Layla Mattress Reviews (2022 Edition)

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When you’re reading mattress review after mattress review, trying to find the perfect bed-in-a-box mattress, it can seem like all the different options begin to blend together.

While there are innovative options like Purple and their patented gel-polymer on the market, the majority of them have a value proposition based on many layers of memory foam. While each one differs a bit, it can be exhausting trying to determine just what specific blend of memory foam layers you want for yourself. Do you want a firm or soft mattress? Contouring or bouncy? What if you don’t always want the same thing?

That’s where the Layla mattress comes in. Layla has one of the most simple yet innovative approaches to choosing the perfect firmness for your bed: and that’s the flippable mattress. With a Layla Mattress, you don’t get just one firmness option, but two. 

If you are intrigued by being able to switch up your sleeping style depending on how your body feels that day, keep on reading. We have all the information you need in this Layla mattress reviews.

Rating Summary

Rating Summary

Our Rating

Comfort 85%
Value 90%
Edge Support85%
Customer Service95%


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Recommended For:

  • Side Sleepers – This mattress provides fantastic relief for side sleepers. The softer side of the Layla mattress is a great match for side sleepers. The 3” memory foam layer on the soft side provides enough pressure relief for the sides of the hips and shoulders. 
  • Memory Foam Lovers – If you enjoy the sinking-in feeling that a memory foam mattress provides, this mattress is a great choice for you. The soft and slow-responding memory foam in a Layla bed is supremely comfortable. 
  • Those Who Like Firm Mattress but Work Out – While it takes a bit of maneuvering, being able to switch to the softer side of a Layla mattress is great for people who need extra pressure relief when they find themselves super sore. Once you recover, all you have to do is flip back to the firmer side. 
  • Hot Sleepers – Memory Foam mattresses usually sleep quite a bit hotter, which is why we often suggest mattresses like Purple for these sleepers. However, the cover, comfort layer, and transition layer of the Layla mattress are all designed with airflow and cooling in mind. If you sleep want and want a memory foam bed, this is a great pick for you.

Not Recommended For:

  • Those Who Need a Medium Mattress – While Layla does offer two firmness options all in a singular mattress, it offers a soft side and a firm side, and not something right in the middle. For the moderate sleepers out there, this may not be a great option for you.
  • Heavier Sleepers – Even though there is a firmer side of this mattress, it still may feel like it is collapsing under the weight of heavier sleepers over 250 pounds. It may be better to look for a hybrid mattress over memory foam. 
  • If You Like Floating – If you like feeling like you are on top of your mattress rather than being in your mattress, the Layla bed may not be the best option for you. An innerspring mattress would be a better bet.

About The Brand

Layla Mattress Reviews

Layla set out as a company not just to change the mattress-buying experience, but to really change the kind of mattress you could buy. That would explain their innovative mattress that has both a firm side and a softer side. They truly believe in offering spur-of-the-moment choice, and they know that while one type of bed may feel good to you one day, it may not always. 

Layla believes that sleep plays a key role in helping you recharge and be the go-getter you are meant to be. And, when you buy from Layla, you are buying from a company that knows and believes that sleep is integral to your well-being.

That must be why they have an amazing customer service team and a lifetime warranty behind their mattresses. They want to make sure that your mattress is there for you through thick and thin, so you can get a restful night’s sleep through all the ups and downs and twists and turns of life. 

Now that you know a little bit more about Layla as a brand, let’s get into the small details of what this memory-foam mattress is made of. Here’s our Layla mattress review. 

Construction Overview

Layla Mattress Layers

The Layla mattress is going to have a bit of a difference in construction, and that is because it is two mattresses in one. Instead of having a base on the bottom of the mattress, the whole mattress can be flipped over to experience either a firmer or softer side. Keep that in mind when reading more about the construction of a Layla bed, and remember that it’s more of a “middle-out” construction rather than a “top-to-bottom”.


The cover of a Layla mattress is supremely soft, and has thermogel woven into it. This helps to dissipate heat and is one of the many details of this mattress that makes it great for those who sleep hot.


On the soft side, the top is made of 3” of copper-infused memory foam. This gives it that nice squishy feeling that is great for pressure relief on areas such as the hips and shoulders. Even better – the copper is one of the other details that keep the Layla bed much cooler than its other memory foam based contemporaries.


The firm side of the Layla bed has 1” of copper-infused memory foam so that the mattress still contours to your body without you feeling like you are sinking into it. That memory foam is copper-infused just like the other side to ensure you are feeling nice and cool while you sleep.


The Layla bed has 2” of convoluted support foam and 4.5” of support foam that makes it feel nice and supportive even on the soft side. On the firm side, it has a nice and firm feeling without the half-measures.

Safe Materials

All of the foams used in a Layla mattress are CertiPUR-US certified, so you can sleep soundly knowing your bed is made of non-toxic and environmentally safe materials that don’t contain any harmful toxins or materials.


A Layla bed is 10” tall, which is much thinner than some other memory foam beds. It is quite the engineering feat on their part to come up with a double-sided bed that can still be more similar in height to a traditional mattress.


There is no “base” on a Layla bed. Either side of the bed can be used as both a bottom or a top, depending upon your firmness preferences.

Rating Breakdown - Layla Mattress Reviews


The firm side of a Layla bed is perfect for those who are seeking a firm memory foam mattress. It is much more firm than most of the other ones on the market. If you are looking for a firm mattress that still contours to your body for pressure relief a bit, this mattress is an excellent choice for you.

