Nectar Mattress Review (2020 Edition)

Nectar Mattress Review

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Nectar might not be a mattress brand you’re familiar with, but what they lack in notoriety they make up for in comfort, price, and versatility. 

The Nectar Mattress is great for all kinds of sleepers and features a lack of motion transfer and an amazing trial period.

With so many options in the mattress market, it can be overwhelming to even know where to start. Due to its reasonable price point and high quality, this mattress is a great place to start your search for the perfect sleep.

If you have specifics for what you need out of your next mattress, this Nectar mattress review is for you. We will break down its strengths, weaknesses, and how it stacks up to the competitors. 

Keep on reading to learn more!

Rating Summary

Rating Summary

Our Rating

Edge Support80%
Customer Service100%


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Recommended For:

  • You’re On a Budget
    This is, quite frankly, one of the best things about a Nectar mattress. For the quality, Nectar prices their mattresses consistently at about $100-$200 less than what the industry average is for a high-quality memory foam mattress.
    Not only is the upfront cost much more affordable than its competitors, but Nectar also comes with a Forever Warranty – meaning Nectar will replace your mattress at any time if it breaks with regular use. This will be a huge savings for you moving forward.
  • You Sleep With a Partner
    Motion transfer can be a huge problem if you sleep with a partner, or even if you sleep with a pet or have a child that likes to hop into your bed in the middle of the night. Sleep is too important to miss because your bed doesn’t isolate motion. The Nectar mattress excels at motion transfer isolation.
    Additionally, the Nectar Mattress has great edge support. This can be an issue for many memory foam mattresses, but not here. No feeling like you’re going to roll off the bed in the middle of the night. If your partner hogs the bed and pushes you to the side, you’ll still be able to sleep easily on a Nectar mattress.
  • You Want to Test Your Purchase
    Nectar has one of the best trial programs in the industry. You receive a 365-night trial of your mattress to see if you like it. That’s right, one whole year to test out your new mattress, or you can return it for a full refund. The majority of online mattress companies only give you a 100-night free trial. This alone means you should seriously consider trying the Nectar mattress out.
    There’s no extra fee for returning your mattress, either. All you have to do is call a Nectar customer service agent and they will set up a free pickup of your mattress. You don’t have to worry about making it fit back into the box.
  • If You Sleep On Your Back or Side
    The Nectar mattress has a bit more firmness than many memory foam based mattresses. However, the squishy top layers will cradle important pressure points, ensuring that you get a comfortable sleep. This is great for those that sleep on their back or on their side. You won’t have to worry about your hips and shoulders not being supported and throwing your spine out of alignment.

Not Recommended For:

  • You’d Like Some Bounce
    Like most memory foam mattresses, Nectar does not have a lot of bounce. If you are someone who wants a bit of spring in their bed but are still interested in a memory foam mattress for its other benefits, there are many hybrid models in the market that could be a good fit for you. Unfortunately, while Nectar offers a Lux model with 12 memory foam layers, they do not offer a hybrid option at this time.
  • You Don’t Like The Feel of Memory Foam
    The Nectar Mattress has many layers making it supremely comfortable, but it is purely memory foam based. No hybrids or gel-layers here – even in the Lux version. The top layer in particular will feel a bit softer. If you don’t like feeling cuddled-up in your mattress, Nectar won’t be a good choice for you.
    There may be other options such as the Purple Mattress that will be a good fit, and you can see a comparison between the two below.
  • You Sleep on Your Stomach
    Stomach sleepers often have issues with memory foam mattresses not providing enough support, and the Nectar mattress is no different. However, this can greatly depend upon your weight. Lighter sleepers under 150 pounds will find this mattress to be much more firm than other memory foam mattresses, so this could be a good option for them. With Nectar’s year long trial period, it could be worth testing out to see if it works for you.

About The Brand

Nectar Mattress

There’s a reason that Nectar mattresses are so affordable. Nectar believes that everyone should be able to afford a good night’s sleep, and set out to make the most comfortable bed in the world at an affordable price. In that mission – they have definitely succeeded. 

Nectar focuses on premium materials. They make sure to work directly with the manufacturers of the different components they use in their mattresses  all over the world, unlike other out-of-the-box mattress companies that simply send specs to their international manufacturers and then ship out to you. Nectar is always evaluating the quality of their mattresses and ensuring that only the best materials are used. They even use third-parties to certify the safety of their mattresses and their commitment to high standards of low emission efforts. 

