Purple Mattress Review (2021 Edition)

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Purple Mattress is likely a name you’re familiar with, and that’s simply because it is one of the most popular mattresses startups to date. 

However, you might be wondering, is it simply their catchy ads and branding that have caught your attention? Is a Purple Bed really the right choice for you?

The first answer is that Purple is so much more than a cool brand. It is one of the most uniquely constructed mattresses currently on the market – and its high-tech construction has lent itself towards some pretty serious benefits for your health and sleep.

While everyone has their own criteria for choosing the perfect mattress, this Purple mattress review guide will give you all the information you need to make the right choice. 

Keep on reading to learn more!

Rating Summary

Rating Summary

Our Rating

Edge Support75%
Customer Service100%


The Purple mattress is one of the most uniquely constructed mattresses currently on the market. Click the button below to check the latest deal.

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Recommended For:

  • Back Sleepers. A Purple Bed provides a lot of support and comfort on the key parts of your back while still having some give for your bottom, heels, and shoulders. This is due to its unique construction – which we’ll go into more in-depth later.
  • Side Sleepers. Due to that same technology – a Purple Bed will give you enough support while not ruining your spine alignment while you sleep on your side. Sleeping on your side is highly recommended by many doctors and chiropractic offices, so this could be a perfect fit if you are looking to move to more healthy sleep habits.
  • Hot Sleepers. Nothing is worse than having a mattress that gets filled with bacteria due to natural water in the air, and the sweat from our bodies. The unique gel materials that comprise a Purple Bed are more highly-resistant to moisture than memory foam. That same material will also keep you nice and cool compared to a memory foam which will be more warming. This makes Purple one of the best cooling mattress.
  • Couples. While memory foam is known for limiting motion transfer, the unique grid-like structure of a Purple Bed ensures that motion transfer is kept at a minimum – allowing you to get all the zzz’s you need after a long day. That’s why this is one of the best bed for couple. The versatility in differing sleep positions that a Purple Mattress supports ensures that both you and your partner are nice and comfortable.

Not Recommended For:

  • You Really Enjoy The Feeling of a Traditional Softer Bed. Due to its unique construction, a Purple Mattress has a different feel than what most customers will be used to. A Purple Bed provides plenty of support – but that could be a pain point for sleepers who like to sink into their mattress a bet in order to feel nice and comfy.
  • If You Are on the Heavier Side. While Purple provides plenty of support for the average user, those on the heavier side might feel as if the support grid collapses under their weight in the wrong areas. Luckily, Purple offers a coiled option that is perfect for these customers. 
  • Individuals on a Strict Budget. While a Purple Bed provides more value over time due to its incredible durability – those on a strict budget might find this bed to be a bit cost-prohibitive and might prefer one of the cheaper memory foam based options. Here is our list of best budget mattress.

About The Brand

Purple Mattress Review

Two brothers, Tony and Terry Pearce created the Purple mattress as we know it today. They had the perfect background to do so. Tony had a career in advanced aerospace materials (you see where we’re going with this…) while Terry’s career was focused on manufacturing, design, and project management. They had the perfect formula – Tony to lead innovation and Terry to ensure all the i’s are dotted and t’s were crossed. 

Tony and Terry’s first invention was a light-weight cushioning fluid originally used to fill the seats of wheelchairs. From there they adapted that fluid to be used across many different industries. Their invention was used in everything from medical beds to golf bags. However, they weren’t done there.

While the cushioning fluid helped them build their company – they were also focused on developing a new space-age material; Hyper-Elastic Polymer™. 

This new material stretched 15 times its resting length, while never taking a permanent impression. When structured in a grid-like material, the brothers found that the pressure points pushed into the grid (so, things like your hips and knees) would give way, while that pressure was absorbed by the rest of the grid-providing more support. This is how a Purple Bed is so revolutionary in the way it provides support while still giving a comforting floating feel.

The last piece of the puzzle – why the name Purple? Tony and Terry fully believed that everyone deserved a quality sleep at an affordable price. Simply put, they wanted everyone to feel like royalty. As the color purple is traditionally associated with the royals, a new brand was born.

Construction Overview

Purple Mattress Review

Now that you know a little bit more about what’s in a Purple Mattress, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what a Purple Mattress is comprised of. If you looked into purchasing a Purple Bed a year or two ago and decided not to pull the trigger due to construction: make sure to read this section. An updated construction makes this mattress better than ever.


The top of the Purple Bed is covered in a soft knit material that also helps to accentuate the flexible properties of the grid – this is called the SoftFlex™ top. This material is also highly breathable, which is one of the reasons this mattress is so great for those who sleep hot. The cover is comprised of a blend of 67% polyester, 29% viscose, and 4% lycra spandex.


