How To Make A Mattress Firmer?

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Is your mattress too soft? Does it feel like you are sinking into your bed? 

You may not realize this, but the firmness of your mattress affects how you sleep. Poor quality sleep leads to tiredness during the day and can even wreak havoc on your health.

One study shows that bed firmness has a big impact on your sleep quality. Sleeping on a softer bed might be appropriate for a lighter person who sleeps on their side, but others can experience back pain, neck pain, and other issues. 

Learning how to make a mattress firmer is the first step to improving your sleep. We will share a complete guide to help you understand how you can improve the firmness of your sleep. 

Why Is Mattress Firmness So Important?

We should first look at why exactly mattress firmness is important. We also need to consider why you might want to increase the firmness of your mattress. There are several studies that have looked at how the design and firmness of a mattress affects a person

When looking at mattress firmness, you need to take your spine into consideration. If you lay down on a soft mattress, then there is no support for your spine. 

Some people with a lighter bodyweight may be able to sleep on a soft mattress without a problem. This is not the case for most, however. The soft mattress makes your body sink into the mattress. The sinking is more significant in areas like your hips. This leads to a misalignment in your spine – and when this happens, you are likely to get up with back pain in the morning. The poor spinal alignment also means you may experience neck pain and constantly find yourself waking up during the night. 

When you increase the firmness of your mattress, there will be more support underneath your body. You will not sink into the mattress when you lay down. This makes your spine remain in a better position and alignment as you sleep. 

How To Make A Mattress Firmer?

There are a few ways to make a mattress firmer. The options vary from learning how to make a soft mattress firmer, to considering the purchase of a new mattress. We take a look at the best options that are available in this section. 

Use Some Support Boards

If you already own a mattress and do not wish to spend a lot of money, then using a mattress support board may be one of the best options. There are a few options to consider. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars. Some people even find that using cheap plywood is a great option. 

The support boards will usually be placed underneath your mattress. It helps to add more support. In turn, you may find that you do not sink as deep into your mattress during the night. 

This is great when you have a box spring system underneath your mattress. Simply add the support boards between the base and the mattress. It will not only help to reduce sinking, but it may also be great to add more support to a sagging mattress. 

Reduce The Room Temperature

Some mattresses may be affected by room temperature. The major concern here would be a memory foam mattress. These mattresses tend to respond to the temperature of your room. 

While this is not always a possibility, you should give this method a try if you meet the criteria:

  1. You have a 100% memory foam mattress on your bed, and it feels too soft. 
  2. Your room is equipped with a temperature control facility. 

It is known that memory foam tends to become softer when the temperature in the surrounding area is too warm. If you reduce the temperature in your room, you may help to reduce the effect of heat, causing your mattress to soften. 

Try The Other Side

Some mattresses can be flipped over, and others not. If you have a “do not turn” mattress, then this particular option will not apply to your scenario. On the other hand, if you are able to use both sides of your mattress, you may want to consider flipping it over. 

It is generally recommended to flip a mattress over two times a year – if it can be used on either side. When you flip it over, you may find that the other side is firmer. This is because you haven’ slept on it for the past few months. 

Get Some Repairs Done

If you have been sleeping on the same mattress for a few years, then some of the layers on the inside may start to wear out. The inner layers of the mattress may also become damaged over time. Note that this only accounts for mattresses that use multiple layers of materials. 

If you have a layered mattress, you might consider getting some repairs done on it. Take your mattress to a local shop that can replace the worn-out layers inside the mattress. They will usually be able to take out the damaged foam. They will then add new foam into the mattress. 

Most of these companies should be able to match the foam that was previously used in the mattress. You may also choose to replace a standard type of foam with something else, such as latex or memory foam. 

By replacing these layers, you may find that it helps to restore the firmness of the mattress. While it will take some money to get these repairs done, you should take note that it will generally cost much less compared to installing a new mattress. 

If you are able to spend some money on the process of firming up your mattress, then a mattress topper is also a great option to take into consideration. This is also one of the easier ways to get your mattress to feel firmer at night. 

You should look for an extra firm mattress topper, preferably. The mattress topper, just as the name suggests, is placed on top of your mattress. There are a few different types of these products available. Most are simply placed on your mattress – and then you place your sheets over both the topper and the mattress. This helps to keep the mattress topper in place. 

Try A Different Foundation

Your mattress needs a foundation to support it. A lot of people overlook the function that the foundation plays – and continue to only blame their mattress for insufficient support and back pain in the morning. 

You need to take a closer look at the base of your bed too. This is a part of your bed that can also become damaged and even wear out. 

There are different types of foundations that can be used. A lot of mattresses require a box spring system – but many manufacturers are moving away from this “tradition.” Still, choosing a good box spring system can offer your mattress more support. 

You may also want to give other types of bed bases a try too. Some can offer a firmer surface for your mattress to rest on. In this type of scenario, it may help to reduce some of the softness in the mattress. 

Buy A New Mattress

If you have tried all options and still find that your current mattress does not offer you the firmness and support you need for better sleep, buying a new one may be considered a last resort. 

In this case, you may want to consider an adjustable firmness mattress. This will allow you to customize the firmness of your mattress to a level that makes you feel comfortable and keeps your spine in proper alignment all night long. 

There are a few adjustable mattresses that come with two different sides. The one side may be extra firm, while the other one has a little softness to it. This can help you experiment with different firmness levels to find what works best for you. 


Too many people fail to realize the role that their mattress plays in sleep quality. A softer bed is often not considered the ideal option. This may cause the spine to be misaligned when you lay down. This can lead to neck and back pain. It may also make you feel uncomfortable during the night. If you have a soft mattress, consider the tips we shared. This will help you understand how to make a mattress firmer – without necessarily having to buy a new one. 

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