How to Restore and Fix a Sagging Memory Foam Mattress

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If you have bought a memory foam mattress – you may be all too familiar with the memory foam mattress sagging that can occur. All of this money and promises of comfortable sleep – and now your bed has a dip in it. What gives?

Not all memory foam beds are made equally, and there are also some user errors that can contribute to the memory foam mattress sinking middle. However, there are thankfully some actions you can take to fix this all too common issue.

If you want to know how to restore a memory foam mattress – you’re in luck. This article is going to show you the steps you can take, and how to avoid the problem in the first place.

The 5 Ways To Fix A Sagging Memory Foam Mattress

If you need easy, affordable, and quick ways to fix your memory foam mattress, then this list is for you. Keep on reading to discover 5 ways to fix your memory foam mattress.

#1 – Top It Off

You can fix your memory foam based mattress quickly and easily by adding a mattress topper to your mattress. While this won’t solve the issue permanently, and if there are other reasons causing it to sag – you’ll want to fix those, it will give you relief from the sag immediately – which is really important for your sleep and health.

You can buy a mattress topper that is made of memory foam, so you can regain the contouring capabilities that your mattress may have stopped having over time. 

This is going to work best if you have a mild and annoying sag due to general wear. A more aggressive dip in the middle of your memory foam mattress could point to bigger issues, and simply putting a pad on the top isn’t likely to solve them.

#2 – Support It

A lot of mattress sags occur because there is an issue with the frame of the bed. While most popular bed frames these days are made of slatted wood – a lot of popular memory foam mattress brands actually tell you not to use a slatted wood base. In fact, for some brands, using a slatted base instead of a flat platform bed will actually void your warranty.

That being said, if you have a platform bed or are trying to use a more traditional bed frame for a memory foam mattress without a box spring – you are definitely going to cause sagging and permanent damage to your mattress.

The best way to fix this is to add support to your mattress. To do this, you need to make a platform bed. If you have a slatted wood frame, you can add boards on top to make it a solid platform. There are also plenty of options online that are affordable. In the meantime, you could simply put your mattress on the ground for a while while you figure out your options. There aren’t a lot of surfaces more stable than the ground!

#3 – Rotate It

While you can’t flip most memory foam mattresses (although if you can – you should), you can rotate them head to foot every quarter of the year in order to maintain proper wear throughout the mattress. This will stop unwanted unevenness and sagging, even while the mattress is being used. 

Think of it a little like getting your tires rotated. Just because you don’t rotate the tires doesn’t mean they aren’t working – but you increase their longevity and your safety by having them rotated once every quarter.

#4 – Fill It

If you have a pretty sharp dip in your mattress – you can use a thin piece of memory foam (available online) to fill in the dip. All you have to do is place a mattress pad or super-tight fitted sheet on top, and you’re done! This will help the bed feel more even and normal.

#5 – Get A Mattress Helper

Mattress helpers are placed under the memory foam mattress and actually fix the sag from the bottom. These are far from the most affordable option, but it should help fix the sag and extend the longevity of your mattress. 

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How To Avoid A Sagging Memory Foam Mattress

Now that you know how to fix a sagging memory foam mattress, let’s discuss what makes it sag in the first place, and how to avoid that. If you know what not to do, you can really extend the life of your memory foam mattress.

Avoid Extra Weight

Each memory foam mattress comes with brand guidelines for how much weight can be on the mattress. If you are a heavier person, a memory foam mattress without any extra support like innerspring coils is probably going to sag no matter what you do. However, if some of the extra weight can be avoided, that could help you prolong the lifespan of your bed. 

Make Sure It’s Supported

As we mentioned before, you should really have a platform bed for any memory foam mattress. Make sure your mattress is always supported properly from the first day that you have it. If it is always on a flat, solid surface such as the ground or a flat platform bed – it will last you for a much longer time. 

Add More Slats

If your memory foam mattress brand says a slatted bed frame is okay – but you are still having issues – it may be that your slats are spaced too far apart. You should be able to buy wood for new slats at Home Depot or Lowe’s, and they will even cut the wood down for you. All you have to do is nail them in place in order to create a more sturdy foundation for your memory foam mattress.

My Mattress Is Sagging - And I Just Opened It!

If you just bought a memory foam mattress and it has a sag in it – don’t worry just yet. In order to fit the mattress in a box, they have to compress all the air out of it. This means, when you unbox it, you have to wait for the mattress foam to fill back up with air in order for it to reach its true size again.

So, you might be wondering how to make the memory foam expand faster. You need to get to sleep, after all!

Unfortunately, there’s no rushing this process. You need to be patient and to wait for the mattress to fill back up with air. It will look like it’s sagging because the spots on the sides of the mattress with the most airflow are going to fill up first, whereas the middle will take the longest for air to get to.

If you really can’t wait, try flipping your mattress over to allow airflow on the backside of your new memory foam mattress – this could help the middle of the mattress increase surface exposure to air. 

If you have the space for it, the best thing would be to stand it on its side so that both the top and bottom of the center of the mattress are getting great airflow.

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