This dual-focus on both quality and price has paid off. Since launching in 2017 – Nectar has sold over 750,000 beds. That is a lot of satisfied sleepers! The proof of Nectar’s success is in their numbers. No marketing gimmicks to be found with this company – just a quality mattress at an accessible price. If you want a straightforward brand that you can trust, Nectar is definitely one to seriously consider. 

Construction Overview

Nectar Mattress Construction (2)

Now that you know a little bit more about Nectar as a brand, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the different layers that  a Nectar Mattress is comprised of, and what those layers mean for your sleep.

The top of the Nectar mattress is comprised of a quilted memory foam cover. The quilted pockets make the top layer of the mattress nice and comfortable, so you can feel cozy as you fall asleep.

The second layer of a Nectar mattress is made of a gel based memory foam. This layer ensures that you don’t feel hot while sleeping as it redistributes not only your weight but also your body heat. This layer really helps the Nectar mattress stand out by keeping you cool and comfortable. The rest of the adaptive and sturdy memory foam makes sure you don’t feel like you’re falling into quicksand.

The third layer of a Nectar mattress is made of an adaptive hi core memory foam. This foam helps support your body and its contours with ease. This layer is the most important for hugging your curves and pressure points without feeling too firm or giving way too easily.

The main base layer of a Nectar mattress is a thick memory foam that provides firmness and support to the other memory foam layers. This layer makes a Nectar mattress quite thick – but also offers more support than many of its counterparts.

A Nectar mattress is made of safe materials such as medical grade visco elastic memory foam, a vegetable based foam, and a tencel long staple fiber cooling cover. According to third-party analysts, Nectar’s foam meets CertiPUR-US’s standards for content, emissions, and durability. This means you can rest easy knowing you have safe materials in your home, and that you bought a mattress with limited impact on the environment.

A Nectar mattress is not a skinny bed. For all sizes, Nectar beds are 11” deep. With a standard mattress clocking in at 7.5”, and many other memory foam mattresses coming in at about 9”, there are some items you will need to buy specifically for a Nectar mattress. These items include extra-deep sheets and bed frames. However, Nectar has some offers on their website, and many independent retailers do as well.

Nectar has a very interesting base, in that due to its firmness, Nectar claims you can put its mattress on any kind of frame – including box frames – and it will work. This does not void the warranty as it does with other boxed mattress companies. Bold claims from a memory foam mattress company – but that’s just how sturdy a Nectar mattress is right out of the box. 

Rating Breakdown

Here is where we get into those specifics we promised you. If you are debating on which mattress to try based on the key details, this section is for you.

While this is not the most firm mattress on the market, it blows many of its other memory-foam mattress counterparts out of the water, which is why we gave it four stars. However, on a scale from 1-10, firmness rates about a 7. There is definitely room for more-firm mattresses, but we believe most people will really appreciate this level of firmness – a little above average.

The adaptive memory foam layer on a Nectar mattress is designed to relieve the pressure points in the shoulders, hips, and legs that can be an issue for anyone. This is great for improving spine alignment.

While a Nectar mattress is not as durable as a traditional coiled mattress, it is much more durable than the average memory foam based mattress. Most memory foam based mattresses will last about 5 – 6 years, whereas a Nectar mattress will last for about 7 – 8. This is because the quality of the different foam layers of a Nectar mattress are much more advanced and luxurious than what other brands are using.

The Nectar mattress also does this for users up to 250 pounds – a much heavier weight barrier than many of Nectar’s contemporaries. That being said, it does not qualify for the full five stars as a traditional coiled mattress and many of the hybrids on the market will provide much better support.

Surprisingly for a memory foam based mattress, there is little compression that occurs when sitting on the edge of the bed. This is very important for the durability of the bed as well as keeping a sleeping partner comfortable while getting ready in the morning. When rolling towards the side of the bed, you don’t feel like you are about to slip right off.

The tencel low staple fiber cooling cover helps ensure that there is lots of air circulation in the top layers of the Nectar mattress. The first layer under the cover is made of a gel-based memory foam, further encouraging cooling. The cooling factor on the Nectar mattress is one of the most updated features for 2020. However, there are some more cooling mattresses on the market, particularly ones that aren’t memory foam based.

The Nectar mattress scores extremely well on motion transfer tests. As with many memory foam based mattresses, there is very little motion transfer while one partner is moving around and the other is sleeping. This will help ensure a good night’s sleep for everyone – no matter what the night may bring. 

