Loom & Leaf Reviews – Luxury Memory Foam Bed (2020 Edition)

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If you are looking for Loom & Leaf Reviews during your search for a better mattress, you have come to the right place. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide. 

There are many complaints we hear from customers about bed-in-a-box companies and their mattresses. Some can’t stand the smell of a mattress that’s been rolled-up and wrapped in plastic for an extended period of time, others find these mattresses aren’t as supportive and comfortable as they want them to be, and others have an issue with things like edge support or durability. There have also been many questions on these brands’ impact on the environment. This is why we decided to look at Loom & Leaf reviews. Considering a Loom & Leaf review is an effective way to see if similar complaints affect these mattresses.

Saatva was created to offer a direct-purchase option for high-quality, eco-conscious, innerspring mattresses. These lux beds had a unique value proposition and are always professionally delivered.

Saatva then introduced Loom & Leaf, their all-memory-foam option, with many of the same perks that a Saatva mattress has. While it lacks some features from the classic options, it still provides a transition layer and uses built-in mattress toppers for softer sleep. While it is a foam-based mattress, Loom Leaf mattress complaints aren’t the same as other company’s complaints. The Loom Leaf mattress do not come compressed down into a box, instead coming fully-inflated and installed professionally, every time. The memory foam contours more effectively to the sleeper. The foam beds seem to provide a more enhancement in sleep experience. These mattresses are good for side sleepers, as well as back sleepers.

A Loom Leaf mattress is also made of the same quality, lux materials that have made Saatva so popular. However, is all the hype worth it? This Loom & Leaf review is going to examine every important aspect of this bed’s performance

Rating Summary

Rating Summary

Our Rating

Edge support 80%
Customer Serive95%


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Recommended For:

  • Customers who love the feel of a memory foam mattress
  • Hot Sleepers – Loom & Leaf is made with a gel-based memory foam that sleeps cool
  • Customers who are looking for a premium memory foam mattress without breaking the bank
  • Side sleepers who need pressure relief but sometimes find memory foam too squishy

Not Recommended For:

  • Those on a strict budget – this is not the cheapest memory foam mattress on the market
  • Customers who want a bit of bounce to their bed – Loom & Leaf Mattress is more responsive. Saatva would be a better choice
  • Customers who want a soft mattress – this is one of the more firmer memory foam mattresses out there, as it focuses on providing better pressure relief

About The Brand

Loom and Leaf Reviews

After their success bringing the Saatva Classic mattress to the market, Loom & Leaf set out to bring a foam mattress to the market that had the same level of quality and sense of luxury as the original. They also focused on the bed being a good value for the money. The old mattress is still relevant to people who want an innerspring option. The new mattress, however, is great for use with an adjustable base and when a person want a product with cooling functions, thanks to the gel-infused foam. 

Loom & Leaf claims to only use premium memory foam and eco-friendly materials in their mattresses. Just like the Saatva classic, Loom & Leaf are hand-delivered and installed to your home and are not stuffed in a box. 

The company has found great success with this luxury bed business model. They have rapidly expanded to include 19 manufacturing partners and 145 distribution centers throughout the country, that’s almost three per every state in the US ensuring that your mattress is hand-delivered in a timely fashion.

Loom & Leaf and Saatva are dedicated to giving back. They have donated hundreds of mattresses to families in need throughout the United States. They continue to grow their partnerships with nonprofits throughout the nation, as well.

Now that you have heard a bit more about Loom & Leaf’s brand and their claim to fame, how do the actual results stack up? Keep on reading to get the breakdown of the mattress components as well as what that means for comfort and satisfaction. 

There are Leaf & Loom reviews found throughout the internet. Loom beds seem to provide great support for most people. Saatva Loom & Leaf reviews often have mostly positive things to say about the mattresses. 

There are many factors that make the new mattress from Saatva a great choice. The company offers white glove delivery and increases value with a guarantee that lasts for 120 nights. During this 120-day trial, you get your money back if the mattress does not feel like it is right for your body type. 

Construction Overview

Loom and Leaf Reviews


The mattress is made of a layer of 5-lb memory foam and a base of multi-layered foam ensuring that you stay comfortable. There is also a cooling gel as well as two different firmness options available. The mattress has a comfort layer that side sleepers seem to enjoy – Loom & Leaf reviews notice that the Loom & Leaf Saatva is also great at spinal alignment, particularly due to the firm mattress construction.


The mattress is made of a layer of 5-lb memory foam and a base of multi-layered foam ensuring that you stay comfortable. There is also a cooling gel as well as two different firmness options available.