Support is provided by the Purple Grid™ made of Hyper-Elastic Polymer™. The open-celled construction of the grid eliminates pain points by absorbing the pressure and evenly distributing it throughout the rest of the mattress. This unique structure provides support to areas that need it while giving way to areas that usually feel like they “poke” into a mattress, and then feel sore in the morning. The Purple Grid inside each mattress is 2” tall.


There are two layers of comfort foam within a Purple Mattress, as well. There is a softer and more responsive layer under the grid, ensuring that the mattress shape is flexible. Under the first layer is an additional firm and supportive layer of foam, ensuring that you feel supported where you need it most. 


The most important defining factor of the revamped Purple Mattress for 2021 is the new edge support. A common complaint of the previous iteration of the Purple Mattress is that there wasn’t enough support on the edges, meaning you could easily fall off if the edge collapsed under your weight. There is now a new 3” foam encasement layer around the edges helping to eliminate this problem. 

Safe Materials

The materials that comprise all of these important layers of the Purple Mattress also happen to be safe for your health – ensuring you can rest easy. All the materials used in this mattress are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Furthermore, the mattress is manufactured in the USA – ensuring there aren’t any quality issues. 


The Purple Mattress is 9.5” tall – which is an additional 2” from a standard 7.5” tall mattress. Make sure that you purchase extra-deep sheets for your new Purple Bed. If you are worried about finding sheets, Purple sells sheets on their website that will perfectly fit your new mattress.


It is good to be aware that the Purple Bed does not include a box spring or base – meaning you will need a supportive platform bed (not slatted) if you do not wish to keep the mattress on the floor. Purple provides options for this online, as well. However, the non-slip base means that a Purple Bed can happily exist on a floor, and it won’t slide around a platform base.

Rating Breakdown

Everyone has different factors that are the most important to them while choosing a mattress. If you’re looking for specifics – this section is for you. Read below to see how Purple ranks on what is most important to you.


While the firmness of a Purple Bed can very much depend on the weight of the sleeper – this bed is much more firm than its memory foam counterparts. The innovative grid technology allows this bed to remain flat and firm while still having some give in order to relieve pressure off of the key points of the body. 

Pressure Relief

During tests of Purple Mattresses, researchers found that for users under 230 pounds that the mattress provided adequate pressure-relief for shoulders and hips. That being said, Heavier sleepers may find that this mattress does not provide the pressure relief that they need.

Pressure relief can also vary by sleep position. However, most different sleeping positions will feel supported by a Purple Bed depending on that person’s weight.

Stomach Sleepers were the most likely to have issues with pressure relief for this mattress. Users over 130 pounds who sleep on their stomach did report some discomfort.


A Purple mattress is highly durable due to the patented technology comprising the Purple Grid. This makes it a much more durable option than its memory-foam competitors. 

It is important to keep in mind that some layers of the Purple Mattress could be susceptible to sagging. It is suggested to rotate your mattress from foot to head every few months to help ensure regular wear and tear is more evenly distributed. This is similar to rotating the tires on your vehicle. Please be advised that you cannot flip your Purple Bed, only rotate it. 


The unique construction of this mattress allows for the body to feel supported where it needs it most – while relieving pressure on the shoulders, hips, and joints. 

This mattress loses one star as it has been reported that heavier sleepers do not feel as supported on a Purple mattress as they would like to. Seemingly the Purple Grid technology does not support customers over 230 pounds very well – but results may vary depending on where you carry your weight. 

Edge Support

While there has been updated edge support for the Purple mattress, the edges will still sag when users sit on the edge of the bed. If you do not often sit on the edge of the bed to get dressed or other activities, this may not be an issue for you. However, this could cause damage to the mattress if done too often.

If you really like the other qualities of a Purple Bed, this issue can be mitigated by setting the mattress in a platform bed frame that is 8-9” deep. The wood sides will help support you while you sit on the edge of the bed.

Thankfully, due to the increased edge support, users no longer feel like they are going to fall off the edge of the bed while they are asleep – which is the most important. 


The unique open grid structure of a Purple Mattress allows for consistent airflow. This is supported by the knitted top of the mattress which also provides maximum airflow. This innovative construction means that Purple has a perfect score for temperature isolation. 

This bed is a perfect choice for customers who find that temperature is the most important quality of a bed. If you have found that an all-foam bed is too hot, this is the perfect option for you.

Motion Isolation

A Purple Mattress will not have the same motion isolation as a mattress comprised entirely of memory foam. However, this bed is much more adept at motion isolation than a traditional spring mattress.

This mattress is a great option for light sleepers or those who sleep with pets and partners. A Purple Bed will maintain a flat, uniform surface across the bed while giving way to pressure points. This same technology also keeps motion transfer to a minimum.

Smell and Off-Gassing

Many people worry about the funky smell that can come from manufactured non-organic materials. This could definitely lead to a disturbance in sleep if the smell is too overwhelming. Thankfully, while there is some smell during the initial unboxing of a Purple Mattress, the smell completely vanishes within a few days.