Pressure Relief

The soft side of the Layla bed is extremely comfortable. The 3” of copper-infused memory foam contours to your body and makes you feel like you are sleeping in a fluffy cloud – all while the copper layer and thermogel-infused cover keep you nice, cool, and comfortable.


Many of us grew up regularly flipping our mattress in order to make them last longer. While all the bed-in-a-box companies recommend rotating your mattress from head to toe every couple of months, you can’t flip most of them. 

What’s so cool about Layla is that you can rotate and flip, furthering the life of your mattress. In fact, Layla is so sure about the durability of its mattress, that it ensures a lifetime warranty with regular use. You won’t have to worry about this mattress collapsing in on you as some memory foam mattresses are wont to do.


The firm side of the Layla mattress is nice and supportive, you won’t have any issues here as an average-weight person. 

On the soft side, Layla still performs very well in the support arena. Just because you sink into the top memory-foam layer of a Layla does not feel like the whole mattress is going to cave in on you at any moment.

Edge Support

When sitting down on the edge of a Layla mattress, it is important to note that it does compress quite a bit. This can be a big red flag for people who get ready on the sides of their bed or often enjoy intimate positions that utilize the edge of the bed. You may quickly find the poor edge support infuriating. So, that is certainly something to be aware of when making your mattress purchase decision.


The thermogel included in both sides of the Layla cover helps this mattress feel nice and cool no matter what the weather or situation may be. Furthermore, the copper-infused into the memory foam that’s on the top layer of both sides of the mattress promotes airflow and cooling, meaning you can stay nice and comfortable no matter what your firmness preferences may be.

Motion Isolation

Despite additions like the thermal layer and the copper-infusion, the memory foam on the Layla, particularly on the soft side of the mattress, performs incredibly well to motion transfer tests. If you are someone who is easily disturbed during their sleep, this mattress is a great option for you. During the standard glass of water test, the glass barely moved around despite lots of movement on the bed being created. 

Smell And Off-Gassing

While most memory-foam based mattresses have plenty of reports of strange smells when the mattress is first taken out of the box, Layla does not have many complaints in this regard. This is impressive as those smells are normal and non-threatening. If you are super-sensitive to smell, Layla definitely exceeds in this arena.


Like most memory-foam based mattresses, Layla is going to be completely silent. Just make sure you have a nice and steady base, and you won’t have to worry about any noise coming from this mattress.


While the soft side of the Layla mattress won’t be very conducive to sex due to its deep memory-foam layer, the firm side won’t be bad as you won’t feel like you’re sinking into it. While it would be very cumbersome to keep flipping the mattress all the time, if you are someone who wants a memory-foam feeling bed, this could be a great compromise for you. The firm side still doesn’t have as much bounce as the Casper will have, but it will definitely be easier than using most of the competitors in this regard.

Value & Price

Layla mattresses come in a little bit cheaper than many of its similarly-constructed competitors, which is crazy in a way. If you think about it, it is kinda like you are getting two beds in one. Even crazier: this bed is 100% made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty. That is some excellent value.

Customer Service

Speaking about that lifetime warranty, the customer service for Layla is great. They do not have the volume of complaints other companies have when it comes to scheduling warranty and sleep-trial returns. You are in good hands with this company.

Layla Mattress

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How Does Layla Bed Stack Up?

Now that we know more about Layla and how their mattress is a really innovative mattress with options for almost everybody, we need to look at how it compares to some other memory foam-based mattresses on the market. 

Layla Vs Nectar

Both Nectar and Layla claim to make cooling covers for their mattresses, but what is the main difference? Nectar’s is constructed with a Tencel fiber, whereas Layla’s has a thermogel finish to create theirs. So, the question is, how well do they perform?

While the Tencel fiber in the cover of Nectar’s mattress does perform well at not trapping the heat the way cotton will, it doesn’t seem to have an actual cooling property to it. Layla’s on the other hand, actually actively cools the material down, keeping you comfortable at night.

While both Nectar and Layla offer a lifetime warranty, so both are very good bets, it is worth mentioning that Nectar offers a 365 night sleep-trial, whereas Layla’s is only 120 nights.

Layla Vs Casper

The main difference between Casper and Layla is the support system. The copper infusion in the memory foam of a Layla mattress offers support that helps keep your body nice and aligned on either side of the mattress. Casper, however, has softer support at the top and bottom of the mattress, and a firmer support in the center of the mattress. 

So, what we have here essentially is two different philosophies when it comes to keeping the spine aligned and keeping things comfortable. Side sleepers or combo sleepers will likely think that Layla leaves them with fewer aches and pains in the morning, while those who sleep on their back may like Casper more.

Layla Vs Leesa

As you discovered when comparing it to a Casper mattress, the copper in the memory foam layer of a Layla mattress does more than keep it cool, it also provides even support. Layla also believes that copper helps improve circulation, thereby energizing the body, which gives it an edge over the Leesa mattress.

The Leesa mattress will have a similar supportive feeling and a bit of bounce to it, making it slightly better for intimacy. However, the copper in the Layla mattress takes it to the next level for firmness. It is worth mentioning that both Layla and Leesa are hypoallergenic.

If you are shopping for intimacy, the Leesa could be the direction in which you’d like to head. If you are looking for relief from aches and pains, the Layla mattress is very innovative in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Layla mattress is CertiPUR-US certified and made of non-toxic materials.

The softer side of the Layla mattress has a three-inch memory foam top layer that makes it extra soft and squishy. It is slow-to-react, meaning it contours to your body wonderfully.

Layla Mattresses are made in the USA

The Layla Mattress is 10 inches thick.

Layla Mattress

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