Survey: 65% of Americans Don’t Want to Stay at a Relative’s Home This Holiday Season

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The holidays are here, and for most Americans, that means time spent visiting family. It’s the busiest time of the year for travel, and AAA is predicting a record-breaking number of Americans will take to the skies, roads, and rails traveling this holiday season. In many cases, travelers will be going to visit family members to celebrate Christmas, often spending several days with their relatives. But when it comes to sleeping arrangements, it turns out most people don’t want to stay overnight with their families.

We commissioned a survey of 1,738 Americans earlier this month and found that 65% of those polled said they don’t want to sleep at a relative’s home overnight during the holidays. And while 81% of respondents said they’ll be seeing family during the holidays, only 55% indicated they’re actually looking forward to it.

Among those surveyed, the reasons for not wanting to have a sleepover with family ranged from practical to downright naughty.

Here are some of the reasons given for not wanting to spend the night at a family member’s home this Christmas (note: answers add up to more than 100% as respondents were able to choose more than one reason):

  • 45% said they anticipate drama/arguments with family, with many citing political differences as a source of friction
  • 20% said they want to avoid an uncomfortable sleeping arrangement (e.g. sleeping on the couch or on the floor)
  • 18% cited insufficient space/too many people in the home as a problem, making them cramped and uncomfortable
  • 18% said sleeping at a relative’s would keep them from being able to make love to their partner
  • 15% don’t want to sleep over because they won’t be able to watch TV on their own
  • 12% don’t like the food their family serves and would rather stay elsewhere to enjoy a better meal
  • 10% said they won’t be able to stroll around in their underwear or in the nude if they spend the night with family
  • 9% would have to share a room with a relative
  • 5% wouldn’t be able to enjoy a drink/nightcap

All of this means that millions of families will choose to book a hotel or vacation rental house this holiday season to avoid the stress and discomfort of staying with family. And with many Americans, especially those with kids, experiencing more stress and getting less sleep during the holidays, that’s probably a good thing.

Where do you plan on sleeping this holiday season?

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