Our WinkBed Reviews: Is It Worth It? (2022 Edition)

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If you’ve mostly been shopping for your new mattress online, you might not have heard about WinkBed yet. Since the company was only founded in 2014, they’re still something of a new kid on the block. But, the careful design and attention to detail you get with these mattresses is nothing to be sneezed at. 

WinkBeds are designed to give you a luxury experience like the best hotels and resorts. Since they’ve been founded so recently, they’ve also taken advantage of the newest science and technology to create a uniquely comfortable and supportive bed. 

Keep reading for a full WinkBed reviews, including our recommendations for the best kinds of sleepers to match these hybrid mattresses. 

Rating Summary

Rating Summary

Our Rating

Edge support 85%
Customer Serive90%


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Recommended For:

  • Back Sleepers – The Wink line of mattresses all have adaptations that distribute your weight evenly across the bed. Back sleepers will almost feel like they’re floating on nothing at all since these beds remove a lot of the most significant pressure points for this sleep position. 
  • Stomach Sleepers –Like back sleepers, stomach sleepers will find that these mattresses remove a lot of pressure that can lead to morning pain. The WinkBed is particularly good for stomach sleepers since it’s design helps keep your hips and low back in line, even when you’re sleeping on your stomach. 
  • Combo Sleepers – If you find yourself moving around in your sleep, or consistently wake in a different position than you fell asleep, these beds are a good option. Even the MemoryLux is responsive and easy to move in. You’ll be able to shift positions quickly, and without sore muscles in the morning. 
  • Hot Sleepers – If you prefer to crack a window before you go to bed or sleep with a fan on all night, the wink mattress line is a good choice. All three models have superior heat distribution. That keeps you cooler and prevents you from waking up with the night sweats if you’re a naturally hot sleeper. 

Not Recommended For:

  • Light Sleepers – With the exception of the MemoryLux mattress, which is marginally better, the wink beds tend to be fairly reactive. Not so bad as older innerspring mattresses, but they do tend to carry motion. They’re not great for people who tend to be very light sleepers and wake easily especially couples. The MemoryLux is a little better, but there are still mattresses better suited for light sleepers. 
  • People Who Share Their Bed With Their Pets – Because these beds tend to spread motion, they’re also not a good option if you share your bed with your pooch. Cats are less of an issue, but even cats will cause some motion transfer when they jump up and down from the bed. Your dog will almost certainly cause some vibration. 

About the Brand

Winkbed Reviews

WinkBed wins some serious points when it comes to brand responsibility and quality. They were founded in 2014, right here in the United States. The company is based in Wisconsin, about an hour’s drive outside of Milwaukee.

The company was founded on great principles and a value system that informs their design choices from materials to the finished product, and its warranty and risk-free trial. WinkBed says that they’re part of the wellness industry because high-quality sleep is so critical for good health. 

Learn more about the effects of sleep deprivation and the importance of sleep for your health. 

To support that mission, WinkBed also sources their materials from the USA. All their materials are eco-friendly, CertiPur certified for quality and safety. 

All of their mattresses are produced at a single factory. That means that WinkBed can directly monitor the manufacturing process and quality control. You won’t see the variations you get from bigger companies and companies that manufacture in overseas factories. 


The WinkBed

The EcoCloud

The MemoryLux

Construction Overview

Winkbed Reviews

Since there are three different models of WinkBed, we’ll talk a little bit about each any time there are differences between the mattresses. Construction is where the magic happens, so it’s worth learning about how your mattress was put together.


The WinkBed and the MemoryLux mattress both use the same cover. It’s a new fabric made from Eucalyptus tree fibers: Tencel. Tencel is a wonderfully soft fabric that allows for even more airflow than linen, while still being a durable and long-lasting cover. 

The EcoCloud is a little different. Instead of Tencel, the EcoCloud is covered with a layer of soft and durable cotton fabric. This fabric still breathes, though noticeably less than the Tencel. However, it’s also a little longer-lasting.


Each of these beds has a different comfort layer. 

The WinkBed uses a pillow-top construction that sinks and surrounds you more like a memory-foam mattress than your typical innerspring. But, the squish only goes so far, providing comfort without making it difficult to move or turn over. 

