses are also able to provide adequate pressure relief and support for combination sleepers. 
  • Heavy People: Another problem often faced with some mattress brands is the weight limit. Helix has different mattress models, and there are a few that provide the right amount of support for heavier people. This makes Helix an excellent choice if you are overweight or obese. 

Not Recommended For:

  • People Who Need A Split Firmness: Helix no longer offers the option to choose a split firmness mattress, which is something that a lot of couples desire. If you need a mattress with different firmness levels on each side, then Helix is not the right choice for you.
  • People Who Want A Cheap Mattress: Helix is definitely not one of the more expensive brands, but, at the same time, the mattresses from this brand are not cheap. If you are looking for a cheap mattress that will only cost you a few hundred dollars, then Helix might also not be the brand for you. 
  • A Preference For Memory Foam: If you prefer the feeling of memory foam, then Helix beds might also not be an ideal choice. The company tends to provide mattresses with a neutral-foam experience. The mattresses tend to have a bouncy feeling due to the inner coil system that is used.  

About the Brand

Helix Mattress Review

Helix, also called Helix Sleep, is a brand that specializes in manufacturing high-quality mattresses. This is a company based in the United States. All of the mattresses manufactured by the Helix brand are also made locally within the United States. This gives the company more control over the manufacturing process, assuring you are provided access to a higher-quality product in the end. 

Helix started out as an online mattress brand. During the earlier stages of the company, the selection of mattresses provided by Helix was only available on the internet. Today, the brand has expanded significantly. You are still able to purchase your favorite Helix mattress by logging on to the company’s official website. 

In addition to the company’s online channel, Helix now also provides a showroom in New York. This allows you to test out their mattresses in person and see whether you are truly interested in what the brand has to offer. 

CB2 locations in the United States now also stock Helix mattresses, making it even easier to get your hands on your favorite product from the brand. 

Helix has also expanded into more categories than just mattresses in the last few years. In addition to selling top-quality mattresses, Helix now also provides an entire collection of sleep accessories. The idea is to aid in your sleep – helping you sleep better and longer at night. These accessories include Dream Pillows, bases, and even a range of bedding items. 

Overview Of All Helix Mattresses

Helix might have started out with a limited selection of products to choose from, but the company has quite an extended collection of mattresses available today. There are five primary types of mattresses that the company sells. Some of these mattresses are also available in multiple models, giving you the ability to obtain a more customizable experience when sleeping. 

We take a closer look at the selection of Helix mattresses you can choose from below. Each has a unique range of features and benefits to offer you. Taking a look at everyone will help you determine which option is right for you. 


Helix Dawn

Helix Dusk

Helix Midnight

Helix Moonlight

Helix Sunset

Construction Overview

Helix Mattress Review

When looking at Helix mattress reviews, one of the first things to consider is the construction of the mattress. By considering the construction of a mattress, you are able to gain more insight into how it will sleep and feel. 

Helix has a few different mattresses available, which makes it hard to provide an overview of the mattress construction. The majority of Helix mattresses do tend to combine both an inner coil system with foam construction. 

At the top of the mattress, layers of foam are used to provide comfort. At the bottom, a layer of coils is added. This adds better support to the mattress. The combination of the two is what makes a Helix mattress great at providing pressure relief, combination sleeper support, and the feeling that you most desire out of your mattress. 


All of the mattresses by the Helix brand features the company’s exclusive Soft Touch Design cover. The cover was developed to provide a softer, plush feeling when you touch it. This feeling helps to provide better comfort when you lay down too. The material used to create the cover is optimized to help improve airflow too. 


Comfort is one of the key elements you find in Helix mattress reviews. The company takes extra care to ensure each mattress they sell is able to provide exceptional levels of comfort. The comfort starts with the Soft Touch Design cover. The use of a Memory Plus Foam material further enhances the comfort of every mattress that Helix has to offer. 


Contouring is important to help you sleep better, which is why both Memory Plus Foam and Helix Dynamic Foam are used in these mattresses. Every Helix Sleep mattress is able to contour to the shape of your body without making you feel like you are sinking into your bed. 


Support is also a priority when it comes to sleeping better. A mattress with an appropriate firmness and support system is able to improve sleep quality and even reduce back pain symptoms. Helix mattresses use coils in order to provide better support. 

Materials, Height, and Base

Materials used in Helix mattresses have undergone appropriate testing to ensure they are safe and non-toxic. The height of each mattress differs, but most are adequate to ensure it does not feel like you are sleeping on a hard floor. At the base of Helix mattresses, coils are used for support and durability. 

