What is a Daybed?

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Daybeds provide you with an additional sleeping space for overnight guests and visitors. Unlike cots or rollaway beds, daybeds can be folded or slid into a drawer when not in use. The drawer trundle daybed stores an extra mattress in a drawer. This makes daybeds a great choice for studio apartments or an office den.

Typically, daybeds come in twin or full mattress sizes. Twin-size mattresses measure 38 inches by 75 inches. A twin daybed can comfortably sleep one average size adult or teen. A full size daybed measures 54 inches by 75 inches and sleeps several children or one adult. 

If you’re interested in purchasing a daybed, this article is perfect! We’ll guide you through the shopping process and we’ll answer questions about which mattress type, frame, and foundation work well with daybeds.  

Benefits of a Daybed

There are many benefits to opting for a daybed over a traditional bed. Here are just a few reasons why a daybed may be the right choice for you:

  • Space: Daybeds work well in small spaces and spare bedrooms. You can place a daybed in your living room or home office. When it’s not being used as a bed, you can fold your daybed away.  
  • Versatility: If you’re shopping for a new sofa or couch, consider investing in a daybed instead. Your daybed can function as both a bed and a couch. This makes it a more affordable option than buying a couch and an extra bed. 

Drawbacks of a Daybed

While there are many benefits to daybeds, there are a few drawbacks to be aware of. Here are some factors to consider before investing in a daybed:

  • Size: Because daybeds are usually only available in twin or full mattress sizes, they may not be long or wide enough for some sleepers. Couples may feel cramped in a day bed. Taller and larger framed sleepers may not have enough space. 
  • Assembly: Depending on the type of daybed you invest in, there may be some assembly required. For example, you’ll have to attach the drawer trundle to the main trundle bed before use. 

Types of Daybeds

There are two main types of daybeds. A drawer trundle daybed can hold a twin size mattress. When you need extra sleeping space, you can simply pull this bed out of it’s drawer. Pop-up trundle beds can double as a sofa. They are also able to accommodate larger mattress sizes like full and queen. 

Drawer Trundle

The drawer trundle daybed is a good choice for those with minimal space. If you don’t necessarily want your bed to double as a sofa, this is the daybed for you. A pull-out trundle bed is just what the name implies, a bed that slides in and out of a drawer. 

This type of daybed usually includes one main twin size trundle bed, with another twin bed size drawer space underneath. When you need extra sleeping space, just slide the bed drawer out. You can raise this portion of the bed up or leave it in its ground-level position. 

For those with small children, you can combine both bedding areas at the same height for one large sleeping space. 

Pop-Up Trundle

The pop-up trundle is more comparable to a futon or pull-out couch. This type of daybed doubles as both a bed and couch. When you need to use it as a bed, all you have to do is lift and pop up your bed. 

If you’re looking for a full size daybed, this is the ideal option. For those needing a queen or king size daybed, check with your mattress store. You can special order pop-up trundles that are larger than full size, such as queen or king size.

Best Frames and Foundations for Daybeds

The type of bed frame and foundation you choose for your daybed is important. A frame provides your bed with a sturdy support system. Foundations add further support and height to your mattress. Below are the best frames and foundations for your daybed. 


  • Wood frame: Wooden frames are the more expensive of the two daybed frames. Going with a wood frame gives your bedroom a natural and rustic appearance.  You can paint your wooden bed frame to better match other bedroom furniture. 
  • Metal frame: Metal daybeds are cheaper than wooden daybeds but similar in durability. When you go with a metal mattress frame, you can choose to paint it whatever color fits your existing room decor. 


  • Slatted: Slatted foundations keep your daybed in place and minimize sagging. They are also relatively cheap. If a slat breaks or is damaged, you can replace it without buying a whole new foundation. The gap between slats should be no more than 3 inches for max support. 
  • Link springs: A link spring foundation is commonly used with daybeds. This foundation provides a supportive base similar to that of a box spring without the added height. Spring links provide shock absorption, decrease motion transfer, and promote even weight distribution. 

Types of Daybed Mattresses

There are many different types of mattresses you can use with a daybed. Memory foam is not an ideal choice if you have a link spring foundation. This pairing can lead to premature mattress sinking and sagging. The mattress you use on your daybed should be flexible and no more than 12 inches thick. 


Latex mattresses are great at decreasing tension and releasing built-up pressure in your joints. The natural materials and manufacturing process makes this mattress more expensive. However, the expense is well worth the added durability. 

A latex mattress decreases your risk of night sweats and won’t give you a sinking feeling. If you’re looking for bouncy support, this is the mattress for you. 


A hybrid mattress is the perfect thickness level for a daybed setup. Plus, it’s flexible enough to handle the constant folding in and out when used as a couch. This type of mattress pairs well with a link spring foundation for soothing support and a comfortable sleeping environment. 


If you’re on a budget, airbeds are a suitable choice. You can use an airbed with either type of daybed option. Airbeds do not require a box spring. Keep in mind this type of mattress is less durable. 


Another less expensive mattress option is an innerspring mattress. Innerspring beds are comfortable and provide a moderate amount of support. However, they aren’t super durable and sag sooner than other mattresses. Innerspring mattresses must be paired with a box spring for proper support.


How much weight does a daybed hold?

The average daybed can hold up to 450 pounds. The amount of weight a daybed can hold depends on its frame and size. Check the weight limits on your daybed frame for safe sleeping. Larger daybeds can hold more weight. Smaller daybeds, like twins, won’t be able to hold as much weight. 

Is a daybed smaller than a twin?

A daybed is not smaller than a twin. Most daybeds come in twin and full sizes. If you want a daybed bigger or smaller than these sizes, you may need to custom order it. 

Does a daybed need special bedding?

A daybed will not usually need special bedding. In most cases, you’ll be able to use a normal twin or full size bedding. Always buy bedding the same size as your daybed. You may want to buy smaller or larger throw pillows for your daybed, but this depends on whether it will be used most often as a couch or bed. 

If you plan to use your daybed as a couch, you can purchase a couch cover to keep the mattress protected and clean. 

How can I make my daybed more comfortable?

You can make your daybed more comfortable by adding a mattress topper or mattress pad. Both bedding accessories can adjust the firmness of your mattress. Mattress toppers are thicker and can add more support to your mattress. 

A mattress pad can be used to protect your daybed from damage and keep it clean. Mattress pads are thinner and provide less support. 

Does a daybed need a box spring?

You do not need to use a box spring with your daybed. A proper frame and foundation provide more than enough support and height to your bed. Adding a box spring to the setup can add too much weight or height to your bed. 

Furthermore, it can lead to issues folding or sliding your daybed in when not in use. Box springs can also cause damage to your mattress. Box springs are only necessary with innerspring mattresses. 


A daybed is a great way to easily accommodate overnight guests. Drawer trundle day beds are best for single sleepers and a twin size mattress. Pop-up trundle day beds can serve as both a bed and loveseat. They also have the benefit of being able to accommodate full, queen, and king mattress sizes. There are a variety of frames, foundations, and mattresses you can pair with your daybed.  

Wooden or metal frames can be used with daybeds. Wooden frames are more durable and metal frames are cheaper. You can place your daybed on a slatted or link spring foundation. Slatted foundations are less expensive and add height to your daybed. Link spring foundations add less height to your daybed. 

Daybeds most commonly come in twin and full mattress sizes. Those shopping on a budget can buy an airbed or innerspring mattress for their daybed. If your price point is more flexible, consider going with a hybrid or latex mattress.  

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