The MemoryLux is a memory foam bed through and through. But, between the softer top layers and the cooling gel layer, you won’t find yourself swallowed by the foam. You can still move and shift in bed easily. At the same time, this comfort layer is great for side sleepers since it distributes the pressure more evenly across your whole body. 

The EcoCloud’s comfort layer is a layer of spongy latex. The latex is nicely soft but doesn’t compress as much as some alternatives. That makes for a bed that feels more like you’re floating than cushioned. It also has a little more spring and bounce that makes moving in bed much easier than memory foam, or even traditional innerspring, alternatives. 


The EcoCloud and WinkBed models both use a responsive, zoned, innerspring system to provide a lot of support and form-fit to you and your body’s needs. The beds tend to be a little on the firm side, but they come in several different softness ratings. 

The MemoryLux is a little different. Air coil technology provides resistant support that’s a little more like an innerspring bed. But, the layered foam is still more like the soft support of a more traditional memory foam mattress, or other advanced memory foam mattresses like Purple.

Read our review of Purple mattresses to learn more.


All three of the wink mattresses provide a lot of support throughout the mattress. All three also have additional reinforcement along the sides to help make sure you don’t roll off or stress your muscles if you tend to sleep near the edge of the bed. 

Materials, Height, and Base

Like any mattress, a wink bed is more than its materials. But, a good sense of the materials is important to understand how long your mattress will last, and what kind of accessories you need to make it more durable and effective. 

Rating Breakdown - Winkbed Reviews


The Winks mattress line tends to be slightly firmer than average, for their rating. However, all three-bed models are available in a range of firmness. The MemoryLux tends to be the softest of the three, however. The EcoCloud tends to be the firmest. 

If you’re concerned about firmness, you can exchange your mattress for a different firmness rating in the 120-day risk-free trial. 

This article will help teach you what mattress firmness your body needs. Of course, your personal preference may vary. 

Pressure Relief

All three of these mattresses have superior pressure relief. They’re best for back and stomach sleepers, but even side sleepers will notice that the normal pressure points at shoulder and hip are more tolerable with these mattresses. 

Of the three, the MemoryLux is best for pressure relief, while the EcoCloud tends to perform worst. Still, even the EcoCloud is comfortable for most users. If you weigh a little more, you may want to order a softer firmness of the EcoCloud to get the pressure relief you need. 


These mattresses are very durable. They’re each rated for as little as 1-3 inches of sagging after 20 years of regular use. 

They’re also protected by a lifetime warranty. If your mattress doesn’t perform the way it’s supposed to or develops a defect over time, you’ll be able to get a replacement. 


Each of the three different models of wink mattress has a different kind of support. The MemoryLux is designed to provide a pillowy, sink-in support, that cushions without pressing back. 

The WinkBed is similar, with a pillowy layer helping to cushion the form-fitting inner springs. The different zones of the innerspring help ensure that support is distributed where it’s needed. 

The EcoCloud is mostly supported by the innerspring system, similar to the WinkBed. But, the Talalay latex bed also provides some additional support. It’s similarly distributed but may have more pressure points as a result. 

Edge Support

All three mattresses have additional edge support to stop them sagging on the sides, even when you roll close to the edge of your bed. The support is durable and effective, but it can degrade slightly over time. 

You may notice a little sagging if you sit on the edge of your bed to change clothes or relax. But, overall, it’s a good system. 


These beds are all designed with hot sleepers in mind. The MemoryLux might be the least cooling of the three, but it’s still rated for zero heat retention. That’s because both the MemoryLux and the WinkBed have a cooling gel layer. The MemoryLux also uses air coils to prevent the foam from heating. 

The EcoCloud is a little different. Talalay latex naturally distributes heat, so this model doesn’t need an additional cooling layer. 

Motion Isolation

This is one area where the wink beds don’t perform quite as well as some alternatives. While they’re all better at motion isolation than older models of mattress, they all transfer a reasonable amount of motion across the mattress. 

The exception, again, is the MemoryLux. While it doesn’t do quite as well at motion isolation as many memory foam beds, it still performs better than most innerspring models. This is the best option of the three if you’re a light sleeper, have pets, or your partner is a light sleeper. 

