Purple Pillow Review (2022) – Best / Worst Qualities

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If you’re in the market to upgrade your pillow, you have come to the right place. Today, we’re going to introduce you to one of the best pillow options in the market: Purple Pillow.

Yes! You heard me right. Purple Pillow is the product of one of the most well-known and trusted brands in the market: Purple.

And things get even better. The company has integrated its unique proprietary grid technology to the pillow. As a result, your head and neck can enjoy excellent support and pressure relief throughout the night.

Purple Pillows also delivers other benefits that you will learn about as you continue to read this in-depth Purple Pillow Review. Without further ado! Let’s dive in!

Rating Summary - Purple pillow review

Rating Summary - Purple pillow review

Our Rating

Edge support 95%
Customer Service95%


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Recommended For:

  • Sleepers searching for a pillow that will provide them with pressure relief
  • Users who sleep hot during the night
  • Average size and heavy stomach and back sleepers
  • Individuals who don’t like the feeling of features or down

Not Recommended For:

  • Sleepers who enjoy an adjustable and customizable pillow
  • People with a tight budget

About The Brand

purple pillow review

Purple was launched in 2013 as a mattress company. But since then, it has expanded into selling beddings, pillows, bed frames, mattress frames, and other sleep-related items. The company operates in a brick-and-mortar showroom in Alpine, Utah.

Today, Purple is recognized as one of the most popular and most innovative bedding companies globally. The success of its Original Purple Mattress spearheaded their fame. The mattress utilizes a patented type of foam called Hyper-Elastic Polymer integrated into a Purple Grid Comfort layer, which delivers more support, breathability, and comfort.

In 2016, Purple introduced its Purple Pillow, which uses the same technology. The purple pillow offers users excellent support and pressure relief at the same time.

Today, Purple offers sleepers three pillow options; the Original Purple Pillow, the Purple Plush Pillow, and the Purple Harmony Pillow. They have also introduced a smaller and softer pillow for kids called the Kid Purple Pillow.

For all the three pillow options, Purple provides customers with a 100-day sleep trial and free shipping for individuals in the 48 contiguous states in the USA.

Overview of All Purple Pillows


Original Purple Pillow

Purple Plush Pillow

Purple Harmony Pillow

Kid Purple Pillow

Construction Overview

In this section, we’ll dive deeper into what the three Purple Pillows have underneath them.

Original Purple Pillow


Its cover is a moisture–wicking breeze material crafted from polyester, nylon, and spandex blend. The cover is soft to touch and machine washable.


This pillow makes use of a Hyper-Elastic polymer, which lacks fill to allow free movement of the air movement throughout the structure. With the help of the breeze mesh cover, this polymer boosts the breathability and moisture-wicking properties of the pillow. As a result, it protects sleepers from sleeping cool and provides them with a comfortable sleeping experience through the night. 


The Hyper-Elastic polymer core has a soft center that responds to pressure by moving down. As a result, it cradles your neck and head naturally to provide perfect countering and support. Also, it helps to alleviate any pains and promote a more restful and comfortable relaxation at night.


Underneath the hyper-elastic polymer, there are two adjustable pillow boosters included. This booster allows you to adjust the pillow’s height until you find the perfect support. 

Materials/Height /Base

  • Cover: 88% Polyester, 3% Nylon and 9% spandex mesh
  • Core: Hyper-Elastic Polymer, Purple Grid, and non-toxic polyethylene copolymer powder coating
  • Pillow Booster: Purple colored Polyurethane Foam with 100% Polyester cover.

Purple Plush Pillow


Its cover is designed from a blend of lyocell and nylon. This cover possesses moisture-winking properties, and it’s breathable, meaning you’ll have a refreshing sleeping experience throughout the night. Also, the cover is soft, eco-friendly, and resistant to wrinkles.


This Purple cushion features a core filled with Smart Fluff interlocking poly-fiber puffballs, which provides you with a puffy feel. The pillow also comes with two zippers that let you adjust its firmness to meet your sleeping needs. 


The purple plush pillow molds around your head and neck, offering you soft support and contorting. All thanks to the Poly-fiber puffballs. It has a nice comfortable hug that’s perfect for all types of sleepers. It also offers pressure relief to the neck and shoulders.


The pillow features a squishy soft feel when unzipped and a firmer feel when zipped up. Using the zippers, you can manipulate the loft of the mattress to receive the proper support throughout the night. What’s even better, when you push it in with the weight of your head it rebounds quickly and easily retains its shape. This is great news for those worried about support from soft pillows.