The 5-lb memory foam is made to Saatva’s high-quality standards to ensure that the mattress top contours to your body, the foam layers are designed to support that, as well. Loom & Leaf Mattresses use higher density foam at the bottom, while adding luxury memory foam materials at the top. The density memory foam offers help you sink into the mattress, but still adds a responsive feel. The top layers contour perfectly to you and your partner’s body types.


This mattress is one of the more firmer memory foam mattresses on the market, ensuring that you have plenty of support where you need it. 


Material quality is where Loom & Leaf really shines. The whole mattress is handcrafted using eco-friendly materials manufactured in the United States. Natural products used are organic and the mattress is CertiPur-US certified.

Ratings Breakdown - Loom & Leaf Reviews


While the top of the Loom & Leaf Mattress does have the squishy memory-foam feeling that some may not like, this is actually a very firm foam based mattress. The multi-layer support foam provides plenty of support to those that need it

Because of the foam base and the memory foam top, this mattress is not at all responsive, so you need to be ready for that if you’re someone who likes a bit of bounce to their bed. If you are someone who tends to toss and turn all night, you will find that this mattress will be a bit difficult to do so in. 

There are two firmness options available with the mattress. The relaxed firm version is about a medium-level firmness. The firm version of this mattress is very firm by our standards. The relaxed firm model does seem to be especially popular. It comes with the same 15-year warranty. It has built-in pressure relief and high-density foam is added to add more support to the mattress Loom & Leaf offers. Side sleepers will find that the product focuses on just the right pressure points. 

For people with pain problems and spinal misalignment, the firm model may be the best option. The firm model is one of the popular sleep products from this company. During the manufacturing process, materials are used to provide better spine alignment. Some people report the support core offers similar effects as a spring mattress. 

While this option is firm, it does still provide a memory foam feel. Comfort layers are added to the top. The memory foam contours to the body of the sleeper. Phase change materials are also added for a more comfortable and cooler night’s sleep – something that is in high demand within the mattress industry.

Pressure Relief

The 5 lb memory foam top of the Loom & Leaf mattress is 2.5” thick. It is made of a visco-elastic memory foam made in the USA with eco-friendly materials up to Saatva’s standards. This layer is what gives the bed great pressure relief and contour. This adds better support for side sleepers. The pressure relief do seem to be similar to the old mattress option from the brand. 

This top is covered by a 2” layer of four-pound gel-swirl memory foam, which is what gives this memory foam mattress a more cooled-down feeling than most of the other foam-based mattresses on the market. 

The layers in the Loom & Leaf combined give the bed its cool and comfortable feel that most will really love and be impressed by. Side Sleepers will find that there is plenty of pressure relief with this mattress, in particular. 

Oddly enough, unlike many of the other foam mattresses we have reviewed that have found heavier sleepers might not be suited for those beds, this one is a little different in that very petite sleepers may find that there is not enough pressure relief with this mattress as they do not sink down enough in it.


In this Loom & Leaf review, we consider the longevity and durability of a mattress an important point. The Loom Leaf mattress is made of high-end materials that are made to be durable. The cotton cover on the mattress, for instance, looks like those high-end mattresses you couldn’t imagine affording when you would go to the mattress store.

Seriously, this Loom Leaf mattress is made to last. With appropriate use and occasionally foot-to-end rotation, as recommended with most foam-based mattresses, you can expect a mattress to last you about 7 years. This is the average length of life for a good, durable mattress. 

Because the mattress was never crushed in a box, you will have fewer issues with durability. Simply put, Loom & Leaf does not design their mattresses to be compressible the way so many other companies do, so you will find the firmness and density lasts a lot longer than it does with similar mattresses.


Back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers want adequate support. Despite the memory-foam top layer, the Loom Leaf mattress does an excellent job of supporting the hips and spine for those who are back and stomach sleepers. Because the softer foam layer does not sink in too far, most sleepers will find that this mattress provides plenty of support. 

While mattresses with innerspring coils are going to be the most supportive and durable mattresses out there, we think that Loom & Leaf is the best option if you are set on an all-foam bed.

We particularly like this mattress for the heavier sleepers out there who want an all-foam mattress. The density and the quality of this mattress make it the best option for a foam mattress that we can think of for those who are over 250 pounds. However, we would still suggest looking for an innerspring or hybrid mattress, first. These may be better at supporting your lower back, particularly if you have back pain problems. Lightweight sleepers will also find that the product adds a more comfortable surface compared to a latex mattress. Improvements in spinal alignment is good for back and stomach sleepers. 

