Saatva Mattress Reviews (2022 Edition)

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If you have been looking for a high-quality mattress, then chances are you have come across suggestions about the Saatva mattress. The company is now considered a rather popular option among the mattress brands. There are different mattresses provided by the company, each with its own pros and cons. One of the more popular solutions seems to be the luxury innerspring system by the Saatva brand. 

We aim to take a closer look at the Saatva brand in this Saatva mattress reviews. We consider who may benefit from a Saatva mattress. We also look at the main features that you should consider, and provide details on who the mattress may not be an ideal choice for. While our focus is on the flagship innerspring mattress, we will also provide some details about the Zenhaven, as well as the Loom and Leaf mattress options from the brand.

Rating Summary

Rating Summary

Our Rating

Firmness 80%
Edge support 80%
Customer Serive90%


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Recommended For:

  • People Looking For Versatility: One of the main aims of the Saatva brand is to provide versatility in the choices the customer has to choose from. This is important as you have your own sleeping preferences. You can choose between different sizes, materials, and firmness levels when you decide to invest in a Saatva mattress.


  • People Looking For Better Value: Value is another area that Saatva tends to focus on. The company tries to provide better value to people who want to invest in a high-quality mattress. Considering the quality of the materials used, and the versatility in the different firmness levels, these mattresses truly offer great value for the customer’s money. There are also options available for anyone – even if you are shopping for a mattress on a limited budget.


  • Hot Sleepers: Another audience that would greatly benefit from Saatva mattresses include hot sleepers. Materials and the overall construction of the innerspring mattress provide the perfect combination that helps to improve breathability and airflow at night. This means you are likely to find you feel cooler while sleeping.


  • People With Different Position Preferences: If you have different sleeping positions, you switch between at night, then Saatva mattresses are also a great option. Coils are added to the innerspring mattress, which, along with the pillowtop at the surface, provide better contouring. This means the mattress is suitable for most sleeping positions. This mattress is also a great option for couples.

Not Recommended For:

  • People Who Do Not Enjoy A Firm Mattress: While some people enjoy a firm mattress, others rather prefer a mattress that is softer. Saatva mattresses generally have a higher firmness rating. This means the product will not be as soft as some of the alternative mattresses that you are able to choose from. 

  • People Who Prefer Memory Foam: The innerspring system used in the luxury Saatva mattress model provides, as the name suggests, an innerspring feeling. This is not an ideal option for people who prefer the feeling provided by a memory foam mattress. There may be too much bounce to the mattress too.

About The Brand

Saatva Mattress Reviews

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the brand. The brand that manufactures a mattress is one of the most important factors that you need to look at when buying a new mattress. This is why an overview of the brand is surely worth noting before considering the features of the mattress itself. 

Saatva is not a new company in the mattress industry. The company has been around actually for quite some time, making them an established brand in the field of sleep products, with a primary focus on mattresses. 

The brand has become known for producing beds that are made from top-quality materials. Additionally, Saatva has a reputation for manufacturing beds that are also durable. This means buying a bed from the brand will give you a piece of furniture that will last for a long time. 

Saatva produces a variety of mattresses. The mattresses feature specific features that are appropriate for particular audiences. This adds to the versatility that comes with a Saatva mattress. Whether you are a hot sleeper or need something that contours perfectly to any sleeping position, the brand has a mattress that will be right for you. 

Value is something else that people enjoy when they opt for a Saatva mattress. The company provides mattresses in different price ranges. This means you are most likely to find a mattress from Saatva that suits the specific budget you have available for the piece of furniture. 

The classic is a particularly popular option, along with a recently introduced flagship model that features a hybrid design. The company also offers Solaire and HD models. There are specific Saatva mattress lines available two. Apart from the company’s flagship model, two other ranges that are also popular include:

  • The Zenhaven Mattress
  • The Loom and Leaf Mattress

All mattresses produced by Saatva are known for both durability and quality. The company ensures the mattresses it produces will last for a long time and will not sag too much over the years. This also gives you more value for your money. You will not be required to look for a new mattress as frequently compared to mattresses manufactured by some of the other companies in the industry. 

Construction Overview

Saatva Mattress Reviews

The luxury flagship mattress from the Saatva brand measures 11.5 inches in height. This is a relatively good height, especially considering the fact that this is a hybrid model. There are multiple layers included in the mattress, which is what contributes to its comfort, durability, and ability to support most sleepers. 

Both steel coil and foam are used in the construction of the original Saatva Classic mattress. This provides both a cushioning effect at the top, while also contributing to an innerspring feeling. This is the desired feeling for many people, especially those who frequently switch sleeping positions at night. 

