Leesa Mattress Review

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About the Brand - Leesa Mattress Review

leesa mattress review

The founders of Leesa were inspired to make their company due to the frustrations they felt over finding, time and again, that the mattresses they were trying were promising more than they were delivering. They didn’t want to deal with claims on mattress websites that couldn’t be verified or dealing with overzealous salespeople in mattress showrooms. 

They decided to create a direct to consumer mattress company focused on delivering high-quality mattresses and accessories that focused on getting a good night’s sleep. The direct to consumer model allows them to cut out third parties, and pass those savings on to their customers. Every Leesa mattress is made-to-order, you can’t go to a showroom to buy one. 

The founders are fun-loving, even the name Leesa came about as a bit of a joke. Leesa was a mutual friend who’s name was thrown into the hat when they were deciding what to name the company. Then, when someone drew a line under the name, they realized it looked like a bed, and a brand was born. 

The studies show that a good night’s sleep can change people’s behavior and attitudes to be more positive and healthy. The team at Leesa believes that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, and they have dedicated their mission to providing mattresses to underprivileged individuals. They are even a registered B-Corp. They have donated over 36,000 mattresses to date.

Rating Summary

Rating Summary

Our Rating

Firmness 80%
Edge support 90%
Customer Serive90%


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Recommended For:

  • Combo sleepers who need a mattress that supports multiple sleep positions
  • Heavier sleepers (those over 200 pounds) looking for a foam-based mattress
  • Those who like a softer mattress top and sleep hot – the Leesa Mattress is able to be soft while still promoting airflow
  • Great bed for couples

Not Recommended For:

  • Easily disturbed sleepers
  • Those with partners or pets who hop in and out of bed frequently
  • Those who don’t like squishy-feeling beds

Construction Overview

leesa mattress review

Now that you know a bit about the Leesa brand, and how your potential purchase can help them give a bed to someone in need, let’s get to the nitty-gritty about what this bed is comprised of. You will quickly find that the Leesa bed is a bit different than many of the boxed mattress companies you are already familiar with.


The Cover on a Leesa Mattress is made of a beautiful seamless gray twill fabric that gives the mattress a sleek, photo-worthy look. It is very soft, and you may even be tempted not to put sheets on your bed because of its looks. This is certainly not your normal tufted mattress cover, or even your standard foam covering.




The contours of your body are cradled by the 2” comfort layer on a Leesa mattress. This layer is what makes Leesa a bit different than many other foam mattresses in that this layer has quite a bit of bounce to it. This layer is also breathable and cool, ensuring that even though you’ll sink into this layer a little bit, you will stay nice and cool all night long.


The 2” memory foam layer provides the pressure-relief for your hips and shoulders that you need and which you have come to expect from a foam mattress. Under this layer lies the 6” support layer, which is quite a bit sturdier than many other foam mattresses. It claims to provide support to sleepers of all shapes and sizes.


Leesa mattresses are CertiPUR-US Certified, meaning they are up to snuff with safety standards both for yourself and the environment. The Leesa mattress is made without using ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


A Leesa bed is made of three foam layers and a twill cover that are all made from safe materials that meet safety standards. 


The Leesa mattress is 10” tall. While this is a bit thicker than your standard spring mattress, it is impressive that this bed can provide support for heavier sleepers while being thinner than your standard memory foam mattress. 


A Leesa mattress is sturdy despite being made primarily from different foam layers. You can use a slatted base for this bed based on that reason. In fact, the optional bases that Leesa provides on its website are mostly slatted bed frames. You do not have to have a flat platform bed with this one, as you do with many other foam mattresses. 

Ratings Breakdown

Now that you know what a Leesa mattress is comprised of, you are probably wondering what that means for comfort and feel of the bed. We’re going to break down how the Leesa mattress ranks on the most important factors to a good night’s sleep. 


The Leesa mattress sits right in the middle on soft to firm, making it a great option for most sleepers. While some will find the top foam layer to be a bit too squishy, the bed overall is much more firm than some other memory foam mattresses. In fact, its a bit surprising that this mattress isn’t a hybrid of some sort (although Leesa does offer those, as well).

Pressure Relief

The top and middle layers of the Leesa mattress will fill in the spots in the lower back and between the shoulders, allowing for a good amount of pressure relief. However, this mattress is not going to have the same pressure relief of something like a Tempurpedic because of the bouncier nature of this bed. While some may prefer more bounce to pressure relief, this is worth noting in case you have aching joints and pressure relief is your #1 consideration when choosing a mattress.


The Leesa mattress is highly durable and will last for around 7 years – the recommended amount of time to keep a mattress. Leesa has even taken steps to replace the foam materials they use in order to make their mattress more durable (and more comfortable!) We love that they are constantly improving their product, and we believe you’re in good hands with a Leesa mattress and their 10-year warranty.


While the Leesa mattress isn’t as supportive as an innerspring mattress, we are giving it a 5/5 because, as far as memory foam mattresses go, the Leesa is much more supportive than most. Heavier sleepers between 200-250 pounds will still find the Leesa to be supportive and comfortable – not a claim that other foam mattress brands can make.

Edge Support

While sleeping on the side of the Leesa, it does not feel as if the edge will collapse under your weight. This is very important, as many foam-based mattresses tend to collapse when weight is centered along the edge. This is also important for daily tasks such as sitting on the bed while getting ready for the day. This small detail of daily use is oft-overlooked, and can often leave buyers frustrated with their new foam-based bed. This should not be an issue with the Leesa mattress.