Edge Support

While the Loom & Leaf mattress don’t perform poorly in edge support, it definitely isn’t the most impressive on the market in this regard. When you roll far to one side, you will definitely feel a bit of compression on the edge of the mattress. 

We don’t think that the edge support issue is too terrible, and it certainly won’t be an issue for most people, but it is worth mentioning that if you sleep with a partner and one or both of you are active sleepers, the slightly compromised edge support could get annoying very quickly.

We should also mention that if you are someone who frequently sits on the side of the bed and applies a lot of vertical downward pressure on certain points on the edge of the bed, while getting ready in the morning for instance, that you may impact the quality of the mattress over time. This can affect the durability estimate that we gave you, earlier. 

The effects ensure you do not roll off the bed at night, which is something important noted in sleeper ratings. This is useful in all sizes of the mattress, ranging from a twin XL 38 x 80, the full 54 x 75, a queen 60 x 80, and the popular California king size. You get excellent edge support with any bed frame – and do not even need to add an additional mattress pad at the top. 


While considering firmness level, transportation fee, and support for your sleeping position in a new bed when looking at mattress companies, do not overlook the importance of cooling functions. You do not want body heat to build up at night. This is why considering temperature regulation is so important. Gel infusions have become a common option for cooling. The Loom Leaf mattress is certainly one of the cooler-sleeping mattresses that also happens to be all-foam on the market. There is a cooling gel spinal panel within the mattress, as well as an organic cotton mattress cover, that lets this all happen. This panel is put in the center third of the bed, where the heat in a mattress is most likely to be trapped. 

What’s interesting about this gel is that it is actually used in the beds of hospital burn-units. We love when science that mattresses use to make claims on performance is actually backed up, and that is definitely the case for the cooling properties of the mattress.

An organic cotton cover is also used. This further contributes to the breathability of the memory foam beds. 

Heat retention is not an issue. In Loom Leaf mattress reviews, we find that people sleep cool with this product. You get cooling functions whether you are a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper that needs better lumbar support.

Motion Isolation

Motion transfer is a common problem with memory foam beds. When motion transfer is poor, the memory foam layers may make you wake up frequently at night when sleeping with a partner. Transition foam is used in this mattress Loom & Leaf offers. This foam helps to provide reduced motion transfer. At the same time, both partners gain great support throughout the night. Mattresses made of all-foam are generally great at motion isolation, and in this regard the mattress is no different. The top layer of memory foam ensures that if you are sleeping next to an active sleeper, you won’t be disturbed in the middle of the night. This is also a great feature if you sleep with pets. 

Isolation of motion is very important for light sleepers who need not be physically disturbed in order to get that all-important REM sleep. While there are some other issues with having a bed with great motion isolation, which we will discuss below, if you are a light sleeper, this bed is going to be great for you. The motion isolation seem to be better than some latex mattress options. 

Smell and Off-Gassing

This Loom & Leaf mattress is never compressed and rolled into a box. Because of this, you will find that there is less smell and off-gassing than virtually every other memory foam mattress. You will also find that the high-end materials and construction of this mattress give it a better smell than other mattresses. This is kind of more like a new-car smell and less cheap knock-off purse smell. 


Noise is a common issue with mattresses. This is especially the case with a firm model that has springs – this has become an industry-standard, after all. Things are different with a mattress review related to an all-foam option. Like all entirely foam mattress options, there is no noise associated with the mattress. This is great for those who are easily disturbed by noise during the sleep and are active sleepers or sleep with a partner or pet. However, it is worth mentioning that you need to make sure you get the proper base for your mattress, as the frame could easily make noise if you don’t get a high-quality one. If you look at a Leaf mattress review, you’ll find that noise is generally not a problem in these memory foam beds. This account for all options, including the king 76 x 84 size.


As we mentioned, there is a price to pay for great motion isolation, and intimacy is often that price. While we are sure you and your partner will have a great time cuddling in this super-comfortable mattress. It might be hard to get your freak on when there is no bounce or responsiveness. 

It seems like the relaxed firm mattress option is a more popular option than the firmer mattress when it comes to intimacy. Both options give you access to a quality mattress. The quality materials used in this mattress add similar effects as an innerspring mattress. A split king option can be purchased if you and your partner have different sleeping preferences. This can be useful for different sleeping positions. You may prefer a firm mattress, but your partner something lower on the firmness scale.

Value & Price

Value is important when looking at a Leaf mattress review. We think that this mattress is a great value for the price. This bed is very comparable to luxury brands of gel memory foam mattress options such as Tempurpedic.

