What Happened to SleepZoo?

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SleepZoo is one of the most trusted mattress reviews websites.  The website reviews the best mattresses in the market to help customers make informed decisions. It also reviews other sleep accessories like sleeping masks, pillows, and sleeping furniture.

What’s even better, the website adds value to the customer.  It provides customers with information on sleep health and sleep disorder, as a result, they can have quality sleep and live happily.

However, the content on the website hasn’t been updated lately and customers can’t access most of the mattress reviews.  This begs the question: what happened to sleepZoo?

SleepZoo Overview

SleepZoo is an independent online review site that focuses on providing information related to sleep. On the website, you’ll find information on new studies and advancements in sleep science.

Also, you will get to learn about new products such as mattresses for sex, pillows, bed frames, and bedding accessories, and how they affect the quality of your sleep.

The website is operated by a team of experts and enthusiasts who’re willing to provide you with insightful information aimed at helping you receive quality sleep so you can leave a healthy and productive life.

Who’s SleepZoo founder

Chris B founded SleepZoo in 2016. He’s a certified sleep science coach who has featured in several media channels, including Bustle, Medical daily, Men’s health, Weight Watchers, and others.

Chris has also contributed to The Houston Chronicle, Life Hack, Vice, Thrive Global, and many other publications. 

He created the website to share his love of sleep.  He aimed to create a complete go to sleep resource with coverage on sleep advancements and research, as well as product reviews for sleep accessories.

What happened to SleepZoo?

Most people have noticed the website contains no recent post or updated content. Also, you can’t access the mattress reviews available on the website.

At the moment, even their social media platforms are dominant, nothing is being posted anymore.  This means the famous go-to resource is not meeting the needs of sleep enthusiasts and sleep accessories buyers anymore.

Many people won’t access the latest product reviews or sleep health information they’re used to.

But all is not in vain! SleepStandards recently acquired SleepZoo. Just like SleepZoo, SleepStandards focuses on mattress reviews, buying guides, as well as sleep research and tips.

At the moment, we think the website is being refurbished. Soon we’ll get to see a new website with new content from updated product reviews to sleep health content.

What made SleepZoo a great review website?


The website’s team had years of experience in the sleep industry. For example, the leader of the team Chris B is a certified sleep coach who featured across various channels, including Bustle, Men’s Health, Medical Daily, etc.

Also, the team always conducted regular consultations from doctors and sleep professionals. This means that the content they provided was reliable, and it allowed customers to make informed decisions about their sleep health.

Most of the articles in SleepZoo, have hyperlinks to the latest studies from universities and medical leaders. 

Research and Testing

You can’t determine the quality of the product without testing it out. SleepZoo team understands this, that’s why they conducted exhaustive research and rigorous testing to find the best product for their readers. They didn’t only focus on the product, but also on the company that produces the product.


The website content delivered value to its readers. If you check out their product review articles, you’ll notice they cover all aspects of the products.

Social Media Presence

People often trust a website with social media accounts, and SleepZoo didn’t fall short on this. The website had both Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

They posted their reviews and updates on these social media handles. These platforms offered them a great way to communicate and interact with customers. They also addressed any inquiries about various products via these platforms.

Bottom Line

Sleeping is the best way to stay healthy- but you can only gain quality sleep with the help of the right products and advice.

Most people relied on SleepZoo for its quality, interesting, and informative content on sleep accessories and sleep health advice. 

Since the website has been acquired by a reputable review site, we hope to see more content that delivers value and help customers to make the right decision.

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