The top layer of foam on the Leesa mattress is less dense than what the rest of the bed is comprised of, which promotes good airflow helping you stay cool at night. The twill cover is also a material that promotes airflow due to its woven construction. If you are an extremely hot sleeper who lives in a warm and humid climate, there may be some other options that are better for you, which we’ll discuss later.

Motion Isolation

While the Leesa mattress rates lower on motion isolation, that is actually a feature the company aims for. They advertise that their mattress offers something that other foam and bed in a box mattresses don’t – bounce. In this regard, we rate them highly. But, for transparency’s sake, it is important to note that the Leesa mattress does not have the motion isolation you may be looking for. If you are an easily disturbed sleeper who sleeps with a partner – this is something you may want to consider.

Smell and Off-gassing

The Leesa mattress does have the plastic smell and off-gassing that comes with most beds from bed-in-a-box companies. Leesa recommends letting the mattress air out for a few days, and will happily replace your mattress if the smell does not dissipate quickly. While these smells can be concerning at first, don’t worry. Most of the smell honestly comes from the plastic wrapping and the warm box exacerbating the problem during shipping.


The individually-wrapped coils that are found in the mattress will not cause a problem with noise when moving on the bed. It should be noted that some standard coil systems, such as what is found at the base of the mattress, might eventually make a noise when you switch sleeping positions at night. 


Getting a perfect score on intimacy is hard for a memory foam mattress. A main complaint from memory foam bed users is that couples sink into the mattress and can’t get any bounce when things get steamy. The bounce in the Leesa mattress really sets it apart in this way and is going to make things much easier in the bedroom. If you have found another bed in a box mattresses lacking in this regard, you should definitely give Leesa a try.

Value & price

Queens and smaller are a thousand dollars or less at Leesa at regular retail price, which is a great price compared to other memory foam beds. If you are looking for a mattress at an approachable price, this one is a great choice. Better yet, Leesa also usually has some sort of discount or freebie running, so be sure to be on the lookout for those before purchasing your new bed.


Like any foam mattress, the Leesa mattress doesn’t make any noise. There are no coils to creak or make a metallic sound. However, what is impressive about the Leesa mattress is that it can bounce a bit while still not making any noise. This is definitely a standout in the memory foam bed market.

Customer Service

While Leesa is an amazing company dedicated to doing good by providing mattresses to those in need, it does seem that their customer service teams need more training or potentially they need to educate their customers more on their return policies. There are many complaints that Leesa does not respond in a timely manner when it comes to returning beds during the 100-night free trial, or providing information and responding when there are issues during the warranty period. Some users who experience sagging of their mattress have not been able to receive a replacement bed during their 10-year warranty, for instance. 

Leesa Mattress
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How Does Leesa Compare to Other Mattress Brands?

Now that you have a good idea about how a Leesa mattress is going to feel, you probably want to make sure there isn’t an even better bed out there for you. We are going to discuss a Leesa mattress in comparison to some of the most popular bed-in-a-box brands on the market. Note: these comparisons are all based on the original standard models. It is very possible that a hybrid version of any of these beds will change if you should choose one over the other. 

Leesa Vs Purple

Purple beds are the most unique beds that come in boxes on the market. Instead of being comprised almost entirely of foam, the performance layer of a purple bed is a patented hyper-elastic polymer. That being said, it is important to evaluate if a Purple mattress might get you a better night’s sleep than a Leesa.

The thing that makes a Leesa so cool – the bounce – is actually something that Purple has in spades. Because of that hyper-elastic polymer we mentioned, Purple is actually even bouncier than a Leesa bed. If the bounce is something that you are interested in, you may want to look at a Purple before buying a Leesa.

However, Leesa beds can support heavier sleepers than Purple. One of the biggest complaints with Purple mattresses is that heavier sleepers, sometimes even sleepers just over 180 pounds, feel as if the mattress collapses under their weight. While it has improved with the new version, Purple beds also have notoriously weak edge support. 

If you are on the heavier side and are looking for a mattress with a bit of bounce, the Leesa is probably the bed for you. If you are lighter and looking for a bounce and want to feel as if you are floating on top of the bed, Purple will be a better option. 

Leesa Vs Casper

Casper and Leesa mattresses are both composed entirely out of foam and a covering to keep it all together, but they have very different feels due to the differing foam layers. 

Casper focuses on zoned support in its mattress, really focusing on relieving pressure from shoulders and hips. If shoulder and hip pain are one of your primary concerns when buying a mattress, a Casper might be a better choice than a Leesa. 

Casper also has great motion isolation. If you are easily disturbed while you sleep and are looking for a bed that will feel nice and even and not moves much, the Casper is a better option for you. Conversely, if you need a bit of bounce to feel happy in bed with your partner, Leesa is going to be a better choice. 


Yes. Leesa offers all types of different products to go with their beds. They sell ultra-comfortable Leesa pillows. They also sell multiple different base options for their beds. These options include a platform bed with wooden legs, a mattress foundation, as well as an adjustable bed frame if you like to watch tv in bed. They also offer sheets specially made to fit a Leesa mattress, as well as two different types of blankets.

Yes, Leesa offers white glove delivery for an additional $100. They will even remove your old mattress for an additional $50. Not all bed-in-a-box companies offer white glove delivery, so this is a great option if you live alone and are worried about getting your mattress situated appropriately.

Good news! Unlike most bed-in-a-box companies, Leesa does work with certain retailers. While a Leesa is always going to be shipped to you directly, you can order and try Leesa mattresses on-site at many West Elm locations. They are also in certain pottery barn stores. Leesa’s website or customer service number will be able to assist you with more details.

Leesa Mattress
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