Smell and Off-Gassing

All three models will have some scent to them when you first unbox them. However, since the smell dissipates within a few hours, it’s usually not an issue. The materials in each bed are all completely non-toxic, so you don’t need to worry about the scent being harmful. 

Most of the scent should be gone by the time the bed is fully decompressed and ready for use. The new mattress scent will completely disappear within only a day or two. 


Overall, the wink line is quiet. The MemoryLux is the quietest since it doesn’t have innerspring to make noise. The EcoCloud is the loudest of the three (though still a quiet bed overall) since it has fewer layers to insulate the sound of the springs. 

All three mattresses are 14” thick, which also helps make them quieter.  


Here again, you’ll get slightly different performance for each model. Since the mattresses tend to be firm, they also tend to do well in more private moments. 

The MemoryLux is the most cushioned and has the least motion transfer. That means you might find yourself working a little harder in the bedroom. But it’s firm enough to avoid getting in the way. 

The EcoCloud and WinkBed are both more reactive, with some helpful bounce. The EcoCloud is probably the best of the three in this category, though the slightly noisier design might be more of a problem if you live with roommates. 

Value & Price

Wink beds tend to be a little more expensive than some alternatives. That’s partially because of higher quality materials, and because they’re made in the USA. That said, the lifetime warranty, and the 50% discount if you decide to purchase a different bed from Wink after the 120-day sleep trial, both make these mattresses a better long-term investment. 

Upfront, they’re a little pricey. In the long term, you’ll probably save money over cheaper and less durable mattresses. 

Customer Service

WinkBed is generally thought to have good customer service. They stand behind their mattress guarantees and are ready to answer any questions you might have for their mattresses and other products. 

We will note that the warranty and customer service for mattress sales does seem to be a little better than the customer service concerning bed frames and other accessories. 

Winkbed Mattress Reviews

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How does WinkBeds compare to other Mattress Brands?

WinkBeds vs Saatva

These two brands are very similar at first glance, but there are some important differences. Both beds use a coil system with a pillow top comfort layer. But, there are some differences in the cover. 

Saatva uses a familiar cotton cover, while 2/3rds of all WinkBeds use more breathable Tencel. 

You’ll also note differences in the edging. While both beds have a supportive edge that resists sagging, Saatva’s mattresses tend to have a stronger edge layer than WinkBeds. 

But the most important difference is in the kind of support each bed provides. Saatva uses evenly distributed steel coils for its bottom coil layer. WinkBed instead uses a zoned system. That means that Saatva provides even support across the whole bed. The WinkBed provides more support in certain areas, and less in others, based on where most people need it. 

WinkBed is usually a little firmer than Saatva, though both brands offer three firmness settings. WinkBed also transfers a little more motion, though the difference is very slight. 

Want to learn more about Saatva mattresses? Take a look at our comprehensive review

WinkBeds vs Nest Alexander

Nest Alexander is another hybrid bed design that’s fairly similar to WinkBeds. They both excel at heat distribution and cool sleeping, and both come in a range of different firmness options. They’re similar in terms of motion transfer and bounce and have similar construction. 

However, WinkBeds are generally better for people who are a little heavier. At the same time, Nest Alexander mattresses let you sink a little further into the mattress than most WinkBeds. 

Both have a lifetime warranty. Nest Alexander offers a 100-day trial, while WinkBed offers a 120-day trial. 

Nest Alexander wins in terms of options, however. They offer larger sized, including a Cali King and Spilt Cali King, which WinkBeds does not. They also have a wider difference in firmness than WinkBeds, from very soft to very firm. WinkBeds tends toward the firmer side of the scale and doesn’t come as soft as Nest Alexander. 

Thinking Nest Alexander might be a good fit? Learn more in our mattress review


WinkBeds are made right here in the USA. They’re a Wisconsin-based company, and their only factory is about 50 miles outside of Milwaukee. 

In short, yes, WinkBed is a good option for side sleepers. The longer answer is that MemoryLux is probably the best model for side sleepers since it will relieve the most pressure from your hips and shoulders, making side sleeping significantly more comfortable. 

Winkbed Mattress Reviews

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