There is a slight smell when first unboxing a Nectar mattress. However, as the company suggests taking one to two days to let the Nectar mattress re-inflate after being kept in the shipping box, that is a perfect amount of time to let the “new mattress” smell wear off. There does not seem to be too much off-gassing, and you can be sure it isn’t dangerous due to the safe materials used in the mattress’s construction.

Like all pure memory foam based mattresses, the Nectar mattress will not make any noise.

While this is a common problem for memory foam based mattresses, it is worth mentioning that the lack of bounce and motion transfer that is so great for your sleep may hinder your capabilities in the bedroom. Many couples find that they “sink” into the memory foam too much to get any kind of real leverage, especially if they are both on the heavier side.

Nectar really excels in the value department. Nectar mattresses are consistently cheaper than other memory foam based boxed mattresses, and they are much cheaper than the higher end memory foam brands  that have a comparable quality level. When it comes to bank for your buck, the Nectar mattress really stands out.

Not only does Nectar have a one-year trial period, over three times as long as most of its competitors, they also offer a lifetime warranty. That’s right, a lifetime warranty. That’s how comfortable Nectar is that you will love their mattress.

If you do decide to end the free trial and send the mattress back – all you have to do is call and they will set up a free pickup. That’s right, both shipping and pick up are free. When it comes to customer service, Nectar puts the same attention to detail in quality as it does in their materials.

Nectar Mattress
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How does Nectar compare to other Mattress Brands?

Nectar vs Casper

While both the Nectar and the Casper mattress are memory foam based mattresses with no coils, the Casper uses a foam-like alternative latex layer, and isn’t purely memory foam. This provides a bit more support and firmness than the Nectar has. 

While the Nectar mattress rates more highly in firmness than other memory foam only mattresses, this non-foam layer in the Casper gives that extra dose of support to those who need it. If you are a stomach sleepier or are overweight, this could be worth looking into. 

One important factor to mention is that a Casper mattress will be a few hundred dollars more than the Nectar mattress. If firmness isn’t a huge issue for you, the Nectar mattress will be a much more economical option. If you don’t like it and wish you had a firmer mattress, you can easily take advantage of their excellent free trial and pay a little more for a Casper mattress.

Both Nectar and Casper made it to our top 5 Best Mattress for Sciatica.

Nectar vs Purple

The main difference between a Nectar Mattress and a Purple mattress is that a Purple Bed is not a memory foam based mattress. The Purple mattress is made of hyper-elastic polymer over high-density poly foam, giving the sleeper a feeling as if they are floating on top of the mattress, not sinking into it. 

One benefit of the inside of a Purple mattress is that the support layer is a grid made out of the hyper-elastic polymer. This allows for a lot of air flow and cooling. A Purple mattress is one of the coolest mattresses out there. If you are a hot sleeper and this is one of your main concerns, a Purple mattress might be more in your wheelhouse.

If those facts don’t make or break your opinion, we would still suggest starting with a Nectar mattress and seeing how you like it based on price alone. A Purple mattress comes with a very expensive R&D based price tag, they have over 30 comfort industry patents, whereas a Nectar mattress provides quality without breaking the bank. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will need to buy extra deep sheets for your Nectar Mattress as it is 11” deep. Nectar sells sheets that fit its mattresses, and they even run deals where you sometimes get a free set of sheets with your mattress purchase. 

Yes! A Nectar Mattress actually comes with one of the best free trials in the industry. Unlike most of its competitors that offer a 100 night free trial, a Nectar mattress offers a full year. That’s right, that’s 365 days to try out your new memory foam mattress risk free.

A Nectar Mattress is Made of Non-Toxic Materials that are medical grade and certified. You will be able to get a good night’s sleep knowing there are no toxic materials being released into your home from your mattress. The mattress is also manufactured with emissions in mind – meaning you are making a good choice for the environment as well.

A Nectar Mattress delivery is free. If you decide not to keep your mattress, pickup is free too! Be aware that even though it comes in a box – a boxed mattress can be quite heavy. Nectar does not offer setup or white glove service at this time.

Not only does Nectar beat the rest of the industry with its free trial, it also sets a whole new standard for warranty coverage by offering a lifetime warranty. The forever warranty keeps everything super simple. If the Nectar Mattress breaks with regular normal use, they will replace it. Nectar is dedicated to outlast long-term use. Their goal is to provide you with a mattress that lasts for life – all at an affordable price.

Nectar Mattress
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