King Bed Dimensions: Is a King Mattress Right for You?

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King beds are the creme de la creme of beds. Big enough to roll around in, sleep with your partner, your kids, and maybe even a pet, King beds are meant to signify both space and comfort. So, if you’re here looking for more information on king bed dimensions, it’s likely that you’re in the market for a new bed. If so, Congrats!

This article is all about king mattresses. If you’re here wanting to know how wide is a king size bed, you can find that answer below, along with plenty of other information from king size bed dimensions to the best rooms suited for these large, luxury beds.

King Bed Dimensions: What are Standard King Size Mattress Dimensions?

There are two king bed sizes. There is the standard king, sometimes referred to as the eastern king, and then there is the longer, California king. The standard king is the same length as a queen size bed, but it’s much wider. The specifics are 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. While the length remains the same, the king is 16 inches wider than your standard queen mattress.

If you upgrade and get the California King, you will add some inches in length and lose some in width. The California king bed dimensions are 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. Both are large enough for a couple. It just depends on how long or wide you’d like your bed to be.

King Bed Size: Who is a King Bed Made for?

Just about anyone will fit in a king size bed. Due to its size, it’s best for couples. You wouldn’t buy a king size bed for your children and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see a king size bed in most guest rooms. Overall, a king size bed is usually found, and is most well suited, in master bedrooms.

What Rooms Work Best for King Size Mattress Dimensions

If you have the space, you really could put a king size bed in any bedroom you wanted. However, due to the more expensive cost, and the overall size of a king bed, you’re most likely going to find it in a master bedroom. Generally, guest rooms and second or third bedrooms are smaller and less likely to accommodate a king size bed. Additionally, as queen size beds are close in size, but usually cheaper, it often makes sense to have them in guest bedrooms.

King Bed Size FAQ

How wide is a King size Bed?

A king size bed is either 76 inches wide for a regular king or 72 inches wide for a California king.

How long is a King size bed?

A regular, eastern king is 80 inches long and a California king is 84 inches in length.

Who is a King Bed best for?

King size mattresses are as much about luxury as they are about space. For this reason, the master bedroom makes the most sense. You won’t see a king size bed in the average children’s room, and most guest rooms don’t have them, either. For this reason, they are usually found in master bedrooms. A king bed works best for couples or singles who like/need plenty of roaming room in bed.

Where can I find a King Size Mattress and How much will it Cost?

Any major retailer will offer king size beds. They are a standard size so you shouldn’t have any problem finding one. The decision you need to make is where to buy your new king bed. You can go to a local showroom or buy through an online retailer. The benefits to buying online is that there is a better chance of receiving a mattress trial and finding a lower price thanks to reduced overhead. There are dozens of great online mattress retailers.

A couple potential recommendations include:

  • Leesa: Leesa offers foam mattresses with a 100-night sleep trial, and donates 1 for every 10 sold
  • Brooklyn Bedding: Brooklyn Bedding offers excellent customer service, a 4-month trial, and competitive pricing
  • Amerisleep: Amerisleep offers breathable and cool foam mattresses at a reasonable price with a 3-month trial

If you’re looking for other mattresses, SleepZoo covers the best in online mattress retailers. So, check out our other articles or visit our mattress guide for details on finding the right mattress for you!

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