Tuft and Needle vs Purple Mattress Comparison (2022)

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There’s no doubt that the bed-in-a-box mattresses are dominating the bedding scene. While only a few mattress companies started this trend, more and more brands are following suit, making it difficult for you to weed the bad from the right options. This makes choosing a bed-in-a-box more challenging. 

Despite the arrival of plenty of copycats, two brands continuously stand out. It’s no other than Tuft and Needle vs Purple Mattress, and there are plenty of reasons why! 

These mattresses offer excellent pressure relief and the perfect balance between comfort and support. They also both use a proprietary technology for their comfort layers. Despite all these similarities, they deliver very different sleeping experiences for their users. 

If you can’t figure out which is the right mattress for you, here’s one article that you should read! Here, we will point out the main differences between the two mattresses and provide recommendations on which type of sleeper should use each bed. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

Tuft And Needle Mattress

4.8(3633 reviews)
  • T&N Adaptive comfort foam layer that is a crossover between memory foam and latex
  • Provides a firmer sleeping surface
  • Has a balanced foam feel
  • Made up of three layers
  • Doesn’t have a transition layer
  • More Affordable
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Original Queen Adaptive Foam Mattress, CertiPUR-US, 100-Night Trial

The Purple

5(2965 reviews)
  • Proprietary Purple hyper-elastic polymer grid which has excellent pressure-relieving qualities
  • Provides a softer sleeping surface
  • Bouncy, springy, and supportive feel
  • Made up of four layers
  • Has a transition layer made up of a 2-inch polyfoam to boost support
  • More Expensive
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Tuft and Needle Vs Purple: Construction

The construction plays a significant role in the level of comfort and support a mattress can give. That’s why we’ll begin this comparison with a closer look at how these mattresses are constructed.

Tuft and Needle

tuff and needle mattress construction

Tuft & Needle mattress is a 12-inch tall mattress comprising only three layers and doesn’t usually contain the transition layer. Because of the mattress’ proprietary comfort foam, it can already provide a luxurious sleeping space even without the transition layer.


Same with the construction of most Tuft & Needle mattresses, the mattress cover is pretty straightforward and basic, but it works. The cover is a thin rayon and polyester blend that’s soft to touch to provide a comfortable sleeping surface. The best thing is it’s breathable so you can sleep cool.

Comfort Layer

The Tuft and Needle’s comfort layer is where all the magic happens. The very reason why most Tuft and Needle Mattresses do not have a transition layer is because of the type of comfort layer that they use.

This is no other than the signature 3-inch Tuft and Needle Adaptive Foam – the brand’s trademark material. They claim this to be foam’s future because it combines both latex and memory foam materials’ beneficial qualities.

They aim to provide their customers with a durable foam material that offers good pressure relief and helps them sleep cool. The resulting material is the Tuft and Needle Adaptive Foam, which contours to your movements but quickly bounces back. It’s also both supportive and has exceptional pressure-relieving qualities. Most of all, it did not come with the hefty price tags of latex and memory foams.

Transition Layer

The only Tuft & Needle mattress that has a transition layer is their Mint Mattress. It’s also made up of the same Adaptive foam used for the comfort layer. The only difference is this is only 2 inches. This layer is designed to deliver added support and prevents the sleeper from feeling the firm base layer.

Foundation Layer

This mattress’s base layer is a 7-inch HD polyfoam, which is pretty straight forward and is the same foundation layer you’ll find in other beds.


Purple Hybrid Premier

The Purple mattress is a 9.5-inch tall mattress that features a transition layer. These mattresses feature a unique grid layer, which makes them cool sleeping surfaces. This layer is also the one responsible for the bed’s unique feel and texture. 


Purple’s Mattress Cover is more carefully designed than that of the Tuft and Needle’s. Their cover is a mix of viscose, Lycra, and polyester blend. The Lycra material is the unique fabric in the blend because it’s commonly used in athletic wear fabrics due to its ability to wick moisture away. 

This feature ensures that the user will enjoy a cool sleeping surface and can prevent night sweats.

Comfort Layer

The Purple Mattresses also brought out the big gun for their comfort layer, which is their renowned Purple Smart Comfort Grid. According to them, this is the next evolution of sleep. 

This 2-inch hyperelastic polymer grid is an actual grid that delivers the same pressure relief you get from memory foam without the hug-like or sinking feeling you may experience from certain memory foams.  

Not only that, but the grid is also filled with 1800+ air channels that work together with temperature-neutral gel to deliver a cool and comfortable sleeping surface.

Transition Layer

All Purple mattresses have transition layers made up of a 3.5-inch HD polyfoam that offers the sleeper added support.