Another important factor related to the construction to take note of would be the fact that micro coils are individually wrapped inside the mattress. This greatly improves the overall comfortability that a person would achieve when they sleep on the mattress – especially when the mattress is compared to a mattress that uses a standard spring system. 

Before we look at specific factors related to the construction of the original Saatva hybrid mattress, let us first consider the actual layers that make up the product.

  1. At the top, there is a plush Euro Top layer. This is a layer that primarily uses foam in order to help provide a plush feeling at the surface of the mattress. The mattress greatly contributes to the overall comfort that you will experience when you lay down on the product. 
  2. Below the plus Euro Top layer, there is a thin layer that consists of memory foam. A thin layer is used to prevent the mattress from causing you to feel stuck in the mattress. Still, the memory foam is able to provide better contouring, helping you experience a more personalized feeling when sleeping. This layer also offers pressure relief at specific regions, including the hips and shoulders. 
  3. Below the memory foam, there is a layer of micro coils. Each of these micro coils is individually wrapped. The purpose of this layer is to provide contouring to your body. They also help to add to the overall support that the mattress is able to offer you. 
  4. There is a fourth layer of coils. These are not individually wrapped, but still forms an important part of the support system that the mattress is able to offer. These are all high-grade coils that are made from top-quality steel material. The coils do not only offer better support. They are also responsible for adding to the breathability of the mattress. Durability is another factor that is contributed to by the coils in the fourth layer of the mattress. 
  5. At the bottom of the mattress, there is a layer of foam. This foam also forms an encasement around the sides of the mattress. The foam helps to add better edge support too.

Now that we considered the individual layers let’s look at a few important factors related to the overall construction of the Saatva mattress.


Many people overlook the importance of a mattress cover. This is essentially one of the first things you feel when you touch the mattress. It means that the cover can affect how comfortable you feel lying down on the mattress too.

The Saatva mattresses use 100% organic cotton in the manufacturing of the product’s cover. This means the cover is made only from natural ingredients, which adds to the safety profile of the mattress as well. 

The cover also featured quilting with a foam layer. This is what creates the plush Euro Top experience that Saatva mattresses are known for. The idea behind the cover is to contribute to the overall comfort of the mattress.


The multiple layers of the Saatva mattress are what make the product such a comfortable option. It starts with the upper layer and the organic cotton cover. The second layer consists of memory foam, which further enhances the overall comfort. These layers make the mattress softer at the top, while the pocketed micro coil system helps to add support – ensuring the mattress is not too soft, which can make you feel like you are trapped in the mattress when you sleep.


Contouring is also excellent with the Saatva mattress. Both the memory foam layer and the pocketed coils help to provide a better contouring effect as you lay down. The advanced contouring featured by the mattress makes this product perfect for almost any sleeping position since the material will shape according to your body.


Support is an important factor to consider when looking at a mattress. Appropriate support ensures you do not get up in the morning with back pain and helps you sleep better at night. The micro-coils and the high-grade coil system featured in the Saatva mattress adds the support you need to sleep well. This ensures there is not too much sinkage in the mattress, too – another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration. 

Safe Materials

The use of certain materials may expose your body to harmful toxins and particles that may be a big drawback when buying a mattress. Fortunately, the Saatva mattress passes the most important standards that are generally conducted on these products. The cover of the Saatva mattress is made from pure organic cotton material. This means you are not exposing your body to any toxic substances if you decide to sleep on this particular mattress. Even the foam that is found inside the mattress has undergone appropriate testing to ensure no harmful off-gassing occurs. 


The Saatva mattress is not the tallest option that is available on the market. When all layers of the mattress are taken into consideration, the total height of the product is 11.5 inches. Even though not considered as tall as some competitor brands, it is important to note that the height of a mattress is not the only factor that contributes to its comfort and durability. The specific layers that are used in this mattress help to make the product feel comfortable and supportive, even if the height may seem small compared to some of the other options you can choose from. 


The base of the Saatva mattress primarily consists of high-grade coils. These coils are added without any individual wrapping. The coils are responsible for adding durability to the mattress. Additionally, they also help with the breathability of the mattress. This is what makes the Saatva mattress a great choice for hot sleepers. The base is also known to help improve support. 

Apart from the coil system, there is a thin layer of foam at the base of the Saatva mattress. This foam also goes around to the sides of the mattress.

Rating Breakdown

When rating a mattress, it is important to consider the fact that every person has their own preferences and needs when it comes to sleep. This is why we consider many things when considering whether a particular mattress is worth buying. In this Saatva mattress review, we looked at all of the factors that are listed below – we also provide some details on each factor in more details to help you better understand how the Saatva mattress ranks with each section.


