Purple Mattress Black Friday Sales of 2022

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Purple’s mattresses are a common feature on many best mattress lists, including ours. This Black Friday, they are offer steep discounts for significant, making it easier for shoppers to upgrade their bedrooms.

Best Purple Mattresses

  1. Best Mattress Overall: Purple Hybrid Premier 3
  2. Best Foam Mattress: Purple Plus
  3. Best Hybrid Mattress: Purple Hybrid
  4. Best Budget Mattress: Purple Mattress
  5. Best Luxury Mattress: Purple Hybrid Premier 4
  6. Best Mattress for Children: Purple Kid Mattress
Best Mattress Overall

Purple Hybrid Premier 3

Best Foam Mattress

Purple Plus

Best Hybrid Mattress

Purple Hybrid

Best Budget Mattress

Purple Mattress

Best Luxury Mattress

Purple Hybrid Premier 4

Best Mattress for Children

Purple Kid Mattress

What Makes a Purple Mattress Special?

What makes a Purple mattress different from other mattress brands? The main distinction is the comfort layer exclusive to Purple, GelFlex™ Grid. Made with stretchy, temper-neutral material, the grid layer consists of hundreds of squares that bend and flex under a sleeper for reactive support and comfort.

Every Purple mattress is made in the USA, with materials certified by CertiPUR-US® and Clean Air GOLD. Purple’s mattresses are also backed by a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. 

See our Purple Mattress Review to read more about the brand and its mattresses.

What’s On Sale During Black Friday?

All of Purple’s mattresses are offered at a significant price reduction during this year’s Black Friday mattress sales:

It’s also easier than ever to save with mattress bundles. When purchasing a new mattress, Purple allows shoppers to take $50 off their mattress foundation or $200 off their adjustable bed.

Their main line of mattresses also can be packaged with a bedding set. The set includes a mattress protector, sheets, and pillows, offering $200 in savings. The Kid Mattress is the exception, as its bedding bundle consists of specialty kid sheets, a kid pillow, and a mattress protector for $100 in savings.

Shoppers can also take $400 off the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base when they pair it with a split king size mattress.

What if you’re perfectly satisfied with your current mattress? No worries, Purple offers a wide variety of sleep accessories designed to increase comfort in and out of bed. Non-mattress deals this Black Friday include:

  • Up to 15 percent off Office Champion Bundle
  • Up to 15 percent off Level Up Bundle
  • Up to 25 off Purple sheets
  • Up to 25 off pillows
  • Up to 25 percent off the Purple Duvet
  • Up to 25 off pet beds
  • Up to 25 percent off seat cushions
  • Up to 30 percent off pajamas

Which Purple Mattress Should I Choose?

The best mattress for you primarily depends on your specific sleep needs, personal preferences, and budget. Thanks to the GelFlex™ Grid, most Purple mattresses can accommodate any sleeper.

For shoppers seeking a foam mattress, we would recommend the upgraded Purple Plus. However, the original Purple mattress is still a solid choice, particularly if you are shopping on a limited budget.

Meanwhile, shoppers interested in a new hybrid mattress can choose between the basic Purple Hybrid or one of the more luxurious Hybrid Premier models. All of these mattresses, foam and hybrid, can be paired with Purple’s Ascent Adjustable Base, which is excellent for sleepers who want adaptable comfort.

The Kid Mattress is available in a twin size only, perfect for children who are leaving their cribs and toddler beds behind.

Shoppers can rest secure knowing their choice includes a 100-night sleep trial, giving them a few months to make sure their mattress is right for them.

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