Foundation Layer

Lastly, we have the Purple Mattress’ foundation layer, which has the same material as that of the Tuft and Needle 4-inch HD polyfoam meant to keep the bed stable and maintain its shape.

Tuft And Needle Vs Purple: Feel

While the construction is a pretty straightforward factor, the feel is more on the subjective side. To provide you with a general idea of what you may feel when you lie on these mattresses, we will share the most common claims and comments about its feel.

Tuft And Needle

tuft and needle

In general, Tuft and Needle Mattresses delivers a medium-firm feel. It offers firmer support but still allows a bit of sinkage. Many people refer to this as a balanced foam feel. This is due to the absence of a transition layer.

Back Sleeper

If you’re a back sleeper, you would enjoy the medium-firm feel that the Tuft and Needle have to offer. 

True to its form, the Tuft and Needle mattress delivers a balanced foam feel, delivering little to no pressure in certain parts of your body. Its pressure relief qualities are beneficial to back sleepers.

Side Sleeper

The mattress firmness is more pronounced when you roll onto your side. While it’s not as uncomfortable as the extra firm mattresses, there’s a chance that you would feel a bit of pressure on your shoulder area. 

If you have broad shoulders, you may want to take note of this issue.

Stomach Sleeper​

If you’re a stomach sleeper, you would benefit well from the bed’s ability to distribute body weight evenly. This is good since you won’t wake up with body aches and pains that you would feel with a soft mattress.

However, it may not provide the right level of firmness that strict stomach sleepers need since it’s just medium-firm.  But if you tend to switch from sleeping on your back to the stomach throughout the night, the mattress’ firmness level can already be enough for you.


Purple Mattress Review

Purple Mattresses, on the other hand, also has medium-firmness. However, it offers a different kind of support that you’ll get from the Tuft and Needle Mattress in the sense that it’s a bit softer.

Back Sleeper

If you’re a back sleeper, you would like the mattress’ bouncy and springy feel. Even though it’s slightly softer than the Tuft and Needle mattress, it feels more supportive. Your butt and hips may feel as if they’re sinking to the core, but the grid supports the rest of the body.

Side Sleeper

Side sleepers would benefit from the mattress’ pressure-relieving qualities. However, strict side sleepers might not feel comfortable sleeping on the bed throughout the night as it isn’t as soft as the other mattresses recommended for side sleepers.

Stomach Sleeper

Purple Mattress offers more support than the Tuft and Needle Mattress, which is beneficial for the stomach sleeper. When you lie on your stomach, you won’t feel that your hips and shoulders are sinking into it.   

Because of the mattress; bouncy feel, shifting from stomach sleeping to back sleeping is easy and comfortable.

Tuft And Needle Vs Purple: Sinkage And Bounce

The mattress’ bounce and sinkage will determine how the mattress will support your body. It will also determine how easy it is for you to switch to different sleeping positions.

Tuft And Needle

The Tuft and Needle mattress is considered to be firmer than the Purple. Despite this, it offers more sinkage. This is because of their trademark adaptive foam layer, which adapts and contours to the body like a memory foam. 

But since this foam is also patterned after latex mattresses, it bounces back to its original position so you still get enough support.


On the other hand, the Smart Layer Grid of Purple Mattress provides more bounce and won’t sink under your hips or shoulders while sleeping. But of course, you can’t expect it to have the same bounce as you’ll find in innerspring mattresses. The good news is its bounce is enough to keep your spine in proper alignment, and at the same time, assists you in switching to various sleeping positions.

Tuft & Needle vs Purple: Other Models

In addition to the original Tuft & Needle and Purple mattresses, the companies have also released a few other models. It’s best that we also pay close attention to all these other models to better insight their product line.


Tuft and Needle Mint

Tuft and Needle Hybrid

New Purple Mattress

Tuft and Needle Mint

With a height of 12 inches, this bed has a bigger profile than the original.

This is the only Tuft and Needle mattress that comes with a transition layer. It’s also made of a 2-inch Tuft and Needle adaptive foam.

The queens-sized Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress is priced at around $895, making it more expensive than the original Tuft and Needle mattress.

Tuft and Needle Hybrid

Same with the Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress, the Hybrid mattress is also 12-inches in height, making the original mattress the smallest of them all. Similarly, the hybrid mattress also comes with a transition layer, which is also a 2-inch Tuft and Needle Adaptive Foam.

Since it’s a hybrid mattress, its support core layer is made up of pocketed coils. The comfort layer features micro-coils in addition to the brand’s trademark adaptive foam.

The queen-size Tuft and Needle Hybrid mattress is sold for $1495, making it the most expensive Tuft and Needle Mattress there is.

New Purple Mattress

Purple released three new mattress models including the Purple Hybrid, Purple Hybrid Premiere 3, and Purple Hybrid Premiere 4. These are collectively known as the New Purple Mattresses.

