What is a Euro Top Mattress?

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The additional layer of padding sewn under the top of a mattress is called a Euro top. Having the Euro top layer beneath the surface of the mattress allows for a softer sleep surface.  An innerspring mattress uses a system of metal coils for support. These coils can lead to comfort or pressure point issues. Euro top mattresses are preferable to traditional innerspring mattresses.

When choosing a new mattress, many struggle to decide between Euro top and Pillow top.  A Euro top mattress has even levels of support with a moderate amount of contouring. Pillow tops have layers of padding with gaps. The gaps give pillow top mattresses a body-hugging sensation. 

In this article, we’ll assist you in deciding if a Euro top mattress is best for your sleeping needs. We’ll also touch on the other various mattress tops out there. 

Components of a Euro Top Mattress

Euro top mattresses provide you with a plush and cozy sleep environment. The thick layers of added padding are free of gaps, which reduces the risk of sinking into your bed too far. 

Your Euro top mattress contains many supportive layers made up of foam, fiberfill, or wool. The support layer impacts the bed’s price, level of support, and feel. A Euro top bed is ideal for those looking for increased joint support and release of built-up tension. 


There are several reasons why a Euro top may be the best choice for you. The first is its anti-sink design. This is beneficial for those with mobility issues. When you lie down at night on a Euro top mattress, there won’t be an indentation left from your body the next morning. 

The Euro top layer lies under the top of the mattress. This means you probably won’t have to worry about replacing it for 8 to 10 years. The technical design also allows you to feel each extra layer of padding while you sleep. 

If aesthetics is important to you, you’ll appreciate the uniform shape of this bed. The even layers of supportive material that make up a Euro top mattress give it a nice square shape and a more pleasing look. 


Before deciding to buy a Euro top mattress, you’ll need to look at the drawbacks. There are only two downsides to going with this type of mattress. For some sleepers, a Euro top mattress doesn’t provide the right level of support and contouring. If you’re looking to be cradled while you sleep, this isn’t the bed for you. 

The only other drawback to a Euro top mattress is the price. The high-quality materials in this bed contribute to its average cost of $1500.

Mattress Top Materials

Euro top beds contain a variety of different materials. The material your bed is made up of impacts feel, comfort, support, and cost. Here are the most commonly used mattress top materials: 


A fiberfill topped mattress is a good choice for those shopping on a budget. This material is prone to premature sagging and sinking. The polyester and artificial fabrics used in fiberfill hurt its durability.


Beds topped with natural latex are great for the environment. The harvesting of natural latex leaves rubber trees intact and viable for decades to come. Latex in its natural form is also biodegradable. The natural breaking down of latex prevents it from clogging up landfills. These environmental benefits do come with a higher price tag. 

You won’t have to worry about night sweats with this type of mattress. Larger sleepers enjoy the decreased aches and pain that natural latex offers. The firmness of a latex foam mattress aids in durability and prevents sinking when lying down. 

Memory Foam

The slightly higher cost of memory foam material is offset by the pain relief and support it offers. Sleepers who want a body-hugging sensation while they sleep prefer memory foam. Side sleepers benefit from the contouring ability of a memory foam mattress.

The cradling sensation memory foam offers can prevent hip and shoulder pain associated with side sleeping. Couples like that memory foam can reduce motion transfer. Memory foam can cause night sweats. 


If softness and plushness are important to you, wool is the way to go. A wool topped mattress keeps you warm in the winter or cool in the summer. Wool can aid in tension and pressure relief. 

Is A Euro Top Mattress Right for Me?

When deciding whether Euro top is right for you, there are four main factors to consider. The first factor is your bedroom design and aesthetic. If mattress appearance matters a lot to you, the Euro top is the best choice. 

Durability is another key factor. Euro top mattresses can last for 8 to 10 years. Other durable mattress tops to consider include latex and memory foam. 

Those sharing their bed with their partner need to look at motion isolation as well. If your bed partner tosses and turns throughout the night, you’ll want a bed with good motion isolation. Euro top and memory foam topped mattresses are the best at reducing motion transfer. 

Comfort is yet another factor to examine. How soft of a mattress do you prefer? What level of body contouring do you need? Softness and body cradling are both big components of pillow top mattresses. Wool topped mattresses also include soft additional padding.

Euro Top vs Pillow Top: Which is Better?

There are some similar benefits to standard pillow tops and Euro top mattresses. This can make it difficult for shoppers to choose between the two. Which mattress you decide to go with depends on these factors: 

  • Budget: How much are you wanting to spend on your mattress? Is your budget flexible? If you’re looking for a cheaper option, a pillow top is the perfect choice. Keep in mind pillow top beds are less durable than Euro top beds. 
  • Comfort: How much cushion and support do you need? Do you sleep with a partner? Do you or your partner have joint issues? The answers to these questions can guide you in your buying decision. A Euro top is ideal for those who don’t need an intense level of support while sleeping. 
  • Personal preferences: Which is the right mattress for you depends on feel. Try lying on both mattress types. Roll over. See how supported your body feels. Some mattress brands offer a 30, 60, or 90-day sleep trial for you to test how well you sleep on a particular mattress.
  • Bedroom aesthetic: Some shoppers aren’t picky about how their mattress looks. If you have a particular bedroom aesthetic, mattress shape will matter to you. The Euro top mattress has a more aesthetically pleasing look and design. 


Are Euro top mattresses good for side sleepers?

Euro top mattresses can be beneficial for side sleepers. The thick top layer of the mattress can decrease hip, shoulder, and neck pain. Smaller framed side sleepers are better off with a pillow top or memory foam topped mattress. Mattresses for side sleepers provide a deeper level of contouring, which aids in preventing joint pain.

Do plush mattresses hurt your back?

A plush mattress should not hurt your back. If your plush mattress is aggravating your back it may not be providing you with adequate support. Smaller framed sleepers with back pain can opt for a pillow top or memory foam topped mattress. A softer mattress provides more gentle support without being too rigid

Larger framed sleepers with back pain can find relief from a latex or Euro topped mattress. These more responsive mattresses provide the right level of firmness and support. A mattress that is too plush or soft can worsen back pain in larger sleepers.  

How thick should a mattress be?

The average mattress thickness level for most sleepers is 10 to 14 inches. Mattress thickness can range from 2 inches to 16 or more inches. Your correct thickness level depends on a variety of factors. 

Larger sleepers or those sleeping with a partner need a thicker mattress. Smaller single sleepers can get by with a thinner mattress. Side and combination sleepers need a mattress that is at least 12 inches thick. 

Back sleepers need a 10 to 12-inch mattress. Stomach sleepers are most comfortable on a 10-inch mattress. 

Can you flip a Euro top mattress?

You cannot flip a Euro top mattress. Flipping this type of mattress leads to sleeping on uncomfortable coils. Only double-sided mattresses can be flipped. You should rotate the top surface of the mattress 180 degrees every 3 to 6 months. This ensures the rest of the mattress is wearing evenly and prevents sagging. 

Do Euro top mattresses make you sweat?

The material in your Euro top bed impacts sweating. Mattresses containing a natural latex or wool-based top won’t make you sweat. Mattresses with a memory foam, fiberfill, or synthetic latex top may cause night sweats. 


Euro tops are great for sleepers who prefer a softer and more supportive mattress. Many shoppers like the even, perfectly square shape of Euro top beds. The durability and responsiveness of this mattress are also noteworthy. Those wanting a plush combination with softer materials should choose a pillow top mattress.

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