King vs California King Mattress: What’s the Difference?

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When it comes to bed sizes, one of the more common questions we receive is what the difference is between King and California King. A lot of people think that when it comes down to King vs California King that the California King is bigger. That’s half true. In actuality, the main difference between King and California King is that the King has more surface area, but the California King is longer overall.

California King vs King: Sizes

In the race of King vs Cal King, it’s going to depend on whether you want a more spacious bed or a longer one.

King beds measure in at 76” wide and 80” in length

Cal King beds are 72” wide and 84” in length

California King vs King: Which Should I Buy?

If you’re in the market for a King-sized bed and you’re not sure which to choose, when it comes to King vs Cal King you’ve got a few things to consider.

Your Height

As the California King is longer, if you’re a taller person (over 6 feet tall), the best option for you could easily be the California King. If you are taller, and you don’t want to sleep with your feet hanging off the bed, this is a great option. Some people don’t mind that or prefer more overall space, and in that case, the King would be the better option.

Are you Sleeping Alone?

If you are in a relationship and are sharing a bed, the King vs California King debate will come down to what’s most comfortable for the both of you. A King is the way to go if you want a larger surface area. If you’re not as interested in surface area, but need a little more length, the Cal King will cover your needs.

Room Size

Assuming the headboard or head of your bed is against the wall, you’re still going to want at least 2 feet of space surrounding the other three sides for maximum room comfort. This gives you walking room, and allows you to add other furniture without feeling cramped. In considering your room if you have less space in terms of width, but your room is longer, the California King might be the right choice. If your room is wider as opposed to long, the King would be a better option for you.

Overall Cost

The California King is growing in popularity, but it is still a less popular bed than your standard King. This means that while you might find a deal on a mattress (some companies will charge the same for either option), you’re probably going to pay more for sheets, blankets, bed frames, and other items. In some cases, it may be harder for you to find these things, too. While King sheets and accessories are easily found, California King can be more elusive. Of course, this is a minor concern as on the Internet you can find most things.

Choosing a King vs California King will ultimately depend on simple factors like size needs and cost. If you need more help finding the best mattress to suit your needs just let us know!

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