Mattress firmness is a crucial element when considering back pain and overall sleep quality, according to scientific studies. The Saatva mattress features a firm feeling that is not too soft. This means you will not feel like you are sinking into the mattress. For many people, the firm feeling will provide a better experience when it comes to the alignment of their spine while sleeping.

Pressure Relief

The mattress is also great at providing appropriate pressure relief for most people. The mattress’s memory foam layer offers pressure relief at specific areas of your body. This includes your shoulders and your hips. The pressure relief further adds to the product’s ability to properly align your spine when you lay down to sleep. 


Durability is a critical factor with a mattress. You do not want the mattress to sink too much over time. You also want it to last as long as possible. The Saatva mattress adds a coil layer at the bottom to help reduce sinkage. The memory foam layer also helps the bed keep its original shape more effectively. 


There are several systems in the Saatva mattress that adds to its support. This primarily includes the individually-wrapped micro coils. The base coil layer also further contributes to the mattress’s ability to effectively support any sleeping position that you may prefer. 

Edge Support

Edge support is provided in the Saatva mattress through the use of a foam enclosure. At the bottom and sides of the mattress, there is a dense layer of foam. The foam helps to provide a larger surface for you and your partner to sleep on at night. 


There is a direct relation between sleep quality and the thermal environment in the bed. Breathability is something that contributes to a cooler sleep at night. The base layer of the Saatva mattress consists of coils, which creates better airflow in the mattress. This ensures heat does not get trapped at the top of the mattress. In turn, you sleep cooler. 

Motion Isolation

When you sleep with a partner, you should be able to find that the Saatva mattress is able to effectively isolate motion from a partner. The motion isolation is created by both the memory foam and the micro-coil layers that are included in the mattress. 

Smell and Off-Gassing

The Saatva mattress features an organic cover that is only made from cotton material. The mattress does not feature a removable zipper cover, however. This does make it harder to keep the product clean. Luckily, the foams used have been rated safe and will not cause off-gassing of harmful or toxic gasses or particles. 


The individually-wrapped coils that are found in the mattress will not cause a problem with noise when moving on the bed. It should be noted that some standard coil systems, such as what is found at the base of the mattress, might eventually make a noise when you switch sleeping positions at night. 


Studies show that the quality and support of a mattress affects the sexual activity of a couple. Intimacy should be pleasant on the Saatva mattress. The mattress has appropriate factors for comfort and support. There is also excellent edge support. These factors all contribute to its overall rating for being an ideal choice for an intimate relationship. 

Value & Price

Saatva is known for providing mattresses that are affordable, while also offering excellent value for the customer. This means you are likely to find that buying a Saatva mattress is able to help you maximize the value you obtain for the money you spend. 

Customer Service

Apart from value, the Saatva brand also has a reputation for its excellent customer service. Customer support can be obtained by contacting the company either through a phone call or by sending them an email. 

Saatva Mattress 
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How Does Saatva Compare To Other Mattress Brands?

There are several other brands that produce mattresses, which makes it hard to know whether or not to opt for a Saatva mattress. We compare this mattress to options from other top-rated brands below. 

Saatva Versus Casper

The Casper mattress is more ideal for people who enjoy a very soft feel in their bed. With Saatva, you get a mattress that more accurately balances a soft feeling with a firm support system. The Casper also provides more of a memory foam experience. The Saatva mattress rather focuses on an innerspring feeling. 

Saatva Versus Purple

The Purple mattress has a very unique twist in the world of mattresses – the brand developed a unique type of memory foam material. This means the mattress primarily focuses on providing a memory foam feeling to it. The Purple mattress is also an all-foam product. The Saatva adds extra support through the inclusion of individually-wrapped micro coils, as well as a durable coil system as its base.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have considered the most important factors of the Saatva mattress, we also want to cover some important questions that people often tend to ask about the product.

There are several things that people tend to enjoy about the Saatva mattress. The durability of the product is often mentioned in a Saatva mattress review. This is one of the main features of the product, providing an extended lifespan compared to many of the competitor mattresses you can buy. A longer lasting mattress means not having to worry about buying a replacement mattress too frequently. 

The value provided by the product is another thing often mentioned in Saatva bed reviews. The product is made from top-quality materials, and the cover features organic cotton. The construction of the mattress also addresses major concerns that people have – including support, comfort, and edge support.

Pricing for the Saatva mattress depends on which model you decide to opt for. Apart from the model, the size of the mattress also has an important part to play in deciding how much the product will cost you. Generally, mattresses from Saatva are considered affordable. The prices for these mattresses generally start from 599 for the Saatva Luxury Mattress. This is quite an affordable price compared to the flagship mattress models from other companies. 

Saatva Mattress 
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