What Happened To Pangeabed?

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If you have been keeping up with the news related to the mattress industry lately, you might have noticed that Pangeabed is completely out of stock. To make matters worse, the company may not provide their mattress again in the future. What happened to Pangeabed? This is a question that a lot of people are asking now. 

The Pangeabed has become popular due to its supportive structure. The mattress has received quite an impressive number of positive reviews. It was an online mattress that the manufacturer delivered to the customer directly from its factory. The bed had a few unique features that are not available in other mattresses, which is why so many people are looking at why the mattress has been discontinued. 

Pangeabed: An Overview Of The Brand 

What happened to Pangeabed?

Pangeabed – it is not a name that will sound familiar to every single person looking to buy a mattress, but for some, it has become a recognized name due to its many useful features. The Pangeabed is known for being an exceptionally supportive mattress – but also very unique at the same time. 

A majority of the online mattress brands that sell this furniture on the internet tend to prioritize the use of memory foam in their mattresses. Memory foam is a great material. Since the initial creation of memory foam by Nasa, the material has been adapted and transformed into mattresses that offer a responsive and supportive feeling at the same time. 

Unfortunately, memory foam does not work for everyone. Those people who need more support underneath their body at night often find that memory foam cannot give them this particular feature. 

The Pangeabed offers a great alternative. It rather uses natural latex as the primary material in its design – but this is not what makes it unique. We have seen some companies infusing copper into memory foam, but the Pangeabed was the first to find a way to integrate copper into a natural latex material. 

The mattress became popular due to this unique combination. The latex material provides excellent support, along with a bouncy feeling. At the same time, the material still adds a small amount of plush – this ensures you are able to feel comfortable when lying down in bed. The addition of the copper infusion adds several functions to the mattress. It helps to keep the mattress free of microbes that may invade your bed. It also contributes to the cooling capabilities of the product. 

What Happened To The Pangeabed?

We have recently seen a notification from Pangeabed, claiming that the company is out of stock. A lot of people have noticed this. Following a period where the company did not have stock of their unique mattress, we also noticed that the manufacturer said the mattress is now discontinued. 

With the discontinuation of the mattress, many people are now unable to take advantage of the unique design that the Pangeabed offers. A lot of people are also asking questions about why the mattress has been discontinued – especially since it was such a popular option. 

At the moment, the company has not provided enough data to make a conclusion as to what happened. We did notice that the official website that represented Pangeabed is no longer online. While the domain remains active, there is a very limited amount of information presented on the website – only three blog posts with basic tips. 

This is leaving a lot of people in the dark – especially since there was a warranty offered with the purchase of mattresses from the Pangeabed brand.

At the moment, we do not have enough information to make a final conclusion. It is not known for certain whether the company is closed permanently. The fact that the mattress is discontinued has raised suspicion. There might still be a chance that the company will rise up again in the future, but most people are skeptical about this. 

What Are Good Alternatives To Pangeabed?

Here are some good alternatives for Pangeabed:

What Made The Pangeabed A Great Mattress?

The uniqueness of the Pangeabed was the fact that made it so popular – but there were other reasons why people decided to opt for the Pangeabed mattress over alternatives. 

Natural Talalay latex is known as high-quality material. The problem that a lot of people have with these mattresses is the high price tag. Pangeabed was able to offer customers access to a natural Talalay latex mattress at a much lower price point than most of the competitors. The company offered a Queen size copper-infused latex mattress for a price that was lower than $1000. 

Many people also found that the specific structure of the Pangeabed was great for relieving pain during the night. Pain and general aches during the night is a common problem among the population. There are several mattresses available that promise to help alleviate these pain symptoms – but many of them fail to deliver on these promises. 

The Pangeabed was able to provide adequate support to help align the spine. This yielded a reduction in pain symptoms. It also helped people sleep better at night. 

Pangeabed Construction

The product also had a great construction that focused on helping to offer better support and comfort to anyone who slept on the mattress. 

Here is a quick overview of the construction used in the Pangeabed mattress’s design:

  • At the top of the mattress, there is a soft layer of foam. This foam layer primarily acts as a cover for the entire mattress. This layer helps to make the mattress feel softer at the top. It also gives you a plush feeling when you get into bed. 
  • Below the cover, the main material of the Pangeabed mattress is found. This is the layer that consists of the 100% natural Talalay latex – infused with copper. It is a unique material that helps to provide great support while also being anti-microbial at the same time. This particular layer features excellent cooling functions too. 
  • Below the latex, there is a third layer of cooling gel foam. This foam focuses on helping to keep the mattress cool at night. When your temperature rises too much at night, you will find that it interferes with your ability to get a good night’s sleep. This is why considering the cooling factors of a mattress is so important. 
  • Support foam is added at the bottom as a final layer in the design of the mattress. This is a special type of support foam that the Pangeabed brand has manufactured. It provides a deep level of support to the upper layers in the mattress. The support layer is also responsible for ensuring the mattress has an appropriate structure and to help add to the product’s overall durability. 

Features And Ratings

The Pangeabad has both pros and cons associated with it while it was still manufactured. There are a lot of features that people enjoyed about the mattress – but, at the same time, we also noted a few complaints. Let’s take a look at each feature individually and see what people think.

  • Firmness: Most people found that the firmness of the Pangeabed was good, especially for those who are heavier and people with back pain. The firmness is around a 6/10 on the firmness scale. This is not too firm, but also not on the soft side. 
  • Sleeping Position: The medium-firm level of the Pangeabed mattress made this a great option for combination sleepers. We did, however, find that a few side sleepers considered the mattress to be a little too firm. For this reason, the Pangeabed mattress seems to be more ideal for back and stomach sleepers. 
  • Cooling Function: Sleeping hot at night is something that no person likes. This is why we also need to consider the cooling features of the Pangeabed mattress. The copper infusion is supposed to help make it a cooler option – but we did find some people complaining that it does not offer the same level of cooling as some of the other mattress options available at a similar price tag. 
  • Pain: This is one particular area where the Pangeabed seems to shine. The mattress helps with the contouring of the spine – which is something that people need if they wish to reduce aches and pains they may experience due to their mattress. 
  • Pricing: Most people do seem to be satisfied with the pricing that was associated with the Pangeabed mattress. While a lot of competitors are priced well over $1000 for a queen size, this mattress was available at a price of less than $900 for its queen size. Smaller sizes were available at even lower prices. Even the pricing for a king-size option was considered quite affordable. 


Sleep is important – but not only how much you get, as the quality of sleep counts too. Some mattresses do offer better support than others. A lot of people opted for the Pangeabed due to its superior support, which is great for people with pain symptoms and those with heavier body weight. Unfortunately, the Pangeabed has been discontinued. Limited information has been shared regarding this decision, and at the moment, it is not clear whether or not the company will be offering a mattress again in the future. 

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