Rating Breakdown - Helix Mattress Reviews

We look at several factors when we rate a mattress. As part of Helix mattress reviews, the following are all factors that you should be considering to help you decide what mattress will be able to meet your needs. 


Helix caters to all customers, which is why you have an opportunity to choose a firmness that matches your preferences, body weight, and sleeping position. Helix offers soft, medium, and firm mattresses. The versatility in firmness is one of the most beneficial features you get when you decide to buy a Helix bed. 

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is another important factor provided by most Helix mattresses. You should ensure you look for pressure relief, however, as this is a feature that not all of the company’s mattresses offer. Some offer basic pressure relief, while others have a more advanced system with specific pressure relief points. 


Helix mattresses are durable, mostly due to the integration of coils at the base of each mattress. The warranty that comes with the mattress also serves as proof that the product will last for a relatively long period of time. 


Different types of foam are combined with a coil system in each Helix Mattress. Regardless of the model and firmness level you choose, all of the Helix mattresses are able to provide adequate support to help you experience an improvement in the alignment of your spine. This does not only help you sleep better, but also reduces the risk of pain when you wake up. 

Edge Support

Edge support is crucial for couples. Not all Helix mattresses are able to offer equal edge support. The firmer models from the company have excellent edge support, making these more appropriate for people who need more surface area to sleep on. Softer models do not offer great edge support. 


Helix uses a breathable material in the design of the cover for all mattresses. All of the mattresses also come with a coil system at the base, which enhances the breathability of the mattress. In turn, this produces a better cooling effect. 

Motion Isolation

The dynamic foam used in Helix mattresses is able to adapt to the shape of your body. This also helps to reduce motion transfer when sleeping with a partner. 

Smell and Off-Gassing

All materials used in the production of Helix mattresses have been tested and proven to be non-toxic. Off-gassing is not to be expected. The materials are also not likely to have any unpleasant smell. 


Since coils are used in Helix mattresses, some noise may be experienced after sleeping on the mattress for some time. 


Intimacy should pose as no problem on a Helix mattress since all of the company’s mattresses provide motion isolation and adequate support. 

Value & Price

Helix has a range of different mattresses to choose from, each with a price tag that is lower than many competitor options. The company also offers a 10-year warranty with every mattress purchased, along with a 100-night sleep trial. 

Customer Service

There are multiple support channels that you can use to contact Helix. You can send the company an email or choose to contact them through social media channels, including Facebook. 

Helix Mattress

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How does Helix Mattresses Compare To Other Mattress Brands?

Helix is obviously not the only brand on the market that manufactures mattresses. There are a couple of other brands too. Many of these alternative brands are also popular. This makes the decision more difficult. Let’s see how Helix mattresses compare to some of the other popular brands. 

Helix Mattress vs. Purple

The helix mattress has different firmness levels to choose from, as well as a variety of designs. Purple, on the other hand, provides a single type of mattress that features a medium-firm feeling. This type of firmness may not be ideal for everyone. If you need more customization options to choose from, then Helix will likely win over Purple. 

Helix Mattress vs. Casper

Both Helix and Casper make great mattresses. Casper is a good option if you prefer a memory foam feel, as this is not offered by Helix mattresses. On the other hand, if you sleep hot at night, then Helix might be the better brand, due to the improved cooling features and breathability. 

Helix Mattress vs. Nectar

The main difference between Helix and Nectar lies in the construction. All Helix mattresses feature hybrid designs, with both coils and foam. Nectar is an all-foam mattress. Helix is the better choice for heavier people, whereas Nectar has a relatively low weight limit. 


There are a few questions that may people tend to ask when they are interested in Helix mattresses. We take a look at a couple of these questions below and aim to provide you an answer to help you make an informed decision. 

How long a Helix mattress will last depend on a few factors. The more frequently it is used the shorter its lifespan. This is the case with any type of mattress. The weight applied to the mattress is another factor to consider. When you and a partner, both obese sleep on the mattress, it will not last as long compared to a scenario where a thin individual sleep alone on the same furniture. 

All Helix mattresses come with a 10-year warranty, which means you have peace of mind that the mattress will at least last for a period of one decade. Many people may find that the mattress lasts much longer, however. 

A lot of the mattresses on the market require a boxspring system to be used. The great thing about Helix mattresses would be the fact that there is no need for a box spring system. This is a good way to reduce the overall costs that will be involved in the process of setting up a Helix bed. 

OEKO-TEX standard materials are used in the production of all Helix mattresses. This ensures the mattresses use a material that is free of any chemicals that may be harmful to your body. Thus, Helix mattresses are certainly not toxic. 

Helix Mattress

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