If you are planning on buying a Purple Mattress, it could be a good idea to let the mattress air out for a few days before replacing your old bed. However, there is no reason to be worried about the smell. The mattress is made of non-toxic and hypoallergenic ingredients. The smell will not harm you or your family.


The Purple Mattress is essentially noiseless. This mattress is a great option for those who live in crowded family houses or those who have a partner who is a light sleeper. With a Purple Bed, there will be no annoying spring sounds when falling into bed at the end of a long day. 


While this mattress still might collapse a bit for some couples, especially those on the heavier side, the Purple Mattress excels where most memory foam mattresses fail.

A common complaint with memory foam mattresses is that couples “sink” into them while attempting to have relations. The lack of bounce that goes along with a lack of motion transfer can make things difficult in the bedroom.

The patented technology of a Purple Mattress allows for some bounce and support – allowing for fun in the bedroom with minimal sinking or issues.

Value & Price

A Purple Mattress is a great value for the price. However, the price point is higher than many other boxed mattress companies.

Because of the high-quality materials as well as the higher durability – meaning this mattress will last longer than other mattresses – it is a great bang for your buck.

However, if you are on a strict budget, this mattress may not be the best option for you. But, you should keep in mind that Purple has low APR financing available on their website. 

Customer Service

With a 100-night sleep trial, free shipping to the United States, and a 10-year warranty, there isn’t much not to love about Purple’s customer service. 

Unlike many specialized companies, Purple ensures their mattresses are easy to buy at any time by offering them on Amazon as well as their own website. 

Purple is also known for its super-fast delivery. A new mattress is delivered within 5 business days on average. This time could be even faster if you order your new mattress on Amazon. 

Purple covers all costs with returns and exchanges. This means you can try their mattress out for 100 nights without losing a dime!

Purple Mattress

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How Does Purple Stack Up?

Purple vs Casper

A Casper Mattress offers a polyfoam top, allowing the mattress to have more bounce than a Purple Mattress will provide. A Casper will “hug” a person’s body more so than a Purple, which gives the sleeper a feeling as if they are floating on top of the mattress. 

Casper also offers a more robust edge support system – making this a better option for those worried about sitting on the edge of the bed or potentially rolling off. 

While Casper has a better temperature rating than most memory-foam based beds, the unique construction of Purple still makes it a better choice for sleepers who are most concerned with being hot. 

Thankfully, the price points for these two mattresses are very comparable. No worrying about value vs. cost. The bottom line for these two mattresses is choosing between feeling if you are cuddled in a fluffy layer with the Casper, or feeling as if you are floating with the Purple.

Purple vs Puffy

The first advantage to a Puffy vs a Purple mattress that stands out is that Puffy offers a Queen sized model under $900, whereas Purple does not. For those looking to save some money, Puffy could be a great alternative.

Puffy’s top layer is a patent-pending layer made of gel-infused Cooling Cloud Foam. While this layer is still a more traditional memory-foam base, it will keep customers cooler than they might expect. While Purple is still the more cooling mattress, Puffy is a great option for those that are worried that Purple might be a bit too firm for them and would like a more flexible comfort. Puffy’s other advantage is that it has a very firm edge. Testers report feeling almost no difference in stability when sleeping on the edge of the bed. 

The bottom line is that those who do not need the firmness of a Purple and are okay with a little less temperature control may find that a Puffy mattress is a great fit for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to buy deeper sheets and a platform bed for your mattress. You will need sheets that can fit a 9.5” depth. A Slatted or metal frame will not provide enough support for a non-spring mattress without a box frame. In fact, not providing the proper frame for your Purple Mattress will actually void the warranty. You can find solutions for both of these issues on Purple’s website. Other suppliers sell solutions for these issues, as well.

Yes! A Purple Mattress includes a 100-night free trial that includes free shipping both ways.

The Sleep trial begins on the date of purchase, not the date of delivery. You can return a Purple Mattress at any time during the 100-night sleep trial for a full refund. There is no mandatory 30-day break-in period as there is for many other companies that offer a sleep trial. Customers who choose to exchange their mattress for one of Purple’s other models will not be eligible for a secondary free trial. Customers must contact Purple by phone to initiate a return or an exchange, but the shipping will be free.

Purple takes a standard of five business days to deliver to your home, excluding more rural areas. They also offer paid 2-day expedited shipping. Be aware, you cannot cancel an order once it has been shipped. At this time, Purple does not offer white glove delivery or old mattress removal. 

Purple’s warranty covers indentations that are 1” or deeper, anything less is considered normal wear and tear. Stains and other aesthetic issues are not covered under the warranty. The knit mattress cover is not protected under the 10 Year warranty but is protected under a separated 2-year warranty. The warranty is only good for the original owners of a Purple Mattress.

Purple Mattress

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