How To Make A Firm Mattress Softer

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No one deserves to sleep on a hard mattress or one that’s too firm. It’ll cause hundreds of hours in lost sleep to occur and you’ll be feeling grumpier than ever.

If you find that your mattress is too firm, don’t fret. This article was created to help guide you through the ins and outs of how to make a firm mattress softer. Even if your bed feels like a rock, there’s still hope.

One of the most important aspects to consider when creating a softer bed is the foundation.

Keep reading to learn all about checking your bed’s foundation, improving your bed’s foundation, and all the tips and tricks to make the process go even smoother.

The Foundation

A common complaint among many people is that they check out a mattress in the store and it’s softer than a pillow, but harder than stone when they get it home.

What most people don’t understand is that a lot of what makes a mattress too firm lies beneath the mattress. Your foundation can be the largest reason as to why your mattress isn’t soft enough.

Basic concepts should be understood before you purchase a new mattress. For example, you should never use a foam mattress in your bedroom if you have box springs. But, box springs can be a great foundation for mattresses that aren’t foam and help them feel softer.

If you’ve already got a mattress that’s too firm, you can start the process of making it softer by evaluating the foundation you already have.

Checking the Foundation

Sagging in your foundation is one of the leading reasons as to why your mattress feels too hard. This is because springs may sink too low, your foundation may become unlevel, or the slats may be out of order.

Springs that sink too low will end up losing their main functionality – the ability to bounce up and down. If a spring is too low, it’ll end up becoming a simple metal backdrop against your back when laying down. You’ll immediately notice that it no longer feels like you’re floating on clouds but rather than you’re laying a solid, hard material.

When your foundation becomes unlevel or the slats are out of order, things can get wonky quickly. When this happens your bed will drop and go up at various angles throughout your mattress. Your sleep cycle doesn’t appreciate this and your spine will surely have something to tell you about it the next morning. Of course, the uneven surface will also make you feel like you’re sleeping on solid, uneven ground.

These issues commonly happen because of infrequent maintenance. Box springs should always be replaced whenever you acquire a new mattress. Many people tend to reuse their box springs throughout the years. Be warned, this is a quick way to get a mattress that’s too firm.

Consider taking a look at the box spring and platform for your bed when figuring how to make a firm mattress softer.

It should also be noted that many mattress manufacturers may require a matching foundation to be used with their mattresses to guarantee their warranty. Always check with the manufacturer for additional details such as this before you make your purchase.

Here are some things to look out for in both your box spring as well as the platform that holds your box spring and mattress above the ground.

When to Replace the Platform For Your Bed

  • If you find that it’s squeaky, moves too much, or wiggles when you lay or sit on it
  • If you can see a sag in the center of the platform – this indicates that the platform is weakened and not properly supporting your weight
  • If you find any part of the frame has become loose or has begun to bend inwards

When to Replace Your Box Spring

  • Whenever you purchase a new mattress
  • If your box spring is squeaky – specifically if the wood is making a noise when you put weight on it
  • If you find that your springs aren’t bouncing back and staying in place when weight is put onto them
  • If the wood begins to smell it’s a sign that it’s begun to rot and is weakened
  • If you’ve been using the same box spring for 10 or more years

Adjusting or replacing your box spring/platform isn’t the only thing you can do to make your mattress softer. You can apply plenty of ways to make mattress softer without spending any money. If you’re wanting to know how to make a firm mattress softer, there are tons of tips and tricks you should consider.

Flip It or Rotate It

One of the simplest things you can do to make your mattress softer without spending any money is to flip it and/or rotate it.

As you use your mattress throughout the years, you’ll find that your body weight will eventually wear it down. This is because you’re constantly applying a lot of pressure to it over a long period.

A simple way to get more use out of your mattress is to semi-frequently flip it over or rotate it. This allows areas of your mattress that haven’t had nearly as much exposure to the constant body weight to be your new best friend. You’ll be sleeping better than ever before.

Use a Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are a relatively inexpensive way to soften your mattress without breaking the bank. There are many types of toppers, so ensure you’re doing your due research before making a final decision.

Types of toppers range from foam to duvet comforters to feather-based toppers. All are well and good but some are better than others.

Use It and Then Use It More

At the end of the day, making your mattress softer may come down to simply using it more. When you first purchase a mattress it may be fairly hard because the material hasn’t been able to adjust to the weight of a human body.

If you want a softer mattress, the easiest thing to do is to continue to use it. However, you should still check the foundation and the various other potential issues listed above to eliminate any other possible suspects.

If you’ve deduced that your mattress, box spring, or platform, isn’t displaying any significant issues, give your mattress a little bit more time to adjust to its new lifestyle.

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