Materials/Height /Base

  • Cover: 60% Lyocell and 40% Nylon
  • Fill: Smart Fluff -Interlocking Denier Poly-fiber puff balls

Purple Harmony Pillow


The cover consists of nylon and spandex fiber. This unique blend of materials delivers a cover with great breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and soft to touch.


Its core comprises hypoallergenic ventilated Talalay Latex foam. This foam differs very much from traditional memory foam because it responds quickly and feels lighter. Your head will sink quickly into the mattress and foam will conform to your neck to provide you comfort and support as you sleep.


The ventilated Talalay latex works with the pillow’s hyper-elastic polymer hex grid to offer you a nice contouring feel.


This pillow comes with a unique variant of purples Hyper-Elastic Polymer Purple grid. This polymer features a hexagonal pattern, instead of the normal square construction. This allows the mattress to adapt to your neck and head, providing you maximum support and comfort.

Materials/Height /Base

  • Cover: 92% Nylon Fiber, 8% Spandex fiber
  • Purple Grid: Hyper-Elastic Polymer® Purple Grid™
  • Core: Ventilated Talalay Latex featuring Polyester Knit Cover

Original Purple Pillow

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Rating Breakdown


The original purple pillow comes in one firm option and it’s soft in the center and firm around the edges. With the help of its comprehensive material, this purple pillow adds softness, resilience, quick response time, and a very cool surface.

The Purple Plush Pillow can be adjusted to three varying firm options. Sleepers can easily manipulate the fill of the pillow to increase the firmness of the pillow. If you want a soft, squishy feel, you can unzip the pillow. When you zip up the pillow, you’ll attain a firmer configuration.

The Purple Harmony Pillow features a soft-medium feel, and it’s quite bouncy. The unique blend of latex and Purple Grid gives the pillow a spring-like feel that works to relieve pressure at the same time keeping your head and neck well-supported, irrespective of your sleeping position.

Pressure Relief

All Purple Pillows contain materials designed to ease pain and pressure build up in the back, shoulders, neck, and head. These pillows will conform to your head and neck, preventing neck pain and increasing your comfort, especially if you have a problem sleeping with normal pillows.  


Purple’s smart-comfort grid in the Purple Pillow is ultra-durable and should maintain the shape of the pillow for years. Furthermore, it’s cover can hold up pretty well when properly maintained.

Unlike traditional fiber-filled pillows, the Smart Fluff filling in Purple Plush Pillow is designed from interlocking Poly-fiber. The Poly-fiber can maintain its shape, therefore boosting the life of the pillow.

Nonetheless, this is still a new material, so it’s hard to determine the longevity of the pillow. Also, the seams of the pillow don’t look reinforced enough, which can lead to tear and wear. The 1-year warranty that comes with the pillow guarantees you that it can hold up for at least one year unless you purposely destroy it.

Just like the Purple Plush pillow, Purple Harmony comes with a one-year warranty too. This pillow will last longer if properly cared for. Both the Talalay Latex and Hyper-elastic player gel the makes up the Purple Grid hex are highly durable materials. The cover should also boost the durability of the pillow.


The Hyper-Elastic Polymer is molded into the Purples Grid System in Purple Pillow to offer users reliable head and neck support without being hard or unforgiving, like a memory foam pillow. The company also incorporates the pillow with an air boost system. Users can use the booster to adjust the height and thickness of the pillow for maximum support.

The Smart Fluff Poly-fiber in Purple Plush is airy and light. Though the Poly-fiber responds moderately to pressure, it still provides enough support to the neck and head. However, it lacks a carding effect. You can adjust the support and comfort level of this pillow by manipulating its fill via the zippers.

With the help of latex core and Grid Hex Layer, the Harmony pillow delivers a pushback feeling that actively suspends the sleeper’s head in alignment with his or her neck. 

Edge Support

The Purple Pillow comes with reinforced edges and soft centers. The soft center helps to support the neck, while the edge delivers maximum support to the neck. The edge support also reinforces the perimeter of the pillow to prevent sagging due to compression over time.

Edge support in Purple Plush is provided by the interlocking poly-fiber balls, which are constructed to maintain their shape with bounciness and elasticity. The edges can support the neck perfectly at night without sagging. 

The Purple’s Grid Hex layer extends to the sides and edges of the Purple Harmony pillow to provide the head with enough support, even at the corners.


The hyper-elastic polymer in the Purple pillow is highly breathable and temperature neutral. With the help of the grid system, this material increases ventilation throughout the structure and keeps the pillow breathable and cool all night long.

Because of the soft materials inside the Purple Plush pillow and the breathable cover, moisture can flow within the pillow as you change position at night. If you stay in one position all night, you might experience some heat buildup, but you can easily solve this by unzipping the pillow to allow for the free flow of air.

