What Happens If You Sleep On A Memory Foam Mattress Before 24 Hours?

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Bed in-a-box solutions have become very popular. Most of the memory foam mattresses that you buy today will come in a box. This is a convenient way to ship these products. It helps to reduce the shipping size of the bed and also makes it more convenient to get the mattress into your room. Unfortunately, the newer bed in a box mattress option does come with one negative aspect – you have to wait 24 hours before you can sleep on your new mattress. 

It is important to understand what happens if you sleep on a memory foam mattress before 24 hours. Failure to comply with this instruction can cause problems with your new mattress – and these issues will not be covered by your warranty. We take a closer look at why you need to allow 24 hours before sleeping on a memory foam mattress

How Does Bed In A Box Solution Work?

Memory foam is a popular material used in modern-day mattresses. The material was originally developed by NASA. It was used to provide cushioning, as well as impact protection. Today, the formula for memory foam has evolved and is used by several companies that produce mattresses.

This material is known to be flexible and often comes with a soft texture or a firm feel. The mattress is produced and then compressed and deflated. The company then folds and rolls the mattress to fit into a small box. The box is shipped to your house. The small size of the box means there is no need to worry about getting a large mattress into your room. Instead, you take the box into your room and then take the mattress out. 

Once the mattress is taken out of the box, it needs to inflate and expand. This is a process that happens gradually. You will usually need to pop a seal on the box. The mattress is then unrolled and placed on the floor or on your bed. The expansion process starts as soon as the seal is popped.

It generally takes around 24 hours for the mattress to fully expand. Depending on the materials used in the mattress design, a few options need as long as 48 hours to expand completely. Sleeping on a memory foam mattress too soon may interfere with the expansion process.

Why Avoid Sleeping On A Memory Foam Mattress Too Soon?

The fact that you have to wait for a memory foam mattress to expand before sleeping on it seems inconvenient. It is, however, crucial that you follow these recommendations. There are a few reasons why you need to wait for about 24 hours before you start using the mattress. 

The first factor to consider is that the mattress expands slowly over a period of one to two days. When you sleep on the mattress during this time, it may not be able to expand fully. You will restrict some parts of the mattress from expanding completely. This means you may not be very happy with the mattress in the long run. It may not offer you the support and responsiveness that a memory foam mattress is known for. 

There is also some off-gassing that happens during the expansion process of the mattress. While the mattress expands, it will give off some gas. You want to avoid sleeping on the mattress during the off-gassing process too. The off-gassing only happens for a few hours after the mattress starts to expand. It is usually nothing to worry about, as long as the mattress is made from safe materials. 

While these are all crucial factors to consider, it is important to take note of the specific memory foam materials used in the mattress. There are a few special types of memory foam that may suffer if you sleep on the mattress too soon. 

With normal memory foam, it might be possible to enjoy your bed sooner if you are unable to wait for an entire day. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions. See if they specifically state that the mattress will not expand completely if you sleep on it too soon. If they do not mention it, then you could take the risk. 

There are a few cases where the expansion process may be complemented by your body. You should still ensure you wait for at least a couple of hours. The initial expansion process needs to complete. The mattress will expand to a size that seems similar to its full size within just a couple of hours. It then needs to expand a little more to complete the process. 

In these cases, you can wait until the initial expansion is done. If you sleep on the mattress at this time, you may find that your body heat helps to speed up the process of expansion. This is because heat is known to make memory foam become more pliable. When the material is pliable, it expands faster. This means the memory foam mattress might be fully expanded once you wake up in the morning. 

Always take note of the warranty and trial terms that the manufacturer of the mattress provides. Most of these companies tend to offer a warranty with their products. You may also be offered a trial period. During this time, a full refund is given if you are not happy with the mattress. 

The terms of the trial may specify that you have to wait 24 hours before sleeping on the mattress. If you decide to sleep on the mattress earlier, and it causes problems with the expansion, then the trial offer may no longer be valid. In such a case, a request for a refund may be denied by the manufacturer of the mattress. 


Many companies offer memory foam mattresses that are shipped in a small box. These mattresses are deflated and compressed prior to shipping. Once you remove the mattress from the box, you need to allow a day for the mattress to expand. Sleeping on a memory foam mattress too soon can cause complications with the product. 

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