All of these hybrid models feature individually pocketed coils that offer extra support to the sleeper. With their design, these mattresses are recommended for people on the heavy side.

The number in the models’ names refer to the thickness of the mattresses’ Hyper-elastic polymer layer. The Hybrid 2 uses 2 inches slab, the Hybrid 3 uses 3 inches slab, and Hybrid 4 uses 4 inches slab.

The beds also feature an HD polyfoam at the edges of the bed to deliver edge support. This is another feature you won’t find in the original Purple Mattress. These models are not bed-in-a-box mattresses.

The queen-sized Purple 3 mattress is available at a price of $2,200. All of the newer Purple mattresses are sold at a much higher price than the original.

Purchasing Information

Now that we’ve got the technicalities out of the way, let’s proceed to the nitty-gritty purchasing details. Many people disregard this part, but this is an essential factor to look into since this can affect your buying experience. 

Trial Period

Both Purple Mattress and Tuft and Needle Mattresses come with a 100-night trial policy. If you were not satisfied with the bed’s performance, you could return the items to the manufacturers 100 days after your purchase. 

When you return it, you’ll get a refund of the mattress’ full price minus shipping charges, discounts, or interest accrued. You’ll be eligible for this offer as long as the bed you will return is clean and undamaged. 


A 10-year limited warranty covers the purchase of both these mattresses. You must pay attention to the limitations of the warranty being offered to ensure that you can avail of it when you need to. 


According to the Tuft and Needle website, you can receive your mattress within 3 to 7 days after purchasing if it’s shipped via FedEx Ground. Please take note that they deliver only Mondays to Fridays, holidays not included.

On the other hand, the shipping time of Purple Mattress tends to be a bit longer since it takes about 3 to 5 days before the items can be released in their warehouse. You can receive the items 3 to 5 days after the item has left their warehouse through ground shipping. 

For both brands, shipping may take longer after the holidays or promotional period.

Tuft and Needle Vs. Purple: Which One to Buy?

After assessing the important mattress buying factors – construction, feel, sinkage, and bounce– there are many things that we discovered.

What’s clear is that both mattresses are great options if you’re looking for high-quality mattresses with great pressure-relieving qualities, so they are both great investments.

But of course, they have plenty of differences. To determine which should you choose, you have to consider your personal preference or sleeping position.

We recommend that you choose the Tuft and Needle Mattress if:

  • You’re a light- to medium-weight side sleeper. Since the Tuft and Needle mattress is prone to sinking, which may not be suitable for heavy sleepers. However, it’s a plus for side sleepers as it provides enough room for your shoulders. 
  • You enjoy the sinking feeling you get from memory foam. As mentioned, the Tuft and Needle mattress’s sleeping surface offers a cradle-like feel that you’ll experience from sleeping in memory foam.  
  • You want to save money. The Tuft and Needle mattress are more affordable between the two because of its basic (no transition layer) construction. 

On the other hand, go for the Purple Mattress if:

  • You’re a heavy side sleeper . If you’re on the heavy side, you will benefit from the mattress’ rigid gel design as it will collapse under your shoulders to relieve pressure from it. 
  • You’re a stomach or back sleeper. Both stomach and back sleepers need a mattress that will give them enough support and don’t collapse or collapse only on the hip and butt areas. In this way, they can maintain proper sleeping posture while they sleep. 
  • You switch to different sleeping positions throughout the night. The Purple mattress’ bouncy and springy design will allow you to shift from sleeping on your back to your stomach or side with great ease.

Tuft and Needle Vs. Purple: Price and Sizing

Now that you have decided which of the two mattresses you will buy, let’s get down to serious business – the price! To allow you to know how much the difference is, let’s take a look at this side-by-side comparison table of the brands’ sizes and prices:

Sizes Tuft & Needle Purple
Twin XL
California King
Split King

As mentioned, Tuft and Needle are more affordable than Purple Mattress. The difference in their prices lies in the type of materials used as well as their construction.

Aside from the fact that the Tuft and Needle mattress does not have a transition layer, the Purple Mattress’s proprietary grid is unique to the brand and can’t be seen in any other beds. The development of this technology is quite costly, so we have to put that into consideration too.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you know what to expect when buying these mattresses, here are some of the frequently asked questions:

Do Tuft and Needle or Purple Mattress Smell?

Tuft and Needle mattresses come with mild off-gassing, which will dissipate after a few days. Similarly, the Purple mattress also has a distinct new mattress smell, which most people refer to as woodsy and nutty. This smell also doesn’t last long.

Which mattress is more affordable?

The more affordable brand is the Tuft and Needle Mattress because it has a basic construction and does not come with a transition layer, which can be found in Purple Mattress.

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