What is a Trundle Bed?

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A trundle bed features an extra mattress underneath a standard bed frame to save space. When an extra bed is needed, you can easily roll out a second mattress for guests. Modern trundle beds may even have drawers and shelves for additional storage.

Trundle beds are available in twin or full sizes and are perfect for children who share a room. There are even pop-up trundle frames, which allow sleepers to raise their beds, transforming them from a twin to a split king bed. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at why a trundle bed could be a great purchase. We’ll also discuss the types of trundle beds available. 

Benefits of a Trundle Bed 

Trundle beds are popular because they maximize your living space. If you have a smaller room or a studio apartment, a trundle bed is a good alternative to a traditional bed. Some trundle beds feature drawers and shelves for you to keep clothes, blankets, and additional bedroom items stored away. 

Also, trundles beds might be a better choice for children who share a bedroom. These beds are a lot safer than traditional bunk beds because they are closer to the ground. This way, you won’t have to worry about your child falling off their bed. 

Furthermore, trundle beds may be more cost-effective than purchasing two separate beds. Since trundle beds have an extra mattress underneath them, you will not have to furnish or decorate an entire guest room to accommodate friends and family. 

Drawbacks of a Trundle Bed

Though trundle beds have several benefits, there are a few drawbacks to purchasing them. Trundle beds require a thin mattress type, which is not always the best choice for adults. Thin mattresses do not provide enough spinal support or cushioning for individuals with back pain.

Moreover, most trundle beds are lower beds, and it can be difficult for older people or those with limited mobility to climb easily into bed. Trundle beds also have a low weight capacity and usually only support 250 pounds, making them an unsuitable choice for heavier sleepers. 

A common complaint among sleepers who share trundle beds is that it’s difficult to get out of bed with another person directly under you. This makes sleeping uncomfortable for your overnight guest, not to mention climbing over another sleeper might be a little awkward. Another issue with trundle beds is the wheel on the frame does not lock, and your bed might not stay in place.

Types of Trundle Beds

There are different styles of trundle beds, including daybeds, bunk beds, and pop-up trundle bed frames. Each type offers its own set of unique benefits, from offering sleeper more storage or even acting as a sofa. Below, we outline the types of beds you’ll see while you’re shopping.

Bunk Bed

Traditional bunk beds only accommodate two sleepers. However, bunk beds with a trundle have a more modern look and sleep up to three people. 


Daybeds are a multifunctional furniture piece, ideal for sleeping and lounging. A daybed with a trundle frame provides an additional sleeping space, but also doubles as a sofa. If you have a smaller apartment or a studio, purchasing a daybed with a trundle may help you save money on furniture.

Captain’s Bed 

A Captain’s bed is a bed frame consisting of a shallow box with storage drawers on either side and a mattress on top. Some captain’s beds include trundle frames and are useful if you need to store clothing or other personal items. 


What type of mattress size and type can I put on a trundle bed frame? 

Twin and full size mattresses are the most suitable beds to place on a trundle frame. You’ll want to choose a thin mattress type to ensure the bed fits properly in the frame. People usually purchase memory foam, hybrid, or innerspring mattresses for their trundle beds.

Are trundle beds comfortable for tall adults? 

Typically, trundle bed mattresses are twin mattresses or full size mattresses. A twin or full mattress provides plenty of room for an adult to spread out. For taller adults, consider buying a twin XL, which is a longer mattress. Twin XL’s are about 4 to 5 inches longer than standard twin beds. It’s also worth mentioning that trundle mattresses are thinner and may not offer enough cushioning for some sleepers. 

Can you add a trundle to any bed?

You can easily add a trundle frame to any bed. However, your bed frame must have enough space between the floor and the ground for the trundle to fit under it. 

The height of your trundle bed includes the thickness of your mattress. Trundle frames are usually 6 to 10 inches thick, so the clearance between your bed frame and the ground should be about 16 inches. 

Are there other space saving beds available? 

There are several smaller bed options for individuals with small apartments or rooms. A popular bed among sleepers is a Murphy bed, which is stored vertically against the wall and pulled down when you go to sleep.

Futons are another sensible option for small apartments and bedrooms. This bed-couch duo allows the frame to fold into a couch, but you can also flatten it and use it as a bed. Other small beds include loft beds, air mattresses, sofa beds, and pull-out beds. 

What is the average size of a trundle bed? 

Most full trundle beds’ mattress dimensions are 53 inches wide by 75 inches long, while the corresponding frames are 54 by 75 inches. The standard height of a frame is about 7 to 9 inches tall. Additionally, a trundle bed mattress is about 6 to 8 inches thick. 


If you are looking for a smaller bed or a versatile piece of furniture, a trundle bed might be a good investment. Trundle beds come as bunk beds and fit up to 3 people, so they are the perfect choice for small children who share a room. Trundle beds may have additional features or double as a daybed, which allows you to save money on living room furniture. 

You’ll want to check the specific dimensions of the bed frame and the height of your mattress before purchasing a mattress for a daybed or trundle bed. This will ensure the trundle frame is a suitable fit for your bed.

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