Queen Bed Dimensions: Is a Queen Mattress Right for You?

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Queen beds are common among couples or people who like a little extra room to roll around. They require a bit more room than a Twin or Full bed, but they are worth it if you need or like the additional space. You certainly won’t find a queen bed size in a dorm room, but if you have a home or apartment, a queen bed would be a great choice for a bedroom or even a guest bedroom.

If you’re looking for more information on queen beds, you’re in the right place. Questions from how wide is a queen size bed to queen size mattress dimensions will all be answered. We’ll go over queen bed dimensions and all those other important topics. If you’re looking for all mattress sizes Sleep Junkie has put together a great overview that’s worth checking out.

Queen Bed Dimensions

60” x 80”

The standard queen mattress dimensions are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. This makes the queen bed size 6 inches wider than a full and 5 inches longer. This additional space in the queen mattress size can equal added comfort, especially for those who like to sprawl out in bed or for couples.

Who is a Queen Bed Best For?

Queen beds are one of the most popular bed sizes, currently. They are a good choice for couples and work for singles who like a little more room. As you saw with the queen bed dimensions, a queen is going to provide more room than with a full. As its smaller than a King bed, you’ll have the ability to enjoy the added mattress space while still being able to fit it into a room that can’t accommodate a larger mattress.

Will a Queen Mattress work for Kids?

Technically, it could work, though a Twin mattress or a full mattress may make more sense for most children’s rooms. A twin mattress could last most children into young adulthood depending on their age when you buy the new mattress. A full mattress could last even longer. If you were thinking of a queen mattress for a child’s room it would probably be better if they were teenagers, as the right mattress could last them into early adulthood.

Where Can I Find a Queen Bed and How Much are They?

A quick Google search can lead you to several mattress marketplaces. Some of them will be online retailers and some will have showrooms. Often you can get lower prices and trial periods with beds that are purchased through online retailers. These beds are usually lower in price, too, because the overhead cost is cheaper than the mattress showrooms deal with.

A good starting point if you’re looking for a new Queen mattress include:

  • Leesa: Low priced mattresses with a 100-night trial
  • Eve: Fair prices, excellent customer service, and a 100-night trial
  • Dreamfoam: A wide variety of mattresses and prices, and a 3-month trial

And these are just some of the retailers that offer great deals and free trials. You can find additional retailers and reviews here on SleepZoo. Not only that, but if you’re interested in finding a mattress for a specific health concern, issue, or ailment, our mattress guide is here to help!

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