However, it is still a pricey mattress. If you are on a very strict budget, this will not be the mattress for you. Some of the bells and whistles you can likely do without and still get an amazing night’s sleep.

Value does not only relate to the actual price. Look at the delivery process offered by the manufacturer. You can contact the customer service team if you want to learn about the delivery company. This helps you understand what to expect, how long it will take, and how the free white glove delivery service works. By not adding a shipping fee and providing a home trial, you get much better value – even if a coupon code is not available at the present. The return policy is generous. Loom Leaf offers a customer service center that helps to process a return.

Along with the free white glove delivery service, the mattress company also offers mattress removal. This makes the process of mattress shopping much easier. Orders in the USA are delivered relatively quickly, with a small delivery window following the order date. The return process is relatively simple.

Customer Service

Loom & Leaf’s Customer service is above the par for other direct-to-consumer mattress brands. There’s a reason why in-home delivery and installation seems like such a foreign concept for these reviews, but not for Saatva and Loom & Leaf! There is also a 120-night sleep-trial and a super-professional and friendly support staff willing to help you if you need it. You also get a 15-year warranty. Customer service can help to track your shipping by contacting the delivery guys at any time too. 

 Apart from these factors, it is also important to consider the size mattress options that are available. A California King 72 inch option is great if you have enough space in your room. A twin XL may be appropriate for a single sleeper or child. 

Looking at owner experiences with the foam beds can also give you some insight. Customer satisfaction is a great way to consider firmness preferences and how the mattress performs with a specific sleep position. 

You do not need a box spring system for the mattress. It works with any body shape and is great if you have a sleeping partner. Body impressions do not last, since the mattress is responsive. The foam layers help to provide better weight distribution. In a mattress review, we also find that the gel infusion and cooling gels used provide superior performance compared to some of the other models with traditional foam layers.

Loom & Leaf Mattress

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How Does Loom & Leaf Mattress Compare to Other Mattress Brands?

Now that you know more about Loom & Leaf reviews, you are likely wondering how it stacks up to similar mattress brands on the market. In this mattress review, we want to be transparent. This is why we want to compare it to other options – whether you are a stomach sleeper or sleep on your side, or have a need for specific cooling features, let’s see how this option stacks up. We have the info you need!

Loom & Leaf vs Casper

If you aren’t sure if you will actually like the softer memory-foam top of a Loom & Leaf mattress, you may want to check out Casper Mattress. Their foam-based beds have a bit less of a memory-foam feel on the top. However, if you are looking for more support, you will find that the Loom & Leaf mattress has a more uniform feeling compared to Casper’s zoned-support and that it is a bit firmer underneath the softer layer of memory foam. This might make the Casper a more appropriate option for stomach sleepers. The memory foam beds from Loom Leaf can be used with an adjustable base. In a Leaf Mattress review, we also find that back sleepers mention the support is superior to alternatives.

While both of these mattresses are highly popular, you will find that the Casper mattress has a much more approachable price-point. If the price is a concern for you, Casper could be worth looking into. 

Loom & Leaf vs Leesa

Loom & Leaf mattress vs Leesa is a much harder choice. Both of these all-foam mattresses have memory foam and a very similar feel to them. 

High density foam is used to provide support for stomach sleepers, while the surface of these mattresses are plush enough to provide a comfortable sleep for side sleepers. 

However, you will find that Loom & Leaf is a more supportive mattress overall and is made with higher-end materials than a Leesa. Stomach sleepers do seem to prefer the Loom & Leaf option more. The online mattress provides a relatively affordable price and white glove delivery is even available. However, the Leesa mattress is quite a bit more affordable than the Loom & Leaf mattress. If you liked the sound of the Loom & Leaf mattress but just can’t swing that price, Leesa could very well be your next best bet. Both mattresses remain good options for combination sleepers, as well as a stomach sleeper. They have support layers to help with your sleeping experience. Gel memory foam is used to provide a reduced night time temperature. Sleeper ratings do also seem very similar between the two.


No! The Loom & Leaf mattress is one of the most cooling all-foam mattresses on the market. This is due to the use of gel-infused materials. All firmness levels should provide appropriate air circulation. 

Loom & Leaf is the all-foam cousin to the innerspring Saatva Classic. They are owned by the same parent company, Saatva. The classic option feels like a firm option compared to the Loom Leaf. This may be more appropriate for people with a heavier bodyweight. 

Loom & Leaf mattresses and bed frames are manufactured in the USA.

Loom & Leaf Mattress

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