Netflix & Sleep
in the U.S.

In May 2020, we surveyed 1032 respondents across the United States on how Netflix affects their sleep

The results reveal interesting data from factors that prevent Americans from a good night’s sleep to Netflix routine.

Let’s take a look!

I. Survey Demographics

Who Took The Survey

We surveyed 1032 respondents in the United States between the ages of 18 and 79 on Sleep and Netflix routines.

Sleep and Netflix routines

The Truth Is 

Up to 99.1% (1023) of Americans have a Netflix account that they watch every day. 

50.7% (519) of them were male, while 48.9% (500) of them were female. The rest of the respondents identified as “other.”

99.1% of Americans have a Netflix account

Millennials are the most likely to watch Netflix, compared to other generations

II. Survey Results

Which room is the most popular to watch Netflix in

Netflix watchers prefer rooms

Time routine for Netflix

More Than 4 Hours


3 - 4 Hours


2 - 3 Hours


1 - 2 Hours


Less Than 1 Hour


Time routine for sleep

More Than 7 Hours


6 - 7 Hours


5 - 6 Hours


4 - 5 Hours


Less Than 4 Hours


82.39% of Millennials have admitted to binge-watching Netflix for more than 5 hours on occasion

Netflix Addiction and Sleep Sickness

When being asked for the sleep problem of binge-watching Netflix for hours, 46% of Americans admitted that they experience sleep problems afterward.

The Solution To Sleep Problems

Here is our proposed list of methods to help improve sleep when you watch too much Netflix, and how people responded to them.


of Americans agreed to stop watching Netflix by a certain time in the evening.


of Americans agreed to stop watching Netflix in the bedroom, instead reserving it for sleep and sex only.


of Americans chose to use sleeping pills to reduce the impact of Netflix on their sleeping patterns, 

62.5% of them are Millennials.


of Americans prefer drugs, CBD oil, or other sleep supplements to get more sleep after binge-watching Netflix.

Americans prefer drugs, CBD oil, or other sleep supplements

What People Prefer To Do During The COVID-19 Crisis

  • During the COVID-19 quarantine, 39% of Americans prefer to watch Netflix while 22% prefer to get more sleep.
  • 30% of respondents would exercise, 13% would rather work, and 10% prefer to cook during the self-quarantine.

The Top Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows
Making People Lose Sleep During The Coronavirus Pandemic

  • 30.8% (315) of respondents claimed that “Coronavirus, Explained” is making them lose the most sleep during the pandemic.
  • Besides “Coronavirus, Explained“, “Tiger King” is the second most likely show to make Americans lose sleep during the pandemic.
The Top Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows

iII. Methodology And Limitations

To collect the data shown above, we surveyed 1032 respondents in the United States on their Netflix and sleep routines. An attention-checker question was included to ensure the participants did not mindlessly answer questions. 

Because the survey relies on self-reporting, issues such as telescoping and exaggeration can influence responses. Please also note that this survey’s results do not reflect our opinions. 

IV. Fair Use Statement

If you know someone who could benefit from our findings, feel free to share this project with them. The graphics and content are available for noncommercial reuse. All we ask is that you link back to this page so that readers get all the necessary information and our contributors receive proper credit.

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