How to Keep Mattress From Sliding

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Feeling your mattress slide around at night while you switch positions or consistently having to reposition it in order for it to look nice can be a real headache. You may wonder how to keep the mattress from sliding, and if there is even a way, but thankfully there are a few ways to help fix this issue. 

If you need to stop mattress from sliding off of its frame or base, we have the solutions you will need. Keep on reading so that you can avoid this pesky problem and not have to worry about mattress slides off frame again. 

Why Your Mattress Slides

There are a few different issues that cause a mattress to slide around on its base. Determining the most likely cause of your issue will help you choose the method that is going to help you the most, so be sure to read through these causes so that you can decide what the best solution to try will be.

Not Enough Friction

Any bed that lacks a mechanism for friction on the underside is going to be susceptible to this issue. Dual-sided mattresses, meaning mattresses that you can flip, are going to have the most issue with these as neither side has material on it that is made to have friction in order to keep the mattress in place, as that would not be very comfortable.

If you have a fully-encased mattress protector to ward off bed bugs, as many people do, this can also cause your mattress to not have enough friction, as mattress covers are generally very slick. If you need a mattress cover, don’t take it off, there are other methods that we will discuss below that can help you fix this issue while still keeping your mattress protected against pests.

No Rails

We all love a clean look on our bed frames, but this often means that the bed frames we are buying lack any type of railing that keeps the mattress in place, and the mattress is simply meant to sit on top of the frame. If this is the case for your frame, we will go over some solutions below that can help you out. 

Essentially, if you have a no-rails base for your mattress, you will either need to add some sort of support on the sides or add friction to the underside of your mattress to keep it from sliding. The type of mattress and base you have are going to determine what method is best for you. 

Not Enough Support

If your bed frame is not fitted properly to your mattress, it is going to slide around. You should make sure that you have a bed frame that is fitted properly to the type of mattress that you have. A lot of times people have full-sized mattresses and queen-sized frames, for instance, and this isn’t going to work for your setup. Even if the mattress stays on the frame, it is going to slide around with regular use, and a new frame is probably going to be the only true solution. 

Older Mattress

Older mattresses tend to get filled with things like bodily fluids over time and can get a bit bottom-heavy after about seven years or so. It is important to check the mattress lifespan, for instance, a Purple mattress can last beyond 10 years on average. If you have a mattress seven years or older, it is probably time to invest in a new one. 

Now that you know the main causes of what causes a mattress to slide, let’s look at the different solutions you can use based on each type of base available to you.

How To Keep Mattress From Sliding On Metal Frame

If your metal frame does not already have rails, it might be a good idea to create some yourself out of trim stocks. If you don’t like the look of rails all the way around the bed, consider putting up corner rails on all four corners. This will help keep the bed in place without overly affecting the clean and modern aesthetic that you were likely aiming for when you bought the metal frame in the first place.

If you think the bed is too slick for the type of slats that you have on the frame, you can also try adding a textured rubber mat cut to the size of your bed, this can help reduce friction if the slats are made of plastic or metal. If the slats are made of wood, you might want to go ahead and try adding some rails as wood provides more friction than other materials already.

How To Keep Mattress From Sliding On Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed only works if the mattress stays in place, which can be difficult when you are trying to adjust it so that there is a bend in the mattress. We recommend using velcro strips for this. Be sure to use a couple of lines of velcro both at the top, bottom, and sides of your mattress and to the top of the adjustable bed. This will help the mattress stay in place when you are adjusting the bed frame.

How To Keep Mattress From Sliding Off Box Spring

When it comes to box springs, this is usually a friction issue. A rubber mat, velcro strips, or similar methods will help your bed stay in place. 

You can also try to use foam rubber that is sold in long strips. One side has adhesive under a removable paper strip, and the other has slip-resistant foam. Measure your pieces and then place these on the inner edge of your box spring in order to make it more slip-resistant.

You can also try pinning your mattress to the box spring as the last resort.

How To Keep Mattress From Sliding On Platform Bed

If your platform bed has wooden slats, you can try roughing them up with sandpaper in order to increase friction. Be sure not to do it too much as you don’t want to damage the underside of the mattress. You can also use straps around the slats and the edges or corners of your mattress in order to keep it in place. You can also try building some rails either all the way around or on the corners in order to keep the mattress in place.

Other Solutions

Let’s go over a few other things that you can try to keep your mattress from sliding off of its base. 

Vacuum The Underside Of The Mattress

If you think the problem is that your mattress is old and dirty and has accumulated a lot of debris underneath, try vacuuming it with a brush and hose attachment which should help you rid the underside of the mattress from unwanted debris. You can also hire a professional mattress cleaning service if you do not have the means to do this yourself.

Try Removing The Bed Skirt

Bed skirts aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing and they can collect a lot of dirt and debris, anyway. Bed skirts are going to make the base you are using a lot more slick, which is going to reduce the friction needed to keep your mattress in place. If you are using a bed skirt, consider removing it. If you need to cover up an ugly box spring, consider other alternatives or purchase a box spring that has a solid-color fabric base that you like so that everything looks more streamlined.

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