Purple’s Harmony cushion sleeps on the cooler side. Although it’s not the coolest pillow in the market, its high tech design and build-in features like breeze mesh and ventilated foam core should keep the air flowing within the structure and stop heat from getting trapped. This should keep you cool all night long. However, sleepers might find this purple cushion comfortable overnight.

Motion Isolation

The Purple Grid System in Original Purple Pillow and Purple Harmony Pillow is responsive and bouncy, so the pillow cannot isolate motion. But the Poly-fiber in Purple Plush Pillow allows close conforming. Therefore, it can absorb motion to some extent and cut down on disruption.

Smell and Off-Gassing

Some materials can be comfy but have a chemical smell. The Purple Pillow contains a pillow booster designed from polyurethane foam, so it may have some minimal off-gassing that a pillow foam would have. And since it’s made from synthetic material, it has a chemical smell. Nevertheless, the smell will dissipate within a few days, depending on how well your bedroom is ventilated.

Since the Purple Plush Pillow is covered with a blend of Lyocell and Nylon material and filled with Poly-fiber, you’ll notice a minimal chemical smell or off-gassing.

In Purple Harmony, there is also minimal off-gassing. The off-gassing comes from the Talalay latex and the thin layer of Purple Grid Hex. The smell will dissipate after unpacking and leaving the pillow in a ventilated room. 

All Purple products have VOC CleanAir Gold Certification, meaning they’ve been tested by a third party and show they have minimal chemical off-gassing.


Sometimes there are trade-offs when it comes to comfort, and this bed trades off some of its intimacy points for comfort and motion isolation. When it comes to intimacy, a bit of bounce helps. This is something that Nest Bedding may lack for some people. Memory foam beds are notorious for sinking a bit too much to achieve many of the sex positions that couples enjoy, which can be frustrating. 

Bounce also helps with intimacy, and there is virtually no bounce with this mattress. However, you will find that the Luxury Firm option is better in this regard. This gives you the support to love sleep, while also helping to move away from the memory foam feel that may make intimacy troublesome. 

Value & Price

Purple Pillows are well priced and provide more value than some expensive pillows in the market like Tempur-Pedic Tempur Cloud Breeze Cooling Pillow. The prices of Purple Pillows are as follows:

  • The Original Purple Pillow: $109
  • The Purple Plush Pillow: $49
  • The Purple Harmony Pillow: $159
  • Kid Purple Pillow: $69

Customer Service


All Purple pillows come with a 1-year warranty. The warranty starts from the day of purchase and covers any manufacturing defects. If the company discovers a defect, it might replace or repair the pillow.

However, it only covers the original pillow buyer and not a second or third party. This means it would not cover those who purchase or acquire their purple pillow from the original owner or a non-authorized retailer. 

The company will cover all repair and replacement costs when your pillow is deemed defective. Nonetheless, the owner of the pillow will cover the shipping and handling costs associated with repairs and replacement.


The company ships its Purple Pillows to all the 48 contiguous states in the US for free. However, Alaska and Hawaii customers will be charged shipping charges, starting at roughly $40.

The company includes shipping costs to Canada in the purple pillow price, so customers will not incur any extra charges. You can purchase Purple Pillows from the company’s official website, Amazon, Mattress Firm, or any other third-party retailer.

Every Purple delivery is coordinated via FedEx. The company also offers customers fast delivery via air for US orders, but not to Canadian customers.

Sleeping Trials and Refund

All Purple pillows come with a 10-night sleep trial so customers can test them out first. However, the company recommends that sleepers should use the pillow for 30 days before they can return it. The pillow needs to be clean and undamaged so it can qualify for a return.

If customers want to return the pillow, they can contact the company via phone or email. The company will then send them a return label to ship it back. Purple will cover all the shipping and handling costs associated with the pillow return. Once they have received the pillow, they will issue a full refund.


How to clean the Purple Pillows?

The following instruction will help you clean your Purple Pillows:

  • For Original Purple Pillow: Using detergent (liquid or soap) and warm water hand-wash the hyperplastic elastic polymer and air dry it. You can also wash the pillow cover using a machine.
  • For Purple Plush Pillow: Machine-wash the pillow using a cold and gentle cycle, then use low heat to tumble dry. Remove and fluff it after drying. Avoid ironing it.
  • For Purple Harmony Pillow: Machine-wash the pillow and cover one by one, using a cold and gentle cycle. Then, lay the purple pillow on a flat surface to dry.

Where is the Purple Pillow manufactured?

Purple manufactures its Pillows in the USA. The company operated in a physical showroom in Alpine, Utah.

Does the Purple Pillow have a trial period?

Yes. All Purple Pillows have a 1-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects the pillow has.

Original Purple Pillow

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